How Fast They Grow Contest: Vote for the winner!

04/24/2008 at 05:40 PM ET

Clip_image001How Fast They Grow has narrowed the pool of entries to ten, below, based on overall quality of thepage, originality, layout, photography and the "story" of the page. Now it’s time for Celebrity BabyBlog readers to vote on the winners! The "polls" will close on Monday, April 28, 2008 (10 pm EST), with thewinners announced by Wednesday, April 30th, 2008. You can only vote once but youcan change your mind and change your vote, which may happen becausethese pages are AMAZING!


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Remember, the grandprize is a $300 gift certificate to and the 3 runner-upprizes are a $100 gift certificate. Plus each winner gets to select the album of their choice.

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"The Ocean Awaits You" 
Corey V
Vista, California 
Son Sebastian


"Spring, 2008" 
Jill W
Houston, Texas 
Daughter Celia


"Spring Training" 
Jeneen C
Hamden, Connecticut 
Son Mateo


"Ring Bearer" 
Jennifer K
Roanoke, Virginia 
Son Sam


"Spring in Her Step" 
Amy B
Livermore, California   
Daughter Mikaela


"Digger Man" 
Michelle T
Henderson, Nevada 
Son Christopher


"So Pretty"   
Ankeny, Iowa
Daughter:  Natalie


"Time is Flying By" 
Jennifer B   
Orlando, Florida 
Daughter:  Miranda


Chesapeake, Virginia 
Daughter: Kayla


"Spring Break at the Dells" 
Jennifer C
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
Sons Evan and Isaac

And please check out these honorable mentions.

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Showing 29 comments

Nancy on

They are all gorgeous, tough decision, but I voted for “Spring Training.” I like the photography and the theme, just adorable.

Lisa Johnson on

I had to vote for time is flying by. The pics and words were very emotional. Imagining that poor little girl with no parents for the 1st 10(?) months of her life and then to all of the sudden be so blessed to be chosen. It is heart-breaking and uplifting at the same time! It made me want to go and hug my own children!

Stefanie on

What beautiful babies one and all! But the moment I looked into the eyes of Mateo in “Spring Training”, I was smitten! He hit a grand slam for sure- and not just into him mommies heart, either!

Jamie Schloemer on

They were all very cute, but my vote had to go to Mateo. He is such a doll and he can very easily win anyone over! Better watch out for your little girls when he gets older! LOL

Starlet on

They are all soooo beautiful!
The photography in Serious, Spring 2008 and the Ocean awaits you were stunning.
The story is Time is Flying By is inspiring…
I wish they all got a $25 voucher or something!

Nicole on

For the digger man page…..did he really say “What a minute” or is that a typo on your page? I’d hate for you to order it like that if you really meant for it to say “Wait a minute”

Nelson on

All the kids are adorable but only one stood out of the crowd. This one was Mateo in Spring Training. He is just the most adorable thing and those eye….wow!

Angie on

Just Beautiful!

Stacy on

I voted for Spring in her Step b/c I love the photography and the colors but I must say the journaling in “Time is flying by” is just beautiful. I got tearful at the last statement…”Born in my heart, not under it”. Love that!

Cindy on

I love all the pages – the colors are so vivid and beautiful. I am also a big fan of Boatman Geller & their cards, so no wonder I love them! My favorites are ring bearer and Spring 2008 on the blue templates…I noticed that both the templates are the same – probably something to do with it. They are all amazing and definitely a work of art these moms will cherish for a long long time!

Sarah on

I find this competition really disturbing. The emphasis is on the pictures, thus not on the narrative or the color scheme (though the colors enhance the effect). People will ultimately, even if they do not admit it, choose on the basis of which child is the cutest. Would we like it if our child’s teacher said “Okay, today, I will give out this special present to the child who is the best looking”? Then why do we allow it here?

Also, anyone aside from me notice that all these children are white? I am sure there were black children and those of other races in contention as well, yet none of them made the cut. Ask yourself honestly, if you had a pretty white child and a black as tar child to choose between, whom would you choose?

I find this competition appalling; this is not the celebration of children and childhood that it makes itself out to be. It is a microcosm of everything wrong in this world. To participate in it and to cast your vote is to implicate oneself in this wrong.

Chris on

The pictures in Serious were so sweet. Chris

Peg Goldinger on

She is one beautiful little girl. I hope she wins.

Sarah on

The little girl in “Spring in her step” is so cute and I can just see how much fun she is having learning to dance! Great photography and layout and nice colors. Can see a lot of thought went into this page.

treesia chipp on

what a beautiful baby

bobbie sunday on

I really liked the Ring Bearer. The pictures are good and the subject has style!
The layout worked well considering that there were two occasions mentioned in the text.

Cindy P on

I totally adore “Time Flies By”. Miranda is the cutest! Also, my husband and I are also adopting a baby from China and hope to see her picture in July of this year. 🙂 They are all spectacular!

Ashley on

I like the “Spring Training” the best! Mateo is adorable!! It was the only one that really stuck out to me!

Katie on

What wonderful pages! I am a bit confused . . . I thought the theme was spring. While “Time is flying By” is a sweet page, I don’t see how it relates to spring.

Kelly on could you NOT vote for Mateo? Omg.. how adorable is he? He TOTALLY fits the Spring Theme which is what the contest is about!! GO MATEO!!!!

millie on

Oh My Goodness. That “Time is Flying By” is So Adorable. It seems to be perfect with the “Spring” Theme. Spring Time and how time just goes so quickly.

What a chinese cutie.

She deserves to win.

sarah on

Oh Katie,

Do you not get the “idea” of Spring”time”?
I think that is what the person meant, the wording is just so beautiful and heartfelt.

The verbage of your comment was not very nice.

I think that little girl in that photo is so lucky

jenniferm on

Regarding the comment from Katie regarding my daughter’s page. Spring Time was the generalized theme. Spring is time to start anew. What better than a little girl finding her ‘Forever Family’. And how quickly Time Flies By. If you are an adoptive parent who had been waiting for a referral for over two years you would understand, that the winter is now over and Spring is finally here.

And Congratulations Cindy P.

Love, Laugh and Celebrate your Forever Family

Lisa on

I personally like the “Spring in Your Step,” “Time is Flying By” and “Digger Man” pages. They capture childhood, and Spring, the best, but I couldn’t honestly break the 3-way tie if I tried. What a great idea – all 10 pages all put a smile on my face and brightened my day!
Lisa C.

Morgan on

I must say that all of the pages are simply beautiful. I personally voted for “Spring, 2008” because it was my favorite. I don’t see how Katie’s “verbage was not very nice.” What was not nice about say that all of the pages are “wonderful” and that “Time is Flying By” is a “sweet page”? She simply stated that she didn’t understand how it related to spring. I didn’t understand it either until Jennifer explained. I just don’t see a reason to judge people so quickly. While I still love this site, I think it would be even better if everyone were able to speak their minds freely without all of their words being picked apart for anything that could possibly be “rude” or “unkind.” I would love it if everyone could just keep this in mind as they make their comments.

Nicole on

Wow, they’re all adorable! I even wish some of the “honorable mentions” were on here! There are quite a few cute ones on that page!

Actually, the point of being able to “speak your mind” means you are free to think someone’s wording is “unkind.” People saying what they think is speaking one’s mind.

I loved “Time Is Flying By” and since it’s up for the vote and was selected by How Fast They Grow as a finalist, it must fit the theme.

Cathy Rippy on

What a Texas beauty the little girl and her mother are in the field of Texas bluebonnets. They say everything is greater in Texas and you can sure tell it by looking at these two.

Marcey Ricucci on

Serious is my fave………seriously! 🙂

rooni bissonnette on

the ocean awaits you