Ashlee Simpson continues to dodge pregnancy questions

04/24/2008 at 07:31 AM ET

2437921814_f8559728b3_oSinger Ashlee Simpson, 23, continues to remain tight-lipped about whether the persistent rumor that she is expecting her first child with rocker Pete Wentz, 28, is true. Ashlee taped an appearance for The Ellen DeGeneres Show (to air today), and continued to refuse to confirm or deny whether she is expecting.

Ellen asked Ashlee straight-out if she was expecting and Ashlee’s answer was humorous, referring to cheeseburgers.

Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is definitely something that I choose personally not to discuss except for the fact that maybe…. Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something, because I don’t think I do.

Ellen then pointed at a picture of Jennifer Lopez and asked if she was going to keep the pregnancy a secret that long (Jennifer didn’t confirm her pregnancy until she was six months along).

No, I’m not. I swear. I promise you that. I give you my pinky on that.

Ellen had one more try at attempting to get the news out of Ashlee, adding at the end of the segment, "Is it a boy or a girl?" with Ashlee replying, "You’re funny."

Source: US Magazine and People

Photo by Michael Rozman for Warner Bros.

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Colby on

its so obvious that she is. she has pretty much already given it away with all of her “dodging” remarks….everyone just needs to let her announce if and when she is ready

Jmae on

I agree Colby. She clearly is because if she wasn’t she would probably make an official statement that she was not expecting…that way the media would leave her alone about the whole pregnancy thing.

Personally, I think what she’s doing is very clever because she gets more publicity as everyone speculates!

Aelys on

What makes me think Ashlee’s pregnant is that she seems to have more cleavage lately.
And the fact that she dodges questions so much. If she weren’t, she’d say flat-out no, not avoid answering the question.

gigi on

doesn’t she have an album being released soon??? if so, this may be the reason for keeping mum for the time being. the more publicicty!
as ‘jmae’ says….it is pretty clever!

Hilda on

She was on Dancing With The Stars and she def looked pregnant. The belt to her dress was over the “baby bump”. You had to watch closely cuz the camera was keeping away from the “area”. Well if she is congrats to her and hope she has a healthy baby. In a way it’s fun when they deny it, cuz it gives us a chance to be Sherlock Holmes for a while and look for clues. I guess denying you are pregnant is the new black. LOL

tink1217 on

IDK, I can’t gauge this one. Sometimes I think she is, but with the album and the engagement, maybe this is just good press. You know..any press is good press. Anyway, I kinda hope she is, I think Ashlee and Pete are sweet together.

JoJo on

I can’t stand her – and who cares if she is or isn’t.
She’s annoying beyond words – wouldn’t even admit that she had a nose job, why should anyone be surprised that she’s trying to be all cutesy about maybe being pregnant. That poor unborn child!!!!! To have the most annoying woman on the planet be her caretaker. My sympathies.

S on

Maybe she just wants to wait until she’s farther along before she announces anything. Lots of women wait until the three month mark to say anything. It would be terrible if something happened and she had to live through it in the public eye. Truthfully, this is what I think she is doing.

word2yomutha on

I think that its her choice when she announces it and the media should back off. I get that she is a public figure but to have to go through something like what Lily Allen just recently went through – having announced that she was pregnant so early on and getting a lot of coverage and then miscarrying, thats something that difficult to deal with privately let alone in front of the whole world. I personally think that she’s either keeping it under wraps for that reason or because she has an impending wedding and she wants to be married before officially saying she’s pregnant and really its her prerogative to do that.

Molly on

I totally don’t think she’s pregnant. It’s all about publicity. If she says she’s not pregnant, then there’s less attention/media on her. I totally think this is her dad playing the media.

Elyse on

I saw a pic of her on yesterday and she did look a little thicker through the middle. I am with all the other posters and say she is pregnant. The fact that she won’t deny it speaks volumes to me. I guess we will find out sooner or later!

J.M. on

I still think it all goes under the “I need to sell albums so I’m not talking” files.

And at this point I truly don’t care. We understand the need for privacy but what’s the point of denying something if it’s true?!

She appeared on Dancing with the stars and looked a bit pregnant but on Ellen she didn’t. So if she is I am guessing she’s not saying anything official bc she’s very early on.

ang on

im not a fan of ashlee’s, but it must be frustrating to have those questions pop up in every interview. ur trying to promote 1 thing and everyone just wants to talk about the other. it’s like teaching a child to play baseball and all they want to talk about it is football.

guin on

I think that it’s incredibly rude to ask someone if they’re pregnant! People at work did this to me. It was hard because I was still at the part of the pregnancy when lots of women miscarry. My theory is that a pregnancy is going to be revealed sooner or later so MYOB until the woman feels comfortable enough to announce it!

kim on

Nope, watched Ellen and did not see any signs..Here boobs did not even look PG..

Michelle on

I’m assuming she is otherwise her answers wouldn’t be so coy. Everyone should just let her be. When she’s ready, she’ll announce it. And eventually she’ll have a big bump a la J Lo and then everyone will know for sure.

Jane on

Please! The Simpson girls play the media for publicty. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another play for record sales.

CelebBabyLover on

Elyse- I saw that picture as well.

That said, I can’t believe people are saying this is all a publicity stunt. I mean, people claimed that Katie Holmes’ pregnancy with Suri was a publicity stunt, but obviously it wasn’t. People have even claimed that Angelina adopts because of the publicity!

Not everything celebs do is a publicity stunt! Imagine how Angie, Katie, Ashlee, etc. must feel to hear people calling their pregnancies, adoptions, etc. publicty stunts! I know that they chose to be celebs and thus be in the spotlight, but still! Celebs have feelings, just like the rest of us!

Anyway, if Ashlee IS pregnant, I’m guessing she’s not even three months along yet, which is probably why she’s keeping quiet.

Mel on

I wonder if newly pregnant coworkers get this much guff from people when they don’t come right out and tell the entire office they are expecting. If Ashlee is pregnant then eventually it will show and we will all get an answer to the big question. I feel for her, I understand she’s a celeb, but people need to give the girl some space on this. I’m surprised nobody is guessing what Ashlee is having due to how high or low her little belly is yet.

I don’t understand how people can show obvious anger and annoyance when a possibly pregnant person doesn’t just come out and say if they are or aren’t expecting.