Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber out to eat with kids

04/23/2008 at 09:26 AM ET

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, 42, and husband Rande Gerber, 47, went out to dinner with children Presley Walker, 8 ½, and Kaia Jordan, 6 ½, at Nobu in Malibu, CA on Monday, April 21st.


Photos by Ramey.

One more below.


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Cassandra on

Wow, her kids are so adorable! They are gonna be some heart breakers when they get older.

Natalie S. on

I love pictures of Cindy and her family. Kaia and Presley are gorgeous children, frankly the whole family is stunning. I’m sure someone is going to make a comment about Kaia wearing make up. Yes apparently she is and she looks fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaia ends up doing some form of modeling unless she already is.

Sara on

They are all beautiful … is Kaia wearing makeup?

Colleen on

Cute kids! Although, not sure I’ve ever seen a 6 year old with the smokey eye look…

Jenna on

Nice family – Presley always looks annoyed with the paparazzi, and who can blame him really… The little girl is cute…as much as I can see Cindy in her, she looks a lot like her dad, especially in the eyes…but why is she wearing make-up out in public like that? Fine at home playing dress-up, but that’s a bit much. It seems like the last couple times I’ve seen her on here, she’s either parading in a bikini on a cat walk and/or wearing make-up outdoors. It’s a bit inappropriate in my ever so humble opinion.

Talooly on

What’s with the massive makeup on a 6 year old?????

Deb on

Is Kaia wearing make-up at 6 1/2 years old? This seems a little over the top to me.

Erica on

At the risk of sounding a bit puritanical (especially as a “liberal” college student) I will say this: Kaia is a pretty little girl for sure, and if I’m mistaken about it then forget what I’m about to say. But if she is, then I think six years old is too young to wear makeup. Even if it’s just a smudge of eyeshadow. Of course this is just IMO.

colleen on

Wow. Talk about a good gene pool. Sheesh! Those kids are pretty (I know the one is a boy) – but pretty. Wow.

Melanie on

Is Kaia wearing eyeshadow? If she is that’s weird!

aurora on

Supermodels at 8 and 6! Presley gets more handsome with every picture! Kia is Cindy’s mini-me. Tough gene pool.


Andi on

The daughter is wearing makeup. And it doesn’t look like she’s playing dress up. I think that’s a little to young she’s cute without it.

Laura on

And while Kaia works her way up as gorgeous supermodel, Presley joins a grim Norwegian black metal band! He has the T shirt and the looks!😉

halifaxhoney on

Kaia probably sees her mother wearing make up and she wants to wear it as well. Maybe it’s because I’m not very conservative but I don’t see the issue. Very beautiful children, I wouldn’t be surprised if both children ended up modeling.

Luci on

OK, the children are beautiful. With that being said, the little girl should not, IMHO as the mother of a little girl, have makeup on. It almost seems as if she has makeup on every time they go out….

Cassandra on

I can’t really judge about Kaia’s makeup, but when I was her age I was more interested in playing than dressing up. I think that if she wants to wear make up, it’s okay. It’s just a smudge of eyeshadow and a bit of lip gloss. I mean, if she sees her Mom doing it, she is going to want to do it.

In my opinion it’s not heavy make up. She is just a girly girl. Nothing wrong with that.

Laura on

The little girl is so much after the mother! Looks really like her.

HeatherR on

I agree that 6 years old is too young for makeup…..but…..we don’t know the situation. Maybe they let her do it as a special treat or reward? Maybe she just left a birthday party where they all dressed up? There could be so many reasonable explanations as to why she was wearing makeup. I have not noticed her wearing makeup in other photos, so this doesn’t seem to be a regular occurence. Just my opinion.

Courtney on

Of course we all have our opinions and 1 is no better than others. I have to say as a mom to 3 little girls they like the idea of wearing makeup also. But to them they LOVE chapstick, its lipstick to them, and they spray water on their head and pretend its hairspray. They have little glass stud earrings and call them diamonds. In my opinions you never get a second chance to have your LITTLE girl back. Why should we rush to make them look older than they are. Besides the very worrisome mom would worry about putting eyeshadow on a young child for fear it would get in the eyes or clog a duct or something…LOL..

Ellia on

Her shirt is very cute for a celebrity kid!.
Make-up on a 6-year old is a bit much.

Carrie Jo on

It’s entirely possible that Kaia was begging her mom to let her wear some makeup and Cindy went ahead and put some on her because she didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either.

Sarah on

I am sorry, but she looks like pedophile bait. Does anyone else remember Kaia’s seductive pics from 2 years ago? Her mom needs to stop and think a bit.

Renee on

Don’t like make up on kids, don’t put them on yours. If some of you are upset about this, what about beauty pageants for little girls? Kaia doesn’t look any where near those little girls. Anyhow, they are a good looking family and it’s not our place to judge them.

Bugs on

This is not the first time i see Kaia with make up, i think Cindy likes that for some reason. Very good looking family.

Tara on

Gorgeous children. Kaia looks way older than her years but we learn from our parents, and i imagine that having watched her mother dress up, Kaia wants to copy the look. IMO if the parents are happy to let her wear make-up, then fair enough: their child, their choice.
I love Presley’s hair! I can only imagine what he going to look like when he’s older. Both have such modelly looks.

Carol on

I’ve seen other pictures of her wearing make-up as well. She’s a beautiful child and shouldn’t be wearing make-up at that age. It looks terrible, IMO, not to mention the chemicals that are in it. The other little girl isn’t wearing make-up.

brooke on

Cindy has said in the past kaia loves makeup, and she finds nothing wrong with it. I gotta say this is one of the best looking celebrity families. Both parents are hot and cindy is aging amazing. Kaia is a gorgeous child, she is a mini cindy and will follow in her mom’s footsteps of modeling I bet. By far one of the prettiest celebrity little girls IMO. The son is so handsome, he is a clone of cindy execpt for the blonde hair, but he has cindy’s features and even her mole. Cindy and her husband have some great genes,this is one good looking family.

Sarah on

the fact that this isn’t the first time we have seen Kaia out with heavy make up is clear to me that this isn’t a ‘dress up’ thing, she is ALWAYS photographed with heavy adult make up.

I like Cindy, alway have- but the continual pictures of her kids in make up (not to mention the “sexy” bikini catalog) does turn me off her a bit. Better her kids then mine.

Aidan on

My four year old charge got that Step2 vanity set for Christmas & a barbie makeup set that was “4+” – imagine our surprise when we opened the set to realise the makeup wasn’t just stickers, it was real! That quickly went away, as she didn’t really realise it goes on your face, and not the walls.. rugs.. chairs.. ahaha.

My point is that we don’t really know anything about the situation, so who are we to judge?

Regardless though, they’re really beautiful children – and at least they’re dressed age-appropriate (which isn’t something i can say for all celebrity children these days)!

Paula on

Presley looks as if he has eyeshadow on as well.

Allie on

The fact that Kaia is wearing makeup does not really bother me. I have a much younger sister and when she was that age she would always want to put makeup with me while I was getting dressed. So what my mom and I would do would be put some light pink eyeshadow on her or some neutral lip gloss, etc. Not dark brown, black, smoky eye shadow. That is what bothers me. She is 6!

Cate on

I love Kaia’s “no paparazzi” shirt.

safffron on

i think her children are gorgeous, but the makeup on kaia is a bit much.

Elizabeth on

I think it is really sad that a 6 1/2 year old is in heavy make-up…she is always photographed in make-up and adult styled clothing. Unfortunately it seems these kids are styled to be an extension of their parents instead of being young children.

lauren on

Didn’t we all just debate Kaia’s make-up and wardrobe the last time there were photos posted of her? Do we really need to do it again? She’s a cute, trendy and stylish kid. I rather her look like that than the beauty pagaent girls.

Renee on

Elizabeth, I disagree. Some of you are taking two photographs and thinking you have the whole story of Kaia. We don’t know this family personally and it’s not fair to question their parenting based in paparazzi photos. We don’t see them 24/7 or have conversations with them daily

Jennifer on

Seeing that little girl with make-up on really makes me uncomfortable. No 6 year old should ever be alloweed out of the house w/make-up on IMHO.

I’m sorry but with all the news and tv shows on pedophiles, why would you make your own child more of a target?

This truly scares me. I wish parents would stop trying to be “cool” and go back to doing what is right.

claudia on

Looks like Presley inherited Cindy’s distinctive mole on her face, both kids are gorgeous!

iluvallbabies on

Carol, the other “girl” I think you are refering to, is actually her SON Presley!

Such an amazing looking family- Im not entering the makeup debate. Its her family, not ours- her choice.

ang on

i saw 38 comments n went “i bet its about makeup again” coz u can’t tell in the main pic.i saw cindy and rande on oprah. rande takes the kids to school sometimes on a motorcycle.they r cool kids, but growing up fast is sad to watch.

kristen on

jennifer– sexualizing children (a la jon benet ramsey) also makes me uncomfortable. but when it comes down to it, make-up does not make little children targets of pedophiles. the fact that they are little children does.

J.M. on

Okay there is a difference between a small amount of makeup and then your child looking like a clown!!

And when did children become the adults?! So what if Kaia begged to wear it? What happened to saying, no sorry sweetie makeup is for grownups and youre not one just yet! Hello!

Not that I truly care. This is not my child but I would NEVER and I do mean NEVER let my child out of the house looking like that! If she asked for some lip gloss or a small amount of blush fine. Kids are curious. But I’d simply put my foot down if she asked for heavy blue eyeshadow, eye liner, or mascara!! Little girls should simply be that LITTLE girls.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kaia look well beyond her years! And I can see how having a mommy for a super model could be tough to not want to play “dress up” but come on draw the line somewhere.

JMHO, of course.

iluvallbabies on

Kristen well said.

Naughty Cal on

For those of you who think kids are growing up too fast, I agree to a point, but in this instance it’s not that serious. Little girls’ reasons for wanting to wear makeup-looking like mommy, playing supermodel, etc. are likely ENTIRELY different from the sexualized reasons adults wear it. At 6, I doubt she is out to impress boys and be “noticed.” It’s almost like the toy gun debate for boys-we think we’re robbing them of childhood, but it’s part of childhood that takes on its own different, symbolic meaning at that age.

As for the pedophile thing (and JonBenet comes up again. Come on-her parents killed her), I think Presley takes karate (I’ve seen him wear the shirt for a karate school that Pamela Anderson’s kids go to), and from what Cindy has said in interviews, he’s very protective of Kaia.

DLR on

Are the children wearing make-up for real? I have seen kids with dark-skinned eyelids that made them look like they were wearing eye shadow. Maybe it is the lighting, or reflections, or shadows that make it look like those kids are wearing makeup. I can’t imagine Cindy and Randy letting their children wear make-up at such young ages, but it is their children and they are the parents so they decide what is best for their children.

Manda on

Lol there always seems to be controversy when photos are posted about this family, and I never seemed to bother to post about my thoughts. However I def do agree with what most of you are saying!! I can understand when kids ask there moms to buy them Lipsmackers or something, but EYESHADOW is just way over the charts!! It’s just not necessary for a six year-old to wear and is quite disturbing to look at IMO.

iluvallbabies on

Naughty Cal- I cant tell if you are being sarcastic re: JonBenet’s parents? Did they actually find them guilty?

I know its off the topic, but since you mentioned it Im curious….

Peppermint on

Umm… saying “why would you want to make your kids more attractive to pedohiles” is kind of like blaming the victim for “attracting” sick twisted perverts. Its along the lines of asking a female rape victim “what where you wearing when he attacked you?” as to imply that perhaps she was “asking” to be raped by the way she looked. No matter what this kid wears or does , if a pedo is attracted to her then nothing will change that, and dont think that a 6 year old wearing make up is more likely to be targeted by perverts. Neglectful parents is what does it and Cindy doesnt look neglectful to me. I know so many people who raise/raised wonderful kids and if they were celebs, pppfff I cant even imagine the criticism they would recieve on these boards. Maybe parents should be more concerned with their own kids then chastize others for the way in which they raise their children.

Kresta on

To me, Kaia looks like a miniature 18-year- old in these photos not a 6-year-old girl. Both children are very attractive and they know it.

mickey barussi on

great looking, but kaia would be cuter without makeup, it’s definitely weird looking, also when are they gonna cut the boy’s hair??? it’s too long, and he’s girly looking to begin with. Yes, i would say this to their faces. m

Naughty Cal on

I was not being sarcastic. There was no evidence of forced entry into the house, and to date no other suspects have definitively been named or charged. They had motive-either the father was sexually abusing her, or the mother was upset because she was wetting her bed (the latter is the theory most looked at). There were also “practice” ransom notes found. And it was a little odd that the family was completely dry-eyed leaving her funeral. When John Mark Karr admitted, it was a huge shock to me. But then his story ended up being full of holes, and instead it went back to the only other suspects-the parents.

iluvallbabies on

Oh my gosh Naughty Cal- thanks for expanding on that. That is so terrible, I had no idea. Although here in Australia it didnt get AS MUCH coverage, I remember it sounding very strange indeed.

sinclair on

hmm. forget the makeup–WTH is cindy wearing ?


Angela on

They are gorgeous! I thin Presley looks like Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose

nona on

It’s all been said, but I just wanted to add my support to the idea that there isn’t anything wrong with the makeup. It’s probably dress-up type fun for Kaia to put it on and go out to a restaurant, especially if she’s going to have to put up with cameras in her face. It doesn’t mean she always wears it. Her mom is a supermodel, and makeup is a huge part of her job. What a great mother-daughter relationship if Kaia looks up to her mom and the success she’s had. Many people like to get done up, and I don’t see anything wrong with decorating yourself. I, personally, wear makeup about once a year, so it’s not like I’m promoting it for my own benefit.

Donna on

Remember people. These people do not live in Podunk, Iowa. They are living the fast life in a fast town. When I say fast, I mean “fast” for a nice family. They are just miles ahead of everyone else on what they think is okay for the kids. I don’t condone it, but it’s “Hollywood”.

Natalie S. on

LMAO okay seriously folks..everyone needs to chill out. Everyone has their point of view they want to express, though I may not agree with everyone. Kaia has two responsible parents who of course have her best interest and let’s also remember they are “Cindy and Rande’s” children. What may be suitable for their children may not work in my household or the next persons and vice versa. Relax folks, tomorrow’s a new day..

Irishgal on

Beautiful kids! I don’t see anything wrong with Kaia wearing makeup, lots of young kids like putting on makeup.

Mel on

Relax? I didn’t think anyone was that riled up over this to be honest.

katie on

i think its really said that a six year old girl is being judged by the billions of viewers on cbb just because she’s wearing making up out in public. you know there has to be other six year old girls that wear make up too. they just dont get their pictures taken because their mom isnt cindy crawford. seriously people, grow up.

Annooyed on

Playing with makeup with dressup is okay (although 6 is still a little young for that IMO) BUT! That make up looks properly put on, not the usual 6 year old smudgings you would expect to see.
I think it gives the wrong message and is not very good for the child. Mind you, Presley gives the finger too as seen in past images. What does that say…. hmm….

Livy on

You know it doesn’t matter – she is their child and they seem to be loving parents end of! We don’t know the whole story on this at all, perhaps like many little girls she is obsessed with make up, they are out to dinner, maybe a special occasion, maybe it is a treat for her, maybe it is a reward for good school work or behaviour. In any case there are a lot worse things than a six year old wearing a bit of eyeshadow when out to dinner with her parents.

chloe on

Can’t kids just be kids?

Jen on

Presley has given the finger to the cameras? Lovely. 😦

Naughty Cal on

About Presley giving the finger, Cindy has explained that one too: he was about 4-5, and the family was out. The paparazzi were getting in their faces, and Rande lost his temper and gave the bird to the photographers. He was holding Presley, who started imitating his dad, not knowing what it meant. Rande has also taken responsibility for the incident and apologized. But of course, the tabloids took that one photo and spun a story about how Presley was throwing an out of control tantrum, and ignored the rest of the set from that day, such as the sweet pics where he was giving his mom a hug, which you can find on some of the other blogs.

Someone on

She’s my aunt. Dont post mean comments. if u dont believe me u should see my dad. Him and rande look sooo much alike. Kiaya and Prez rok

MP on

Wow, some people would spend their life writing down every minute detail about how presly gives the finger and kaia wears makeup or whatever. Get your own life and learn to live it people!

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