Princess Tiáamii seen at urgent care center for chickenpox

04/22/2008 at 09:05 AM ET

Princessandre233021_cbbAlthough they’d hoped their youngest child would catch the chickenpox from middle son Junior, as they heard it was easier for babies to deal with, model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price, 29, and singer Peter André, 35, found they got a bit more than they bargained for when daughter Princess Tiáamii, 9 months, did in fact contract the virus and began showing spots during their trip to the US this week.

After an increase in red, itchy bumps, the couple brought their daughter to a local pediatrician on Monday, who recommended they have Princess seen at an urgent care center. Peter told UK tabloid The Sun,

We’ve got to take her to hospital. She’s not good man. Once she’s better I’ll be all smiles.

Source: The Sun

Thanks to CBB readers Chloe and Christina.

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finnaryn on

If they wanted her to catch it, then they probably had her right next to Junior, which I don’t see a problem with, but I do think it was a bad idea to bring her on the trip. Think of all the adults on the plane who may not have had it as kids and could now get really sick.

I love that they are such hands on parents, but I still think that this was one time that they should have either canceled the trip, or left her at home.

Stef on

*sits back and waits for the barage of posts complaining about Princess being taken out in public*

Jess on


I don’t see a problem with her being out in public. Chicken Pox are only contagious for the two weeks before the spots come out. And at that time, you wouldn’t really know.

Understanding the comment of Pete, I don’t think that they knew she had Chicken Pox when they took her away – hense why they took her to the ER over there.

finnaryn on

Jess, they may not have known if she actually had chicken pox or not, but they clearly knew she had been exposed. Pete said it himself in the previous interview. So if you look at the fact that you posted of being contagious for two weeks before the spots, and her spots appeared while in LA, then yes, she could have exposed an entire plane full of people.

Regardless, I hope she has an easy time of it. Babies do get over it quickly but they sure are cranky in the process.

emma on

Katie & Peter are so unlucky with their kids getting poorly! Mostly Harvey of course, but they seem to be regularly at the hospital for something. Get better quickly Princess!

Amme on

Emma, whilst I agree with you about Harvey seemingly being ill and having accidents frequently. Chickenpox however are a common and temporary illness and it isn’t correct to say ‘unlucky’ and assume Junior and Princess experience the same ailments as Harvey.

Chris on

I hope she’s alright. I’m not saying anything bad, but I was always told it’s never good for children her age(or older people) to get chicken pox.

MB on

I really doubt Princess was that much of a health risk to people, Finnaryn. Like Jess pointed out, it’s most contagious before you begin to show. Also, many, if not most, kids in the US are now being vaccinated for chicken pox because of the complications that can happen if they get it at a very young age. I don’t know if kids in the UK get vaccinated or not.

Jen on

Chickenpox are contagious until the spots scab and dry up. They can have a catastrophic effect on an unborn child, in the early stages of pregnancy.

Beverley on

I think that they should not have taken her on the plane and exposed hundreds of other people to risk. Imagine being pregnant and finding out that someone near you on the plane just exposed you to something that could cause your unborn baby harm.
Jordan and Peter need to know that the world does not just revolve around them and that their decisions can adversely affect other people. They do not live in a bubble and should be considerate to others.
I also saw that they were out shopping and at restaurants with poor Princess, exposing even more people to harm, before Princess was even being treated by a doctor. How inconsiderate of them.
As a mother, I certainly wouldn’t be dragging my sick baby around to all those places like that. It should be Princess’s time to rest, get treatment and hopefully recover quickly and easily, not Katie’s time to shop and eat out.

ruthella on

Beverly, I totally agree. And going by Jordan’s usual and past behaviour, I’d guess that a lot of it was to do with press attention.

She often bemoans that she is not as well known in the US as she’d like. Next thing, there she is at Kitson with a Chicken Poxy baby! They are so attention seeking, it’s a terrible shame for the children😦

As long as they are being photographed and talked about, I’m afraid they’ll go to any lengths. I hope the poor girl recovers quickly and that she hasn’t infected many other people.

carrie on

who ever said they are only contagious before the pox start are wrong. Chickenpox is contagious from about 2 days before the rash appears and lasts until all the blisters are crusted over. I am wondering what complication Princess had to warrant a trip to the ER?

Christina on

She is still a little young, but generally, it’s a much quicker, smoother case of the varicella virus if caught “naturally” and young. I saw a video of them leaving the Urgent Care clinic on TMZ, and she was put in a FF carseat in the car. I’d be more concerned about that😦

jasmine on

It just rubbed me the wrong way that, on another website, there were pictures of them out shopping and at a restaurant with their clearly miserable little baby right before they went to the hospital. I just feel like even if it’s just chicken pox, a baby doesn’t need to be out gallivanting with her parents if she’s sick.

Bren on

How long to chickepox last? a week? two?

I like this family…they seem to be very hands on!

Sam on

I agree with Beverley, I think it was inconsiderate to expose so many people to the chicken pox and its not just unborn babies that it could effect; those undergoing Chemo and other groups like the elderly who have weak immune systems it could have terrible consequences if they caught it.

That little girl should be at home resting not being paraded around the USA.

iluvallbabies on


Firstly a sick child should be rested, not taken out to restaurants and shopping malls.

Secondly, if I was a pregnant lady sitting behind them, I cant even tell you the stress I would be feeling now. Not only can it cause severe deformities in unborn children, it can actually result in a high mortality rate of the newborn,(if the mother contracts chicken pox around the time of birth).

Until the spots completely crust (about 7-8 days after you get your first pox) you are highly contagious to anyone around you.

I find this very irresponsible.

Stef on

Let’s all stop being alarmists here. A pregnant woman is only at risk for chicken pox if she has never had it or has never been immunized for it. Considering people of my generation have all had chicken pox (very few haven’t) and the next generation have all been immunized, most pregnant women are pretty safe. As are the fetuses, as the antibodies pass through the placenta to the fetus and protect it. But pregnant women are warned of this by their doctors, as other diseases like rubella and measles are also dangerous. They have to be aware of being in an enclosed space with people (like a plane) as those people may be infected but not know it. But like I said, since most women have had pox and/or all immunizations, including, MMR, the risk is minimal.

There is no rule that says a child with chicken pox can’t go out-of-doors, especially in the later stages, as long as they are kept cool and in the shade.

“Most patients are contagious for one to two days prior to the onset of the chicken pox rash and for about five days after the rash begins.”–MassGeneral Hospital for Children

iluvallbabies on

Stef would you want to take that risk though? Especially on a plane where air is constantly being recycled. I would feel so bad to the other passengers. Its not only pregnant women, those who are suffering HIV or getting treatment for cancer, as their immune systems are low. Once you have had chicken pox it is normally gives immunity for your life (although in rare instances you can get it twice)- but it can develop into shingles which is HORRIBLE.

I know there are some instances you just cant prevent it- but this seems like it could have been avoided (out to dinner? Shopping?!).

Of course if they didnt know she had chicken pox, thats a different story….

Stef on

luv–But there isn’t a risk, you see? Once you’ve had chicken pox, you can’t get it again. If you’re exposed to it, your body fights it off the same as it would any other germ you ingest. Therefore, all the blood that circulates in mom and baby is fighting off the pox virus, making the body an inhospitable environment for the virus. And unless the virus has an environment where it can multiply, it eventually perishes without doing any harm.
Like you said, shingles is caused by the virus which went dormant in your system after you had the chicken pox coming back to life, not from rexposure to the virus by an outside source. Anyone can get shingles at any time, regardless of who they’re exposed to.
Again, those with compromised immune systems–AIDS, cancer patients, the elderly–most likely have already had chicken pox and the antibodies will fight it off as well as any other virus or bug they may be exposed to. Pox almost seems a better bet because you can’t get it twice because the antibodies are so specialized to knock it out, but you can get any strain of flu over and over again and there are countless strains of flu.
I saw all the pictures of Princess out and about and she did not look like a child suffering with illness. I remember chicken pox and I didn’t feel lethargic or weak, just so itchy and warm that I couldn’t sleep. I was stuck in the house for a week and would have killed for a day outside. I returned to school after a week still spotty, but with the clearance to return from all responsible authorities.

Lisa on

I have to say I really agree with Beverley. Those of you that believe that everybody in this country have had chicken pox or have been vaccinated against it are mistaken. I have never had chicken pox and have never had the vaccination. I am currently six weeks pregnant and I would not been happy had I been exposed to it. And poor baby, she must have been miserable.

iluvallbabies on

Stef I think you’ll find its a myth you cant get them twice? Ive just done a quick google and have come up with 9 cases where people were getting them multiple times (whether their first or second case was mild, they definately got them diagnosed via swab analysis and confirmed they were chicken pox). The people on one specific site- which I can provide- mentioned doctors were saying multiple cases of chicken pox were becoming more common than people think…

Im not meaning to sound argumentative (well its friendly discussion really!) but my original point is still the same- why take the risk when you can avoid it all together? Her little child should be getting lukewarm baths, relaxing with lotion on to stop the itching. I just find walking around a shopping centre and going out to dinner, with a child full of spots, completely unnecessary.

finnaryn on

Stef, I am afraid that you are wrong that a pregnant woman who has had the chicken pox previously cannot have her baby harmed. I had the chicken pox when I was five and when it came time for my third child to have his vaccine, my doc wouldn’t give it to him because I was pregnant. Because it is a live vaccine and because you CAN get it twice, she said that the risk to the unborn baby was far grater than my third child getting it.

I still stand by my original post. Junior had the chicken pox and since Peter said they hoped Princess would get it too, it is a fair guess that they purposely exposed her to him. Which I would probably would have done if my kids hadn’t had their shots. Even just being in the same house could have exposed her. Knowing that a child has been very recently exposed to a very contagious and potentially dangerous disease (to those at high risk) I still feel that it was un-wise to take her on this trip when they obviously have nannies and/or relatives who can watch their kids.

Stef on

luv–I was looking again at the pics of Princess at TMZ and it appears she’s at the tail-end of the infection. She’s got marks where pox were but have since faded.
Regardless, I’m not arguing either. For me, this isn’t that great of a concern (getting chicken pox twice). My bigger concern is the growing trend of children who don’t receive immunizations and the ramifications of that (a topic only marginally related to this one) LOL

finn–Read the second paragraph at this site. This is written by a doctor, mind…
This is also good…
It seems your doctor was being overly cautious as they’re supposed to be, lest you fall into the tiny percentage that’s a fluke and then you sue them for malpractice. LOL There are exceptions to every rule. I even know of some people who appear to be immune to pox naturally, despite having kids and other family members come down with them.
As for Katie and Peter, from what is says, it sounded like they hoped Princess would get it after Junior, but there was no indication that she had until they were already on vacation.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, first of all, there were at least two different sets of pictures of Princess posted within the last week, and she did not look miserable AT ALL in either of them. She DID appear to have some spots in one set, but, to me at least, she appeared to still be in the very early stages of the diease (and thus may not have been exhibiting many, if any, symptoms yet).

Also, they may not have exposed ANYBODY except their own staff to Chicken Pox. They may very well have a private jet, like many celebs do. Yes, they were seen at an airport, but many celebs land their private jets at regular airports (for example, Brad and Angie have been seen both boarding and get off of their private jet at various airports).

Given the fact that Harvey has special needs (and thus it’s probably not that easy to take him on a regular plane), I’m guessing they probably do have a private jet (I’m also guessing that Harvey and Junior were also with them, but just not photographed, as they usually take all three kids with them on their trips to the U.S.).

All of that said, I also want to point out that, if they HAD left Princess at home, they’d probably be called bad parents for that, too (at least until people found out that she had Chicken Pox). I mean, look at all the negative comments Brad and Angie get when they’re out without Shiloh!

MB on

i thought that once the pox started you were only contagious if you touched the sores?

C-ann on

I was vaccinated as a child but I got the chicken pox at 20 years old. I wasn’t miserable nor did I feel sick. I looked terrible and the doc kicked me out of his office and said I shouldn’t be there for pox. There was nothing they could do for me and to go home so I didn’t infect anyone. That should be common sense to keep the kid home-ish. But I’m less concerned about the pox than I am about how you pronounce the kid’s name. How do you say it?

fi on

Sorry but they should have kept her at home. Knowing there was even a chance she would get it and taking her abroad was just stupid and selfish! I understand what people sre saying about ”once the spots are out” but not everyone has had chicken pox, theres also shingles to think about plus some people on medications must not be anywhere near anyone with or anyone who has just had chicken pox. I am one of them.

New medication im taking means if i happen to be in contact with someone with chicken pox or someone whos just got over them means i need to go to the dr ASAP for an injection or id end up pretty sick.

Not only that the poor child must be feeling horrible with it, im sure the last thing she needs to being karted around with her parents in the US!

CelebBabyLover on

fi- I understand where you’re coming from (about certain people being at high-risk for Chicken Pox or complications for it), but I want to point out that you cannot get Shingles by being exposed to someone who has Chicken Pox. What happens is that, after a person gets Chicken Pox, the virus remains in the body, but goes dormant (at least sometimes. I am unsure if this happens with all cases of Chicken Pox). Sometimes the virus re-emerges later in life (similar to what the cold sore virus does). This is what leads to Shingles.

Anyway, I want to point out that Princess may very well have been MORE miserable if they’d left her at home. Babies and young children usually want only mommy and/or daddy when they’re sick.

clare on

to the people who touched on the vaccination issue – here in the UK we don’t tend to vaccinate for chicken pox so that is why none of her children have been vaccinated.

ruthella on

CelebBabyLover; they don’t have a private jet. If and when they do get one, there will no doubt be a 16 page exclusive spread in OK magazine here in the UK though…

They said weeks ago that Junior had C Pox, so basically they have taken her on a flight anyway, exposing hundreds of people to the disease, many of whom will be British and unvaccinated, some of whom will also probably be pregnant or high-risk for other reasons.

Then, they have chosen to take her out in front of the media when she’s unwell. Not for a walk, or to the park but to some well-known celebrity hangouts. Where are her other kids? Probably at home with the nannies as they’re not that interesting to her now that she has a girl. Anyone who doubts this will soon change their mind when you see their new show, I promise you.

I think they are selfish, irresponsible parents😦

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