Nicole Kidman at UNIFEM press conference

04/22/2008 at 09:11 PM ET

ActressNicole Kidman, 40, arrived at a UNIFEM press conference at the UnitedNations to announce the kickoff of a new UNIFEMCampaign to address violence against women on April 22th in NewYork City. She and Keith Urban expect their first child in July; they are keeping the sex private. See more photos at Just Jared.

Nicole recently discussed her severe morning sickness.


Photos by Jemall Countess for Wireimage; Splash News.

Thanks to CBB reader Belinda.

Two more images below.


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Melissa on

I am so happy for Nicole – from what I have read she has wanted to birth a baby for many, many years. It just pains me to see her so thin and in her 8th month. I am no expert – but she barely looks pregnant, let alone her third trimester. Hopefully everything is ok.

BellaRose on

She looks adorable preggers!

Anna on

She is just looking so soft and pretty. The blatant “Hey, look, guys! Hey GUYS! GUYS! I HAVE A BUMP! LOOK!” is a bit nauseating though 😉

Sarah on

Melissa, she has said she had very bad morning sickness, so I do wonder if she lost weight from vomiting and being unable to eat and is just now starting to gain.

Anna, it’s almost as if she has to do that though with all the comments she seems to draw!

I think she looks great here.

Natalie on

Melissa- she’s obviously not 8 months pregnant if she’s due in July..she’d be around 6 months by my math..

If I struggled as much as she reportedly did over the years to get pregnant, I would proudly show my bump at every opportunity too! Doesn’t she deserve to????

MB on

Melissa: She’s not due till July. She’s in her 6th month. I had 2 friends who didn’t “pop” till their 8th month.

Anna on

Oh, I agree with you Sarah. I had expected that a group of women would have a better realisation that we come in all kinds of shaps and sizes. It must be awful to be under constant scrutiny during what should be such a happy time.

HardCandy on

She is really trying hard to show off her tinnie weenie little bump, bless her heart.

ashley on

Anyone else think the bump looks fake?

Nicki on

She looks gorgeous! And right on track… for someone who’s fit and healthy…

Megan on

Nicole looks absolutely adorable–she’s positively glowing! I applaud her she’s waited for this for a long time and she DESERVES to show off that belly…she’s a proud expectant mother, why begrudge her that right? I don’t think Nicole has ever looked more beautiful and I cannot wait to meet this baby!

Caitlin on

The back-arch she’s doing in that first picture looks downright painful, but I am sooo happy to finally see her belly. I am sooooo happy for her!

Devon on

She looks so happy!! I believe she is due at the end of July (at the CMAs she said she wasn’t quite in her 3rd trimester) so that latest she could be is at the end of her 6th month. I’m happy for her.

When my cousin was pregnant, at 6 months she looked 4, and at 9 months she looked 7. She was tall like Nicole is and her son was a healthy 7lbs.

lauren on

oh my goodness she looks glowing! she looks so good. i’m so happy for them!

nb on

She looks so good & healthy, hopefully she has an easy delivery and/or c-section when the time comes. It is amazing how much better she looks now without the botox & other cosmeceutical injections she used pre-pregnancy. She should stay with her natural beauty-as should all women, it really suits her. We don’t give ourselves, the aging process and our unique natural inner and outer beauty enough credit. Facial lines are graceful and the wisdom that comes with them is priceless.

Air on

it’s gotta be the height thing that is making her seem so small. I have a friend who is 5’11 and very similar to Nicole’s body type and when she was pregnant with her daughter NO ONE thought she was preggo until around her 8th month when she popped, and even then she only looked about 5-6 months pregnant in my opinion. Her daughter was a normal weight at 7 lbs. 3 ounces, so it was a healthy pregnancy. i think tall, thin women just get away with it a little easier for some reason.

michelle on

nb, I have to agree with you. Her face looks so soft and pretty here. I don’t know what she is (or isn’t) doing, but I hope she sticks with it after her baby is born.

Natalie on

NB i Totally agree with you! she looks so beautiful and natural without her “normal” tight face! i love how she looks with some lines on her face they just make her look so beautiful hope she keeps it like that but i doubt it..after all she is under a lot of pressure in showbiz to stay looking “young” it makes me a bit sad i prefer her and all women looking natural🙂

Barbara on

I was very thin when I became pregnant and I didn’t start to show until 5 1/2 months. I had to be standing sideways to see my little bump or looking straight at my tummy to tell for sure that I was pregnant. You couldn’t tell I was expecting when you saw me from behind cause I was so small. It made me feel so proud to have someone ask how far along I was. I LOVED my bump. 🙂

I am very happy for Keith and Nicole and I pray that they have a happy, healthy baby.

Ericka on

That first photo looks so odd…like weird. She’s all belly …just a little basketball attached too her stomach.

I think she looks so much better when she’s not posing the whole “look at my belly I really do have one” pose. Just sitting down you can tell she’s pregnant.

I’m so happy for both of them!!

Kitty on

I’m so happy for her. I think we all would like to look that great pregnant, lol.

Casey on

Nicole looks great for being 6 months pregnant. When I got pregnant with my son (I was 110 lbs and 5’2 before I was pregnant) I had severe morning sickness as well that caused me to loose 10 lbs within the first few weeks. It took me almost 6 months to gain back that 10 lbs. I had people tell me I wasn’t pregnant and I was just lying to get attention. That hurts so I can just imagine how Nicole feels if she knows (which Im sure she does) that people were saying she wasnt pregnant. I ended up giving birth to a very healthy 9 lb 4 oz, 22 inch baby boy. I wouldn’t be shocked if she did the same!!

Ericka on

Justjared has some really great photos of her just walking into the room…she’s not trying to show her belly off it just is showing.

I can’t get over how awkward that first photo is lol

kate on

If she wants to show off her bump she should wear something tighter fitting… I always wore tight tops so everyone KNEW I was pregnant and not just a tad chubby!

Mousie on

She also doesn’t dress in the form-fitting outfits that a lot of pregnant women do.

With her more conservative fashion style, her bump is not as clearly outlined as it would be in a tight shirt or dress.

She looks lovely.

cassie on

i think it could be these photos look like she’s skinnier than she may be..cause on just jared she looks bigger

kiki on

finally she is starting to resemble her old self… in that last picture I see a lot of her from the beginnings of her career :o)

Honestly, I don’t think she is showing off her bump but preparing to sit down… flattening her dress, the likes… but either way, I find that sweet and read it as a symbol for the love she already has for her unborn child… surely a proud momma :o)

I never had morning sickness but lost 15 pounds during the first months of my 1st pregnancy (never ask about my second lol) being as slim as Nicole has always been plus the severe morning sickness (my granny had that her whole pregnancy… she looked like a starving woman that had swallowed a melon on the whole) I think she has done her best to keep fit and nourish the baby.

Just wish her a healthy pregnancy and a good birth with a healthy baby in the end.

That’s all that matters really.

Jane on

I think in the first picture, she could just be stretching her back. And really, Nicole looks perfectly healthy, I wish people would stop saying how tiny she is – She’s always been thin, and as she said, has suffered from bad morning sickness. My mother did with me (She was throwing up blood), and as a result she looks very thin in a lot of the pregnancy pictures but I was born a fine weight.

Donna on

I think she’s perfectly adorable. I love this dress on her.

Laura on

I know someone who was sick throughout her entire pregnancy. She could barely eat and had to stay at home from her 3rd month. She didn’t have much of a bump either and had a healthy baby boy. I think people focus way too much on her weight/bump size. I think Nicole looks wonderful and healthy and I’m sure she’s doing everything she can for her and the bubs. :0)

Evelyn-Miami on

Nicole looks beautiful. She is glowing and maybe she is thin because of all that morning sickness. Now what’s wrong with her showing her bump? She is so happy and obviously wants the world to share in her happiness. Now if Tori Spelling can show us 100’s of pictures of her belly, after pictures of no belly, then new belly, this dress, that dress. sigh…why can’t Nicole?
Congratulations Nicole and Keith, cant wait to see more belly pictures!

J-Lin on

I’m happy for her, but it just seems she is trying way too hard to show off her bump. As private as she has been in the past, I never thought she would ham it up for the cameras like that.

Lilianne on

I keep reading the comments from here about how Nicole doesn’t look as “pregnant as she should for how far along she is” and I just have to say that I don’t know where stuff like that comes from? First, even if she is not being truthful about when she is due (which is what I think people imply when they talk about this) who could blame her? Does she or any celebrity have an obligation to tell the public information that isnt any of our business? I don’t think so. Secondly, why does anyone think they have the right to say how pregnant someone should look or how much weight they should gain to be healthy? Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and not even 2 pregnancies are the same for 1 mother. I have 2 daughters and I gained a lot of weight with my first…over 50 lbs. My daughter was born 3 weeks early right at 7 lbs. With my second I could not gain weight no matter what I ate…barely 25 lbs and my ob had me eating ice cream and high calorie foods and my 2nd daughter was born early too at right at 6 lbs. My oldest is not 19 and is 5’9 and my youngest is almost 14 and is still tiny…barely weighing 85 lbs and about 4’10. My point is that every situation is different for every person and I think that we should not judge someone else’s situation because it isn’t fair.

kris on

I just wanted to say Bravo! to Nicole for being involved with such an important issue.

I wish I had looked like her at this stage in my pregnancies. I was huge (and did not gain above the recommended average weight gain) and very uncomfortable by the time by boys were born.

Oh, and on the trying to show off the belly thing, celebs are famous for doing just during posed pictures. We see it on this site all the time. on

Yeah, that first photo is so awkward. Is she showing off her baby bump or her breasts? 🙂 But then in the other photos she looks flawless. I’ve never been a Nicole Kidman fan, but she’s downright gorgeous looking so natural in the second photo. What a natural beauty!!!

miameows on

This poor woman! All you hear is how tiny her bump is, and is she really pregnant, etc. My best friend is due at the end of July and looks just as pregnant as Nicole. She is constantly arching her back and sticking out her bump because she is so proud and so excited to be pregnant, and at the same time sad that her bump isn’t bigger. I wonder if Nicole is sticking out her stomach because she wants people to see her bump and stop trash talking about her being so tiny! I just feel bad for her, because I know my friend wishes her bump were more prominent and is sick of people asking her about it.

Sandi on

I got married in a traditional ceremony when I was 5.5 months pregnant. I didn’t have to have any alterations to my dress, and I was still wearing my jeans. I’m only 5’5″, too. I find it totally normal to see someone of her height being small. Tons of room for baby to stretch out.

I didn’t start showing until about 6.5 months along. I was only noticeably pregnant for a couple months (otherwise I could’ve disguised it with a sweatshirt).

SY on

My friend is close to 6 ft. tall and she barely showed through her whole pregnancy…She delivered a healthy 7 1/2 lb little girl with no problems. Apparently her OB/GYN said that everyone’s uterus is shaped differently and because she’s so tall hers was probably more vertical and the baby had a lot of space to lie up and down. Not sure if it’s true, but it seems to make sense to me.

amber on

She looks like all my tall thin friends… babies were able to spread out more and their bellies looked smaller (than me – at 5’2″!). I assure you, though, their babies were not!

Asiram on

I’m glad to see a bump, and that she seems to be happy to show it.

I am also more glad that I can say that she has finally laid off the botox! I could hardly ever look at pictures of her before because her eyebrows were drawn up so high it gave her such a weird look. She looks so much more human now!

Isabel on

I saw a picture of her taken 5 years ago and was sooo surprised to see the facial changes. She looked so natural and beautiful…she still does but not quite in the same way.

Angie on

MUCH HAPPINESS FOR HER! Yes, I must admit the picture does seem a bit “weird”…but all I have to say is 3 things:

1)How many times have we looked at pictures of ourselves and said,”Gosh! That is a funny shot of me! I was caught in an awkward moment!”?!?!?!?

2)We know she has been trying for a loooong time and i must admit that if I too had tried for a long time and finally got pregnant I would probably “gloat” a bit!🙂 She is just a proud mom!

3)Let’s wish her and Keith the best and be happy that another child is coming into the world and will be loved DEARLY by a loving family!

Nicki on

After so long of wanting a baby and what she has gone through i say you wanna show of that bump of yours you do it honey!

My sister in law is the same body shape and tall just like Nicole and she had a ‘compact bump’ just like all women’s body shapes are different so are bumps in pregnancy.
Some are big some a little some stick out some do not.
And if i was pregnant after so long of wanting them i would be on cloud nine just like she is and ‘working that baby bump of mine’
I wish her and her husband all the best for the future

CelebBabyLover on

kate- It’s very possible that Nicole finds it uncomfortable to wear tight-fitting clothes during her pregnancy (I’ve never been pregnant myself, but I’ve heard that some pregnant women find tight-fitting clothes itchy and irritating to their belly).

Jane- ITA about stretching her back! I stretch my back all the time….and let me tell you, when I do it it makes what Nicole is doing look tame! I get the feeling that it makes other people’s backs hurt just watching me stretch mine!

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