Marcia Cross and Savannah play at the park

04/22/2008 at 07:42 AM ET

Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross, 46, and one of her fraternal twin daughters, Savannah, 14 months, spent some time at a park in Brentwood, CA on Monday, April 21st.  Sister Eden was also there, but is not pictured. Dad is stockbroker Tom Mahoney.


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FloppyhatpurpleSavannah is wearing Hanna Andersson Floppy Sunhats in Pale Peony ($10).

_5539759Savannah is wearing a Lucky Brand Daisy hoody ($78).

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Anonymous on

Oh my….here goes, I’m going to say it. I think Marcia Cross is taking this NO SUN just a little too far. I understand her babies may be of fair skin complextion but I do believe all babies need even the smallest amount of time in the sun, not the blaring sun mind you when it’s the dead heat of the summer, but if the weather is cool enough and the sun is NOT at its peak, I do feel the sun provides beneficial vitamins to babies, not to mention not making them look pasty & gray from all those winter months cooped up inside. Now perhaps her pediatrician told her to keep her twins out of the sun but come on….there is not one time I see her twins without a sun hat on. Let those babies bask a little….even for a few minutes, that’s what they make baby sun block for! They don’t need to be pale like a ghost as she is.

deanna on

Maybe staying out of the sun is why Marcia Cross looks so incredible at 46!! I definitely follow the no sun rule and people are always stunned to learn I have a child in college. I love it.

Jenn on

Why are they ALWAYS at the park? Do they have a backyard?

Megan on

Umm, I disagree. I think Marcia is to be commended for protecting her children from the sun. They are adorable and pale skin is beautiful! Her kids will thank her 50 years from now when they have wrinkle-free skin!

AM on

Wow, I can’t believe how critical some people are. It’s probably best for the kids to have hats on, and what is wrong with them going to the park? Her kids probably love it. I know I did as a child

Christine on

man, you guys are rough today!!!! some people just can’t win. What’s wrong with taking precautions from the brutal sun????? i’m sure marcia would much rather have pale babies as opposed to skin problems and sun burnt children…… and to the comment about the park, what’s wrong with taking your children to the park regularly? I’m sure at the park the girls get more of a chance to interact with other children than in the backyard and they most likely enjoy it.

Viki on

Wow some of you are pretty harsh. You might not have a clue if she has any special conditions or not. I have to stay out of the sun because I have dysplastic nevi, which is genetic. She’s probably doing what’s best for her babies and only she knows what that would be.

mrsb on

Since they were very small, my kids have always worn hats and sunglasses…

I am sure her children are not ALWAYS completely covered! I think she is doing a great job and setting a good example.


Wow…tough crowd.

I don’t get what the big deal about the girls wearing sun hats all the time is.

As for the park, hubby and I take our daughter to the park at least 4-5 times a week. Sure, she likes playing in the backyard too, but the LOVES the park.

Marcia seems like an awesome mom.

Mollie on

Sheesh, I can’t believe the harsh comments, for MARCIA CROSS of all people! Anonymous– some people are “pale as a ghost” naturally, thank you very much. As the mom of a red-haired, fair-skinned little girl, I am so happy to see Marcia covering up her daughters’ precious skin! (Maybe I should get me one of those hats!) Just because her girls wear hats and long sleeves in the park doesn’t mean her daughters never see sunlight, it’s not like we have a 24-hour a day webcam on her– these are just some random paparazzi pictures! And as for vitamin D from the sunlight… just being outdoors when the sun is out will help you soak some of that up. No need to go tanning for it!

KW on

I, too am “pale as a ghost” but can’t do anything about it. I seem to have 2 skin colours –Casper and Lobster! Not much in between 😦 Unfortunately, I’ve had more sunburns as a child and beyond, than I can remember.

I live in Canada, and have just begun taking long daily walks now that the weather is warm. I have already gotten the beginnings of a sunburn on my face. I almost always have hats or hoods on my kids on very sunny days. I’m doing everything I can to prevent my kids from going through that pain of unnecessary sunburns!

I applaud Marcia for being so careful herself, and for her gorgeous little ones!

Jenn on

I questioned her being at the park because it seems like she likes the photo op. EVERY picture I see of her on here is of her with her twins at the park. It just seems odd that we NEVER see her with them at the grocery or just shopping. I’m just wondering if she knows that she will be photographed and goes to the same park everyday just so she’ll end up in the magazines looking like “the good mom who takes her kids to the park”.

Megan on

Wow…I saw this picture earlier and I come on now and read the comments…I am absolutely STUNNED that people are actually critizing Marcia for having her daughters wear hats and for going to the park…I guess if that’s the sign of a bad mother, then I want to be a terrible one…I am not even gonna defend it because there is nothing to defend…Marcia is a wonderful mother and she takes her kids to the park…not for publicity, but probably because kids love the park…nobody would say anything if these were not celebrity kids–Marcia has every right to go to the park–10 times a day if she wants…how dare her kids have fun at the park! She should just hide them away at home away from those cameras…that’s a way to live…sheesh…maybe we can all take a step back and think before we criticize another parent.

I adore Marcia and her husband and it seems like they love nothing more than spending time with each other and their girls…and frankly that’s all that matters.

Mom of 2 on

I too have noticed that a lot of the pictures of Marcia are at the park. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just makes me feel as if I’m not a doing a good job as a mom because I can’t spend hours everyday at the park with my kids. I don’t recall having seen pictures of her with the twins running errands, which also makes me feel like she has someone doing that for her or watching the kids while she goes by herself. That is also something that the rest of us moms could use. My point is that she must have a nice life to be able to just spend her day with her kids-wish we all had that luxury.

Avery on

People can’t win, can they? If she had the girls out in just diapers, people would be complaining of too much sun exposure. She puts a hat and long sleeves on them and she’s a prude. Give it a rest.

And geeze. I’m 18 and I like going to the park. If weather permits, I take a walk with my daughter daily. When a person starts nit-picking about the amount of time a celeb spends at the park with her kids, you know it’s been a slow news day. Find someone else to criticize.

bj on

I wish we could all spend that much time with our children at the park. Most of us have jobs and cooking and cleaning to do whereas I’m sure she has lots of help and is able to spend hours a day at the park. Must be nice…wish we could all be so fortunate.

brooke on

I love marcia and her babies are so cute

Beck on

Well, I can understand about the lack of sun exposure but there is SOME sun exposure on the baby’s face! For 10 minutes a day i think that is enough time to get Vitamin D for a little girl.

Marcia is just passing down good sunsmart habits!

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