Introducing Shaya Charvet

04/21/2008 at 03:42 AM ET

Shayadavidbrooke0016_cbbActors Brooke Burke, 36, and David Charvet, 35, introduce their second child together, son Shaya Charvet, 6 weeks, in this week’s issue of In Touch. Brooke and David talk about what their new son is like, how they have always wanted a boy, and why they took so long to name their baby (Brooke’s rep Nancy tells us the issue of Braven or Braven Burke for the middle name has still not been resolved).

Shaya joins big sisters Neriah, 8, Sierra, 6, and Heaven Rain, 15 months.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.


On why they felt they needed a boy:

D: We needed some testosterone, for sure.

B: I knew how important it was for David to have a son and giving him that was really special. [We took a month to name him.] We didn’t feel rushed. We wanted the right name.

D: We’re just blessed. This is a moment I have been waiting for.

B: The chances of our fourth child being a boy after three girls were not great. We’re really lucky.

On Neriah, Sierra and Rain as big sisters:

B: They’re great big sisters. They’re wonderful helpers and so happy to have a little brother.


On who Shaya looks like:

B: When he was born, he was the spitting image of David. He’s changing a little. I think he has my nose, which all my kids sort of have.

On whether Shaya is an easy baby:

B: He’s just mellow, a little darling.

D: He sleeps a lot during the day and doesn’t cry much. He’s a very well-tempered baby.

B: Shaya’s special in many ways. He’s just a little darling.


On whether their family is now complete:

B: I would never say never, because rearing them has been amazing, but I think four is plenty.

D: When one goes to college, we’ll have another. [Laughs] We’ll fill in the blanks.


Source: InTouch

Thanks to CBB reader Stephanie for the scans!

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Showing 62 comments

Emma on

So does that mean he doesn’t have middle names?

Ans on

Oh my, he is absolutely stunning!

Sadaf on

okay, now I’m wondering why David wanted a boy so much? Brooke forgot to mention he has her dark hair too. Cute family. Brooke doesn’t put on the pregnancy weight much (lucky gal).

emilia on

the baby is really cute, he looks more like Brooke.

and their little girl looks much more like david.

iluvallbabies on

OH MY GOODNESS- could he be any more precious??

Absolutely A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E!!!

Christine M on

He is adorable! I read earlier on CBB that they hadnt settled on a middle name yet but maybe I am wrong.

I think he looks just like Heaven Rain!

S.A.M on

Although it could be too early to tell…I think he looks like David, but with Brooke’s complexion!
I hope he doesn’t have a middle name…Shaya Charvet just sounds complete to me..

Levi on

It looks like Shaya has his Mom’s beautiful coloring.


Shaya is a cutie. That picture of all six of them is very cute. He looks like David a lot IMO. Brooke looks great she always loses the baby weight so quickly. Congrats on their new addition.

Jay on

Beautiful family!!

Nicole on

They were still trying to choose last time CBB talked to Brooke, right?

Charity on

Absolutely adorable! All the kids are beautiful. They are very lucky.

Wendy on

The chances of their 4th child being a boy after 3 girls were not great??? If David were the father of Brooke’s first 2 daughters then that would make sense.

Anyway, the baby is super cute, as are the 3 girls.

candycane on

That boy is as cute as can be. Absolutely darling on

What a beautiful family!!! I’m thrilled for them…all of them being surrounded by such love. I love the photos!

Erica on

Wow Shaya is a handsome baby. He’s the most ethnic looking of all their kids so far, but I think he will resemble Rain as he gets older!

Jennifer on

Just out of curiosity… does anyone know David and Brooke’s nationalities?

Nat on

Love the photo of him with his eyes wide and fists in the air!! How cute is that photo?! Like he’s saying ‘Yay! Go me’!!!

P on

He’s so cute🙂

Karen on

I think guys want boys so much because it represents carrying on the family lineage (and name) – pretty easy to understand. Also, historically it was important to have male heirs.

Amy on

Sadaf – It’s a man thing. I think most men want to have a son to teach them to do all sorts of fun things, to carry on the family name, etc. It’s kind of an innate thing for men I think. I know my husband sure wants a boy even though he adores our little girl.

I think it’s funny that Brooke said she was so happy to give David a son. He actually gave it to himself since men are the ones who determine the sex. I understand what she meant, but really it was all up to him to get himself a boy!

jing on

wow… what a GORGEOUS family and handsome little boy. love the name, too!

Erica on

I believe his middle name is Braven-Burke. The interview I saw she was debating if she was going to keep Burke in his name or not.

Jess on

Baby Shaya is such a cutie pie – and the girls are so pretty. Aww!

The last picture and the one of the whole family are the cutest – Shaya reminds me so much of David, but you can definatly see Brooke in there.

Thanks for the scans, CBB.

jasmine on

He is a beautiful little boy…model material! Such personality in his face. Not really feeling the name but he sure is sweet.😀

D on

But what did they decide for his MIDDLE name???

marta on

This family picture ,with 6 of them is so adorable , they look so happy together🙂

J.M. on

He’s gorgeous and looks a lot like David but you can see Rain in him too! I like his name too! Shaya Charvet just goes really well.

But she said something about the chances of having a boy after 3 girls was slim. As I would agree most of the time only if David was the father of all of them. Technically the male is the deciding factor on the sex of the child and since he’s only got one girl her chances of having a boy weren’t that slim. But had they biologically had 3 girls together then I’d say yes they were quite lucky to get that boy!

Nonetheless, I am happy they got their wish and that they feel complete with their new son.

Heather on

Shaya is gorgeous! He looks a lot like David. What a great family!

Amanda on

He looks a lot like his daddy. And resembles Rain a lotttt!! Adorable.

brooke on

Jennifer brooke is french, portugese and irish, and david is french, that’s why brooke has such an exotic look to her. I personally think brooke has strong genes, in all four of her children they all have her shape nose and big brown eyes, and both her ex husband and david have blue eyes and all the kids have mainly her features. So far I think shaya looks the most like brooke and he looks exactly like rain did when they first showed her baby pictures in touch, she was even the same complexion as shaya, just got lighter as she got older. I think neriah and sierra look a bit like brooke, but a lot like their daddy, but rain and shaya are all brooke IMO. Brooke and David are a hot couple, and all four children are beautiful

nb on

Adorable baby, he is so content. To answer some questions I saw in the comments:
1) David (& maybe Brooke’s lineage) is a Sephardic Jew in heritage, meaning his family decends from Spain, North Africa or other parts of the Meditteranean region. Thus his features & coloring are more exotic.
2) In the Jewish religion it is a mitzvah(blessing) to have a son to carry on the family name & traditions. I don’t know how religious they are but this is the general concept. I also remember at one point B&D mentioned that their son would be the only one to carry on the Charvet name which is probably why it is so significant to them.

Steph on

What a beautiful family. I really like them. Brooke is so real. I think it’s completely NORMAL for a family to want a boy after having 3 girls. Same would go for wanting a girl after having 3 boys.

Shaya is beautiful, just like his sisters!

xena on

The baby is all her. From her four child he is the one who looks more with her.. All the girls look like their father. the two older her ex hudband and Haven just like David Charvet

Erin on

Absolutely gorgeous family – congrats to Brooke and David =) ♥

claudia on

This is a beautiful family! Does anyone know what David and Brooke are doing careerwise these days?

jill on

I’m sure she worked her butt off while pregnant and immediately after to eat healthy and workout… but pictures like this are what make the AVERAGE new mother just want to lay down and cry. That being said, I’m preg w/ #4 and I’m going to try like the dickens to look so great and be so well-adjusted when I’m 6 weeks postpartum.🙂

ashley on

Maybe I am wrong, but aren’t your chances for gender 50/50?

Why would the chances be slim that they would have a boy, since isn’t it a 50/50 chance they’d get a boy or girl?

tink1217 on

gorgeous baby!!! He is a great mix of both parents I think!! Brooke and David make a beautiful couple…and beautiful kids. I haven’t ever seen Brooke’s ex hubby, but I am sure they made a gorgeous couple too, considering how beautiful the oldest girls are!! Just a beautiful family all around!

Ann on

David Charvet is Jewish from Tunis but his mother is French. His first lanuage is French – naturally. His parents split and he, with his father moved to States but never got the green card until he got a green card.

Cait on


It’s a scientific fact that some men can only produce girls and some men can only produce boys. Like another commenter said, it would make more sense for that comment if David was the biological father of Neriah and Sierra. They were probably referring to that.

brooke on

I think the reason brooke said her chances of having a girl was slim is, she probably thought after having 2 girls with one husband and than another girl with david, she would most likely end up with all daughters. Plus brooke has a few sisters and david has 5 sisters, so she probably thought girls run in both their families, shaya is actually the first boy in david’s family. Shaya looks exactly like rain, look at rain at the same exact age here.

Shaya is all brooke’s genes, look at david as a baby.

And this is a picture of brooke’s ex husband garth fisher, neriah and sierra look lile him too.

Kelly on

hes so cute i love that picture where brooke is holding him & it looks like hes smiling its so cute

H on

While a man’s sperm is the one that decides the gender of the baby, there are certain conditions in a woman’s body that can affect the way she conceives; in effect, she has some part to play. Maybe Brooke knows that she has a high acidity, and as a result, it has made it more likely for her to conceive girls.

Celine on

Shaya is so cute.
Congratulations David and Brooke, you have a wonderful family.

FC on

Shaya is adorable. That one of him laying on his mom’s chest and with that hint of a smile is so cute!

Hmm, and as for who he looks like, I think he’s taken more after Brooke, but he has his dad’s chin and eyebrows.

Ali on

I have never felt the need to comment before until now. My mind is completely blown with the misinformation people are leaving about basic biology. I am shocked no one else has set the record straight. CBB staff?
To all who have commented on Brooke’s “slim chance to have a boy” comment: I don’t think she meant it to be taken as a scientific observation. I am sure that after 3 girls it felt like she was destined to have only girls, but that does not change the fact that with each baby she had a 50/50 chance of having either sex.
First of all, it is completely inaccurate to say that having multiple children of one sex would somehow diminish your chances of the next one being of the other sex. Secondly, I took multiple biology/genetics classes during high school and college and I just phoned a friend who is works in ob-gyn, and neither of us have ever heard of the “scientific fact” that some men can only produce children of one sex. That to me is illogical. I would love someone to set the record straight, as I would be just as hypocritical if I claimed that I knew I was 100% correct or that the 50/50 chance is a “scientific fact”.

Sebastian on

Hey ,this is my sweet,family,and wow!

Greetings ……S.P. or.B.C.

Milla on

This family is absolutely stunning. They really do look like an advertisement for some sort of clothing label! I think the baby favours Brooke mor in terms of looks, but only comparitively as in my opinion all the girls look more like their fathers. The name is really unique and lovely, though I must say I’m not too keen on the double ‘Sh’ sound, a bit of a mouthful!

sigh on

It bugs me when people say they don’t want to feel “rushed” to name their baby after it’s born (especially waiting up to a month!). I mean, you had 8-9 months, more than half a year, to come up with a name for goodness sake!! And usually you have at least *some* idea of what names you like for each sex before you even get pregnant.

That said, this is a beautiful family. One of my favorite to see on CBB.

Nicole on

now that is a beautiful family, I think Shaya looks more like daddy, with a bit of Brooke’s features.

David looks gorgeous and Brooke is lovely.

Mia on

He’s a very beautiful baby.

I think he looks like both,but obviously has more of Brooke’s complexion. I think he looks more like her now, but definitely has hints on his fathers looks. will probably be more obvious that he looks like his father when he gets older.

Gorgeous family lol.

Bex on

beautiful baby! He has his Mom’s eyes.

DLR on

Just wanted to comment that while it is true the male with his X (female baby) or Y (male baby) sperm determines the gender when it penetrates the X egg, sperm is influenced a heck of a lot by the vaginal and cervical environments inside the female. The vaginal and cervical environments are influenced to be either acidic (bad for sperm) or alkaline (good for sperm) by a variety of factors that include food, prescriptive drugs, the use of douches/yeast infection creams/fragranced products and so forth, and the stage of ovulation. The vaginal and cervical environments pretty much determine whether it is the X or Y sperm that reaches the egg first. While the Y sperm is faster it dies quicker in an acidic environment. While the X sperm is slower it lasts longer and likely would succeed over the Y sperm in an acidic environment. In an alkaline environment, the Y sperm has a better chance of reaching the egg first because it is faster, but again it success depends on whether there is an egg there in the first place. Sometimes the egg isn’t there in time when the Y sperm gets to that point so they die out and the slower, but hardy X sperm gets there in time because it lasts longer.

As you can see, getting a particular gender is often a gamble. So many factors play into whether the X or Y sperm reached the egg first, and I just wanted to point out that it isn’t totally the male that determines the gender of the baby, that the female also has a big role in helping the sperm along.

alex on

hes so cute!

is the name pronounced Sh-ay-ah or Sh-i-ah

nina on

he’s so cute! congratulations david and brooke.

brooke on

It’s insane how gorgeous this family is lol. I mean david, is that a hot dad or what, he has model features. Brooke is back in shape, and her skin and hair are so nice. And it’s very rare when all 4 kids are all good looking quite honestly, sometimes you find one or two cute, but not the others, but in brooke’s case all four children are equally gorgeous. The oldest girls have such beautiful hair and features, and the two babies she had with david are such cuties. One of the best looking celebrity families as a whole, in my opinion

CelebBabyLover on

alex- If I’m remembering correctly, it is pronounced Shy-ah. The trick I use to remember the correct pronunciation is to remember that the beginning of Shaya is name is pronunced the same as the beginning of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s name.🙂

John on

They do have a lovely family but, what about marriage. It seems no one believes in marriage and family anymore.

Cezanne on

He is so precious! I love all her children’s names they are so unique, what a beautiful family.

lala on

for the person wondering about thir nationality: brooke is jewish. i read that on her wilk page or somewhere and im not sure about david. his name sounds french.they have the most beautiful family.

lala on

for the person wondering about thir nationality: brooke is jewish. i read that on her wilk page or somewhere and im not sure about david. his name sounds french.they have the most beautiful family.

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