Cristián de la Fuente and daughter Laura at American Girl store

04/20/2008 at 09:05 AM ET

Chilean actor and current Dancing With the Stars contestant Cristián de la Fuente, 34, and his daughter Laura, 3, visited the American Girl Store in West Hollywood, CA recently. Mom is Angélica Castro, whom Cristián has been married to for six years.


Photos by Ramey.

Many more images below.


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Noelle on

He’s hot!! And his daughter is beautiful!! Seeing pics of fathers and daughters like that melt me…so sweet!

Jasmine on

I will be taking my 10 year old daughter to American Girl Place in NYC next saturday. We have tickets to the cafe for lunch and to see a mini musical. I can’t wait! I’m probably more excited than my daughter. Has any one else had an American Girl expierience?

Kelly on

That little girl is adorable!!! So precious!!

silvana on

Oh my God! She’s gorgeous!! I’m from Chile,and actually this is the first picture I see of Laura! She looks just like her mom!! The similarity is uncanny!
Felicitaciones Cristian por tus logros en Estados Unidos! Eres un orgullo para todos nosotros!

Heather on

What a beautful smile she has, just like her daddy!

Kelly on

I took my daughter who was 6 months old at the time and my neice and we had a great time it was so fun!!! It was great to be little again!!

gia on

what a little beauty!!

Emily on

Laura is gorgeous. She looks like a little supermodel. These photos are adorable.

tink1217 on

gorgeous little girl!!! I love watching Cristian on DWTS! He is definitely HOT!

Melissa on

Ooo… I just love these pics! And I LOVE her dolls! They are so cute! Never seen them… who makes them and what are they called?

Stephie on

I love how he is having such a great time with her! What a beautiful little girl.

I took my girls there last year during a Disneyland trip and we had a wonderful time. The cafe is so cute!

Kitty on

This man is extremely HOT !! His daughter is very pretty. Good genes in that family, lol

Claudia R on

She’s adorable!!

Amanda on

Gorgeous man/beautiful daughter with those million dollar smile of theirs!

Mary on

She is so cute! And very photogenic. And what a great daddy taking her to such a great place. I need to take my little cousin there. I’ve loved American Girl since I was little.

Elizabeth on

Oh my I love these pictures! He is soo hot and his little girl is beautiful..I love seeing dads and little girls together, so sweet..

bumbebee917 on

I love that she is wearing the matching outfit with her baby. Looks like she went in different clothes and then her and the baby both changed into the ballerina outfits. Soooo cute! And the fact that Cristian has a boy baby with him is just too precious!

Jasmine, you are going to have a lot of fun at the American Girl Place. I went as adult with my mom (without kids) when we were in NYC a few years ago. And we liked it so much that when we were in Chicago visiting my aunt we took her and my grandma to it and they had a blast as well. My 75 year-old grandma even bought my 51 year-old aunt the baby doll like Laura’s. Every woman becomes a girl again at this store. Last year when I was in LA visiting one of my friends I dragged her to the store at the Grove. She had fun, too. So I have been to all three stores, but each time it has been without any kids. I can only imagine it would be that much more fun with a little girl.

Oh, and pretty much every one in the store is walking around carrying their doll. My mom and I didn’t know it would be like that when we first went, so we didn’t bring any dolls with us for the dining room. We were feeling sad when we were waiting in the line because they have seats for the dolls to sit right up at the table, but we didn’t have any dolls with us. Well, we shouldn’t have worried, because just inside the door of the dining hall there were shelves of dolls so that each diner could pick out one to “borrow” for the meal. It was so adorable to look around the big dining room and see that everyone had a doll sitting next to them. That is where Cristian probably picked his doll. It is so cute that he picked a boy doll!

If you are in NYC, Chicago or LA, go to American Girl Place! You won’t regret it. (And no, I don’t work for them!) 🙂

Mari on

What a cutie! The daughter also! 😉

Kell on

What a doll- and so well behaved! She loves the camera!!

carmen on

I am from Chile also, and like Silvana I have to say, his little girl is a COPY of her mother! She is beautiful, and oh my gosh is her daddy HOT! haha I am so proud of everything he has accomplished, I remember watching him on TV in Chile when I was a teenager…

js on

I LOVE that he had his own doll at the table!

I’ve been to the American Girl Place in both NYC and LA and eaten at both of their cafes. My friends humor me by coming with me and putting up with the fact that I’m in my 20’s and still love American Girl. 🙂 I grew up reading the books over and over. I LOVED them. I always wanted the dolls but my parents weren’t one for material things and would never in a million years consider getting them for me. But upon adulthood, I got the dolls on my own and have them displayed in my room. ANYWAY, I still love American Girl and still get the new books when a new character is released. I think they’re a wonderful history lesson for young girls. I know I certainly learned a lot as a child. It made me in very interested in all the different eras in American history. I highly recommend everything about American Girl.

As for the dolls Laura and Cristian had with them, the company also makes “Bitty Baby” dolls and that’s what those are. They aren’t “American Girl” dolls.

loren on

I took my granddaughter to American Girl for her 7th birthday, we got Marisol (girl of the year for 2005). We are regulars about twice a year. It’s a great place and the NY store is on 5th Avenue, so there is a lot to see in the store(4 stories) and a lot to see after you leave. Rockefeller Center, St Patrick’s Cathedral etc. I have never been there that it wasn’t full. Grandmothers love the place and you will see plenty of us there with big silly smiles.

Steph on

I love American Girl! Seriously, I think I want to go there for my 21st birthday!

Anyway, Cristian is so handsome and his little girl is ADORABLE! What a cute smile!

stephanie on

My daughter is 6 years old and we just went the first time in November to American Girl Chicago. I ordered her doll online so she could bring her in and have her hair done at the store (yes they have a doll hair salon!) it was the cutest thing! They put on a little cape and she was in a styling chair. She got pigtail braids and everything! We got a bunch of outfits for her (we got Nicki- the 2007 girl of the year) and she even managed to talk me into the Bitty Twins… Dad has the boy of the Bitty Twins, I am not sure where his twin sister is, but they dont sell them seperately. All in all I think I ended up spending about 2 mos salary! we also dined at the cafe, the food was awesome and they gave both dolls chairs and tea sets. We had her bday there and they made my daughter feel like a princess. It was memorable and we are going again once she graduates kindergarten in June to celebrate and have Nickis hair redone, along with her girl Bitty Twin… I hope that helps you prepare for your visit!

brooke on

Christian is so hot. Jason taylor and christian are making the ladies wild, the hottest guys on DWTS right now lol. His daughter looks just like his wife. The wife is a spanish soap star.

Christine on

She is clearly a very happy child. They are a very charming father/daughter duo.

Sheri on

Aww, this is adorable! Christian and Laura look adorable together, absolutely adorable. ^_^

If you go on to youtube, or to Christian’s personal myspace, you can view the footage of them visiting the store!

It’s adorable! I’m going to post here since all of it was just too cute!

This reporter does an introduction stating that we’re about to see a different side of Christian De La Fuente as he spends precious little time with the most important little lady of his life. Then it shows Christian and Laura about to enter the store.

Christian: Are you ready, Laura? We’re gonna get a doll and then we’re gonna have lunch with them? Do you want to go? You want to?

*Laura nods and they run (yes, run) in. We see them going up an escalator, and Christian is on his knees so he’s at eye level with Laura. They come to the Bitty Dolls, and Christian picks up Laura and holds her so she can see the dolls on the top shelf, and she picks the one you see in the photos out.*

Christian: What are you going to name her?
Laura: Max.
Christian: Max?
Laura: Si! *Plays with the dolls arms*
Christian: Yeah-but, it’s name cannot be Max because it is a girl. What are you going to name her? *Asks again in spanish*
Laura: Cheryl!(Omg, aww, you have to see this part, it was adorable, the way she said it!)
Christian: Cheryl? Alright, let’s get some clothes on Cheryl.

*They pick out the ballerina costumes, and they change in the change room*

Christian: *Holding the boy doll, while Laura holds Cheryl* Here’s the ballerina! *Takes Laura’s hand and twirls her around. They go to the cafe.

Laura questions it with surprising intellegence.

Laura: *Inspects her cup* It’s empty*
Christian: *Pretends to fill it*
Laura: *Suspicious* How will they open their mouths?
Christian: *Translating* We have a problem-how will they open their mouths! *Media and Christian laugh*

The reporter then questions Laura:

Reporter: Do you like watching your Daddy dance?
Laura: Yes! *Spanish* He is the first winner.
Christian: *amused* I am the first winner for her.
Christian: Who is the best dancer?
Laura: *Spanish* Everybody
Christian: Everybody..*bursts out laughing*

This was so adorable I watch it countless times over and over, Laura is beautiful and so well mannered! And mature!

This is one of the cutest Father/Daughter teams ever! What’s even more adorable is, that Christian has a red thread that he wears on his arm (forget which one) and Laura, I noticed, also has a red thread on the same arm!

And, I read somewhere that Laura wants to be just like her Daddy-a dancer!

I’m going to stop now, but again, their adorable! ^_^

juan manuel on


Marcia Contreras on

Es realmente hermosa, bueno la chilenas somos así de lindas…

Marcia Contreras on

Es realmente hermosa, bueno la chilenas somos así de lindas…