Update: Renee Baio shares her secrets for losing the baby weight

04/17/2008 at 09:30 PM ET


Update: Renee emailed us after seeing many readers’ comments on this post. She wrote:

I had no idea so many of your readers would comment on the way I eat and workout. I am glad that you posted it from my MySpace blog. I have had over 230 emails and messages asking me about how I lost the weight since Dec of 2007. I just want people to know that this is what I do for myself (and with my Doctor’s approval) and I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT PEOPLE SHOULD FOLLOW WHAT I DO. I was just simply sharing, that’s all. I chose to put it in a blog instead of answering all of those letters.

To reiterate, Renee in no way suggests anyone follow her specific plan and advice, she’s just sharing what she does.

Update April 16th 4 pm: Check out our expert’s advice about following Renee’s personal plan, especially if you are breastfeeding. Please note that Renee has consulted with her doctor about her diet and that she in no way suggests that anyone else should follow it themselves. Click Continue Reading.

Originally posted April 16th: Since welcoming Bailey DeLuca, 5 months, her daughter with husband Scott Baio, model Renee Baio, 35, has done an admirable job of shedding the baby weight.  Now, in a new post to the family’s MySpace page, Renee shares her secrets — some of which you’ve probably already heard, and some which may be new to you.

Click ‘continue reading’ to see how Renee is losing her pregnancy weight, as well as her exercise preferences.

Renee said she shies away from "man-made carbs" like bread,potato chips, white flour, etc. etc.  She also follows a 1,200calorie/day diet (she is not nursing), drinks lots of water, won’t eatafter 7 p.m. and avoids fried foods.  Renee shared that she preferslean protein like that found in chicken and turkey and that she willonly eat red meat twice a week.

Renee also added that for a carb/energy boost she eats a bowl of grits prior to working out, that she treats herself to sweets just once or twice each week and that she uses a tomato basil soup in place of tomato sauce on her pasta during weekly outings with Scott to a local Italian restaurant.  The soup, Renee said, is lower in fat, carbs and calories than traditional tomato sauce — and isn’t oil-based, as sauce usually is.

In terms of exercise, Renee says she takes a spin class, goes for twice/daily walks with Bailey, plays golf and is just generally leading a more active lifestyle since becoming a mom again. 

I am back to running around after a little one again after 18 years … whew!

Bailey joins big sister Kalyn, 18, at home.

We spoke to Jennifer Rosenblum, MD, of Adolescent and Young Adult Obesity Medicine at Mass General for Children at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, MA, about Renee’s diet plan (she does not treat Renee). She said,

Renee’s belief that she can eat anything in moderation is great, andis a very healthy attitude towards food. It is also important to staywell-hydrated and drink plenty of water. Sugar-substitutes are fine inmoderation, but plain water or water with lemon is preferred over highconsumption of artificial sweeteners and caffeinated beverages. It isgenerally healthy to avoid high-fat foods such as fried foods, as wellas minimize refined sugars and starches ("white carbs"), emphasizingwhole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fiber.Limiting red meat to 2x/week or less is a good habit, as red meat ishigher in saturated fat. Poultry and egg whites are great sources ofprotein, as are fish and certain nuts such as almonds and walnuts,which are also rich in omega-3-fatty acids.  Finally, staying active iskey to maintaining a healthy weight, aiming for 1 hour of activity5x/week as a goal.

Calorie goals vary based on age, gender, height, and activity level, and whether people are trying to maintain or lose weight. I think it’s important to counsel people that there is not one calorie level goal that is right for everyone, and they should check with a doctor or dietitian to help set their own ideal target.

However, Dr. Rosenblum does not recommend this diet for a woman who is breastfeeding, especially the 1,200 calorie/day limit and adding the green tea mix to her water.  She told us,

Breastfeeding women should take in an extra 500 calories/day. Also, caffeine should be minimizedand herbal teas should be avoided by breastfeeding women.

She also added that she has never heard about red meat staying in the stomach for 3 days and rotting, but that it’s true that "a very high protein diet of any kind (not just red meat) can be hard on the kidneys."

We also spoke to Registered Dietician Lisa Craypo, MPH, and Senior Associate at Samuels & Associates. She told us, "overall, some good ideas mixed-in with some not-so-true food pop-fiction. This diet seems focused on weight loss, which is okay if you are not a nursing mom." Here’s what else she told us:

  • Calorie Intake: The amount of calories you should eat depends on your height, current weight and activity level, so 1200 is not right for everyone. 1200 is definitely too low for a nursing mother of any size and for most women, 1200 is a low calorie weight loss diet that may be hard to maintain for a long period of time.
  • Iced Tea/Drink Powders: This iced tea powder has caffeine and artificial sweetener so I would not recommend this for kids or nursing moms. Unfortunately, it is hard to beat plain water when you are looking for the perfect drink. It is really better to get kids used to drinking things that are not sweet rather than give them sweet beverages flavored with artificial sweeteners.
  • Protein: It is really great to use lean meats like turkey, chicken, fish and egg white in place of red meat as your major protein source. I would suggest going one step further and cutting down on the amount of animal protein consumed (from any source) and getting more protein from plant sources like tofu, nuts and beans. 
  • Abstaining from fried foods: Great – always a good rule to follow.
  • Meat rots in your stomach for 3 days? It is not true that meat sits in your stomach for 3 days – I am sure it leaves your actual stomach in 3-4 hours and then probably is processed in your small intestine for another few hours or so.  It is true that any protein from an animal source is harder for your kidneys to process, so that is why increasing protein from plant sources is highly recommended.
  • Grits for breakfast: It is interesting that she eats grits since this is a “man made carb” – it is made from ground up hominy (those big, starchy corn kernels).  Oatmeal or other whole grains are a much healthier choice since they have more fiber.
  • Tomato soup instead of tomato sauce over pasta: If you are eating out, red sauce is a pretty healthy option even if they use olive oil in the cooking. It is certainly much healthier than alfredo sauce or anther cream or cheese based sauce.
  • Portion sizes: When eating out, portion size is really important – restaurant portions are usually huge! Try splitting an entrée or order a 1st course size portion for your entrée or take half home to have the next day.
  • Sharing desserts: This is a really good rule – don’t try to deny yourself all sweets, but just make sure you eat moderate portions and eat sweets as a treat – not an everyday thing.

Source:  Renee and Scott Baio’s MySpace page

Photo courtesy Renee Baio for use on CBB.

Could you see yourself following Renee’s plan? Do you have diet tips that have worked for you?


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Jennifer on

I really like her. She is so cute and genuine!! I really love how she put her foot down against Johnny on the show. It still makes me laugh and that show aired maybe 2 months ago and I still get a chuckle. They are soo good together. They fit very well and that baby is just beautiful!!

I’m definitly going to try her eating and exercise routine. My daughter is 2 and I’m still trying to lose those extra pounds from pregnancy :o(

chris on

She sure has a lot of diet rules, doesn’t she? Oh well if it works then god for her.

Kirstin on

1,200 Calories a day seem a bit extreme to me, but hey…if it works for her and doesn’t effect her Nursing etc…then go for it.😉 Just seems a bit low, or is it just me? Congrats to her! yayy! Baby is ADORABLE!!!

hannah on

I just have a question. I have heard that breast feeding mom’s need to eat an additional 500 calories each day to keep up with what they are giving to the baby. I have no idea if that is true, but if it is, and she is only eating 1200, then really she is only keeping 700, plus she is working out? It just seems like a lot. Maybe the 1200 is what she ‘takes in’ after what the workout and breast feeding has ‘taken off’. or maybe she isn’t nursing?
anyone know if this 500 calories a day thing for nursing moms is true?

Stef on

So bread is a “man-made” carb but pasta isn’t? Huh?

flem on

1200 calories a day? If she wants to starve herself, that’s one thing but to promote it as a healthy way to lose weight post-baby is irresponsible!

Devon on

Stef, she could be eating whole-wheat or multi-grain pasta. When she says “man-made” carbs I think she is referring to refined carbs as she said she doesn’t eat white flour, etc. I actually perfer whole-wheat pasta to white pasta.

christina on

I saw a picture of them a while back think it was the boom boom gift thing, but any way I saw them with a bottle so not sure if it was breast milk or formula.

I think the article should include whether she nurses or not, 1200 might not be the best thing for a nursing mom to go by!

brooke on

Her diet sounds a lot like brooke burke. I’m gonna be honest, I’m a personal trainer, and have a small thin frame too. In order to have a body like renee, brooke, and all the celebrities, the truth of the matter is you have to watch what you eat and workout. There’s no secret to how someone is a size 2, you have to have discpline and not eat everything you crave everday. Once in awhile you can cheat of course, especially if you workout regularly. Also the 7 pm myth, some don’t agree with it, but I do. I’m not saying you can’t eat something in the night once in awhile, but for the most part try to have your more heavy meals early in the day, when you have the chance to burn the calories more. When I watched the show, I couldn’t believe how thin she was right after having a baby, especially after having a c-section, her stomach was so flat. I like when celebrities or people are on honest about their diet, sounds a lot more realistic saying yea I watch what I eat, than seeing someone who is so small, say oh no I eat whatever I want all day, because than that sounds phony and not believable.

Ash on

I don’t know if 1200 calories is enough for a nursing mom, but it isn’t extreme by any means. I think this might be one reason why so many people in the U.S. are overweight. They just don’t have a good understanding diet and nutrition. The food restrictions she listed aren’t extreme at all, and my diet is pretty similar to hers (although I don’t refer to it as a diet; it’s simply my lifestyle). Unless I eat out for a special occasion or something like that, I try to limit myself to 1200 calories a day. After my freshman year of college, it helped me lose about 30 pounds and since then, I’ve kept it off and that was over 5 years ago (I’m 5’5″ and weigh 115 lbs which, according to all the basal metabolic calculators and websites online, that’s around what I should be for my height). Anyway, I just don’t understand why some people are so quick to get on her case when 1200 calories is perfectly fine. It sounds like she eats very healthy which is probably why she’s in such a great shape.

MH on

hi all.

this is off the topic of Scott Baio and his wife but i saw a dress that Jessica Alba was wearing and was wondering if anyone knows where to get one. here is the link to the dress:


Sarah on

I don’t think Renee is nursing any more (and maybe didn’t at all) so I don’t think that is a concern.

I definitely avoid fried/processed foods as well.

Colleen on

Diet should in fact refer to the foods you eat, not a restrictive weight loss plan. Honestly, Renee’s rules, while they may seem strict to some, are healthy rules to follow. Everyone should follow these rules more closely by eating whole grains (different from whole wheat, btw), lots of veggies, some fruits, low fat dairy, and water water water! We should also be exercising every day, not to lose weight, but to keep fit.
Also, 1200 isn’t that small of a caloric intake. A woman who is 5 feet 6 inches, 160 lbs and 30 years old needs only 1497 calories to maintain their weight.

Sara on

She isn’t nursing. There was no mention of it. For a new mom and with all the working out and walking she’s doing, her diet seems warped. If women take her whole routine down they are bound for disappointment. We should eat to live like people in just about every country except the USA do and not live to eat (or become fixated on what we eat). The best book about eating and life is French Women Don’t Get Fat simply because it’s about eating real food and not becoming obsessed about what we are eating. This sort of diet “tip” only feeds into most American women’s unhealthy attitude toward food. P.S. latest studies show that working out actually has little if no effect on actual weight loss. It does have an effect on our mental well being and that’s why we should do it.

Stephanie on

If you read her myspace blog she states that she is NOT nursing and that she eats only whole wheat pasta
I think her diet sounds great and i might try it!

Ash on


The thing is, what she listed is not really a diet. That’s how everyone should be eating! And by “taking her whole routine down,” women will not be bound for disappointment. As I stated in my post above, I started eating that way years ago, and I’ve stuck with it. It’s really not that difficult because after a while, it becomes second nature. I certainly don’t obsess about what I’m eating because I’m so used to it. I don’t even crave junk food or soda anymore because I haven’t had either of those things in a long time. I think that’s why I’ve never gained the weight back. You don’t have to be “obsessed” with what you’re eating in order to maintain a healthy diet. I think another key is to view it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. A diet implies something that people are usually unable to maintain, whereas a lifestyle change is all encompassing. It’s not only physical but psychological.

Also, I’ve been all over Europe and it’s well known that obesity isn’t a problem there like it is here, but I don’t necessarily agree with the statement that they only “eat to live.” Based on some of the people I met over there, they seem to enjoy food just as much as Americans do and dare I say, their lives seem to revolve around it even more. I think the primary difference between us and them is that most Europeans shop for groceries almost on a daily basis (they have to because their refrigerators are so small! lol… they don’t have room to store a month’s worth of groceries). They buy fresh fruit and vegetables from markets and eat fewer processed foods. Consequently, they can eat the same amount of food but not gain weight because the quality and selection is better. On the other hand, Americans are surrounded by fast food as well as food full of preservatives, etc. That makes a huge difference! Again, it’s all about lifestyle. In Europe for example, people don’t work as many hours. They take siestas in the middle of the day and have more vacation time. They actually have time to cook healthy meals. In America, people are expected to devote every waking hour to their employer which means less time at home which in turn means that fast food becomes a more convenient choice. So it’s oversimplified to say that as long as you eat to live, you’ll be thin. There are more factors to consider.

I just don’t think it’s correct to say that her diet is “warped” when in fact, it’s not warped at all.

Starlet on

Eating healthy is great, but I’d rather eat healthy (& more calories) and nurse! Nursing is so good for weight loss and promotes your babies health! I always find it funny when people talk about how they keep their bodies healthy and how they keep their kids healthy when actually if you don’t nurse that’s already a health inequality for them and their baby!

Sounds like she’s got a very healthy diet!

Kate on

1,200 calories a day is healthy. Anything below 1,000 would be starvation mode. The average woman need 1,600 to maintain, so 1,200 is about right to lose.

Aelys on

I’m not a mom but I have a question regarding something Dr. Rosenblum said: why should breastfeeding women avoid herbal teas? I mean, here in Europe, herbal teas do not contain any tea, they’re completely caffein- and theine-free. So how can hot, fat-free, caffein/theine-free, fruit-flavoured water be unrecommended?

Stef on

Devon–Understood, but there are a plethora of whole-grain breads a person can eat.

Ash–That’s not entirely true. Europe’s problem with obesity may be slightly less than that of the US, but it’s still at epidemic proportions…
When I lived in the UK, I noted that there was just as much of an interest in fast food, take-out, and junk food as there is in the US, even though grocery shopping was done on more of a daily basis and there was a constant stream of fresh produce at the weekend market. I also noted that every place I went had some access to food–every museum, every stop on the tube, every train I rode–had a stand selling snacks or a cafe that was chock full of people.
My point being that it is unfair to categorize the American diet as being unhealthier than the European because both are highly flawed.

Nicole on

Sounds like Renee is living very healthy! good for her, because that requires a lot of discipline.

I think it also really depends on the person as well, I am tall and have always been naturally thin, and after I had my baby, I pretty much had my back to pre-baby body within a few weeks… but I have always been like that and I don’t exercise, and more or less eat what I want..but that is my body type.

Anyway Renee is so pretty and looks wonderful.

Sheba on

Working out has no effect on weight loss??? I’d like to see this study as this information seems questionable. People lose weight because they burn more calories (exercise) and they take in less calories (eating sensibly, portion control). You can’t cram everything in your mouth and sit in front a computer for 10 hours a day and expect to be thin or healthy. Even the smallest amount of exercise can have a positive effect on mental health, physical health and weight loss.

I like Renee and her two girls are wonderful. Her diet seems fine to me and from the few pictures I’ve seen, she looks great. Not too thin or too thick.

Aelys on

@ Ash – I think you generalise European lifestyle and eating habits. We’re definitely not THAT healthy either, we have a growing problem with obesity, especially teenage obesity.
First off, we don’t shop for groceries every day. Maybe those of us living in town and depending on public transportation, like I do, do go grocery shopping more often because we can’t carry loads of groceries at once. It does not have necessarily anything to do with the size of our fridges (which usually depends on the size of our kitchens and the number of people living together, but I suppose that’s the same in the US).
Fresh fruit and vegetables have become very expensive and not everyone can afford them. Most people tend to buy canned fruit and vegetables, as well as sweet deserts (like sweetened yogurt or chocolate cream) because it’s much cheaper. And so is fast food.
As for working less hours, siestas and having time to cook healthy meals, I’m sorry but this is a myth. Of course it’s different in every European country, but the average European has to work overtime or work 2 jobs to be able to feed their family, and we don’t have time to cook a healthy meal except on weekends.
As for siesta, except in Southern Europe and even then only in the summer, it’s simply unthinkable. You’ll never see a French or an English have a siesta during weekdays, unless they have a job that allows it, and honestly I can’t think of any.
I’m saying all this from personal experience, having lived in Europe my whole life.

tink1217 on

honestly, I understand “breast is best” and all…but when people say babies who are not breastfed are at a nutritional and health disadvantage…I find it offensive. Both my kids were bottle fed formula and both are perfectly healthy and happy kids and always have been. In fact my daughter has never had an ear infection or serious illness. She has had the once or twice a year normal cold that every healthy kid gets. And all 3 of my friends who breastfed had very sick kids ALL THE TIME! Not kidding at all. I was just a little put off by that statement above.

As for Renee…she sounds like she is eating a pretty well balanced and healthy diet or a variety of good foods. I find drinking water all day very helpful in losing weight along with a good mix of fresh veggies and fruit, lean protein, low fat dairy, lots of whole grains, and moderate exercise. I have lost 30 pounds this past year just by changing my eating habits this way and getting moderate exercise every day. It does work. And I probably average 1200 calories a day.

legemc on

Sheba, while it doesn’t go into details about the study, the working out does not equal weight loss theory is mentioned here:


Astrid on

As a person who has suffered and been hospitalised from anorexia in the past, I absolutely refute Renee’s advice. Her diet is exactly similar to what the many anorexics (myself included) have eaten in the past. There is nothing healthy about a grown woman eating 1200 calories a day. To insinuate that it is, is entirely irresonsible. To CBB, speak to a doctor with experience in anorexia and bulimia, I think you’ll hear that what you and Renee are advocating is unhealthy at best and grossly irresponsible at worst.

Stef on

Astrid–Not to belittle your experience, but a 1,200 calorie diet is not unusual. I was put on one by a dietician when I was unable to lose weight through exercise (turns out, an Rx I was on was causing the weight gain). Again, it is a situation-specific diet and is meant for those who do need to lose a signficiant amount of weight, not for everyday already-at-a-healthy weight use.

aurora on

In regards to the 1200 calories a day.. when my mother was diagnosed a diabetic, this (1200 cals. a day) was her doctor/dietician-made plan.

Kate on

Joy Bauer(a nutritionist who has appeared on Today and contributes to Self magazine) often recommends a 1,200 calorie diet for adult women. Most in the field of nutrition would refute your statements.

abby's mom on

does anyone know why you shouldn’t drink green tea (even decaf) when you are pregnant?

Starlet on

I think it shows what a lot of celebs do to keep their small physique…

I should say that of course bottle fed babies can be healthy, it’s like saying “I know a 90 year old who smokes so it’s fine”. All we know is that the evidence shows in respect to long term health (and short term) there are incredible health benefits to the baby and mom.

landroverdisco on

I should say that of course bottle fed babies can be healthy, it’s like saying “I know a 90 year old who smokes so it’s fine”

What an asinine comparison and I might add a poor attempt at a veiled dig. It was my understanding mothers who nourish their children by formula or otherwise were not to be berated and harassed on this site!?

Kris on

CBB, thanks for getting an experts opinion!! I saw nothing wrong with Renee’s eating habits but it’s nice to hear from a professional.

Renee on

Starlet,please let’s not have the bottle feeding vs. Breast feeding argument again.Some people bottle feed, some don’t.It’s okay. Also, it’s not fair to compare other celebrity diets with Renee’s. Each one is different.

Ash on


Anorexia is a psychological problem. You can’t say that eating 1200 calories a day is going to cause a person to develop an eating disorder. That doesn’t make any sense. Technically, a person could eat 3000 calories per day and still be diagnosed with an eating disorder (consult the DSM-IV diagnostic manual for more information).

Also, I’m sorry if I offended any Europeans by what I said above. I guess I should have noted that I’ve spent more time around the Mediterranean (particularly Italy) so maybe my viewpoint is skewed a little. I do know that obesity is still a big problem over there, especially in places like Britain. However, many studies have shown that Europeans as a whole are still a lot healthier than Americans and the quality of food (at least at one time) was much better. I think it’s the American influence and the influx of American fast food restaurants that have caused some problems over there. I will say I was surprised by how many McDonalds and Pizza Hut restaurants I saw! But overall, my point remains that it’s oversimplified to say that all Europeans only “eat to live” and that by eating to live, you’ll automatically be thin (as one of the above posters tried to say). I still don’t understand why people think that 1200 calories per day is too low. As long as you’re still eating a balanced diet, you’re going to get the nutrition you need.

Sasha on

I totally feel like the grammar police here, but I don’t agree with CBB’s interpretation of Renee’s statement. her statement is that “she is not saying that people should follow what she does” (probably because we are all different and what’s right for one is not right for another). CBB’s disclaimer is more like, “she is saying don’t do this” – like she knows she’s doing something risky or extreme that she knows is potentially dangerous and therefore doesn’t recommend that anyone else do it. I think that’s taking her words out of context.

Nicole C on

I believe there are components to herbal teas that can cause problems for pregnant women and babies through breastfeeding. Green tea supposedly has a chemical which might interact with folic acid uptake by mother and baby.

I have read to be wary of herbal teas when pregnant and breastfeeding, and it seems primarily because not much information is available on them and because some herbs can be quite strong. You can find articles through Google and probably asking your doctor specifically why green tea should be avoided.

ashleigh on

any responsible weight loss site or dietician will say that to lose weight you should eat 1200 calories- for me to maintain i can only eat about 1500 cals before gaining weight and when you need to lose weight they reccommend eating 500calories less than your daily needs. I have been eating 1200 calories a day for the past year and only manage to lose about 200grams a month so the people on this site that say we should be eating 3000 calories a day must have remarkable metabolisms as most women would end up overweight if they consistnetly ate over 2000 every day. The problem is people have forgotten that we dont need to eat gallons of food every day to be healthy. Plus shes not nursing so shes just like any average woman who wants to lose weight and 1200 is the recommended amount.

nicnic on

I’m disgusted with your analogy of bottle feeding and smoking. I am hoping you are not a mother with such a narrow perspective. You have no idea why she is not BFing…maybe she is on a prescription that would harm the baby, maybe she had breast surgery that affected her supply. Maybe she had ppd and she couldnt handle how hard it was. She (nor I) should not have to feel like they have to justify themselves to women that equate formula to a toxin!!!

I think Renee looks great and 1200 calories a day is not extreme…but I certainly cant stick to it!!

Jamie on

Just a quick cultural clarification: the only place in Europe where regular naps are featured is Spain, not all of Southern Europe. I’m from Portugal and we don’t take insitutionalised naps, and even in Spain it«s now how you picture it. As for obesity, it is a growing concern in Europe, yes, but we do still eat in a more healthy manner, in Southern Europe at least. We mostly cook with good olive oil and that’s how we season our salads, with a dash of lemon/vinegar as well and salt. We eat a lot of fresh produce and fish in general and have no access to the huge sizes you see in North-America. It still makes a difference.

Renee Baio works out and is following the advice of her doctor and it does seem to be a responsible diet, which is obviously working. Basically she has done some lifestyle changes that should be adopted by everyone, she should be commended really.

Nikka on

I lost some weight just by substituting regular pasta with rice pasta. I highly recommend ! It tastes the same, but it doesn’t contain any wheat. And also, although im not diabetic, I now prefer glutten and wheat free products and it helps with the weight, sleeping and energy.

It’s also known that certain europeans nations spend way more time with food (long long long lunches and dinners in France, and Medittereanean) and still are slim, unlike the U.S, which is known for fast, and supersized portions. It’s about the choices and quality of food (food in Europe is not modified like here) not about the time

Mel on

Oh leave Starlet alone. Let CBB do the moderating please.

Aelys on

@ abby’s mom: Green tea destroys the iron in your blood, causing anaemia (more or less severe depending on how much tea you drink and whether anaemia runs in your family). I’m not sure this is the reason why breastfeeding women should avoid it, though.

Renee on

Mel, we just disagreed with Starlet. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m glad Renee came on and explained her position on all of this

Vanessa on

“She also added that she has never heard about red meat staying in the stomach for 3 days and rotting, but that it’s true that “a very high protein diet of any kind (not just red meat) can be hard on the kidneys.”

Dr. Oz on Oprah had stated that red meat takes a few days to “rot” in your stomach before it digests.

Teba, CBB Reviewer on

I just wanted to comment on the 1200cal/day as well. I don’t know this woman but I would venture to guess that she is much smaller than I am and when I am following a diet plan I consume 1200cal/day and when I’m maintaining I try to keep it under 1500cal/day. All this was on the advice of a nutritionist and I am not starving (or dropping the weight at any unhealthy rate) so it’s a bit odd that some people are getting in a huff as if she is promoting eating disorders. She’s basically advocating eating what you should as opposed to what you want. I often hear women complain that they haven’t lost the baby weight as they’re eating a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. In order to lose weight you need to be disciplined.

Aelys on

@ Jamie – slight correction: Spain is not the only European countries where people nap in the summer. In Greece, people nap too and there’s even a law that you’re not allowed to make noise between 2.00pm and 5.30pm so people can sleep. My parents live outside of Athens, Greece, and between 2.00pm and 5.30pm in the summer, the only noises you hear are the wind, cicadas and pets.
And the reason obesity is a growing concern mostly in Northern Europe is not just because the South use olive oil and lemon, it’s just the eating tradition and climate that are different. North produces, and therefore eats, more potatoes and starchy foods, while South produces a greater variety of vegetables.

shell on

Bottle feeding may be a choice, but so is smoking or doing drugs. Of course it is a choice, its just the wrong one and there are no benefits to the baby, just allows the mother to push off bonding and caring to someone else. Alot of these celebrities don’t want to niurse so they can go back on pills or cocaine to maintain their weight.

Michelle on

I’d like to respond to the several formula/ breastfeeding comments that were made.

Each woman’s choice to use formula instead of breastfeeding ia a personal one and not always a choice that is made willingly. That being said, formula is, obviously, not poison or toxic. It is, however, an inferior form of feeding your baby. It just doesn’t compete. So trying to defending formula’s honor (or your own CHOICE of using it) is unfounded.

-Michelle, RN, IBCLC

Chelsea on

Whatever she is doing must be working, she looks great! Good for her and her healthy lifestyle.
Renee’s oldest daughter Kalyn is beautiful. A complete spitting image of Renee! And Bailey is just as cute as can be! (Love the name too, my niece is named Bailey)
Keep us updated Renee, I love hearing about the Baio family!

Heather on

I feel bad that people criticized her diet and she felt the need to defend herself. I didn’t comment in the original post about this, but I typically eat only 1,200 cals in a day. I have a slow metabolism I think. But I maintain I very healthy weight with this. Point is, everyone’s body is different, so one person’s diet may not work on another’s.

karrie on

Animal protein does stay in your intestinal tract for a long time.(Varies individually, but more than 24 hours is common.) While it is not rotting in your *stomach*, (your small intestine, actually) Renee is correct about it taking much longer to digest than plant-based foods.

Renee looks very petite, so 1200 calories while actively trying to lose weight does not sound extreme. I give her credit for being honest vs. the whole “Oh, I just take care of the kids and the weight falls right off!” line that most new moms in the public eye are fond of claiming.

(Yes, maybe it does “fall right off” for a lucky few, but most people work at losing.)

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