Nicole Kidman admits to severe morning sickness

04/15/2008 at 09:42 PM ET

Nicolekidmankeithurbancmt_cbbAccess Hollywood had the chance to catch up with actress Nicole Kidman at the CMT Music Awards last night, where the 40-year-old was on hand to support husband Keith Urban.  When asked about the couple’s pregnancy, Nicole replied,

[I’m] good actually, really good. Waiting for the third trimester.  Everyone says that is hard work.

Another hard part of pregnancy is morning sickness, which Nicole has had plenty of.

I’ve had severe morning sickness.

The couple expect their baby in July; they know the sex, but are keeping it private.

Source: Access Hollywood

Which trimester was the worst for you?


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Miss155 on

3rd trimester was horrid. swollen legs and feet.

Lori on

The 1st trimester (and well into the 2nd)with both of my pregnancies was horrid. I had severe morning sickness and was on all kinds of medication to help alleviate the symptoms, but it was to no avail. I would love a 3rd baby, but don’t know if I can go through it again. I’m envious of those who talk about “easy, breezy pregnancies”.

Emma on

Does anyone know if there’s any creditto the theory that morning sickness = a healthy baby?
Or is it just an old wives tale to make you feel better like ‘rain on your wedding day is good luck’?

Lynn on

The 3rd for me. I gained 29 lbs but ALL in my belly. My back was killing me, I couldn’t sleep, my ankles were swollen,& I peed at least 5 times a night!

Sara Watson on

I Have 2 Kids, And they Are 18 Months apart!!!

With My Son It Was The WHOLE pregnancy I was so sick, It was horrible i was swollen everything

With My Daughter It was a Breeze, But The Last few weeks were my roughest ! I was swollen and she was a summer baby so that made it harder.. But I Think ALl Around the 1st and 3rd were the worse for me !!!

Sara Watson on

I Have 2 Kids, And they Are 18 Months apart!!!

With My Son It Was The WHOLE pregnancy I was so sick, It was horrible i was swollen everything

With My Daughter It was a Breeze, But The Last few weeks were my roughest ! I was swollen and she was a summer baby so that made it harder.. But I Think ALl Around the 1st and 3rd were the worse for me !!!

jennifer on

I love Nicole Kidman, I think she is awsome actress and congrats on pregnancy ..but she is beginning to look like Cher.. with all her plastic surgery….please stop!
Jen NZ

Melissa on

The first and most of the second were terrible for me. I was SO sick for the first half of my pregnancy.

Jess on

The 3rd, but not really for pregnancy reasons.

I got sick at 27 weeks to the day. I stayed sick. No doctor would treat me, my OB office also didn’t think I was sick enough to need anything, even without checking me out. I was told they’d give me amoxicillian, but nothing else. I was allergic to it, so I couldn’t take it.

FINALLY. At 34 weeks I saw a doctor for the first time & he finally listened to me when I said I was sick. Turns out it had advanced to pneumonia, which even he said could have been prevented. I had to have x-rays to confirm it, IV antibiotics onto of 10 day course of antibiotcs, & 2 inhalers just to clear up. I was still sick for about 2 weeks after that.

Not sure it counts since, like I said, it wasn’t really pregnancy related, but it was dreadful & very frusterating that no one would treat me, even people in my OB office. Worse time in my pregnancy.

Mykee on

Definitely the third. I never had morning sickness with either of my pregnancies but I always tended to get huge so by the time the 7th month rolled in, I looked like I was ready to pop. Plus the swollen feet and the waddling, it was just terrible.

Not to mention the sleepless nights, the leg cramps, the constant bathroom breaks…isn’t it just lovely to be pregnant? =)

Anna on

I am at 41 weeks right now and although it is a little uncomfortable (especially at night!), it is still much better than the first trimester. I could not wait to get over the unrelenting all-day sickness, which finally eased around 15 weeks.

sil on

The 1st trimester in my first pregnancy…was very hard, going to work with morning sickness….i remember to run to the bathroom every half and hour, and then start to cry because i felt so tired.
Now I’m pregnant again, I’m in my 1st trimester, but I’m feeling much better, I’ve had only two weeks of morning sickness, and now i’m feeling good…well is different from my first pregnancy because now i’m at home, so i can rest when I need it, my daughter is three years old so she understands when mommy is tired and wants to be in bed.

got2girls on

Guess I was one of the lucky ones–not sick with either pregnancy. 1st time craved Italian subs/xtra hot peppers daily; 2nd time hot dogs fried to a crips loaded with xtra onions daily. NO pickles for this mama!

tracey on

First trimester was the worst for me, the rest was awesome. I feel very lucky!!

elisabeth on

Are you sure she is not due in August?? I am due the 10th and I start my 3rd trimester next week. If she is July she would have started it already?

MamaC on

I think the first three months AFTER pregnancy were the worst. I remember feeling so overwhelmed that first three months. Pregnancy was a piece of cake. Everyone waited on me, I had this wonderful fantasy of how being a mother would be–in short, I was treated like a queen. Then I had my girls, I became the human cow, and no one waited on me any more!! But after those first three months, they start to go longer between feedings, sleep through the night, and start exploring the world and interacting more. And you’ve gotten used to the culture shock of becoming a mother–and you start getting a little more sleep for yourself.

martina on

That would explain the limited weight gain. My friend initially lost 14 lb because she was puking her brains out for the first 4.5 months. Then she ended up gaining 30+ lb.

I was extremely nauseous during the first 3 months, miserable all day, but not vomiting. Hungry and craving bread all the time. It’s a shock that I only gained 5 lb on my 118 lb frame in the 1st tm.

Heather on

1st trimester, into the 2nd, longest with my second baby. Forget morning sickness, it was all day sickness, I lost an average of 10 pounds each pregnancy. Add on top of it random, frequent, and unexplained bleeding – once the third trimester hit I was thrilled, sleepless nights and all!!

Caroline on

None – I felt great during my whole pregnancy, best time of my life so far ! Would love to be pregnant again, but just not keen on giving birth again 🙂

Leslie on

I had morning sickness for the first four months of my pregnancy with my daughter. I was sick to the point my doctor wanted to give me anti-nausea medication, but I’m allergic to it so all I could do was ride it out. I only gained two pounds during my first trimester.

But once the nausea went away, I loved being pregnant. The last five months of my pregnancy were easy, and luckily for me the delivery was too! The whole thing took four and a half hours and I was able to do it with no epidural.

Devon on

Elisabeth, if she is still not in her 3rd trimester she is probably due at the end of July.

Snow on

Emma, I was told by my fertility Dr that the morning sickness WAS a good sign of a healthy pregnancy, because your body is responding to the new hormones. So, I think that that is a myth I can trust at least a little!

Shan on

My first two trimesters were wonderful. I felt great. Then about a week into my third trimester a hurricane hit. We spent the next three weeks without power, water, or phones. We could not live in our house, so we had to live in a tent. It was very stressful and I developed high blood pressure which led to preecclampsia. My daughter came a little early, but she was healthy. Hopefully, this time will be less eventful because I definately do not want to go through that again.

Emma on

Thanks Snow!

Nicole C on

Well, I’m only in my second trimester now (5 months), but have to say the first trimester was surprisingly hard. Sick a lot and went on to Zofran for the all day sickness. Lots of headaches, too, and just general not feeling well—plus breaking out from the hormones! Week 8-18 were no fun in that regard.

Starting to feel better now at week 20, but still take 1/2 pill of Zofran a day to make sure I can not throw up all day long.

I sympathize with Nicole! (since I’m also a Nicole :))

V on

It’s so different for everyone. Like Caroline, I felt fantastic throughout both my pregnancies — loved being pregnant, in fact. I had absolutely no morning sickness at all with either pregnancy, and I had two big (8+ pound) babies, who were and continue to be extremely healthy.

I didn’t “pop” until five and half months. Each time I gained just about 30 pounds.

With my son, I craved anything bananas, and with my daughter I ate a lot of nuts.

I was not a great birth-er, however. I had a C-section after 39 hours of labor with my son and also one for my daughter, who I swear was up under the top of my rib cage clinging on.

MB on

Emma, I’m wondering if morning sickness is good but not having it is not bad. I mean, lots of women don’t have it and have healthy pregnancies and babies, so I don’t think a woman should be concerned if she doesn’t have morning sickness or only has it mildly.

Kris on

My OB also said they usually consider morning sickness a good sign. It’s not always the case but as a rule of thumb. With my second pregnancy I was sick as a dog all day long then miscarried at 11 weeks. Hence the discussion with the OB about how they usually consider sickness a good thing. That being said I had evening sickness with my first baby during the 1st trimester and with my third pregnancy (second baby) I had milder “morning” sickness during the 1st trimester. So I’d say the 1st trimester in all my pregnancies was the worst for me. I was also very sensitive to smells during the 1st trimesters which made the upset stomach even worse.

Dana on

With my first pregnancy, I felt great the first trimester. I had energy. Yeah, I got sick at least once a day (and did for the entire pregnancy), but I still felt great. I lost about 10 pounds the first trimester because I was sick all the time and had boundless energy. Then, the second trimester hit. I got even sicker. I would get sick after almost every meal, and any time I went into a public restroom (which was really hard working 8 hour days). By the third trimester, my feet and legs were so swollen. It hurt to walk. I had Braxton-Hicks for 2 straight months. They were so bad that my doctor took me off work 2 weeks before I was due because I had to drive 45 minutes to work and she wad afraid I would crash.

With my second pregnancy, my first trimester was horrid! I could barely get out of bed most days. Plus, I had caught a respiratory virus from my oldest and was sick for 2 months. The day I hit my second trimester, I felt wonderful. I breezed through the rest of my pregnancy (still got sick every time I went into a public restroom, but not any other time).

As horrid a I felt my first pregnancy, I loved every minute of it. I was bringing a new life into this world. I would do it a hundred times over just to hold a precious baby again.

Sandy on

I was on those very, very, lucky few women who had an absolutely glowing pregnancy from day one. I never got sick, was never, ever tired, and ate enough to make 3 grown men sick. I was constantly running back and forth up and down halls where I worked at the time (with attorneys)and literally only gained 12 pounds. I weighed 106 when I got pregnant, and the day I went into labor, I weighed 118. Literally, within seconds of having my daughter, I went down to 105 pounds. My labor and delivery took a total of 2 hours. Needless to say, I didn’t get an epidural, because I took my sweet time getting to the hospital, and by the time I did, my water broke, three pushes later, and there she was! I’m like some of you, could stay pregnant forever, just don’t want to have more babies! And my daughter was born at a healthy 8 pounds 5 ounces, and scored 9 on her first apgar test. So, I know what it’s like for people to swear you aren’t pregnant, just because you don’t balloon up 60 or more pounds. Honestly, some of us really don’t gain that weight. My co-workers swore up and down I was lying about my pregnancy, as I never, ever had to wear maternity pants. I just unbuttoned the top button on my pants, and put a rubber band around the button hole. I had her on a Friday, and took her to work the following Monday! Nicole and Keith, I know you are going to have a beautiful baby, and don’t let all these women, with their catty remarks, make you feel you are doing something wrong!

Rosalie on

Let’s see 1st pregnancy definitley 1s trimester 1 had MS until 5 months.
Second pregnany i had it for the whole 8.5 months.
I have to say that i still loved my pregnancies even though they were both difficult how could i not. on

Wow that sounds intense. I’m really liking everyones’ advice. Kudos!