Kate Winslet and Joe out bike riding

04/15/2008 at 09:01 PM ET

Kate_winsletActress Kate Winslet, 32, took her son Joe, 4, out bike riding in New York on Thursday.

Kate also has a daughter, Mia, 7. She is married to British film director Sam Mendes, 42.

Kate’s newest project will be a role in the World War II drama The Reader opposite Ralph Fiennes. Kate will be replacing Nicole Kidman, who withdrew from the movie after learning of her pregnancy. Kate was originally offered the role but had to decline because of previous time commitments to upcoming film Revolutionary Road, directed by Kate’s husband, Sam.

Source: www.babble.com; Photo credit: Skins

Thanks to CBB reader Brandie.

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Natasha on

I’m not judging her choices, but by four can’t kids usually ride their own bikes?

Melissa on

My daughter is 4 1/2 and doesn’t ride a bike. As with most younger kids, if you’re going for a long bike ride, it’s probably easier to have them in the seat. This way you don’t have to deal with them getting tired.

ekaterina on

i LOVE HER!she seems to be so normal- if that makes sense-
She was one of the reasons I named my daughter kate!

Becky2 on

Growing up in my house, bikes were a present for our sixth birthday. So we obviously didn’t learn to ride until after that! However, I did have many friends who could “ride bikes” before I even owned one. I was jealous. 🙂

Lorus on

I normally love Kate Winslet but she really should be wearing a helmet as well! Lead by example.

Sasha on

Kate, get a helmet!!!! Please!

MiB on

Some kids can ride their own bikes by four, some can’t, it depends on their motoric development and balance. More importantly, four year olds aren’t mature enough when it comes to road safety, making it dangerous for them to ride in other places than bike roads or places without traffic or too many obstacles. They can’t really process all that is going on around them and are therefore not able to react quickly enough to dangerous situations, wether cars or cracks in the road.

Sadaf on

Sporty mom! She looks good – healthy and fit.

Catherine on

Um, no. Even if your 4 year old could ride a bike they probably couldn’t bike as far as as Kate might like. Not to mention that it’s not really safe for a 4 year old to be biking around on a street. And just because you happen to say “I’m not judging…” doesn’t negate the fact that you actually were!

Sara on

I agree with the thought that 4 years olds shouldn’t ride their own bikes near busy areas- hello NYC. And if you’re trying to get a cardio workout, going at a kids pace won’t cut it right?

Natasha on

Catherine what I meant by “I’m not judging her choices…” is that I’m just asking IN GENERAL, can’t 4 year olds ride their own bikes. I thought I started pretty young but I didn’t know when.

I also don’t care enough about this topic to argue with you about it. So I’m done being jumped on by you.

Brandie on

Kate always looks so good, even without makeup ect. Her and Rachel Weisz amaze me at how they always look so great even walking around without makeup.
Joe is looking so much like Sam! He is such a cute kid, and those lips! He couldn’t help but have good genes with his parents:)
Kate’s kids are just gorgeous. I LOVE how she dresses them! Or how they dress themselves. More pics of Kate with her kids at http://katewinsletfan.com/?p=344

sharon reinert on

I just finished watching The Reader and Revolutionary Road. I was amazed at Kates acting. It reminded me of Meryl Streep how she got into the characters. She is better looking. I felt sympathy for Hannah in The Reader, but it didnt offset what she had done. She was a complicated character as we as humans are all complicated characters. Glad she won the oscar