Dancing on Ice champion Suzanne Shaw considers adoption from Britain

04/15/2008 at 11:51 AM ET

Suzanneshaw1aDancing On Ice champion, British singer Suzanne Shaw, 26, is considering adoption as a way of expanding her family, but she doesn’t want to adopt from abroad. She branded celebrities who have adopted from abroad as "publicity stunts",

I won’t be like them. I’ll adopt in this country. I won’t go to another country just for a publicity stunt. A lot of my friends are adopted and I’d like to give children the chance of a start like the one my son Corey has had.

She is good friends with Myleene Klass, 30, who’s mom to daughter Ava Bailey, 8 months, and the two regularly discuss motherhood.

We’re very close. We always talk about our babies together. Just the other week we were chatting about whether you can freeze blended food.

Suzanne is currently dating Virgin Radio DJ Jason King, 33.  Her son Corey Mackenzie with ex-boyfriend Darren Day, 39, is 3 years old.

Source: What’s On TV

Thanks to CBB reader Jessica. 

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adopted and adopting on

How dare she. She does not know what other people’s motifs are. Nor is it any of her business. Talk about high and mighty.

Me on

I think it is wrong for her to say that those who adopted from other abroad did so for publicity. Judgemental much?

Nicole on

It’s wonderful that she’s decided to adopt. Adoption is a wonderful thing, whether it’s domestic or international. But it’s rude to label all celebrities who adopt overseas people who did it for “publicity stunts.” She probably hasn’t met any celebrity who has, or else she probably would have seen that these adoptive parents love their children just as much as she loves her son.

Natasha on

Her opinion is her opinion. I know some people are gonna freak out, but YOU know why you adopted why does it matter what she thinks? I don’t even know who she is!

LC on

I doubt celebs adopt from other contries for “publicity” its true that there are orphans in the US that need help as well, but the children in third world contries are often in a lot worse condition then the kids here. She should probably watch what she says, because Im sure it has hurt many peoples feelings.

martina on

What a terrible thing to say. Domestic adoption is wonderful and admirable. But putting down those that have adopted internationally is plain cruel. How dare she presume anything about people’s motives and circumstances? My cousin was trying for many years to adopt domestically. After much heartbreak she ended up adopting two beautiful little girls from Russia. And those little girls deserve as much chance as anyone else, Ms. Shaw.

Kate on

It’s extremely difficult to adopt domestically. There are waiting lists of up to five years, and there is always the risk that the birthmother will take the child back. I honestly don’t think she’s educated herself on the issue.

eBirdie on

Estimates of the annual number of infants adopted domestically, at least in the US, (excluding foster and relative adoption) range from 25,000 to 30,000 (or more) — more than adopted from all international countries combined. It’s great to give ANY child a home and family when they have none, and there are LOTS of children in countries abroad who need one. I think this woman is ignorant and petty for calling those with the heart to give international children a home publicity seekers.

Starlet on

Sadly, while we love living in England we hear this all the time, there is a real unacceptance of international adoption, perhaps that’s why in a country of 60 million people there are only 300 international adoptions a year!!!

I work in the domestic adoption field and unless she is extremely lucky, she is in for a long and difficult process – everyone I know was told to expect 2-4 years and that there are really very few children under 4, some areas won’t even approve you if you won’t consider a child over 4.

I’m a big advocate of adoption of any child who needs a family, whether they are from China, Africa, UK or USA, whethey they are newborn or 16! I wish celebrities would learn more about adoption before being judgemental!

Sasha on

Ouch! This should definitely make Newsweek’s Dignity Index, but she might not be on their radar…I hope she can come to understand that people adopt in order to provide a loving home for a child in need, period!

Renee on

I’m thinking she is going to come back to say she didn’t mean those rude comments. If not, I find it depressing that now if someone, celeb or not, is judged so harshly for adopting outside of their country

LOM on

Wow, calling international adoption a publicity stunt while publicly promoting the idea that you’re a giving celebrity who wants to adopt? Sounds a tad hypocritical to me. As the mother of an internationally adopted child I can guarantee you that the need is great for these children to find homes in the first world. Also, it is hard to adopt domestically in England. I don’t live there myself but I know people who do and the wait to adopt is long. If she can adopt an infant in under 2 years then I’d be shocked. Of course, you do have to take into account the “anti-international adoption” mindframe in England, but even then this is a rude and inflammatory comment on her part that reeks of “publicity stunt” itself.

Amber on

You’ll notice that she didn’t say that all international adoptions are a publicity stunt. Perhaps she’s referring to celebrities that have adopted from other countries and have massive photos spreads and interviews everywhere that go on and on about how they are doing such a wonderful thing “saving” a child from another country? To me that smacks of a publicity stunt.

Amanda on

I agree with the above comments. What an ignorant comment for her to make.

Cate on

Well I’m glad I wasn’t the only one put off by this remark. A publicity stunt? Is she really so ignorant as to think people would welcome a child into their lives for publicity? How stupid.

Bradfan on

Ignorant people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt at all.

Renee on

Amber, did you know this for fact? Did you ever consider the fact that some do the photo shoots to avoid being chased by the paps for the first shot.Some people are so mean about celebrities and adoption.

CelebBabyLover on

Ordinarily I try to give celebs the benefit of the doubt, since things can easily be taken out of context (the now-infamous “blob” comment by Angelina Jolie is one example). However, this statement was hurtful and uncalled for, IMO. I don’t care if Britan is very much against International Adoption. You just don’t say things like that, especially not to the media! Suzanne, IMO, needs to learn to keep her thoughts to herself (at least the ones that could potentially be hurtful to others).

Fran on

I think you all need to calm down. Maybe it was the wrong thing to say but it’s just an opinion, we all have them rightly or wrongly and I think it’s great she is highlighting the need of adoption within one’s own country.

Dawn on

Fran, while I think that it’s great she is highlighting the need of adoption within her own country, she can do so without putting down those who choose for whatever reason to adopt internationally.

emma on

Why does it matter where a baby is adopted from? In my opinion, to give a baby a better chance in life than it would otherwise have is a good thing.

Louise on

I live in Britain and have to say I have never considered that there is an anti-international adoption attitude over here. However it is true that , as far as I am aware, procedures for adoption are much more stringent over here, and even while adopting from abroad, you still have to go through all same checks, vetting and waiting for approval that you do if you are adopting domestically. I have heard, and I don’t know if it is true, that adoption in general, but especially international adoption, are much easier in the US, which may be why it is more common.

I also have to say though that we are much more cynical in general over here, and that may extend to the motives of celebrities who massively publicise their international adoptions. For example Ewan McGregor quietly adopted a little girl from Mongolia, I believe, and did not recieve any negative comment , unlike Madonna, who was so public about her adoption of David. Though I realise that it is easier for Ewan McGregor to do most things more privately than Madonna, as he is not subject to the same level of scrutiny, I still think there was a feeling that Madonna courted publicity to a certain extent and that was what made people hostile to her.

aurora on

I think that she’s being rather judgemental, not to mention…wrong (about the publicity stunts).
But anyway, as an only child whose parents have been on domestic adoption lists since i was 2 years old (many a year ago!), I would like people to consider that it is VERY difficult to adopt from within some countries (i’m from eastern canada). My parents are wonderful parents with reliable jobs, great home, etc… yet they languished on the lists. International adoption was not really an option back when they were trying to adopt, nor was it really within their financial realm.
Anyway, my point is… before people condemn internation adoption (or judge it in comparison to domestic or intra-country adoption) they should consider this reality and the fact that some people cannot wait 5-15 years for a child to become part of their family. 🙂