Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter out with kids

04/14/2008 at 04:50 PM ET

Film director Tim Burton, 49, and actress Helena Bonham-Carter, 41, were spotted out in London, England today with son Billy Ray, 4, and their 4-month-old daughter.


Photos by INF.

Photo of Tim and Billy as well as gear and fashion info below.


Babybjorn Helena carries the baby in a Baby Bjorn Baby Active carrier in Sporty Black ($85).

Raincoast Billy wears Petit Bateau’s Oilskin raincoat ($115).

MaclarenlimitedbedofrosesBehind Tim is a Maclaren Limited Edition Lulu Guinness Bed of Roses Stroller ($325).  They are using the matching footmuff as well.

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say1031 on

Are they ever going to release her name?

Lauren on

So do we still not know the name of their little girl? They have such cute kids.

Philippa on

She looks so much like her Mummy!

Regina on

she’s so cute! have Helena and Tim released her name yet? just wondering…thanks

UggaMugga.com on

Oh my, she is SO CUTE!!! I love her little hat and pea coat! Precious!

kendrajoi on

I also wish they would tell us what her name is, oh well, cest la vie. The baby is cute, and so is Billy. I think he looks just like Helena!

tink1217 on

awwww she is adorable!! Looks like mommy!!

halifaxhoney on

She is such a beautiful baby! She looks just like Helena!

I do wonder what they named her.

charsmom on


Should Helena really be refered to as Tim’s “girlfriend”? After all they have been together for a long time and have two kids together … it would be like saying Goldie Hawn is Kurt Russell’s girlfriend … Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call people in these types of relationships “partners”? Just a thought …

hads_mom on

She has such a cute, chubby little face!

Laurie on

Oh my god that is the most adorable looking picture ever!!!

abi on

Omg their little girl is so cute! I just wish we could know her name!!!

Rayan on

Both of her children are so so cuute! ! !

I love the babys little chubby cheeks!! So adorable!

I loved Helena in Sweeney Todd!! =)

xena on

To me the boy is all his mother and the girl is ALL her father… even the eyes more close together.. a cute tough.

Anne on

she is sooooooooooo adorable so is Billy What is their little girl’s name when is it gonnabe released I have a name How ’bout Bellatrix(from Helena’s character in the Harry Potter movies) Emily(from her character in Corpse Bride where she was the voice) this would be a pretty name call her Bella for short. Helena I hope u look @ this and name ur precious baby girl this!!

chris on

No name yet? She’s adorable! Her teeny tiny coat is so cute.

Erin on

She’s a little cherub – so sweet! ♥ Her and Billy Ray look so much like Helena – beautiful kids! ♥ =)

Rebecca on

What a fantastic little coat! She is a real cutie pie.

ITA that girlfriend seems to be a bit dismissing of the relationship they have. I read on imdb.com that they’re actually engaged, so at the very least they’re partners, if not fiancees.

Ivey on

Tim with his PJ’s always cracks me up, I honestly don’t have a problem with girlfriend, partner I don’t like, it sounds like your in a law firm together. JMO 🙂

mrsb on

LOVE THEM! I agree Billy looks like Helena and their little girl looks like Tim. Such a gorgeous family! 🙂

mama2422 on

Her baby girl is too cute. She was also an amazing actress in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also in the Harry Potter movies playing Bellatrix Lestrange. She has a lot of diversity.

aaron on

Awww! She’s precious! And so cute and chunky monkey. I love that!! I think she’s adorable!

Aidan on

eeee i love seeing photos of this family! Their daughter’s little coat is so adorable; she looks so much like Tim to me.

On a side note, I also think it’s pretty admirable that they’ve been able to keep her name from the press for so long, kudos to them! (though I still wish we knew what it was 😉 haha)

Ans on

Oh man, that little girl is GORGEOUS! I just want to eat her up.
I love this family.

Maaike on

It may just be me, but I love seeing Tim holding Billy’s hand. It has such a sweetness to it.

http://www.fotolog.com/bellatrix_hbc on

I love helenaaaaaa!!

the baby is sooo cute, and billy too

she looks like helena! is gorgeous!

tim & helena are the best!

Alyssa on

I thought they already released her name, i could’ve sworn i had heard it before. maybe it was just a rumor on what her name was from a tabloid.

Kait on

I love them. They are so non traditional but so honest about it. I love how they do what works for them and don’t give a rip about the criticism they get.

I thought they had a hard time coming up with a name? Didn’t Helena say in an interview that they heard the baby was being called Indiana on the internet, so for all she cared that could be the babys name for now? I know she was joking, but I thought it was great how low key she was.

Gorgeous kids, wonderful family.

DC on

Their daughter’s name is Nell.

byspul khqy on

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jayson on

i met helena at the sweeney premiere and i have to say she is absoluly gorgeous, untill then i wasnt too keen on her but as soon as i saw her in person it was like “omfg wow” she spoke to me and seemd very down to earth, and can i just say… she has the most amazing boobs ive ever seen in my whole life!! damn!

xoxox on

“Thursday, August 07, 2008
Baby’s Name OFFICIALLY Revealed
After months of speculation and rumors, Helena Bonham Carter has officially announced the name of her and Tim Burton’s seven-month-old daughter: Nell.

Bonham Carter said that they named her after “all the Helens in the family.” The actress’s mother is named Elena and her grandmother was called Helene.

In response to Internet rumors, a friend of the family stated that the baby “was never going to be Indiana Rose.”…”

i found this on a website…anyway i dont think its fair for pics to be put up of celebs children because like johnny depp said “they didnt choose that life they were just born into it” x