Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban arrive at CMT awards

04/14/2008 at 08:14 PM ET

Musician Keith Urban, 40, and actress Nicole Kidman, 40, attended the 2008 CMT Music Awards at Curb Event Center at Belmont University on April 14th in Nashville, TN. The couple expect their baby in July; they know the sex, but are keeping it private.


Photos by Wireimage; Stephen Lovekin for Getty Images.

More photos below.


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Amy on

Nicole is absolutely glowing! She looks amazing and I am very happy for them. Can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl and what the name will be. Congrats to the both of them!

Stephanie on

She looks absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t seen her looking this pretty in a long time. Her hair and makeup look really good. And Keith, not loving the outfit but he still makes my heart go pitter patter! 😉

Ghislaine on

Is it just me or does she look too small to be due in July? I don’t get it.

Carol on

Nicole’s dress is radiating out from her bump…she looks so happy…prettier than I’ve seen her in a long time.

Eve on

Hey everyone check this out too:

Celeb Baby Blog is doing an interview ith Mia Freedman!

brannon on

wow! if they hadn’t confirmed the pregnancy I would still be saying “rumor!” she doesn’t even look pregnant! I am tall too but I was certainly showing by 7 months! (a lot!) ! She does look stunning though.

aly on

I can not BELIEVE how little Nicole is showing. That is a dream come true, really. Good for her.

ana on

She looks beautiful, but I would’t guess that she is pregnant if I didn’t know.

finnaryn on

I don’t think I have ever seen Nicole look more relaxed and happy. 🙂

kimk on

She is beautiful and glowing..For me her enlarged chest gives it away..

Steph on

Man, she looks great!

Kimberly on

Nicole looks absolutely stunning. I think red is her color. I don’t know remember which award it was, but she wore this long red dress, and she looks gorgeous then, too.

mrsb on

I agree! She looks absolutely beautiful! She is always pretty, but Nicole is really stunning here. I think it’s her curls! I miss her red hair and curls – so much better than the straight, blonde look.

Sarah on

I’m three months pregnant and I look more pregnant than Nicole. I have been hoping for some beautiful blooming photos of her, like Jessica Alba’s latest pictures, but it looks as though Nicole Kidman is the sort of woman who could go into labour and not even realise she was pregnant, she shows so little.

kimmie on

Keith Urban is CUTE. Nicole looks nice; I’d like to see those baby photos. I won’t say whose recent baby photos were unattractive. Would like to see Halle’s baby too.

Jeannette on

That is a lovely photo! Nicole looks absolutely terrific, glowing like a pregnant woman should be glowing and Keith looks happy himself!

I’m not saying anything about her bump- every woman grows differently with her baby and I suppose this baby likes to snuggle up!

christina on

at least you can rule out twins lol. she is carrying smaller

Debbie29 on

I think she looks the best she has in a long time. Very natural and relaxed. She is finally showing but everyone is different and she could totally balloon up these last weeks! I wish them the best of luck!

Krystal on

I never comment, but I have to on this one! She looks amazing! I hope she keeps some of the weight (not as if she has even gained 2 pounds!) because she looks so good- better than I have seen her in a LONG time! I, myself, am very thin and have a hard time gaining weight, and being very thin is just as hard as being over-weight. People always assume that something is wrong- anyways- I think she looks awesome and I hope some of that “baby weight” sticks around!

Andy on

God they are a beautiful couple!
Their child will be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the little one 🙂
PS – LOVE Nic’s dress!

umma ali on

I never comment either, but this is my first! I have to say, she BARELY looks pregnant. I was hoping she looked more pregnant for some reason.

Bex on

They are going to have a beautiful baby. =) They look so happy.

FC on

She looks absolutely wonderful, and yes, she does have that glow about her. She and Keith look so happy and I can’t help but smile at these photos. 🙂

That second photo–the full on frontal view–she really doesn’t look like she’s pregnant at all, but I think if that braided/woven detail is also helping to hide the baby too, lol, not that I think she’s trying to.

Looking at her, though, I can’t believe she’s due in about two months-two and half, give or
take. Then again, there have been others. I think I remember seeing a photo of Dave Grohl’s wife being eight months and she looked just as small, maybe even smaller than Nicole, and I think she’s a little shorter than Nicole, too.

Short, tall, anyone can carry big or small. I guess it just depends on genetics…*shrugs*

Anyway, Keith and Nic look wonderful in those photos. 🙂

Kitty on

Wow !!!! She must be extremely fit. She looks wonderful and I am so happy for them.

legemc on

Wow, she looks GREAT! Especially radiant in the 2nd and 3rd pictures I think. If I didn’t know her age, I’d guess mid-twenties based on those pictures! Her skin looks flawless! I am fair-skinned like she is, but my skin will never look that gorgeous!

Ellen on

I came here to see if you had pics up, b/c I just saw a set from this event at justjared, and she doesn’t look pregnant at all. Actually, in these, she only looks pregnant in the one where Keith is touching her belly. I honestly was wondering if some photoshopping was going on! But, by seeing the rest here, it just must be she doesn’t show much at certain angles. It really is hard to tell she’s pregnant. Oh, well, as long as she and the baby are healthy! She looks fantastic!

Kathryn on

I don’t get the constant talk of her belly size. She is tall and is carrying small. I was a lot like that with my first pregnancy. I was really small for a long time. I was barely showing at seven months, but I sure popped at 8 months. I was pretty big by the time I delivered. Everyone is different and she is taller than most Hollywood women, so it’s really difficult to compare belly sizes.

I think she looks lovely.

amy on

I think it’s a combination of the dress, angles and her height (and you can definitely tell by the chest size!) She looks amazing, and that picture of Keith touching her belly is so cute!

Diane on

Ah, the Lady in Red!!! She looks stunning, and has that baby glow! She looks likes she’s enjoying every minute of her growing belly.

DLR on

Wow, the baby is due in July and I don’t see any sign of it in those pictures! If only being six months pregnant always looked like that, I’m sure a lot more women would get pregnant, hehe.

Katie on

This is the most beautiful i have ever seen Nicole looking. I am not a big fan of hers, but i think she is really glowing, and just looks so SO happy! I’m thinking they are having a girl

candace on

God she looks great. She should stay preggers forever..It totally improves her 100%. She does look way more relaxed..and human…I know the paps probably suck but she always looks so plastic she really looks great.

Carly on

She looks beautiful. I wonder if she looking “softer” in the face because she would have had to stop botox injections once she found out she was pregnant. I definitely don’t think her face looks as frozen as what it has looked in the past

Shawna on

I’m only 5’2″ but I didn’t show until I was about 6.5 months along with my first (and then he was born almost 2 months early and I felt jipped that I hadn’t gotten to look pregnant longer!). I saw someone say that she is 7 months pregnant. She isn’t 7 months pregnant unless she is going for a 10 month pregnancy. She is due in July, it is April right now, therefore she is just turned 6 months pregnant. She still has plenty of time to grow.

Lola on

Wow, she does look gorgeous. A soft hair style really brings out her beauty. Anyone have any information on the dress? I’m not pregnant, but I WANT IT! Of course, my belly is bigger than hers LOL!

Shellsey, Sydney Australia on

They both Keith and Nicole seem to be very relaxed and refreshed after the brief holiday in Tahiti. Ohhhhh …. what a exotic location to visit even just for a short stay. Pregnancy really agrees with Nicole as she looks so healthy with her belly growing ever so gently. They are so sweet and joyfully love being in each others arms.
God Bless all three of them, especially as the best is yet to come.

Ericka on

she looks so happy…they both do but she looks happier than I’ve seen her in years.

So happy for them!

Nelle on

My mother carried small like Nicole when pregnant with both my sister and I, and we were healthy 8 1/2lb and 9lb babies respectively. My mother is 5’10” which I believe is a similar height to Nicole.
She looks absolutely beautiful and I wish her & Keith all the best.

SoCalMom on

I realize it’s her first PG to progress and she must have those celebrity abs of steel, but she looks awfully tiny. I hope everything is okay for them.

Renee on

Maybe it’s my imagination but Nicole looks younger since her pregnancy. I guess it’s the glow. I don’t see her having a big bump until maybe a month before she delivers.The baby has plenty of room to grow after all

tamara on

is it just me or does her belly always look like it’s the same size? i mean, isn’t she about 6 months along?

tink1217 on

Nicole looks amazing!! And so happy! Can’t wait to see this baby!!

Emma on


Nicole looks absolutely stunning! She just glows. The dress is exactly right for her. She looks amazingly sexy and feminine, and the color is GREAT on her, it makes her porcelain skin look so beautiful.

Her hair is gorgeous, sweet and sexy at the same time, an excellent hairstyle for her. The color is perfect, a warm honeyblonde.

Keith looks very handsome and gorgeous as always, and they seem so happy and cute together in these pictures. Keith can’t wait to become a father, you can tell. He looks so happy. 🙂

Janie on

Wow – she looks beautiful and he is hot!

Sadaf on

Nicole looks great! Her first baby and she’s SO happy, you can tell. Glad her marriage is making her happy – and a mama – this time round.

delilah on

Nicole looks absolutely gorgeous. Pregnancy definately agrees with her. I am beyond thrilled for her and Keith.

Sharon on

I can’t wait to hear she had a 7 or 8 lb baby, perhaps then people will stop commenting about how small she looked. This is a happy time for her and Keith, it is unfair to judge her size. I know it was hard when I carried my twins because they were positioned in a way that it did not look there were 2 in there. I am tall myself, I knew in my head I was eating ALOT and doing well but it hurt to hear people say, “You are so small”, because it really isn’t a compliment, it is a passive aggressive insult, like I wasn’t doing all I could do to give birth to healthy babies.

Note: I carried my twins for 39 weeks (which is not typical for twins and I would have gone longer but wanted a vaginal birth and one baby was breech so they didn’t want them to get any bigger) and they were nearly 7 lbs each and 21 inches long. So size of the belly means nothing.

Kari on

I am due in late June and carrying the same way. I still have to tell people that I am pregnant. I am pretty tall like Nicole though, but it doesn’t really reflect the size of the baby. I have carried this way with my last 3 and they were well over 8lbs each. They look so happy!

Nicole C on

I don’t think there is a need to be so defensive about Nicole’s size. I’m 5 months pregnant right now, and I think it is a very natural reaction to notice that she is carrying small. I don’t see it as a criticism so much as envy or curiosity! Obviously, carrying very big or small is not the norm, and people notice. That’s why we have a comment section, to share comments! I think they all have been overwhelmingly positive to Nicole.

Perhaps your own personal experiences are coloring your comments and making you feel extra defensive. However, I think Nicole herself would agree that she is carrying small and it looks like she is feeling great! More power to her and congrats on her baby!!!!

Nicole C on

Sharon, I really think you are reading too much into people’s comments based on your own experience. I’m sorry you had to endure any negativity, but I don’t think anyone here means any insult to Nicole. I think the “small” comments are just stating the obvious and are more from curiosity or envy than from criticism!

I think Nicole looks fantastic, and yes, small. I’m 5 months right now and am definitely not a small one! She and her husband are just glowing and congrats to them both.

Lux on

I don’t mind that people say she is carrying small, because even Nicole herself would agree that she is. But when people start saying things like “is the baby okay?” or “is she taking care of herself?”, that’s when I get offended. All women carry differently, but there are some people who think a woman needs to be as big as a house when she is only 5 or 6 six months along. *eye roll*

Anyway, enough ranting, Nicole looks gorgeous! And Keith is very handsome as well. =]

Campbell on

All I can say is WOW to both of them!!

Lilybett on

I love the dress. Does anyone know where it comes from? Is it a maternity dress?

Nicki on

She looks so gorgeous! I’m not surprised she ‘s carrying “smaller”…she’s very tall and in shape… I can’t wait to see the baby/child!!!

Linda on

She looks absolutely gorgeous! Everyone differs and it differs too with each pregnancy. If she is 6 months along, I think she is pretty ok, when I was 6 months along, my tummy was so tinny, it looked like I had a fuller meal that day. Most people tends to balloon when they hit the 3rd trimester, I only look pregnant when I was at my 37th week. That was the only week I had my maternity dress on and my baby came out 5 days later! The advantage in my case is that when my baby does not grow outwards ,within the week after birth the evidence of pregnancy is all gone, the only thing that is really painful is that the ribs will expand to allow space for the baby to grow, that kills!

CelebBabyLover on

Sadaf- This is NOT Nicole’s first baby and her first marriage DID make her a mama. She and Tom adopted two children (Connor and Bella, obviously).

It just rubs me the wrong way when people seem to forget about Connor and Bella. It’s not just Nicole, either. I don’t like it when people (mostly the media in this case, rather than the general public) act like Shiloh is Brad and Angie’s first child and the baby they are currently expecting is their second one. I am so glad that CBB refers to Baby-to-be Jolie Pitt as Brad and Angie’s 5th child, rather than their second one. 🙂

claudia on

I think that the puckering in the dress at the waist and chest actually emphasizes those areas. With a different dress on that was more flowing I doubt that you could tell that she was even pregnant. Amazing how small she is—but she is quite tall, so the baby has lots of room to grow!

Nicola on

she looks lovely but I have to say I was watching practical magic the other night and she is even more stunning with her natural red hair! Bring back the red hair!!! 😀

Sheri on

I agree … she looks strikingly beautiful and her skin is amazing! And I love that Keith went back to his blonde locks — he looks better, too! I saw them on the CMT awards the other night with his arm lovingly around Nicole in the audience. He seems so protective and proud of her. She is one LUCKY woman!!!!!!! *Sigh*…

Jeni on

They are both glowing. I’m so happy for the both of them, Keith is my favorite music artist, and they’re quite possibly my favorite celebrity couple. :]

And I have to say, while most pictures of her don’t do her justice (aka her pregnant belly) I’ve seen a few pictures of her from the side (from this same event, in the same dress, only it was pap photos from her exiting Keith’s tour bus, I assume), and to be honest I think that’s a more accurate view of how big/small she really is. And in those she looks more pregnant than she does in these. And she looks wonderful.

golden road on

She looks stunning! That deep red gown is a great color for her. Who did the gown, was it L’Wren Scott? She is a beautiful woman, but I agree with the others that I don’t think I have ever seen her look more lovely, relaxed, happy and glowing as she does in these pictures. How could you NOT look that way with KU as your happy hubby? She is one very lucky woman to have won his heart! He just sizzles no matter what he is doing or wearing. That smile is enough to melt anyone.