Michelle Williams and Matilda out in Brooklyn

04/14/2008 at 10:19 AM ET

Actress Michelle Williams, 27, her "New York kid," daughter Matilda Rose, 2, and Matilda’s nanny since infancy made a trip to CVS in Brooklyn, NYC on Saturday, April 12th. Dad is the late Heath Ledger.


Photos by INF.

Another image and stroller info below.


Maclarenquestcharcoalsilver Matilda rides in a Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller in Charcoal/Silver ($225).   

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tink1217 on

she looks so much like Heath. It still makes me sad, the whole thing. Such a beautiful little girl.

SingingClayPearl on

You know, she looks so much like her dad…but my first thought, though, when seeing that first picture was “Wow! She looks a lot like her mom there!” Such a beautiful little girl!! And born within days of my DD…too cute!!

Erin on

She is all Heath, thats for sure, beautiful child.

Jessica on

Wow she is def a little Heath.. First photo is actually a copy of Heath, so sad.

nanda on

good to see michelle smilling… matilda is so cute

Kate on

She’s so cute! I think she looks more like Michelle in the first pic though.

sushi on

does she have chicken pox?

Erin on

She looks like she might have chicken pox – good eye sushi! =)

Anyway, she is def. a copy of Heath – such a beauty!! ♥

Colette on

It’s funny but I don’t see Heath in her at all, only Michelle!

sil on

aawww here she is! my favorite celebrity baby 🙂 she is a mini Heath, but in the first pic she also looks a little like Michelle.
She’s so cute!

What’s a chicken pox???

brooke on

She looks just like Heath

jenny on

It’s because she has her dad’s eyes, and in that first picture his expression, the way he crinkled his eyebrows, she looks exactly like him…
Sad but wonderful to know Heath lives on in his daughter!

slm on

What was the temp saturday in NY?
Surely it was not warm enough for her to be in just that little dress with no shoes.

She looks JUST like her father. Beautiful little girl.

janine on

you have no idea how happy it makes me that they’re smiling.

I was quite warm in the tri-state area on Saturday. Sunday was a different story.

Kara on

SLM – It was actually quite warm here on Saturday, in the mid to upper seventies.

kristen on

SLM0–Not to worry. It was actually 75 degrees and sunny on Saturday in New York and lots of people were walking around in flip-flops. I wish I would have had mine on!

Mandy on

What strollers is this?

Mimi on

She just gets cuter and cuter! It’s good to see Michelle smiling. (I do still feel sad for little Matilda when I see pictures like this. I’m sure she misses riding on her daddy’s shoulders.)

As for the bare feet: It was very warm here on Saturday. Definately flip-flop or barefeet-in-the-stroller weather, for sure!

Lexie on

Wow, does that girl look like her father?! She’s such a beautiful little girl, and probably my favourite celebrity baby! She’s adorable.

Just Saying on

I think Matilda is one of the cutest celebrity babies, she still looks a lot like Heath but also Michelle now more and more. Good to see them both out and about.

chloe on

Looks like flea bites.

Melissa on

It doesn’t look like chicken pox to me. My first thought was a. she was bit by something or b. that she has a little “baby pimple.” My son gets them occasionally too. Michelle is a very responsible parent. If Matilda had chicken pox, mom would most certainly keep her home.

lk on


When you all say “she looks just like Heath” what do you see? I think she doesnt look like either. I think her face is still forming.

Nicole on

it looks to be a Maclaren stroller, although they have many different styles. I love mine!

lizzielui on

Doubt those are flea bites. They look just like my twins’ mosquito bites. Lots of mosquitoes around NYC on Friday and Sat with all of the recent rain and warm weather.

kiki on

was wondering ckicken pox or skeeters lol

sure looks like her dad, I agree, it’s the eyes….

I lost my dad when I was 1 y/o and my mum has always been amazed at how much I resembled my dad not only by (then) my looks but also by gestures, facial expression, the way I walk….

ma74 on

I’m glad to see Michelle smiling:D

Amanda on

I’m thinking the only reason she may resemble Michelle is because of her little cute haircut she got going on there LOL! Otherwise she is the spitting image of Heath and has his face written all over her. It’s nice to see pictures of them and knowing there doing good and hanging in there!! Matilida’s just too cute for words.

Mimi on

Matilda looks so much older than just the last time we saw her (only about a month ago)! I looooove her cute little hair style!

Jess on

She’s a real beauty – and so much alike to her [late] daddy. Glad to see them smiling again x x x

Monica on

I’m so glad to see her smiling. She’s such an amazing woman. I hope she continues to stay strong. Matilda is growing so fast and is getting more and more beautiful each time we see her! I love how michelle keeps her life so out of the hollywood spotlife. It makes me admire her even more!

Charity on

Seeing a pic of her makes me want to cry. She’s so precious & Michelle is a great mom, but I feel bad for her living without daddy.

Ericka on

She looks so much like heath, a little carbon copy. I’m so glad Michelle seems to be doing better and smiling is always good. I’m assuming it was hot in NY because yesterday in California it was 95 degrees and it’s still hot today. The spots on her face look like bug bites or even baby acne….I think bug bites though.

Becky on

Her haircut is similar to Suri Cruise. And its very becoming. Shows her pretty little features to best effect.

I was a huge fan of Heath Ledger so I followed the coverage of his passing. The edge was taken off a bit in the aftermath, by the very creative and poignant funeral. I especially loved the collective “jump” in the ocean. by many mourners including Michelle.

After she came up, hair still wet, clothes drenched to the max, she had this big smile, along with everyone else. The sendoff was not only beautiful but therapeutic. I thought then that she would continue to find the joy in life. And these pics prove it.

Stephanie on

I think she looks like both of them, but I think she looks more like Heath. God Bless her.

Liz on

My heart broke for Michelle and Matilda and the rest of Heath’s family. Nice to see her smile in spite of the photogs. I wish them all the happiness this crazy life can offer.

JudeW on

Totally Heath! So cute! So sad! *seufz*..

To be honest, I don’t like the haircut (neither that of Suri). It bugs me the hair in the forehead. Always does. Don’t like it in others nor in my haircut. But that’s just me.


Jane on

Isn’t that the Nanny who’s with her? My, she’s tall.

Kristina on

the fisrt picture Matilda looks so cute