Update: Jodie Sweetin welcomes daughter Zoie Laurelmae

04/14/2008 at 05:48 PM ET

Jodiesweetin86419_cbbUpdate: Zoie’s full name and delivery details have been added.

Originally posted April 13th: Actress Jodie Sweetin, 26, and her husband Cody Herpin, 30, have welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Daughter Zoie Laurelmae Herpin was delivered via emergency c-section at 3:20 pm on Saturday, April 12th, weighing in at 8 lbs, 7 oz, and is 21 inches long. Jodie’s due date had been last Sunday, April 6th. Cody shared that although Jodie is doing great now, the delivery did not go the way they had planned.

Jodie had to have an emergency c-section. We finally had her [on Saturday], but Jodie was in labor since Thursday. It was 40-some hours.

The pregnancy was announced in September. In January, Jodie revealed that she was carrying a girl. The following month, she joked that she would not be naming her daughter after ‘fruits or electronic devices,’ and also did a CBB interview and photoshoot. She also recently attended a book release party.

Source: People; Sure Baby

Thanks to CBB readers Sarah, Heather, and Dot.

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Sara Watson on

awwwwwwww yayay.. i cant wait to see her.. Congrats!! she came lateee.. she wanted her entrance to be Grand!!

brooke on

Wow big baby, but I’m not surprised she was carrying large and was overdue too. Congrats to her.

Kristen on

The baby was late…”How rude!”….I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself…she’ll always be Stephanie Tanner to me!

lk on


Kristen: 🙂 LOL !

Debbie29 on

Just hours ago I searched this website to see if she had her baby yet. I knew she had to be overdue and thought maybe I missed when celebrity-babies.com posted the baby’s arrival. I guess I didn’t miss it! Anyway congrats to Jodie. It is hard to think of the cute lil blonde girl on Full House having her own family now! Where does the time go?!?!

Jody on

Congrats, Jodie and Cody, on the birth of your brand new baby girl .. Dying to see pics! 🙂

Sabina on

Herpin? Why not Gonorrhepin or Syphilipin? Or Hairpin? Apologies but I just do not like that name.

Christina-Jo on

Just last night I sent an e-mail into CBB asking if there was any news on Jodie and to hear something like this! I cannot believe that someone who is only 2 years older than I am having a baby of her own.

Laura on

I will never understand why people can’t spell a name properly. Our baby girl is due in June and will be named Zoë.. the proper spelling of the name. ZOIE will always be ‘zwah’ to me… and in case you’re wondering, yes I would say it to her mother’s face!

Kelly on

Congrats to Jodie and family!! It’s very surprising that she was overdue yet carrying so large and big. I for sure thought I missed this announcement last week as CBB didn’t post anything about it. Then I thought it’s possible she’s overdue. I hope all goes well for mother and daughter.

Darlene on

How do you pronounce the babys name

alex on

congrats to her! i bet the baby will be cute..and “how rude” of it to come late..

tink1217 on

Brooke, that’s nothing! My son was 10lbs 2oz and 21 and a half inches long!! Talk about big!! LOL. Congrats Jodie and Cody…I never realized that their names rhymed til now. I bet Zoie is beautiful!

Erika on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Congratulations Jodie And Cody, Welcome To The World Baby Zoie!

brannon on

I like the spelling of Zoie but if it had been me I would have given her my last name instead. In any case, best wishes to this new family!

Becky2 on

Two things.

First, wow! I can’t believe the cute little blonde girl from Full House is a mom. If Zoie looks anything like her mom did as a child, she’s sure to be gorgeous.

Second, my fiance’s mother can beat almost anyone at a big baby contest. He was born at 11lbs 12ozs (plus, this was back in the day when people didn’t really know any better and she smoked while pregnant, she jokes if she hadn’t she’d have given birth to a three year old) he’s 6’5″ now, so I guess it makes sense. His younger sister and brother were both induced three weeks early at nearly 10lbs!

Hopefully my babies will be closer to the size of my mother’s babies!

J.J. on

Well it’s about time!! I was looking everyday on this site to see if she had given birth, and finally she did! Congratulations to Jodie and Cody on the arrival of their new baby girl Zoie!!! So now two of the three Tanner sisters are mothers, maybe in the future it will be Mary Kate/Ashley next?? Anyway, glad the baby arrived safe and sound and am now anxious to see pics!!

irma on

Wow, I can’t wait to read more about this. Do you have pictures? I looked at tmz and people.com people has this info on there and mentioned your website but tmz has nothing. Anyway If everyone on here is like me, WE WANT TO SEE MORE PICTURES! ha ha This story is a tease now.

Doreen on

Yahhhh!! It’s about time, yes! 🙂 LOL So happy for her!

Dierna on

Congrats Jodie and Cody! Can’t wait to see piccies! 😀

And indeed “How Rude” of Zoie (I LOVE that name) to be late! 😛

Kassey on

WOW Stephanie Tanner had a baby lol! I grew up watching Full House every night at 5 and I have loved to follow Jodie and Candice Cameron since then! Jodie will be a great mom and I love the babies name! I have always wanted my first daughter to be Zoie and spell it that way too! CONGRATS JODIE!

EK on

well thats not a big baby I was nine pounds and my brother was 11 pounds. then my auntie had our little cousin and he was 6 pounds half of my brothers size haha!

lk on


i get the fruit comment was to Apple Martin ( i like apple as a name. I know people named peach and plum and its isnt a big commotion )
but who is “electronic devices” directed to?

why should zoie have jodie’s name?

Hannah on

I marvel at ten plus pound babies. My son didn’t weigh 10 pounds until he was a month old. 11 lbs 12 oz…yeowch!!!

Congrats to Jodie and Cody! Love the name, especially the spelling.

jaQ on

aw, congrats to jodie and cody! as gorgeous as jodie has always been, zoie must be simply beautiful.

i too can sympathise with carrying large babies, though mine were both born early-ish, so they never hit the huge weights listed above. 🙂

hope she’s resting up, enjoying falling in love, and can’t wait to see baby Z.

Christina-Jo on

Did she have the c-section because of the size of the baby or was she another celebrity mom who didn’t want to go through the pain and hours/days of labour?

Amy on

I’ve never posted here before, but speaking of big babies I just had to post my story. My dad was born in 1958, his Mom was 16 and carried him for 10 months instead of 9, they never induced her. When he was born he was 14 pounds 9 ounces, she had him vaginally and it messed her up so badly she could never have any more kids after that.

samantha on

i am so happy for her she look good when she was pregnant her now she is big baby girl i am so happy for and her husband forever 🙂 i cant wait to see pics of her dau soon 🙂

tone on

I lovve Jodie and am so happy for her.

My son was born on time and was 10lbs 12 oz…and at 5 months he is already almost 20lbs.

say1031 on

I love the name Zoie. So cute although not a fan of the rhyming – Jodie, Cody, & now Zoie. Zoie is on my list if I ever have a daughter and I’d spell it Zoey or Zoie. Zoe just doesn’t look right to me.

Melissa on

What a pretty name: Zoie.. I just love it! Congrats to you both! I bet this little baby’s a real cutie!! Side note- I found more info on baby Zoie and Jodie’s labor/delivery at SureBaby.com/Blog

Cait on

Oh my god, poor Jodie! 40+ hours? Oh well, at least at the other end of all that was a very very sweet reward!

Congrats to them!

Dierna on

Zoie Laurel May! I love it!! 😀

AMSLmomof2 on

My brother was a month over due, 44 weeks to the day. He was 9lbs something. I myself was born on my due date and barely cracked 6lbs.

I can sympathize with the long labor! I went into labor Sunday morning around 9am. My daughter was born Monday afternoon just before 2pm. It comes to just under 30 hours of labor. She came out fine, I pushed 4 times, it was just getting to the point I could push that took forever and a day! (Literally!)

Best of Luck Jodie and family!

tracey on

Another one here that can sympathise with long labours. I went into labour on a Tuesday, didn’t have my baby until late Friday night. Long few days it was!

Congrats to Jodie & Cody!

Stephanie M. on

Wonder if they knew that “Stephanie” means “laurel” (or garland)? 😉 I like it–congrats to them!!

Stephanie M. on

Oh, and I can also sympathize with long labors! I was in labor for 43 hours with #1, and had to hold that lovely pushing feeling back for four hours–I ended up pushing for an hour at the end. But #2 was about as different as you can get from that–we barely made it to the hospital!

Tracey, my mom was like you with my brother–she went into labor early (about a month; this was back in the early 70s) and they wanted to give my brother more time to “cook”, so they did all sorts of things to keep him from being born. Ultimately,she was in labor a week with him.

Kelly on

Since we’re talking about large births and labor my own birth 17 years ago I was 9 lbs 3oz even bigger then Jodie’s baby. I was born on Jan. 2nd 1991 but also could have been but in late Dec. 1990. I was breech so I did have to be delivered by c-section.

Kelsey on

i LUV LUV LUV the name zoie! i bet she’s as cute as her name!

Alana bret on

OMG! I am so happy for you. Me and cousin loved to watch full house. You were our favorite character. My cousin just had twins and named the girl Zoie, after your daughter.

But anyway, congrats and hope shes happy

P.S. THe girl weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces