Heidi and Leni Klum leaving party on Sunday

04/14/2008 at 11:25 AM ET

Leni Klum, 3 ½, smiled for the paparazzi as she left a party on Sunday, April 13th with mom, model Heidi Klum.


Photo by LimelightPics.us

Leni’s dress info below.

Yhst79544109434696_1996_30901748Leni wears Jottum’s navy polka dot salanya dress ($265).

Thanks to CBB readers Karen and Madele.

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Dee on

It’s a shame he father…well I should say biological father doesn’t want to be apart of this adorable childs life. She’s a little doll.

Erin on

She is such a cutie pie! ♥

Candice on

Aww, she’s just lovely. I think she usually looks a lot like Flavio, but I’m definitely a lot of Heidi in her these days.

Heather on

I am in love with that dress! Its so pretty!

She’s carrying a Munny! I just gave a friend’s daughter that for her birthday! They’re really cool little figures that you decorate yourself (or your child haha). Some of the creations on the website are very intricate!

brooke on

She has heidi’s eyes, but the rest of her features are all Flavio.

brannon on

She is absolute perfection!

lk on


what features do you see that are flavio’s?

kiki on

I think she resembles her maternal grandparents :o)

Cute little girl.

madele on

Soo cute! The dress is by Jottum.

Amanda on

Oh my god! Leni is the cutest little thing LOL!! Love her little dress and flats.

Janie on

She is adorable!

Émilie on

I think she looks EXACTLY like Flavio. Same smile, same nose and especially same mouth. I don’t see any Heidi in her at all. Still, she’s a cutie of course!

Colleen on

She’s adorable. Always seems happy. Love her pinkish hair. 😉

madison on

Wow,what a great pic – maybe its just the angle but I was so surprised by how much her face has grown from that of a baby or toddler, to that of a little girl. She’s really precious

Lexie on

Is she definately still Leni Klum and not Samuel? I just wondered if Seal had legally adopted her? She’s a really beautiful child, I see mostly Heidi in her, although I can see Flavio there a bit.

sushi on

i know someone who is going to be a model too..

Aidan on

She’s really adorable & always looks so cheerful! I really love that dress! It’s one of the few times she’s not wearing pink, too. 😉

Meaghan on

Leni is a Klum and not a Samuel. Seal has not legally adopted her because although Flavio is not involved in her life, he has yet to sign away his rights as her father. That’s what has to happen in order for Seal to adopt her. I think it’s selfish on his part since neither he nor anyone one in his family has had anything to do with little Leni.

Natalie S. on

What a pretty little girl..so freakin’ adorable it’s UNREAL!!!! I love the lil’ head tilt, it makes the whole photo that much cuter!!

Barbara on

I’m pretty sure that’s the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. And she’s wearing the cutest dress I’ve ever seen. She is just darling!

Ellia on

What a pricey dress! It is very cute though, and appears to have a bit of a stain! even cuter 😉
Leni is a doll. I love the Klum/Samuel family.

Jennifer on

Leni is such an adorable little girl, and her dress is just darling! 🙂

charsmom on

How great is it that even though Heidi dresses her daughter in a $265 dress, she isn’t worried about said dress getting big stains on it. She and Seal are such awesome parents!!!

marissa on

how cute! Is her hair pink?

poetryman69 on

toot cute

Carol on

Looks like somebody spilled. Cute little girl. She’s getting so big.

jo-ann on

I always love Leni’s cute little dresses, this one is no exception!

karm on

She looks different to me lately! so fantastic to see that SMILE!!!

Caturday on

Leni is the cutest and the camera loves her!!!
Her father is an idiot not wanting to be a part of her life !! SO SAD !!!

Philippa on

she’s so adorable. leni looks like a young dakota fanning in this picture

Elizabeth on

Not trying to start anything… just trying to make a point. I find it interesting that Leni gets oohs and ahs for her cute little dress that she was obviously playing in (stain and such), and Heidi gets praise for letting her wear it without worrying about it getting dirty, and yet when Tom and Katie put Suri in a dress to play at the park, they’re booed and you all consider them to be putting her on display, saying kids need to be in jeans or sweats. Bias?

Julia A on

Elizabeth: I think the difference is that Leni was going to a birthday party and Suri was playing in the sandbox. We usually see Leni in pants when she’s playing in the park.
That being said, I see nothing wrong with Suri’s outfits either. If the parents don’t mind washing the dress, why should we?
Going back on topic, Leni is so adorable. She has the sweetest smiles.

terri on

I think Seal’s comments regarding Leni’s biological father were very respectful of him. I don’t think anyone here knows what goes on in their household.