Cate Blanchett welcomes third son, Ignatius Martin

04/13/2008 at 06:55 PM ET

Cateblanchett825351_cbbActress Cate Blanchett, 38, and husband Andrew Upton, 41, have welcomed their third son. Ignatius Martin Upton was born on Sunday, April 13th in Sydney, Australia. The Australian media reported a weight of 7 lbs, 9 oz, while Us Weekly says 8 lbs, 6 oz.

Ignatius joins big brothers Dashiell John, 6, and Roman Robert, who turns 4 on April 23rd. A spokesperson said,

All are well and very happy.

Cate confirmed the pregnancy, after much speculation, in November. In February, she revealed the sex of the baby in a comment made at the Oscars. We are unsure what her due date was, but as of April 11th, Cate had shared that she was overdue.

Source: Courier Mail

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brooke on

I had a feeling it was a boy, from the minute she annouced her pregnancy. She just always seemed the type of lady to have all sons. I don’t care for the name, but congrats to her.

Sabrina on

The name is certainly unique — wouldn’t surprise me, due to its “uniqueness” that it has a family tie or something. I kind of like it because it is different. I am curious as to what it means!

Sabrina on

For the record, (I checked on, “IGNATIUS” means “FIERY ONE”. Cute!

andrea on

i do have to admit that is a very unique name but i kinda like it..

ila on

Cute name!!! The name Ignacio is very common all over Iberoamerica.

brannon on

Love the name Ignatius with their other two boys! Congrats!

tink1217 on

awww, congrats!! Ignatius is an interesting name. Maybe they will call him Iggy!! I think that would be cute. 3 boys!! I bet she is glad to be done with pregnancy and have her little one here…she was looking pretty uncomfortable lately. Congrats!!

emmalee on

Congrats to them! I like the name, partly because it’s meaningful for my family. One of my great-grandfathers was named Igatius (Ignazio before he moved from Italy to the U.S.) and I have an uncle named after him who’s called Nate.

Steph on

I kinda like the name. I mean, I don’t think I’d name my son it but it’s very unique but classy. Congrats to Cate and her family!

Sarah on

Wow 3 boys, congrats to them! She had him on my birthday 🙂

nino on

Cool! Very different, cool name! I like it! I like “different” unique names, but the ones that are real names, and not “made up” ones.

J.J. on

Congratulations to Cate and Andrew and the big brothers!! So she was expecting a boy as rumored. I thought it was gonna be a girl..but guess not. I think we should start believing in some of these rumors. Don’t be surprised if Jessica Alba does actually have a baby girl named Honor. Anyway, hope to see pics of the little guy soon!

Liz on

Great name!!!! Congrats to Cate, Andrew, Dashiell and Roman!!! I bet he’s beautiful.

alex on

oh very cute name. (not so much the martin part, i dont think its a great combo)

he might get Iggy as a nickname!

Principesa on

Congratulations. A baby boy trifecta!

Eve on

Hope he’s not chubby cause then he might get Piggy from Iggy!

cat on

I love the name, it sounds great. I was watching I´m not there and right now I was wondering if Cate had had her baby yet, and my intuiton told me she had. So I headed here to CBB and read the news. I was right! Congratulations to all the entire family.

lk on


Wow wasnt she just @ her sister’s graduation? Or was that a while ago but since she is in Aussi it took awhile for the pics to be on CBB?


lk on


what is the type for all sons? Its all just luck.

Kate on

I could have sworn, even with her slip at the Oscars, that she was having a girl. Anyway, I think it’s a pretty awesome name.

Congrats to them.

Sadaf on

Cate looked great at the Oscars with her bump. So she’s like Victoria Beckham now – 3 sons. So many games to attend and lot’s of food to prepare at home…..:-)

jo-ann on

Wow! Cate was overdue? I actually thought the time period from her announcement to giving birth was short, lol

I love the name Ignatius. It’s not a made-up name we see so often nowadays. It’s a real name, yet rarely used. Congrats to Cate and family!

Erica on

i’m with brooke–i don’t know what it is but something about cate just screams “mom of boys”. same with melissa joan hart (i also think she will have all boys). the name ignatius is seriously growing on me. the more i think about it the more i like it, and Dashiell, Roman, and Ignatius sound good together. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I, too, see Cate and Melissa as “moms of boys”. However, although Melissa may very well have only boys biologically, she very recently (in her interview with OK Magazine, the highlights of which were posted here yesterday) that she and Mark may adopt at some point in the future (since she wants two more kids, but is unsure whether she wants to go through two more pregnancies). If they do end up adopting, I’m guessing they’ll adopt a little girl (since Melissa also said that she’d love to have two sisters for her boys!).

Therefore, I see Melissa with at least one little girl in a few years! 🙂

Coco on

Congrats to Cate and the whole family. I was kind hoping for a girl just because she has such an etheral beauty and such a classic but also edgy style unlike a lot of the actresses out there but whats really important is that she had a healthy baby. 3 boys, that’ll be a handful but also fun too.

Heather on

I really like the name, especially now that I know how to pronounce it (Ig-nay-shus) and I like its meaning. Goes well with Dashiell and Roman. I definately thought she was having another boy. Congrats to them!

Allboyz on

It’s always good to know there are other people in the world with ALL boys!! I may be a bit partial, but they are the best!

Jillian on

Congrats!!! I really like the name she chose… I first heard it in a book, and the character used the nick name Nate…

jaQ on

congrats to cate and the family. a house full of little boys, how sweet!
i like it when kids/people in the same family have such close birthdays~ pretty cool. 🙂 my mom’s birthday is nine days after mine, and my step-sisters 7 days after. my grandpa’s is 4 days before (with his anniversary being 1 week later) and my other step-sis is about two weeks before mine. we have the busiest june in town. 😀

Kat on

Wow, cool name! I had a feeling it would be another boy. Congrats to them!

Rebecca on

I love her sons’ names!

Julia on

Wow, I just love the names they have chosen for their children. given me some serious inspiration.

Lynsey on

Why do you have this listed under unusual names? Ignatius is the name of a saint, and it’s a popular name with Catholic families! Arthur Conan Doyle’s middle name was Ignatius!

Lynda on

LOVE the name!! My Kindergarteners used to listen to a CD with a song for every letter in the alphabet. The song for the Letter I was one of their favorites. Tune: Clementine

In an igloo on an island
In a sea of icy water
Lived an inchworm named Ignatious
And his itsy bitsy daughter… LOL

Lissa on

I love the meaning of the name. It would be so cute to call him “Iggy!”