Baby Bling with giggle's Ali Wing: Minnie Driver — Some Pampering for the New-Mom-To-Be

04/11/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

by Ali Wing, founder, giggle

Minnie1rex1403_468x663After several weeks of speculation, Minnie Driver announced on the Tonight Show that she’s expecting her first child. She told Jay that she loves being pregnant “more than anything else,” but that she has morning sickness morning, noon and night! For Minnie, or any other mom-to-be who’s feeling not-so-hot, here are some items for your shopping list to get you through the upcoming months.

Quease Ease Lip Balm from ErbavivaFor immediate relief of a tempestuous tummy, try Quease Ease Lip Balm from Erbaviva, who makes all kinds of wonderful pampering products for both mom and baby alike. It’s 100% certified organic, made from stomach-settling peppermint and ginger. Plus, it tastes good and keeps your lips moisturized, too!

Giggle_morning_sickness_magic_capsuOr, for longer-term relief, try the all-natural Morning Sickness Magic Capsules. This herbal dietary supplement from the makers of Baby’s Bliss GripeWater has ginger, Vitamin B5, red raspberry leaf, and folic acid. Designed for ongoing use, it’s getting as popular among expectant moms as Gripewater is for colicky babies!

Giggle_cozychic_throw_ivoryIn addition to morning sickness remedies, Minnie should stock up on mommy pampering during this blessed but nauseous time. For curling up on the couch, nothing will feel nicer than a CozyChic Throw from Barefoot Dreams. It’s made out of microfiber that’s deliciously cuddly, and it’s guaranteed to make any mom feel at least a little bit better. I also love Maclaren Beginning for their soothing aromatherapy products. Their travel kit includes treats for both mom and baby, including massage oil, leg lotion and face mist for mom, and dusting powder, room mist, and changing balm for the little one.

There. Now don’t you feel better already?

Giggle_logo_120x90 In addition to smarter products, giggleoffers customized services to help make it easier to become a newparent, such as giggle personal shoppers and giggle’s ultimate babyregistry, offering parents a robust set of tools such as gear guides,starter checklists and a baby gear dictionary.

Did you find anything that gave you relief for morning/noon/night sickness during your pregnancy?


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MamaC on

Well, while I was jealous of those of you who responded to an earlier post about losing weight while breastfeeding (I am one who gained weight,) I guess it’s your turn to be jealous of me: I never had any morning sickness. I once or twice felt a little queasy and (sorry this is gross) a quick burp took care of it. I will say that at the time I wondered if my low-glycemic diet kept me from having morning sickness, but then my low-glycemic diet did nothing to assist me in losing weight after I had my babies–instead I gained while breastfeeding. But, if you’re pregnant and suffering with morning sickness, try low-glycemic eating for a while and see if it helps. I also did lots of maternity yoga–I highly recommend it. I thought it helped with keeping my L&D short and sweet and relatively pain free.

mary on

With my last pregnancy I had something called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It lasted throughout the whole pregnancy plus two days after. I was taking Zofran, Reglan, and Compazine daily. Because Zofran (no generics at that time) in 2004 was only used for cancer patients, my insurance company would only allow me a weekly amount of the drug at a time. We lived at Walgreens and the ER.

Because of the constant vomiting it caused migraines (I get them even not pregnant), so to treat the migraines, which in return would cause high bloodpressure because of pain, they put me on Morphine. My husband said “with all the drugs I had to take the baby was going to be stopping at Betty Ford before coming home”. Every one in the ER would laugh.

I would cry before they would give me that drug and a little after ward until I was too woozy too and would drift into semi consciousness. This would happen at least weekly maybe a few times I would make it every other week. Even with all the drugs to stop my throwing up I gained the 12.5 pounds back that I lost plus 6.5 pounds extra.

Our baby girl weighed in at 7.8 oz (I know the math does not make sense) I was thrilled because I was very little you could not tell I was pregnant. I remember I kept asking the nurse who was washing her up in the room “how much does she weigh” She said “this is the last time I am telling you 7.8,” in a joking manner.

Every two weeks I would have an ultra sound because I would measure very small for the gestational size. I am done 4 children is enough. They said it would get worse if we had more.

I embarrassed my children by quietly throwing up at their sporting events in a zip loc baggy in the stands. While some of the people, friends around me knew. They would try and joke about it. Some people from the other team who did not know me did move to another seat. My husband and some close friends loved that, so we did have that section to ourselves LOL! And my husband would throw the zip loc baggy away for me.

So I feel very sorry for anyone who is sick during their pregnancy. I feel their pain.

Leslie on

I had horrible morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter, and like Minnie’s it lasted all day long. The only thing that helped was coffee, not drinking it, but SMELLING it! I would drive to the grocery store and stand in the coffee aisle until my stomach settled down. I also kept a small bag of ground coffee beans in my purse.

Lila on

All throughout my first trimester I have been taking a product called Stomach Chi, made by the Oriental Herb Company ( It’s all Chinese herbs and it has helped me enormously! I couldn’t imagine going through pregnancy without it and am forever indebted to the person who recommended it to me! I think you can get it at Whole Foods, if not, definitely at their website.

Marlee on

i also have hyperemesis gravidarum and can relate to the all-day/all-night sickness… this pregnancy (i’m almost 7 months) has been my sickest… i’ve had a PICC line with daily IV’s at home for dehydration since december and i’m on around the clock anti-nausea meds… i also have been monitored this entire pregnancy to make sure my baby is growing as i have been so malnourished… baseball season is starting for my older sons, so the other parents will have to get accustomed to seeing me push around an IV pole… this is my last pregnancy as my HG keeps getting worse each time and i can’t emotionally, mentally and physically go through this again… i feel for anyone who has to be sick like this…

Danielle on

I believe she first announced her pregnancy on The Ellen Degeneres Show a few weeks ago.🙂

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