Melissa Joan Hart blogs and shares new photos of Mason and Brady

04/11/2008 at 02:00 AM ET

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 31, has updated her MySpace with a new blog and photos of her two boys, Mason Walter, 2, and Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart, 4 weeks. Melissa is married to Course of Nature’s Mark Wilkerson.

Melissa says that the boys are wonderful and as she mentioned previously, she falls more in love with them every day.

Brady and Mason are both growing and changing quickly — getting bigger every day. We’re settling in and really enjoying each moment (they pass so quickly)!  It’s so much better than I ever could have expected, and I am so in love with all the men in my life I can’t put it into words!

As well as acting, Melissa manages her husband’s band Course of Nature, mentioning that Mark’s CD is now available more widely. She will also be doing a Pull Ups Training Pants campaign in May/June; meaning that she will likely be on the press circuit and some talk shows.

Melissa also gives CBB a shout-out with a link to the site. Thanks Melissa!


Source: Melissa Joan Hart’s MySpace

Continue reading for another photo of Brady and one of Mason and Brady together and for fashion info.


Babystyle_turtleBrady wears Babystyle’s Silly Sea Turtles Lap Bodysuit ($20).

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a on

very cute


What a cute baby he resembles Mason and Mason is adorable. I love the picture where Mason is holding Brady. Melissa is such a sweet person and seems like a really good mom.

calla on

Aw, Mason looks like such a great big brother!

Roe on

I think the older one resembles his mother very much!!! Look at these eyes! They are both cute boys!

Erika on

How cute he is! Is he wearing a cloth diaper in that first picture? That would be too cool of MJH!

Amanda on

Mason looks very much like his mum. Braydon is so cute what an adorable baby.
All the best to Melissa and mark family.

Jen on

He’s just so tiny and so precious.

annie on

i’m not positive, but i think that brady is wearing a old navy onesie in the second picture.

very cute boys.

Lola on

what is cool about diapers?

elisabeth on

WHAT A CUTE BABY! That first picture the baby looks like a pitt/jolie baby with the red lips.
He is adorable, they both are!

Jean on

I think it’s pretty funny the baby’s in cloth and it’s mentioned in the post she’s doing a huggies campaign! I’m glad she’s choosing cloth for her son though. 🙂

Harley on

How much more adorable can you get!?

Elizabeth on

That totally looks like a cloth diaper in the fist pic – can CBB find out if she’s using cloth? Great if she is!!

sls on

Brady is wearing the adorable silly sea turtles onsie from babystyle.

gigi on

this family is beautiful!

MB on

Haha Roe I was just going to say I think Mason looks a lot like his daddy in that picture. Both boys are too cute! Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa!

Rebecca on

Erika, it does look like a cloth diaper, but it’s weird that she would be doing a Huggies Pull-Ups campaign if she cloth diapered.

Shannon on

HAHA I was thinking the same thing is he wearing a cloth diaper?! Looks like it the tab looks like it has the aplix on it for a crossover tab, just can’t see enough to see what brand it is LOL.

holly on

I think I read somewhere that she does use cloth diapers, but her oldest mason is using pull-ups now he’s being toliet trained hope this helps clear things up, holly XOXO
***My little girl is 3 months old***

Shannon on

Lola unless you cloth diaper then you’d never understand our obsession with them LOL. That’s like getting into the formula vs breastfeeding thing. Everyone does what they feel is best for their child. Check them out there are tons of cute prints.

anonymous on

They are so darned cute!!! Mason looks like a very proud big brother. He looks more like his daddy all the time.
I would love to just plant a kiss on Brady’s little baby lips. I used to do that with my own kids when they were baby’s.

emily on

I was going to comment how a. Awesome it is that she appears to be using cloth diapers and b. Wierd that she’s also doing a Huggies campaign. But I see I was beat to it.
I imagine I might to the same thing if I were in her shoes. They’re probably offering her a lot of money, and she has a growing family. They do make cloth training pants though. I think Hanna Andersson has some. Whatever works for you.

Amanda on

Those boys are the most adorable kids ever… love them! No wonder she’s so happy – with a great hubby and two cute little cherubs – I’d be on top of the world too ;p

Hannah on

I know a lot of mothers who do a combination of cloth and disposables. A couple of my friends do cloth around the house, but put their babies in sposies when they go out and about.

And pull-ups are different than diapers, so I could see why she could be doing the Huggies campaign.

These boys are just too precious. I love the first picture. Nothing better than a little baby in a white tshirt. There is something so pure about it.

Elizabeth on

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that Brady looks identical to the Mattel dolls that come with just a diaper and a pacifier on a ribbon? He’s SO adorable!

brooke on

Both boys are so cute, and both look a lot like their daddy to me. Mason and brady look so much alike too, very cute.

jaQ on

good for you, melissa! cloth diapering is wonderful. i’ve done it off and on myself~ traditional pins and plastic covers when my oldest was a toddler, and now that my daughter (named melissa :D) is diapering age, we use gdiaper covers with prefold cloth inserts. it’s a great feeling to know that you’re sending a little less into those ever-expanding landfills, isn’t it?🙂
beautiful family, beautiful little boys.

Stef on

LOL I’m glad everyone else is picking up on the “cloth diapers to avoid trash while advocated Pull-Ups” irony. Last time I checked, Pull-Ups aren’t washable and take up a lot more garbage space than a newborn’s diaper.

MaryAnn on

What a gorgeous little man! Kudos to Melissa for giving her children normal names they can live with🙂 and congratulations!

Starlet on

I so agree with the above posters that it seems very double standard and also like promoting Huggies is her job. Someone else mentioned on this site recently that many non A list celebs, specifically those who were famous a while ago seem to get more work from thier kids, like promoting certain products etc. I love CBB but I see that here too. I’d love to see posts about what natural products people love, who aren’t being paid to say what they say!
Our resusable diapers are now on their 6th child (started with a friend’s kids) and still going strong!

Starlet on

p.s. I think it’s great she’s starting to use cloth, hopefully she will be able to use them for more changes!

nicolie on

I wish everyone wouldn’t make such a big deal about the cloth diaper/Huggies thing. Have you ever tried potty training a 2-year-old and take care of a newborn at the same time? Pull-Ups are awesome.

I like how Melissa is a normal mom and admits she is “light green” like most of us, not completely eco-psycho like some celebrities feel like they need to be when they’re in the spotlight.

Starlet on

Mary Anne I think it is all cultural as Mason is definitely not a “normal” or well known name here, there is a society called the Mason’s which is made up of a group of men. Braydon is not known here either, so I think we should all remember “normal” is relative.
I think the names are very cute and suit her boys!

Jess on

Gorgeous boys!

Christina on

Mason & Brady are really cute. I can’t believe that Brady is 4 weeks already….time flies so quickly!

Amanda on

Such precious little baby boys!!

Heather on

I could just eat that baby up, he is so stinking cute!!!!!

Stef on

Starlet–I’m confused as to why you’re referencing the Freemasons? The term “mason” was around for centuries before the Freemasons and many people have it as a last name with no affiliation to the society.

Her use of that name is more an adoption of the practice of making a surname a first name.

Sarah on

I think any bit of cloth used is great. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I can’t talk because I’ve never used cloth, so two points for her over me already.

The boys are both adorable.

Amber H. on

The boys are darling and I think she is awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about her scrapbooking venture too. 🙂 We ordered two trainers with the Happy Heiny discount here and I can’t wait till they get here and we give potty training a try. Linda was super nice on the phone (I had to call because we wanted side snaps for messy accidents!) We will be doing a combination of those and Pullups too. I don’t get the whole “All or Nothing” thing with diapers…its whatever works best for your family.

Erika on

Haha! I was the first one to notice that he was in a cloth diaper. It’s true that until you cloth diaper, you don’t understand the obsession. LOL. I think it’s kinda funny how Melissa is backtracking now to say she uses mostly Huggies- don’t want to lose that endorsement deal. 😉

Sarah on

I don’t think she was backtracking, just answering people’s questions. She uses Huggies on Mason and has since he was born, but she is trying cloth diapers on Brady and using them while they are at home. That’s what I understood any way.

Amanda on

she has the cutest babies.

Lorus on

Glad to hear she is cloth diapering some of the time. My daughter is 3.5 months and has only had cloth on her bum since she was 4 weeks. I absolutely love it and would never go back to ‘sposies. My favourites are Bum Genius 3.0 one size but I also have a couple Happy Heinys because their prints are so darn cute! Cloth diapering is super addictive and I would buy plenty more if I had the spare cash.

Becky2 on

That’s what I have planned on doing when I have kids some day. Cloth diapers at home during the day, disposables at night and out and about.

LMC on

Smart Nappy is SO SO SO much better than Bum Genius and Happy Heinys … not as many leakage issues – and just a better product (believe me, I have tried a lot) … anyway, just thought I would mention it in case anyone reading this wants to use cloth diapers and not sure what kind to get … hope it helps.

Amanda on

I’ve used BumGenius for a year now with absolutely NO leaks 😉 I’m sticking with what works personally, but I’ve heard great things about Happy Heinys too.
Those boys are too adorable, and look so alike already! I’m glad she’s using cloth, nice to have a well known celebrity using cloth. It has a bad rep still and people too often view it as ‘too hard’ or ‘too time consuming’ but really it’s neither. If anything It saves me all those emergency runs to the store (not to mention money!) for diapers, which waste a lot more time than doing a little laundry. Not to mention keep all those nasty chemicals off my baby’s bum. Cloth rocks!

ekaterina on

i am doing a mix i use g diapers and cloth- i dont see why i have to choose???-
ita that she is getting paid for the huggies campaign so why not use both?
there are millions ans millions of disposables going in the trash every day, if we can cut it down even a little that will help right!

Ella on

That is definitly one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!! Congrats

Abbey on

I do like the smart nappy … but I think you can only get it them in Europe – my mother-n-law lives in London and sent them to me. I have not been able to find them anywhere in the U.S.😦

Nicole on

Such cute pictures!…I am so glad for Melissa, she seems like a very happy and busy girl!

The new baby is adorable and Mason is a cutie, I see a lot of melissa in him.

Kelly on

Melissa has GOT to stop pimping out her husbands music. I went to her myspace to read about the new baby and instead she just tells people to buy her husbands (crappy) music.

Please ask her to stop.

cristen willis on

I am so happy she is using cloth. Pocket diapers like the ones she is using are so easy. My husband and I calculated that in the last year we saved the land fills of 2,555 diapers and saved ourselves almost $1,000! Cloth diapers appear expensive but when you realize that you buy them once you are done you really save. I am wondering if Soeil Moon Frye is using cloth and wonder if her store sells them since she says the are an eco-friendly family and store.

Pietro on

Hello Melissa, I am a your italian fan. I know you for Sabrina, the teenage witch; I saw it when I was 6, and when I resee the episodes i laught a lot again!!! IT’S MY FAVOURITE SERIES!
I am very happy for your children, you have a beatiful family. And naturally happy birthday!

Pietro –I hope you read this–

Caroline on

How lovely! I love that Melissa and Mark are sharing photos of their gorgeous sons. Thanks for all the gear info, it gives me ideas on what to buy for my nephew.

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