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04/10/2008 at 10:22 AM ET

Jamie Lynn SpearsWe’ve had some strong reaction to our coverage about Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy, related to her being a teenager. We don’t feel that we are glorifying her pregnancy by reporting on it, but since there was initially strong reaction to the announcement, we posted a poll in February asking readers – "We often post images of pregnant celebrities out and about. Are you interested in seeing such coverage of Jamie Lynn Spears?"

The response was overwhelming! Out of over 11,000 responses, 64% of readers said they did want to see Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy covered on CBB. 19% said no and almost the same number, 17%, said they didn’t care. This illustrates that comments and emails are not completely representative of our readers at large. The take away is that if you are one of the 19% who thinks that our reporting on Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy (and her baby when it is born) glorifies teen pregnancy, we respect your opinion and urge you to scroll past the posts about her but we ask that you also respect the majority of your fellow readers who do want us to cover the pregnancy.

Here are the results of the poll as of today at 11 am EST. Click Continue Reading to vote if you would like to vote and haven’t already and to see where the last 500 votes came from geographically.


Photo by INF.

Blue=Yes, cover Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy
Green=No, don’t cover it
Red=I don’t care

In the continental United States and Canada

In Europe and Asia



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Stef on

I think a good chunk of the reaction has to do with the fact that she’s on a show that appeals to the teen crowd, so she seems “extra” teenage. I’ve not seen one freakout reaction here regarding the girl from “Whale Rider” who had a baby at the same age, who most Americans are not familiar with and who isn’t a staple in the teen crowd.

meghan on

interesting. who is voting from the middle of the atlantic ocean?

Sanja on

”The following types of comments will not be posted:

-any type of discrimination in the discussions, including but not limited to racism, heterosexism, classism, religious bigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled”

I’m not a fan of Jamie Lyann, nor do I support teenage pregnancy, but I think that ageism is also a form of discrimination and that the fact that you post her pictures doesn’t in any way put a positive light on teen pregnancy, if anything it gives young people an example of what not to do, imo.
Keep up the good work CBB:-)

D on

I think another poster said it best. No one was up in arms when Kesha Castle Hughs had her baby and she was JUST as young! Ladies, by posting Jamie Lynn photos on CBB do you really think it glorifies teen pregnancy? To whom? How many teens do you think visit this site?

My second comment is that I am so tired of Sancta-mommys. No mother is perfect, so to negatively comment on other mom’s age, size, weight gain, breastfeeding choices, stroller purchases is just not right. Everyone is free to make their own choices in life. You may not agree with them but in the end it isn’t really your problem. Sorry, I digress.

That’s just my two cents!

Sanja on

Meghan -I think those are the Azores (islands that are part of Portugal).

Devon on

Meghan, the Azores are in about that location in the Atlantic Ocean.

I personally think it’s good that she isn’t being shut behind doors just because she’s pregnant. Just because she’s pregnant, life isn’t going to end.

Lauren on

Re: Keisha-Castle Hughes’ pregnancy: actually, people were quite “up in arms” about it, and her pregnancy caused more than one very heated debate to ensue, with one reader saying she should have aborted her daughter. Compared to some of those posts, this has been a lovefest.

Shanna on

Go Açores!! We are a nine island archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, and we love CBB!

Courtney on


I clearly respect your position, but you are the final publsiher, not your readers. Clearly, this girl fled back to Louisiana to get away from Hollywood. The Pap’s followed her… why? Because sites like this purchase the pictures. If you stop buying (and other mags/publications), maybe the Pap’s will go back to L.A. to take pictures of celebrities who enjoy it.

Remember, her parents put her in show business. It is not like she chose her career path or her famous sister.

I wish you would kill this story. Not for the fact that it promotes teen pregnancy, BUT for the fact that this GIRL deserves some privacy during this difficult time.

As for Keisha Castle-Hughes, I NEVER saw the amount of coverage that Miss Spears has endured. Remember, she is a pregnant teen and dealing with family issues… Leave her alone.

CBB, I have purchased many products (including my Orbit) from reviews from your site as well as advertisements. I come to your site for the newest gear, clothing, etc rather than the “gossip”. Unfortunately, your need to glorify this GIRL for your personal gain, I really doubt I will visit again. This is one story… there are so many other pregancies and newborns that you can focus on.

Sometimes it is better to listen to your heart than your readers. By not purchasing these pictures to use on the site, maybe the Pap’s will leave this girl alone. I understand this is a business, but think of the other side of the lense…

Wishing you the best of luck.

Katie on

I think that this is being taken out of proportion, yes she is a teenager but she is LEGALLY able to have a child and would provide it with as much love as any other mother. She has a very good career and is able to provide a great future for her child.

Ageism is a form of descrimination and if any teens were reading surely that makes them interested in children/celebrities themselves.

If a legally aged person wants a child then that is their prerogative.

Anyone that posts the opposite would object to someone giving bad comments about their stroller, ethnics, car seat, diapers etc so they should treat everyone else as they would like to be treated as as CBB said if you dont like it then dont look!

Hea on

Jamie Lynn has NOTHING to be ashamed of. People need to get there heads out of whatever crevice they’re hiding it in. Teen pregnancies are not something that I recommend or glorify. What I do admire is when people take responsibility for their own life and actions. Jamie Lynn is 17. Almost a legal adult, unless legal means 21. In Sweden it’s 18. I would understand if people were freaked over a 14 year old being pregnant but this here is a girl clearly capable of caring for herself. Probably better than her sister is caring for her and hers but that’s beside the point.

Meg on

i’m glad her pregnancy is being covered. as stated she is just another pregnant celebrity. Although as she admitted herself she is young and wouldnt have chosen to have a baby at this time. but she is and she has taken responsiblility for her actions and in a way i think if you were you were to ignore her pregnancy it could unintentionally draw more attention to her pregnancy for the fact she is being purposfully ignored.

i hope my crazy ramblings made sense to some people!

Tracy on

I believe that teenage pregnancy is not a huge factor in “glorifying” pregnancy at all. My mother was 14 when she became pregnant with my older sister and none of her four children had children of their own until they were adults. So having been directely impacted by a teenage pregnancy in my own life, I feel that I am justified in my opioion. Teenagers are going to do as they choose regardless of another pregnancy, even a famous one.

And I think that though Jamie Lynn could have made some better decisions, she is setting a great example for other teenage mothers/fathers in the world. She is not the first teenager to have this happen and she will not be the last, so why scold her?

I think she is doing great and will still have a bright future, even if it entails dirty diapers!

Brenda on

what is wrong with Americans where they cannot just skip something they don’t approve of? there is NO reason for that girl to be ashamed of her pregnancy. we should celebrate and respect her choice to bring a child into the world. it’s not like she’s the only recent celebrity who is going through an seemingly unplanned pregnancy. her age may not be the perfect time to bring a child into the world, but the girl is trying and there is no need to place judgment her, as we should not for anyone we do not know.

Kathleen on

Meg – I agree. She’s a celebrity, and she’s having a baby. Bottom line. To ignore it is naive. I give her credit for not chickening out and having an abortion, and she seems to be doing well.
Keep doing what you’re doing CBB. Most of us appreciate it.

Nicole on

This site is about CELEBRITY babies, correct? Is there a sidebar anywhere saying that only those mothers who are not teenagers will be posted? No, I don’t believe there is. I don’t believe that there is any ‘glorification of teen pregnancy’ going on here… I simply think that it’s a matter of sticking to the subject of the site, which is again CELEBRITY babies and Jamie Lynn is by definition a celebrity.

I’ve seen nothing saying ‘this is a GREAT idea,’ or anything saying that teenage mothers will have it easier or that this is the proper way to do things. However, the same people who are badmouthing CBB for ‘glorifying’ Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy are most likely the same people who are perfectly ok with the fact that many of the couples featured here (i.e. Poppy Montgomery & Adam Kaufman, Angelina & Brad, etc) are not married. This is a site about CELEBRITY BABIES not about whether you should be a certain age or be married before you decide to have a child.

Honestly, stop getting so worked up over everything people. This site is meant to be just as entertaining as the very shows/music/movies most of these celebrities put out for us. I’m sure they are hurt by some of the ignorant and insensitive comments that they see on here.

Devon on

From everything I have read, even words from JL’s mouth, she has always stated that she would rather live in Louisiana than in California, so I don’t think it is an issue of her “fleeing Los Angeles” and the paps following her there. She lived in Los Angeles while filming her show, and always went back to Louisiana the rest of the year.

Her pregnancy isn’t being glorified. This is a site to celebrate families & babies (regardless of fame or not) and just because she is younger than the norm, should we sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn’t there? What a disservice to Jaime-Lynn but to her child as well. Should this child be any less valued because of the age of the mother? Perhaps instead of telling 16 year old girls that getting pregnant is ok, Jaime-Lynn’s pregnancy is going to show to them that it really can happen to anyone, regardless of fame or money.

Courtney, I am really sorry you feel that CBB is glorifying her pregnancy in the name of the almighty dollar. But if it really offends you, why just not skip past it? That is something I don’t really get. I am not trying to stir the pot, but if someone can explain to me why, if something offends you so much, you feel the need to comment on it? Wouldn’t it be easier to skip it?

Dunia on

I personally think that, although teenage pregnancy is a serious issue, Jamie Lynn is not the first pregnant teenager ever, nor the last. I admit that I wouldn’t like that happening in my family, but if it does it won’t be the end of the world, plus we’ll have a reason to be happy: a baby. As my best friend’s mom says, it’s way worse having cancer…

Chicki on

I agree in part what Courtney is saying in her post; that the editors of this blog have the final say on what content they deem appropriate to cover on a regular basis. Granted, JLS having a baby at her age is huge news and probably warranted a post. Obviously she will be having a child in the coming months and that’s great! I actually applaud her for making the decision she has. BUT we should keep in mind that she herself is a child.

Let me start by saying that I am a regular reader of this blog and like to hear about my celeb babies just as much as the next person. I am not trying to inject any moral platitudes here, because I understand that teen pregnancy happens every day. I voted against showing pictures of Jamie Lynn, because I felt (and still feel) that because of her age WE should be more respectful of her decision to retire from public life and deal with the tough situation she has found herself in for the time being. In MY opinion I find it a little unseemly to view a 16 year old child in the same light as any other celebrity, who choses to have a child and invites the public to consume their every movement from pregnancy through birth and beyond. This particular coverage borders on exploitation only because she is legally still a child! Regardless of why she made the choices she did, or what type of role model people expected her to be, she’s a child – and speculating on how far along she really looks, and whether she’s carrying high or low, just shows the level to which our “obsession” with celeb culture has affected our ability protect our kids when need be. Just my opinion.

brannon on

Courtney – This is not a “difficult” time for Jamie-Lynn. The negativity of some may be difficult to bare but having a child is an exciting time! She made a mistake, she admitted to doing so but now it’s time to move on and embrace her and her new child! She should not feel the need to hide or be ashamed! She is 17. Nothing will change that. She is financially secure and has a support system. Is she emotionally ready – probably more than most of us! Let’s face it, this kid had to grow up way before her time! SHe has seen, heard and lived through public scrutiny in ways we can’t imagine. She should at least be able to enjoy this! Personally, I can’t wait for the post announcing her new arrival and look forward to posting my congratulations!

Aidan on

Nicole, you have a good point. People are all up in arms about teen pregnancy & Jamie Lynn, but if saying CBB is glorifying & supporting teen pregnancy by positing about her, could it not also be said they are supporting premarital sex, infidelity, young/old marriages & relationships, divorces, etc? I mean, god, if we started cutting out the “inappropriate” and “unacceptable,” how many celebrities would be able to be featured on this site? How many of us commenters would fit into that narrow box?

I also really don’t see why people can’t just scroll past; I don’t care about more than half the celebrities on this site, so I don’t click the “continue reading.” Pretty simple.🙂

I think you do a really great job keeping things on a good note, CBB. When I see cruel comments on other sites I always think of the celebrity that could read it; I mean, I know if I were famous I’d totally google my name to see what people are saying.😉

Angel on

I think Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy should be covered. It’s not being glorified in any way, it’s just a fact of life. Why should we stick our hands in the sand and pretend that teenagers don’t get pregnant? Come on, most of us are adults here and know what reality is. Furthermore, I personally would much rather read about a young girl like Jamie Lynn who made a mistake and is taking responsibility for it than to read about some of the others who have been mentioned on the site, one of which allegedly smoked and did drugs while pregnant. We all make mistakes and, to me, if you exclude 1 celebrity because of it, you might as well shut down the site because there is no perfect person.

I applaud Danielle and all who contribute to this site. It is one of my favorites and I appreciate the fact that you give us readers a voice.

Melea on

I am getting so tired of hearing so many negative things about teen pregnancy. Of course it’s not something that EVERY teen should go through or even a tiny fraction but there are some amazing parents who had their children young just like there are some horrible parents who had their children when they were older. Age does not always tell what type of parent the person will be and it would be nice if age didn’t play such a huge factor in the opinions of others.

How about waiting to see what type of mother she is? How about informing your own teen about how hard it is being pregnant/having children young. Just because they see a famous teen that is pregnant does not increase their chances of getting pregnant themselves. I was married at 17, tried and tried for my son and ended up doing IVF at 19, FET at 20 and giving birth when I was 20. I very well could have been one of those teen moms everyone judges but it wouldn’t have changed what kind of mother I am. My choices in life didn’t change the goals that my childless friends had for themselves who by the way still aren’t married or have children and we are 23 now.

Anyways, like I said, I’m just tired of hearing people judge other parents based on age and age alone.

Shaunie on

Being in my late teens now,I can say I don’t think posting pics of Jamie Lynn “glorifies” teen pregnancy.

There are plenty of outlets that tell us about abstinence,protection,prevention, etc… we know getting pregnant during our teens is not ideal. The majority of us do not put ‘having a baby’ on our list of “Things To Do Before I’m An Adult.”

Of course teen pregnancy still happens, but I highly doubt seeing a couple of pictures of JLS pregnant led them down that road, or makes light of the situation.

amandamay on

i also think that teen pregnancy isn’t ideal, but i almost find it funny how people act like it’s so horrible. personally i find it strange that women wait until their 40’s now to have babies, but i don’t write negative comments about it. women are meant to be pregnant from the start of mestruation (biologically, not necessarily socially or emotionally) and it’s well known that fertility is “strongest” in your late teens/early twenties, so what’s everyone’s problem? a generation or two ago, you would have been thought of as a spinster if you were past your mid-twenties and not already married with several kids. my mom had 3 kids by the time she was 24 (and one stillbirth)! she was well educated, a fantastic mother and all three of her kids went on to top universities, great careers and happy lives. for some reason with the advancements in invitro etc and celebs waiting so long to have kids, people seem to think that having kids in your 30’s/40’s is the norm. it’s not. and if you’re going to throw the “religion and morals” card into this (and i’m a christian woman myself) shouldn’t we remember that jesus loved EVERYONE and didn’t judge others? what ever happened to “judge not lest ye be judged”? please be kind to others, no matter their situation. we are all god’s children.

Adgi on

As the daughter of a teen mother (my mom was 18 when she got pregnant,19 when I was born), I think people should stop assuming that just because someone is a teenager they are unfit parents.. my mom and dad were very young when i was born.. they fought against my grandparents to have me and raised me with little help from them(they are very good grandparents though, always there for me).
Is it an ideal situation. No, but growing up I saw a lot of friends with older parents and they were in no way better parents than mine nor their kids better than me. In fact i have an 14 yaer old sister who is just like me, but worse behaved. Now i’m almost 21 years old do not have any children and grew up with very good examples that life is not perfect, but you deal with it.
My mom is now 38 years old has a very good job at a big company and 1 a year ago had my baby bother.
My parents managed to give me a very good life, and I’m very thankful to them.

Kerri on

Posting everday pictures of her isn’t glorifying teen pregnancy, it’s just not feeling the need to hide her away from the rest of the world. She’s pregnant, it’s a fact of life, and I don’t think anything has been shown glamorized teen pregnancy. All of the shots of her are of her doing average, every day stuff. People are excited about her being pregnant just the same as any other celebrity.

Sure, her pregnancy at 16 isn’t ideal, but ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. She seems to be handling everything in a mature, responsible manner, and it’s nice to see her facing the situation she’s in like an adult. I wish her all the best.

brandidockett on

This is my first post on CBB but I had to comment. She is not the first pregnant teenager and she won’t be the last. Its a fact that teens have sex and get pregnant and she is proof of what happens when you practice non-safe teen sex. I think its good she made the decision to do what was best for her, which is keep her baby. She is a celeb and she is pregnant so she should be on this site. Its doesn’t glorify teen pregnancy, its a reminder to talk to your kids so they are not in this situation. keep jamie lynn on CBB

MaryAnn on

A sad fact of our society is that teens DO get pregnant, Jamie Lynn is not the first nor will she be the last. Therefore, to say she is “glorifying” teen pregnancy is kind of silly, when you don’t have to go farther than the mall to see pregnant teens. A pregnant friend or aquaintance is a far bigger influence on most teens then a semi celebrity they’ve never met.
Having said that, this is a respectful site about celebrity babies, and as someone posted before me, she is by definition a celebrity.
Besides, babies don’t stay babies and Teenagers don’t stay Teenagers. She won’t be a teen mom forever.

Jo-ann on

I have absolutely no problems with Jamie Lynn postings on CBB. This blog is on celeb pregnancies/babies, and Jamie-Lynn is a pregnant celeb. She is pregnant, and this is a fact we cannot change even if CBB does not post about her. Moreover, Jamie-Lynn seems to be handling this situation very well, staying out of the limelight and living her own life.

I do not see how posts on Jamie-Lynn here will glorify teen pregnancy or what not. If teenagers want to have unprotected sex and risk pregnancy, they are going to do it even if CBB abstains from Jamie-Lynn posts

I always just scroll past news of celebs I do not want to read about when visiting blogs or forums. So if there are people who take offence with this Jamie-Lynn saga, I’d advise them to do the same.

emily on

Well, to be fair about this debate…the site isn’t only for conventional celebrity mothers. I mean, honestly, teen pregnancy is a big no-no, but what about having children out of wedlock? About 50% or more of the celebrity mothers on this site are unwed! Yet no one seems to mind? You can’t shake your finger at one without the other. I agree that people hold a their own standard of morality, but don’t extend that standard to others.

Courtney on

I understand that I may be in minority, however I fully stand by my view. I understand and respect those who differ than myself, but then again, I see teenage pregnancies every day. Since becoming a midwife, I approximate that I have cared for over 800 pregnant teenage girls… all from different backgrounds. Some poor, some from extremely wealthy families and two girls from high profile families. What do they all have in common? They are all dealing with raging hormones, emotions, and acceptance. Unlike a woman who chooses to get pregnant, an unplanned pregnant teenage mother is coming to terms that she is going from a girl to a woman. Many teens actually mourn their childhood. So yes, pregnancy for a teenager is a difficult time and I could throw hundreds of studies to “prove” this theory. Just because she is privileged does not mean she is not affected by an unplanned pregnancy.

I posted this on a prior thread: Dealing with hundreds of pregnant teens, I can tell you that most of them deal with so many more emotions than other pregnant women. Disappointment at the situation mixed with elation or sorrow of the pregnancy… can you imagine. She already mentioned she made a mistake. Now imagine that “mistake” broadcast throughout the world. Knowing that you not only let down yourself, your family, but the thousands of fans who supported her.

So yes, this is a “difficult” time for her. Think of her life… She is alone in Louisiana, her mother and father in California trying to stabilize her sister who went through a very public meltdown. She is a teen-ager and pregnant. While she may have many more resources than other moms, she still is a pregnant teen. I admire the maturity she has shown and I am really hoping that everything works out in the end for her, Casey, and the Baby.

As for skipping past the posts, today was the first day that I ever opened a post on her. It saddened me… I guess I come to CBB since it is such a well-run site and a blog I would even consider “moral”. Why is it that they do not post pictures of children crying, but feel the need to post pictures of this pregnant GIRL who is just trying to live a normal life away from Hollywood. I have read this blog for several years and always appreciated Danielle’s view… However, I can not longer sit back and support a site which is profiting on pictures taken by the “stalk-arazzi”. More importantly, I refuse to support the businesses that advertise on this site. Do you think they agree with exploiting a teenager for site traffic?

Leave Jaime Lynn alone… or better yet, why does CBB not reach a hand out to her publicist and offer an exclusive opportunity for JLS to speak. In return, CBB will no longer purchase or print photos of Jaime Lynn purchased by the paparazzi. In no way I am saying that we should shut our eyes and pretend teen pregnancy does not occur because I see it EVERY DAY!

As a society, we believe that we have a right to these celebrities. The truth is that these celebrities have a right to privacy. I strongly believe we should allow this girl to grow her child in peace. IF she chooses to do a feature spread or put her baby on the front of a magazine, then let HER choose.

Danielle, I beg of you… Would you want Anya to photographed if she was a pregnant teen or would you want her to have nine months of peace while she goes from a girl to a woman. Jaime Lynn is still a child and why is CBB not protecting her. I guess it comes down to the $$$. You are the publishers and have the final say.

Shelby on

If you are all SO worried about glorifying teen pregnancy, then why don’t you take it to our government and help get better sex education in our school systems? Otherwise, keep it out of CBB. We come here to see Celebrity and Babies…PERIOD! I applaud Jamie Lynn’s decision and look forward to seeing posts of her pregnancy like I do any other celebrity. Danielle, I applaud what you continue to do, inform of us of Celebrity Babies which is exactly what I come here for. If you nay-sayers disagree then feel free not to visit anymore…I’m sure the comment boards would be much better off. There are plenty of us who enjoy this site for what it does and continues to do. GREAT JOB CBB~!!

Kelly on

Emily–I couldn’t agree more!

Kate on

I have no problem with Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy being covered. What I find a bit disturbing is that just about every thread turns into a celebration of teen pregnancy. Everyone starts up about how age doesn’t matter and how they knew women who had a child at 15 and are doing just fine. The facts simply don’t support these anecdotes. The facts are that less than half of all teen mothers graduate from high school and less than 2% get a college degree. Children of teen mothers are more likely to be incarcerated, become teen parents themselves, and do poorly in school. Most child poverty can be linked to teenage pregnancy. Having said that, I think Jamie Lynn will probably be an exception because of the financial resources and support she has. I just don’t see why respecting her means gloifying teen pregnancy in general.

Nikki on

Im a Teen Mom, I wish i had waited but i love my son, he is my life. I dont agree with teens getting pregnant but its gonna happen. Just as long as she is a good mom that is what counts.

i dont not like her, i think since she was a role model she should of been more careful but we cant do anything bout her choose.

i wish her luck in the pregnancy and motherhood. Kids are a joy WHEN your ready

Lisa on

Jamie Lynn is a MINOR, being a child herself I am shocked that cbb would post picures of her while pregnant, to help fuel the paparazzi in invading this girl’s privacy.I know that readers want to see pics of jamie lynn but cbb should use their better judgement and refrain from posting pics of pregnant minors.

Erika on

I enjoy reading and seeing pictures of all pregnant celebrities and celebrity moms. I think that it is great that Jamie Lynn seems to be very mature and responsible about her pregnancy. Why should we exclude her pictures just because of her age. I have a friend who had a baby at 16 and she is an amazing mom. I think Jamie Lynn is very mature for her age and I am glad you guys are covering her pregnancy.

Sanja on

Kate -I agree. But, I think we can all agree that the women you’ve mentioned in the stats are likely to visit this site.

Sanja on

‘…AREN’T likely to visit…’, of course

Lisa- isn’t that a bit hypocritical considering that this site is dedicated to minors and we all come here to watch pictures of babies and children?

Tara on

i think there are more things in life to get up in arms over than jamie lynne spears bein on a celebrity website.

let’s just hope she brings a healthy baby into the world, that should be the focus not her age.

Renee on

Sanja, I noticed that too. Again ignore the posts about her.It’s not difficult and it’s the same debate over and over again. It seems like it never ends. Are we going to have the same debate after she has the baby and there is a picture of them out. I really guess people expect us to ignore her and forget she existed.

Amanda on

I appreciate seeing her on here- I respect this site more than some others because you all are for the most part respectful of the people covered. I don’t think any celebrity willingly chooses to give up all of their privacy, its just part of the job, and she’s dealing with that now.

Jay on

I personally applaud CBB for covering Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. I didn’t know posting a picture with a blurb was considered glorifying teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy existed way before Jamie Lynn and will be here afterwards. Jamie Lynn is not responsible for every child in this world. She’s responsible for the child she is carrying. If anything, use Jamie’s situation as an example to your child of what can happen if you have pre-marital sex or unprotected sex. None of us are perfect. I like how CBB handles the naysayers. At the end of the day, this isn’t our website…we don’t run it…CBB does…so they have the last say so. As they always say…please feel free to scroll on by if you don’t like what you see!!

Courtney on

I just want to say that I post here on a daily basis and I am not the same Courtney as above.

I have 4 children, 3 of which are girls. I am not happy about her being pregnant, it makes me worry about the world my children are growing up in. I realize that times change and altho I accept that she is pregnant and I am proud of her for how she ahs conducted herself, I don’t want my daughters to be teen moms. Life is hard enough at any age without adding a child into the mix at a young age.

In our family, this has opened up the opportunity to expain some thing to my girls. At this point we just tell them that babies come after mommies and daddies get married. They are way to young for a sex talk so this is how we have chosen to expain things to them.

I don’t mind seeing Jamie Lynn on here, she is a pregnant celebrity and thats what we are here for. I keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Melissa on

In all honesty, I don’t think people are interested in her pregnancy because she is a celebrity. I think they are interested in images and information because they are curious. I think the Spears’ family has been a complete trainwreck in the past couple years, and it is hard to look away.

Lara on

For the people who keep reminding everyone to ignore the comments and topics they don’t care for; that remark can go btoh ways.

Please get off of that soapbox regarding that, we get it. Some people are all fo Jamie’s pregnancy, and some aren’t. Why do the people who don’t care for it have to be picked at, none of them are being nasty about their opinions.

Lara on

Meghan, I noticed that too..lol! Maybe someone has really good wireless on their laptop on their boat in the Atlantic. 😛

Larice on

You are right to report on it. It’s a reality, and it would be hypocrite to hide it. In fact it could be a warning for teens. Oh, the hypocrisy of puritanism, people love a movie like “Juno” but object to real life.

Eleanor on

personaly i think that JL is being very brave and mature about her situation, I am the same age as her and i know that i would not be able to cope anywhere near as well as she is doing.
also age has nothing to do with how good a mother she will be, she will give her baby just as much love and support as an older mother.
this website is for celebrities and their children and JL is a celebrity so she should be on this site, and so should any pregnant celebrity regardless of age.

Hea on

Covering up would make teen pregnancies more glorified among kids than covering this could ever.

Jill on

I think it’s distasteful for you to post pictures and follow her pregnancy since she is a MINOR CHILD. I also think that it’s sickening to read responses to her photos saying things like, “Pregnancy fits her!/Becomes her!” ect. I don’t think these are ways anyone should refer to the pregnancy of a child. It’s an unfortunate situation. I applaud her for choosing to give life to her baby and not kill it without any of knowing about it. But the girl has tried to go home and be low-key. For a classy site like this it does seem like invading the privacy of a child.

A lot of people who took your poll probably felt like me – don’t think you should be covering it, but still so curious about the trainwreck Spears family they don’t want to stop watching.

yaosa on

I agree with you Kate.

I applaud JLS and I have no issue with whether or not CBB covers the story. There is always something for someone to learn from the experiences of others. Whatever my thoughts or beliefs are, they have nothing to do with this story or her life. She is a celebrity and deserves to have her baby celebrated. Yes, she is one of the lucky few teens to have family support and be financially set but maybe her experience can help another person or teen.

Lauren on

I completely agree with Kate and Lara. I don’t find the photos of Jamie-Lynn nearly as disturbing as the fact that every post about her turns into a glorification of teen pregnancy among readers. As you mentioned, the glorification here contradicts pretty much every single study that has been conducted on the children of teen mothers. But judging by this site, you’d think being a teen mom is just fine and dandy with no consequences other than a mother who has to grow up quickly.

And Lara, I’ve noticed the same contradiction for some time now. Isn’t it ironic how readers who choose to whine about how people should skip stories they dislike and move on can’t skip comments they dislike and move on?

Jackie on

I feel that deliberately NOT showing pictures of pregnant teenagers would be a way of trying to ignore the fact that teenagers get pregnant, even celebrity teenagers. Deliberately ignoring a teenagers pregnancy nowadays is like back in the 60’s when a teenager got pregnant and ‘went away to help out a sick aunt’ for 9 months. How are we going to decrease the numbers of teens that get pregnant every year if we hide teenage pregnancies instead of using the experiences of teenage mothers to educate? Every time a picture of a teenager whom is pregnant comes up on this site, I think it would be an excellent opportunity to list a few links about talking to your kids about sex and pregnancy. I know it sounds cheesy, but education is the key, not hiding the facts.

abi on

Would it make you feel better if she had been married at 16 and THEN gotten pregnant?
So what. I’m not trying to encourage teen pregnancies, but I actually think Jamie if being very responsible. She could have ran and hid/ ran away/ got an abortion, but no. She came out and told people, knowing she was going to get judged, knowing that nobody else would look at her the same way again. I feel that Jamie Lynn has had so much courage through this whole thing, it makes up for her getting knocked up.
Jamie Lynn, thank you for being so responsible in a time like this. I know so many people who would never have done the same thning you did. Heck, I probably wouldn’t of.
Good luck with the pregnancy and I hope your baby is healthy, because that’s all that matters.

Amanda on

When I first heard Jamie Lynn was pregnant, I was a little shocked. But then I thought to myself: she’ll be okay. People like to judge because of her age, some previous family history, etc. – but for those who have actually met her or have seen interviews she’s done, etc. – she is really level headed. She’s always been a pretty smart girl who has confidence in herself and says what she wants and how she feels. She’s more mature than people give her credit. I know a girl who had a kid really young (14) and was DEFINITELY not ready for it and it showed in how her child behaved. But I also know girls who have had children young and their kids are amazing. They stepped up to the plate and they handled it well – just like I think Jamie Lynn is doing. I’m glad CBB covers it. Just like some other posts have said: there are celebrities I don’t know or maybe don’t care about – I just keep going. There’s so many other things on here to look at – you don’t have to read everything, especially if you don’t agree with it. Thanks CBB for staying true and letting everyones story be told in a positive fun way.

fay on

may i just say, the fact of the matter is that teen girls ARE getting pregnant, it’s an issue (i didnt want to say problem) and the fact of the matter is that a LOT of these girls are choosing to have their babies. we have to support them, not hide them… we have to support them and help them become good mothers… simple as that… i am only 26, and am planning to wait for the benefit of marriage before procreating, but really, we don’t have to glorify it. it’s real, it’s real it’s happening… and i don’t know if this is going to get me banned, but there was once a time when homosexual children were taboo… now we encourage ppl to love their children…there was once a time when biracial children were taboo… i mean EVERYTHING’S taboo… we’ve got to be open about these things and not sweeping them under the rug… and its not as if jamie lynn is still in l.a. going out to clubs, going out and being a bad girl… she got caught up, MOVED AWAY… and is trying to make good decisions… i think this girl should be applauded for being so adult and preparing herself as much as possible for becoming a mother…

that’s my $.02

UggaMugga.com on

She REALLY doesn’t look like she’s enjoying having her photograph taken. I feel badly for her. We always comment that we feel badly for minors such as Ava Phillipe and Shiloh Jolie Pitt who aren’t comfortable getting their photographs taken, but no one seems to remember that Jamie Lynn is also a minor and a child. I understand she’s pregnant, but she’s a child. I know her parents aren’t there to cover her with a blanket preventing CBB from feeling comfortable posting her photos as they’ve stated in the past, but her looking miserable and turning her face seems pretty much like the same thing to me.

babyv on

i feel like her pregnancy should be covered just like any other celeb. she is NOT the first teen to get pregnant and she will NOT be the last. why are people giving her a hard time? is it because her last name is Spears and not Knowles?

Jem on

I can definitely understand why Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy could be considered to be shocking/scandalous, but I wish more people would praise her for being responsible in how she is dealing with this.

She could have had an abortion and not dealt with the consequences of her actions, but she chose to take responsibility for them; I think she deserves some credit!

It must be hard enough to have a baby at such a young age, let alone be judged by the public. I think she deserves support, love, and praise for keeping the baby.

Kate on

“You are right to report on it. It’s a reality, and it would be hypocrite to hide it. In fact it could be a warning for teens. Oh, the hypocrisy of puritanism, people love a movie like “Juno” but object to real life.”

I think people liked Juno because she realized that she wasn’t ready to be a mother and gave her baby a chance at a better life. This is a contrast to the typical situations of teen parents.

Kimberly on

When you let teens date there is always that possibility that they will be sexually active and can end up pregnant. if you had chosen not to cover her pregnancy because of her age, you would have to shut down shop and not cover the pregnancies of those who are not married, or who are gay. She has the money and resources to take care of a baby, regardless of age. this is nothing new so why are we shocked!

Jane on

CBB needs to be less reactionary about readers’ comments. There will always be those who criticize, and it seems that responding to these criticisms has become your primary concern rather than actually creating material. This is YOUR product and YOUR responsibility to make creative decisions. The endless defenses and responses are self-indulgent and childish, as most readers know perfectly well they can just ignore content of which they disapprove.

Zee on

I’m a year and a bit older than Jamie Lynn, and it saddens me that people have such a go about her being pregnant. Accidents happen with young people – you can’t always say that they aren’t careful either. No birth control except abstinence is 100% effective, so even the best prepared people can be caught off guard.

I commend her for being committed to raising her child. If she had of chosen another option, such as adoption or abortion, I would still support her, because they are her choices for her body and her child. We shouldn’t judge people for the choices they make. She’s doing the best she can, especially living in a fishbowl next to her poor sister’s problems.

I don’t think her being featured her glorifies teen pregnancy. Teenagers will do what they want, so it’s best to guide them, but let them live. You guys all made mistakes too.

Parents should be upfront and honest with their kids about sex ed as soon as possible – I’d rather be armed with knowledge than to be going blind into behaviour which we are all know a lot of people my age and a little younger are going to do. I know my own mother was very open in our household about all sorts of those issues. Both my sister and I could not be any more informed – I’ll be raising my future children the same way.

Please, just give a thought for the young teen mothers out there giving it a go. Sure, some aren’t going to succeed for numerous reasons. There are so many great stories of teen mothers as well. Give them a chance, help them out and remember they’re human too. We all have feelings and perhaps you wouldn’t like to be in her shoes – not for being pregnant at her age, but for the sometimes cruel and nasty attention she is receiving for choosing to bring a life into the world.

Sophie on

Posting a picture every now and then would be fine even though she is just 16, after all she is a pregnant celebrity. Unless she looks miserable then inderstand it and just don’t post it at all.
What you are doing is posting every single photo you can get your hands on, regardless of what this girl looks like, and not only that, but you are posting polls like this, knowing that it will only bring more traffic to your website.
Enough. She is below the age of 18 and if you had any common sense you would not even be posting any pictures of her. Get some class. Everyone knows she is pregnant anyway.
I live in Europe and some newspapers had the news when it got out that she was pregnant, but no one is putting photos of her, not even the lowest of the magazines.
Just stop making such a big deal out of this. Do YOU think it’s right to post about a 16 year old (alright now 17) who herself said that get pregnant WAS a mistake? Please use your common sense! She’s a minor and this is wrong, posting photos of her so much. I am sad to say that Jamie Lynn Spears seems to be able to deal with this better than some adults here, which is sad.


Renee on

Kate, your posts show that you don’t understand what some of us are saying.Not every post about Jamie needs to have someone complaining about it. She is not going anywhere and NO ONE IS GLORIFYING HER PREGNANCY. Some of you are forgetting we do have people around here who are or were teen mothers. They deserve just as much respect as any other mother

Kate on

I said I don’t care if there are posts about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. I don’t think that glorifies teen pregnancy. I think the thread posts often glorify teen pregnancy in general. People go on and on about how great most teen mothers are and how age of the mother has no impact on a child’s well-being. The facts contradict this. Most teen mothers don’t even graduate high school. I said I think Jamie Lynn will be probably be an exception to this because she’s in a rare situation. This is why I don’t get why people(some posters) use news about her to support teen pregnancy in general.

Brittany on


Meg on

I think she should be shown to show teenaged children that pregnancy happens and when you make certain decisions, it will happen. They are too young and immature and can’t take of themselves let alone another human being and her story will show them that. Most teenage moms, while love their child, would put their pride aside and say that would have waited.

islaygirl on

I think it deserves coverage because she is a celebrity, but i think, too, she’s still a young girl and deserves gentler coverage (which i think CBB generally gives, anyway).

CelebBabyLover on

Personally, I think CBB is just doing the same thing with Jamie Lynn that they do with all pregnant celebs and celebrity parents, which is post pictures of them. They do not, however, as Sophie said, post “every picture they can get their hands on”. Similar discussions also came up when there were lots of posts at different times about Bryce Dallas-Howard, Toby Maguire, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and even the three older Jolie-Pitt kids.

In Bryce and Toby’s cases, they happened to be promoting movies at the time, so naturally they were making a lot of appearences and giving a lot of interviews. CBB, naturally, posted the baby-related ones.

Jessica was also promoting a movie, and Nicole was simply being photographed a lot (mainly because she had just announced her pregnancy, so naturally the paps were going to want to get those first “bump” shots). As for the J-P kids, they were simply going to school in Prague, and the paps began photographing them going to and from school almost literally every day.

The explanation CBB gave in all those cases was that they post what the photo agencies and the media (in the case of interviews) make avaliable. However, if, say, Jamie Lynn were trying to hide from the paps or was looking really upset in a paticular photo, CBB would not post it because it goes against their “no upset children/parents/pregnant celebs, and no celebs trying to hide their children and/or themselves from the paps” policy.

In otherwords, CBB actually DOES take into account the fact that celebs don’t always want their picture taken, and if it is clear that that is the case, then they don’t post the photo.

Anyway, all of that said, I was shocked to discover that a few commentors have referred to the Spears family as a trainwreck. For one thing, in all fairness, things seem to be a lot better for the Spears family lately. Britney appears to be back on the right track, and while Jamie Lynn’s situation certainly isn’t ideal, it doesn’t sound like her family is all that upset about it (not that they weren’t at first).

For another thing, imagine how the Spears family (Jamie Lynn in particular) would feel if they came here and read those “trainwreck” comments. As we have seen multiple times in the past several months, celebrities DO read this blog (not all of them, naturally, but some of them).

Soph on

She’s not the first celebrity teen to get pregnant. Personally, I am more worried about celebrities with a history of drug abuse getting pregnant. Unfortunately, one of the perils of child stardom is being forced to grow up long before you’re ready. I was almost a teen parent myself and it was a very daunting time that I coped with. I lost the baby unfortunately, but even those few short weeks of pregnancy made me grow up immensely without realising it. I wish all mothers all the luck in the world.

I notice there are no similar posts disparaging parents who choose to wait til their 40s to have their children.

BluePencils on

The truth is that there is no universal “right” time to have a baby. Jamie-Lynn Spears is unlike most other teen mothers. This may very well have been the right time for her. She’s already established in a career, she can still go to college if she wants, and she probably has plenty of money in the bank. But it irks me that people keep applauding her for “taking responsibility”–taking responsibility would have meant using contraception or waiting to have sex. We have no idea how she chose to have this child, if she thought about the consequences at all. Having an abortion is not an easy decision, and it also means taking responsibility for your actions; it’s not an easy out, as anyone who has had an abortion will tell you.

Publishing photos of her is not glorifying teen pregnancy. If anything, I’m sure teens look at her and are warned off–she’s no longer on her glamorous TV show, she’s living at home, and she certainly doesn’t look glamorous in ponytails and shorts with her belly straining her T-shirts. What teen would want that? I’m reminded of the line from the movie Juno, where she calls herself the “cautionary whale.” I don’t think pregnancy itself is glamorous to teens at all. What teens want is independence, and losing her TV show means Jamie Lynn has lost her independence.

Evelyn-Miami on

I dont believe in teen pregnancy, if it happens then the teen needs to show maturity and grow up when she is not ready to do so. It’s tough my sister got pregant at 16 and decided to keep the baby. She almost died in labor because come to find out her pelvic muscles were not fully developed and couldnt have the baby naturally. They did a c-section (very much needed to save the baby). then her uterus would not stop contracting and bleeding because they had given her so much pitocin to make her dilate. Finally to save her life, they had to give her 10 pints of blood and remove her uterus.After that, her lungs collapsed and she almost died then because she could not breathe on her own. Overall she spent 45 days in the hospital and survived. You ask her today if she would have done things differently and she will obviously say yes. Thank God she is alive, but she is 32 years old now and has a wonderful relationship with her daughter but can never concieve again. The fact that she can’t concieve has detered a lot of men from taking her seriously (believe it or not) because they one to have kids. She will try surrogacy when the time is right. This is her story and perhaps an extreme event but she was just a normal 16 yr old who got pregant and almost didnt live to tell about it.

jnb on

I agree with Brittany and Amanda.

I am a teen mom. I got pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18. I am 20 now, and I am pregnant with my second child, whom was planned. I agree that there are some negative comments here about teen mothers that we as mothers don’t appreciate hearing. So because statistics show that most teen moms don’t graduate high school or get a college degree, are you to believe that that includes all teen mothers? I personally graduated high school at the top of my class, and I have almost completed my college diploma. I know that I am a good mother and I have done this all on my own. I pawn my child off on someone else, and I haven’t lived off of someone else. However, I do realize that there are teen moms out there who don’t take care of their children and should have waited to have their kids.

As for those who believe that teen pregnancy is a mistake, a problem, or something to be ashamed of, I think you are mistaken for the most part. My son was a surprise, not an accident. I loved having my child at the age I did and I wouldn’t change it by a minute.

I just don’t agree with how a lot of people seem to group teen mothers as a whole as opposed to as individuals. Each situation is different and you can’t judge someone you don’t know or their decisions because you feel that it wouldn’t be your choice.

We all have our own opinions and that is understandable. But there is no reason that people can’t be more open-minded towards another opinion. Like someone said, there are woman who are having children now well into their 40’s and some people won’t agree with that. But in those cases how often does someone remark negatively on their situation.

It comes down to personal choice. Whether you chose to have a child at 17 or at 45, as long as you love your child, provide for him or her, and take care of them with the best of your ability, it should be embraced. Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful, special thing, and if someone has decided to take part in that then we should just accept their choice and support them, no matter what the circumstances are. Really at the end of the day it is them who has to deal with their choice, not you. You have to deal with your own choices.

jnb on

Sorry I made a mistake in my post **I DON’T pawn my child off on someone else.**

Kayla on

CBB is a blog about celebrity babies not a moral compass people use to navigate their lives. She is a celebrity and she’s having a baby; seems like she fits the criteria to be posted on the website. Judging people’s personal choices regarding their families is a slippery slope. Kate Moss is a known drug user and you picture her with her children. Tommy Lee is also a known drug user and *gasp* divorced. I don’t see any discussion on the site about the issues of substance abuse and divorce, so why the discussion about teen pregnancy? Does CBB take the position that teen pregnancy is “worse” then parental substance abuse or divorce? This site informs about celebrities and their babies, it is NOT a moral authority, nor should it be.

rmac on

I think covering her pregnancy is a consequence of a poor decision. It is a shame to start off a marriage with feelings of guilt and shame. There is a great song about saving yourself for the love of your life. It is called “Love Me Now” by a new singer called Sarah Elizabeth. You can check out the song at http://www.sarahelizabethmusic.net and click on listen to sarah’s music. I think part of the problem is not thinking about the person you will one day desire to spend the rest of your life with. If you start thinking about them now, it is not waiting, it is really loving them now, like the song says!

CelebBabyLover on

Very well said, Kayla!

Kylie on

I would like everyone to see JL position from the point of view of a tennager:

I am 16, and many of people saying that they rather not JL pics because it is glorifying teen pregnancy-I don’t think it is. I can’t speak for all teenagers, but I can say for most we have enough education and common sense to know that we shouldn’t become pregnant. I actually believe that JL is a great role model in some aspects (I know surprising!). However, teen pregnancy is not something that the world can be rid of in a matter of days. It is going to happen, and usually it is accident like JL stituation. She is actually showing pregnant teens that yes this is bad stituation, but with the strength from your family and friends you can pull through this. I think her qualities of being a role medal actually spread to many other teens who are in bad stituations. You never know what is coming, and JL is showing us that we need to step up to the plate, stop blaming others things or people, and take care of the stituation.

It is a stituation I would never want to be in myself, but I commend her for teaching me many lessons that I would not have probably acknowleged if some other celebrity was just saying don’t do this don’t do this. For teenagers, I think most of us are so used to hearing don’t do this, don’t do that, that we almost start to block it out. By JL not saying to not do this, she is teaching us a much greater lesson.

Good Luck Jamie!! and sorry this is so long-I was tried of some people ammusing the JL was a horrible role model.

melissa on

honestly, i think it should be covered. though it is unfortunate that she is a teen, she is also a celebrity. And we can’t just turn away from pregnant teens because they’ll feel like they’re not wanted. I was pregnant with my first child when i was 20, and i still got the disgusting looks from people. we shouldnt SHUN young girls in trouble.

jessica on

Personally I believe that many are focusing on the wrong. she needs to be applauded for the fact that she did not do what other teens have been doing for who knows how long and that is termminating the pregnancy. she showed that she can make adult decisions and take responsibility for her actions. she has done a good job of staying out of the spotlight so she isn’t doing it for attention. I also believe that if a child is raised right he/she will not do what is seen in the media but make THEIR choices not a celebrities’.

joe johnson on

what were other teen pregnancies with celebrities

Megan on

okay, i am getting reall sick and tired of you people who have no lives and get ur entertainment by peeking in on someone elses…did you guys ever think that maybe these celebrities didnt want people knowing about their personal lives…now i am 15 and i know that getting pregnant at a young age is a not so smart thing to do, and so that is why i am not pregnant, but think about it. how many of you mothers on this thing can honestly say that you werent between the ages of 16-19 when you first got pregnant.????

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