Reader Mail: CBB Reader Marcia appreciates our comment policy and standards

04/10/2008 at 10:39 AM ET

People have a tendency to write only when they have a complaint so it’s such a breath of fresh air to receive positive feedback. CBB Reader Marcia sent the following email to our new box (replace AT with @) and it made my day.

Great website.  Your comment policy and the standards you maintain are the number one reason I am a faithful visitor to your site.  That is also the reason I feel so comfortable recommending your website to my friends and family.

So many other celebrity websites are mean spirited, obscene and crude. These websites or blogs seem to appeal to the lowest common denominator in society in terms of intelligence.  This is clearly reflected when you read their comment section.


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Nicole on

I really do appreciate the comments on this site – I can scroll down and read people’s thoughts without having to screen through pure hate and profanity.

anonymous on

Having such a strict comment policy and wanting to remain respectful to celebrities and their families, I wish CBB would adhere to those same principles when selecting the pictures you choose to post. I cringe when I see those ambush photos of the celebrities/parents that obviously do not appreciate being photographed.I think the children must also feel intimidated (or even scared) when the photographers are pursuing them.

I realize it’s a double edge sword since your site is all about celebrity babies but maybe if you set a higher standard for the pictures you choose, more celebrities would be apt to share with you. I think of pictures of Reese Witherspoon, Pitt/Jolie, Heidi Klum or Suri Cruise. Their parents obviously do not want their children to be photographed and I wonder what means the photogs are going to in order to gain the photo.

This is such a nice site. I just wish it didn’t feed into the whole paparazzi frenzy like the celebrity mags.

MB on

I do appreciate the policies…I don’t go to the other sites b/c of the nasty language. However, I’ll miss getting responses from staff members to questions in the comments section. I understand there were probably just too many questions coming in for all of you to handle though.

Natasha on

I do like the comment policy but sometimes comments are held back (I know some of mine were) that I didn’t think were inappropriate but apparently were.

Vanessa on

I personally think that you’re too strict with the comments-rules or whatever it is, I feel often as I’m not even allowed to think for myself! It’s like no opinions are appreciated here and well that’s…scary.

I’m 100% sure this won’t even be posted but well…it was worth telling…

Jo Ann v. on

I totally agree with the comments policy. Here I care to read comments. On other sites, I don’t even feel like participating in a “debate” as there is so much scorn !

One thing though : you answering to readers on their own comments was great too, it’s sad to see that going😦

Colette on

anonymous: CBB has always (IMO) deliberately gone out of its way not to post any images where either the parent or child looks distressed for which they should be applauded. I do understand what you mean about paparazzi photography in general and I’m sure if one of the celebrities you mentioned stated that they did not ever what their child papped, CBB would respect their wishes and not publish the photographs.

Your comment policies help create a much more relaxed atmosphere where the discussions which do take place as generally intelligent. I would hate to see some of the comments you have to filer out!

Yasmin on

I get enough negativity on the other sites. Some of those people are just plain unreal. Their cruelty is totally uncalled for and is a waste of space. I like reading the comments here because you alow some constructive criticism in too and that gives it a nice balance.

Monika on

I like the rules, but i think by not letting peolpe express their views is wrong. its like praise them and blow sunshines, but igf they do something wrong like every normal human being out there, down goes the curtain. i mean god forbid, we call celebs on anything.

Destiny on

Sometimes I tell a family member or friend about something that I’ve seen on this site, and the response I generally get is, “you really should stay away from THOSE sites”. I know that the reason they respond that way is because most blog sites(either the writer themselves or the people who comment) constantly belittle people and it’s always so insulting to my spirit even though they aren’t talking about me. But the integrity of CBB is like no other. Real people read and can be affected by the articles and comments and I am very thankful that you have policies in place that ensures that the articles AND comments aren’t degrading in any way. I applaud you for going against the norm. Thanks Sarah and CBB staff for making my daily trips here an enjoyable experience. Much success to your sites and future endeavors.

Di on

I don’t have a problem with the policy in general but sometimes I feel that the moderators can be too restrictive. For example, there are celebriteis i.e, Britney, Charlie Sheen and Angelina Jolie where visitors to this site are not allowed to comment and I kind of think that is wrong. If someone writes something inappropriate then censor it but to say well you guys can post anything even if it would have positive is wrong, in my opinion.
Sometimes I feel that the moderators want only “happy” commments and people who choose to be critical cannot say what they think.

Starlet on

I often compliment CBB on this in my comments, it is why I visit this site instead of others. Some of what people write on sites make me sick.
Well done CBB for having standards!

k on

I like the comment policy, but I don’t really like the new policy that questions will not be responded to in the comments section. I really liked that. Can’t really figure out why that would be stopped…

Shel Belle on

I like that the comments are moderated. I’ve seen far too many sites where things are just mean and nasty.

The one thing I *do not like* on CBB is the endless speculation about if a celebrity is having a boy or a girl. It’s usually based on old wives’ tales (like carrying high or low). We’ll find out sooner or later whether the celebrity is having a boy or a girl (or both, as in J. Lo’s case) and I think we should respect the right of celebrities to share if they know the sex of their child or not and not play an endless guessing game.

J.M. on

I enjoy the fact that CBB allows us to all agree to disagree on subjects without getting out of control. The site should be a clean place to visit. It is about celeb babies and kids afterall.

But I am so happy that it’s not always 100% peaches and cream and that we can all come here to discuss something whether it be good or bad. That we are all entitled to voice our opinions in a (for the most part) adult way!!

Lindsay on

Shel Belle I agree with the boy or girl posts from CBB. It just takes up space, especially when it is based on rumors.
I knew this post about the comments would be coming sooner or later especially after the JLo and the Garcelle Beauvais posts that went on, an on, an on, an almost got ugly. However, the thing I hate the most is when commenter’s try to moderate the posts that is CBBs job and I think they do a fine job of it. I like the the post are moderated and I also like the debates I’m hoping that CBB will not become too strict and turn this place into a a site where people are only allowed to swoon over celebrities.

It is also funny to point out that when CBB first started the staff would sometimes put their opinion which were sometimes not too nice on certain posts (I’m sure you can find them if you search the achieves) but now they try to at least be neutral.

yaosa on

I am a less frequent visitor to this site now than in the past and have appreciated your standards in the past. This is the only blog that I visit where I feel inclined to write my thoughts or opinions and it’s nice to not have to filter through angry, negativism but on the other hand, the ‘too’ happy comments become boring and in some cases or posts I feel that there are some double standards but honestly when I disagree with how a post is being run, I don’t bother to comment or visit for a while. I imagine that it is a fine line between comments that are negative and those which stimulate thought and dialogue. And you can’t please everyone. I still think this is a first class jig.

Like a few others, I miss the answers to questions of other posters. I hope there will be a place where we can see what questions are being asked.

Lauren on

“It is also funny to point out that when CBB first started the staff would sometimes put their opinion which were sometimes not too nice on certain posts (I’m sure you can find them if you search the achieves)”

Oh, yes. I have been reading this blog for over three years now, and I remember a time when the staff-which basically consisted of one person-would post downright rude, snarky remarks about several celebrities, parents or not. I remember reading a post regarding the 2005 Golden Globes where the whole post (and comments that appeared on behalf of this staff member in response to the post) was just nasty. Making fun of celebrities and their outfits and calling them names were just a few of the thinbgs that would come nowhere near being published today.

So as much respect as I have for how professional this site is, I can’t help but chuckle over how strict the comment policy has become when the staff used to be the most judgmental people here.

And as far as staff trying to remain neutral….well, I really don’t need to elaborate.

fay on

i think it’s a little restrictive… i think that some things go on a little too long… and some things that seem to be just a passionate debate get shut down… we went through 5 million to breastfeed or not breastfeed comments and 14 million comments about whether such and such did in vitro, and 11 million about who’s baby was light or dark or otherwise… BAH… but i don’t know… i like snark… i think often it’s funny… but i don’t go on a lot of blog sites… i just like looking at pics of cute (and sometimes otherwise) babies…

Sarita on

I think it is good that the comments are moderated but I don’t agree with the closing of comments on certain posts. I feel this is done to save the moderators work and sometimes also because they don’t like the subject (such as the bris discussion about Christina’s Max).

Holly on

I’m very critical of ridiculous names so I would prefer being able to just comes out and say that I think this person is just trying to get attention or this person is treating their child like an accessory.
But it’s your site and your rules and that’s fair enough. I can understand why you have them. You want celebrities to feel comfortable doing interviews, so you don’t want them to see anyone saying that their child has a stupid trendy name or seems to be a brat. You also want to attract advertisers so you don’t want them to see people commenting that an outfit is hideous or inappropriate. I can understand and respect that.

I’ll always stop in to scroll through the news and pictures, but it gives me no reason to check out the comments. There is only so many times you need to read “so cute!”, “looks so much like his dad!”, “I hope they have another soon!”.

Sam on

I like the comment policy. CBB has become a business and somewhat of an authority on celebrity babies and it would not be good for business if some of the slimy comments that are allowed on other sites are posted here.

Although I comment much less than I used to, I visit daily to see the cute photos. I hope, though, that the comments don’t become too automatic. Like, with certain celebrities and their kids, you will see the same variations of these lines in the first 50 comments: “I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!” “THIS IS MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY FAMILY!!!!!!!”


Kate on

I think the comment policy somewhat negatively impacts free expression. I don’t see why people shouldn’t be able to give their opinion(whether it be negative or positive) as long as it’s not threatening or vulgar. I think debate is interesting. Non-stop “Oh, she’s so wonderful.” get’s boring after a while.

RachelSun on

I like your comment policy don’t change. Those who think it is too restrictive because they are not allowed to spew venom at certain celebrities have many other blogs to choose from where they can wallow in the mud with like-minded people. There is no need for CBB to change. However, I agree that the feature of responding in the comment section to questions is nice and should remain. Thank you for your blog and I would venture the nice people who are secure enough not to spew venom at people they do not know (particularly when this is a baby/child site) probably do not visit any of your sponsors anyway. To them the more neggative things they can say about a famous person the betetr they feel about themselves while the rest of us are depressed by the venom. Please don’t ever change. You will be well rewarded by going against the tide. Thank you for this site.

Becky2 on

I like that the comments here don’t get too mean. However, I agree with posters who’ve said that you can only read “how cute” or “looks like dad” so many times. It has really caused me to spend less time reading comments that I used to. I liked the discussions that took place so long as they didn’t turn into personal attacks.

I hope you allow some discussion moving forward. It really made the site more interesting.

Renee on

Kate, that’s the point. Debates a lot of times around here get heated and it basically turns into who is a better mother and criticizing celebrity for not doing what they want. There have been some instances where celebrities themselves or family members had to come on here and defend themselves because people thought it was okay to attack families for whatever named they picked out for their child or letting their child stay with a grandparent while they trained for a week for the Olympics. How can anyone see anything positive about that? Free expression doesn’t mean people should be allowed to say unnecessary mean things people they don’t know

Kate on

I don’t think anyone should let what is said on-line bother them.

True freedom of expression actually does mean people can say mean things and others can respond. That’s not what I’m advocating here. I just think people should be able to disagree and be critical, and if others disagree they can state their opinions. I don’t see the harm in someone saying they don’t like a name. I find a variety of opinions more interesting than “ditto” “ditto” “ditto”.

Rosy J on

I applaud the comment policy. It is the one place online where I can go to be pleasantly entertained. If there is something going on with a celeb that I find distasteful, I look over it. There are far too many sites where they are so many unnecessary and vicious comments being made. I find them not only offensive but depressing. I am shocked and appalled that there are so many people using the web to sprew their ignorance, hatred and jealousy of celebrities simple because they are hiding behind a computer screen. Please don’t change the policy. Dare to be different

amylamy on

i love the comment policy on this site! i only read this and the sugar blogs because of the nasty comments (and sometimes posts) on most of the other celeb blogs (although sometimes the sugar posts can get kinda mean lol.) and if people don’t like the policy i say go the other blogs, i promise there are a ton of them who don’t moderate their comments!!!

cbb if you’re concerned about losing readers maybe start up a less regulated general forum? then people can have discussions there on the more heated topics. that way there is more of a seperation between the celebs and the fighting lol. i dunno, just an idea🙂

Renee on

Kate, people were criticizing the parents about names. Basically saying they didn’t think before they name their child, that’s a boy name, etc. No one is saying you have to agree with everything but you can state something without calling the parents bad ones just because you don’t like something they do or talk about how you “pity” a child with that name or “pity” a child who isn’t breast feed. My least favorite ones are “Well if that was my child I would never, etc” I like hearing different experiences but not in that tone. Is it that hard to follow the policy if you wouldn’t say it to their face,please don’t post it here?

brooke on

Yea I agree with the posters who say, the policy here goes a little overboard. Granted people shouldn’t be allowed to pick on kids looks, or get too mean or start fights, but how much oh how cute can you read in every thread and how realistic is it. And I agree with vanessa, it’s like people aren’t entitled to give their opinions, unless it’s all the same one. This site has cute pictures though, so I mostly come for that, but the comments policy has gotten worse instead of better through the years IMO.

Willy Wop on

i think the comment policy is too strict. i don’t believe any of my comments have ever been allowed through. i think people should be allowed to say something other than, “oh, he/she is SO cute!” when CBB had a strong opinion in support of J Lo’s nursery (even though the group against that photo shoot had a valid point), CBB was of course allowed to say that, but i don’t feel we the readers are ever allowed to say anything other than how wonderful every mother and child is.

Karen on

I read a couple celeb blogs on a daily basis and this is the only site I comment on, or read the comments. You don’t have to worry about spam comments, or 100 people saying “first” or posting mean spirited things just to say them. And when there is a debate, it is an intelligent conversation, instead of just throwing insults at one another.

I don’t think I have ever had one of my comments rejected so I can’t say there is a problem with the site being too restrictive.

I too will miss the CBB staffers comments or answers to questions in the comment section.

Lara on

I just now read another topic and something is bugging me. I am tired of a few of the same posters acting as self-proclaimed moderators. In the past few days one or two really stick out and it’s getting annoying to read them constantly nit picking and scolding other posters for simple, polite opinions and observations. either that or they need to reply to a person and give their constant opinion of why they THINK a celeb did this or that, or else attempt to explain to the other poster when the other poster is clearly not an idiot and can understand what the post was about. Enough already, leave the moderating to CBB people please. Being helpful is one thing, but come on.

Oh and I agree with some people regarding disagreeing on various topics. Sometimes it seems like if soem people don’t agree, they end up on the chopping block no matter how nice the comment is. Sometimes, it also feels like it’s a contest with some people regarding how people give birth or care for their babies.

MiB on

I have always liked CBBs moderation policy since many unmoderated blogs tend to be very nasty. Freedom of speech is a dear subject to me, having lived in places where you really have to watch what you say and to whom you say it, but with freedom of speech comes that you have to respect that others have a different opinion, which seems easy to forget when you are sitting alone in front of the computer. Life isn’t black and white and we all need to keep that in mind. I have always followed the CBB mantra of asking myself “Would I be comfortable saying this to the person’s face?” with the addition “And would I say it in public or would it be better said eye-to-eye?”. Asking myself these simple questions before hitting “Post” I have never had a problem with my comments not being let through.
That said, I agree that it gets a bit teadious to read 25+ “how cute” and “he looks like…”, that’s why I don’t post that kind of comment unless I have something more to say, no matter how much I agree with the statement🙂

justine on

I am so addicted to CBB and have been for over a year now. I only started reading the comments about 6 months ago and yes sometimes people are a bit mean to celebrities and judgemental of other people who comment.
BUT I loved the comments from staff to clear things up and I have learnt lots from peoples informed comments.
I was having a chat with a friend about twins and she was concerned about having twins in both sides of her family. From the JLo comments I knew the info about twins (fraternal/identical and how these are inherited) and was able to explain it to her.
This site is sometimes more interesting because of the debates and information in the comments section than just the pics and interviews (some which come from mags that you have already read)

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