Brenda Richie gives an update on Harlow Madden

04/10/2008 at 11:14 AM ET

03_10_2008Brenda Richie, the mother of Nicole Richie, gave an update on granddaughter Harlow Winter Kate, 3 months tomorrow, while attending ASCAP’s 25th Annual Pop Music Awards. And according to the proud grandmother, little Harlow is "trying to crawl already" and speak.

The other day I was holding her, and Harlow said, ‘Hi!’ I said, ‘Nicole, did you hear that?’ Nicole said, ‘I don’t think she knew what she was saying!’  Nicole talks to Harlow constantly, and she tries to answer back!

Brenda also admits that she was protective with her daughter, and it appears as if Nicole is going to follow in those same footsteps.

I’m lucky if I get to [see] the baby. She loves being with that baby! [Harlow’s] bathing time has to be right on schedule! I was strict with Nicole, and she fought all of it. Now here is she is, being the same way I was [with her] — it’s great to see!

Harlow’s dad is Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden.

Source: US Magazine

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poornima on

Nicole seems to have really calmed down since she had Harlow. It’s good that she’s staying out of the spotlight while she’s raising her and Joel’s baby, although Harlow is soooo cute and I wish we could get to see more of her. well anyways, good luck to nicole and joel😀

tink1217 on

I’m sorry, but a 3 month old cannot talk or try to crawl. That is just ridiculous. I can see babbling and cooing, of course. And recognizing when someone is talking. And babies at 3 months can obviously roll over or start to, but there muscles aren’t coordinated enough to try to crawl. That said…I really would love to see more of Harlow!!

meghan on

my daughter unintentionally said hi all the time when she was 3 months… she’s just being a proud grandmother – let her be one…

Melissa on

That’s just how grandmas are. They hear what they want to hear. My mom is exactly the same way. Also, she never said that she is crawling. She said that she is *trying* to. My son was “army crawling” by around 4-5 months old, so it is possible. He wanted to be mobile, and he started showing interest very early as well.

Sarah F. on

I agree…grammas are just like that. She was kidding too, I think. Heck, my husband’s mother will insist he was reading at 2. I think we all know how that is😉

meela on

It’s lovely to see Nicole’s life has taken on really meaning besides hitting the night clubs. Good for Nicole and embracing motherhood.

Chana on

I started trying to crawl at around that age. It’s so nice to hear more about her. I hope we get to see her again soon! I’m sure she’s just beautiful.

Hea on

Grandmas are like that. My own grandmother thought her dog could say ‘mommy’…

Aya on

My godson is a few weeks over three months and he does the same thing.My friend and I were sitting there talking and he was sleeping on a mattress I had on my living room floor (I hurt my back and couldn’t climb the stairs). He was side, woke up, flipped himself onto his stomach and picked himself with his hands, but the rest of him wasn’t co-operating.He kept trying to move closer to us.It was so cute, he kept trucking to and fro trying to move closer until he finally got frustrated and started to cry.I think that we are all different and so are babies and pegnancies (that’s why doctors say stay away from books).

Nicola on

My lil girl was she exact same at that age she “said” Hi to me when I said “say hi to mummy” it was just a massive coincidence but I know exactly what Brenda Richie means by what she is saying

Loralie on

I was sitting for my cousin, who at the time was 4-5 months old, and her dad (my uncle) was home for lunch. We were eating and all of a sudden she said “hi dad.” My uncle and I both looked at each other and he asked me if I heard her say “hi dad.” We both heard the same thing.

Harlow may not keep saying “hi” but apparently she said it.🙂 Cute story!

Jen DC on

Mmm… I dunno. While most likely she’s surprised that it all worked together to get the word out, it’s highly possible that Harlow intentionally made it happen through trial and error. The problem will be with follow up: can she do it again?!? I guess it depends on your definition of “talking.” If by talking you mean can the baby do it over and over at will, then no, she probably wasn’t “talking.”

One child I babysat constantly had one phrase that started when she was about 6 months old. It was “What’s that?” Admittedly, 90% of the time, it came out as “that? that? that?” but with the pointing and crying if the person she was communicating with didn’t answer, it became obvious that in fact, she was talking. And cataloging what she saw.

As far as reading at two, I read at three. My mother didn’t believe I could read either, but my cousins knew better. They got a baby book that I didn’t have in my “library,” confirmed with Mom that she’d never read it to me herself (to rule out possible memorization; I’d never gone to nursery school or anything yet) and had me read it. Turns out I *could* read. So maybe your husband was reading at 2.

Rosy J on

That is the cutest story. I am so happy for that family, especially Nicole. It’s amazing how a child can bring out the best in most of us. I guess that’s why they (children) are considered miracles. My comments also include the bloggers who shared their stories. I love you guys!

Lorus on

My 3.5 month old says “hi” all the time but she doesn’t know what it means. Shes just experimenting with different sounds. She also kicks her legs and pushes her toes into the carpet which looks like she’s trying to move. Once again though she’s just experimenting with motions.

jeanne on

please, crawl and speak at 3 months !!! I have six kids 4 under 4 years of age. she needs to get another grandchild no kid crawls or speaks at 3 months.

jenny on

She’s just being a proud grandma, let her be! In my family the “legend” is that my brother was potty trained by the time he was 10 months old (“I said sit and he sat”, riiiight…) and could talk sentences by the time he was a year…

Emma on

I think we should all leave them alone, Harlow will be making different sounds as she gets bigger. She was probably cooing and it sounded like “hi” but it was probably “aiiey”.

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