Tiger Lilly Hutchence is a bridesmaid at former nanny's wedding

04/09/2008 at 09:44 AM ET

by auditioning contributor Carlie:

Tigerlily89475_cbbSir Bob Geldof, 56, and family came out in full force recently for the wedding of their ex-nanny Monique Duffy to comedian John Howie, 32, the son of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here! contestant Lynne Franks, 59. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lilly Hutchence, 11, the daughter of the late Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence, was also a bridesmaid.

The Boomtown Rats singer chose to become the legal guardian of Tiger Lilly when her mum died in 2000 and raises her with his daughters by Paula, Fifi Trixibelle, 25, Peaches Honeyblossom, 19, and Pixie, 17. After the ceremony Tiger Lilly was whisked away home for an early night.

The world may also be seeing a lot of the 11-year-old in the future if recent reports are anything to go by. She is apparently in the shortlist for the title role in a film adaptation of the Kay Thompson book Eloise in Paris.

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Lissette on

Nice to see a picture of her! I cant believe she’s 11! Very pretty girl.

jen on

i have always thought of Bob Geldof as a stand up guy for taking in tiger lilly.

she is beautiful.

Nadège on

Wow, she is such a wonderful mix of Paula and Michael. Indeed, a very beautiful girl.
I hope that her life is happy and that is surrounded by love after all that tragedy.

Call me crazy, but I thought that Michael’s family was looking after Tiger Lilly?

JK on

Wow! It is eerie how much she looks like Michael. I’ve wondered how much she would resemble her father. I’m happy to see a picture of her. She’s beautiful and I’ve always loved Sir Bob Geldof. He’s always shown how dedicated he is to all of his girls.

gina on

AAw! Im so happy to hear she’s doing good! When i heard both of her parents died and they say when her mom died of an overdose she was in the bedroom.I felt sooo much empathy for this child.I am glad to hear that she is with Geldof and her sisters! GOD BLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILD!!!!

Erin on

Great to see a new picture of her! She is such a beauty and looks SO much like her dad! =)

Sarah on

nadege, bob geldof got custody of tiger lily with michael’s family’s blessing so that she could be raised with her sisters. but, recently i think that there has been a little bit of controversy over whether or not the hutchence family has access to her or not. i know sir geldof wanted tiger lily to take his name since she’s been with him since she was four and calls him dad. hope that helps!

she really is a very pretty girl!

Julie on

Actually, I think Tina Hutchence (Michael’s sister) wanted custody and Bob Geldof fought her for it, which I never understood. And, according to both Tina and Michael’s mother, he rarely allows them access to Tiger Lily which I find sad, to say the least.

I loved seeing Tiger — I can’t believe she is 11 already and she looks so much like Michael, it’s amazing. I had no idea she was into acting, and I look forward to seeing more of her, she’s just beautiful.

Stacey on

Shes very pretty.

Does anyone know what name shes known by? Tiger Lily? Lily? Tiger? Just curious 🙂

Grace on

What a beautiful little girl.

I’m not that bothered by the Hutchence infighting. For Sir Bob to have been awarded custody in the first place says loads, and the Hutchence family themselves seem to bicker about what’s right a lot. Not to mention the immense distance between the families.

She looks happy and healthy, and I’m happy waiting to comment about who should’ve raised her until she can speak about it herself. Personally, though, I can’t imagine having been raised away from my sister, so I would tend towards keeping siblings together.

Julie on

I’m not sure what your referring to in terms of the in-fighting. I think they had every right to want to raise that little girl – she was their family. At the very least, he should let them see her. And while I don’t agree with Bob Geldof getting custody at all, especially considering the circumstances of Michael’s death (and I’m sure Michael would have hated him raising his child) I also hope she wouldn’t say she had a horrible childhood and that’s what’s most important.

nona on

I really hope Tiger Lily has a happy and fulfilling life. I just can’t imagine what it is like to lose both parents as a young child. I am probably projecting my own feelings onto her, but I think I see a deep inner sadness within her. One that seems more ancient than her 11 years.

Sorry to be a downer! I hope I’m misinterpreting in this case.

milan on

I read about how this poor little girl lost her mom from an overdose and her father died from suicide. However,Bob Geldof is doing a fantastic job raising her with her 3 half sisters! I have seen pics of her with her sisters and she seems to be very happy! Kudos for Geldof adopting this child. He loves her so much and new that she belonged with him and her sisters! Tiger Lilly deserves the best and Geldof can give it to her! I wish the best for her!!!!

Bethany on

For people who don’t know what is meant by the in-fighting perhaps it hasnt been fully reported overseas. michael’s parents live in australia still and while they were happy for tiger-lily to live with bob when she was younger, in recent years they have applied for joint custody as bob has cut off pretty much all their chance to see/hear from tiger-lily. i remember patricia glassop (michael’s mother) saying that at times it has been YEARS between visits with tigerlily because bob rarely allows them. and now he has banned the child going to australia. yes michael’s parents can go visit her but to not allow tigerlily to visit her papa’s homeland is pretty ridiculous to me.

so umm yeah thats what they mean by in-fighting!!

Sarah on

i find it a little odd that we’re debating whether or not bob geldof should have gotten custody of this beautiful little girl. michael hutchence’s father and brother both supported bob’s plea for custody, so there was some family support at the time. and, maybe bob has a good reason for not sending tiger lily to australia. we don’t know him or the other family, so it’s impossible to say either way.

maybe michael hutchence would have hated for bob to have custody. but it was michael who slept with a married bob’s wife and then died from an overdose when tiger was just a year old. bob was the one who stepped up and raised that little girl with her sisters. i think it’s far more important for siblings to be raised together. and from what i’ve seen in pictures, tiger seems to be very much a part of the family. she smiles, laughs, and hugs her DAD, bob.

the truth is that we don’t really know these people and what really happens behind closed doors. so, i’m not really willing to take anything at face value, especially until tiger is old enough to share her side of the story. but for the time being, she seems to be doing just fine.

Julie on

I’m not debating whether Bob should have custody or not – my OPINION is that he shouldn’t have gotten it; last time I checked I was entitled to my opinion. The fact that he witholds her from her family says a lot to me about his character.

Lastly, I think that was a low blow about Michael sleeping w. Paula and then dying when Tiger was 1. Not cool.

Sarah on

i said this in my first post as well, but, we don’t know what bob’s reason are for limiting contact with her family in australia. it’s a little presumptuous to call someone out on their character before knowing their reasons.

i really don’t want cause drama, but it was an equally low blow for you to imply that bob somehow caused michael’s death. there is absolutely no concrete evidence that bob was involved in the circumstances surrounding michael’s death and for you to imply otherwise makes me wonder where you’re getting your facts.

i was just trying to point out that things are not always what they seem, so maybe we should trust the judgment of the courts, who gave custody to bob. the only person who really knows how she feels is tiger lily and she seems to be perfectly happy. until i hear otherwise, from her, i’m not going to say custody should have gone one way or the other.

Julie on

What??? Where did I imply Bob caused Michael’s death? I wasn’t even insuinating that. It’s well known that Michael did not like Bob and that was brought out in the story of his death.

The bottom line is that you are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I disagree with you on who should have gotten custody, end of story. I am baffled why you insist on making issue put of this.

Scot King on

She looks like a lost little girl. My heart goes out to her. I can’t imagine her plight. Maybe she’ll stay off the drugs and redeem both of her parents with a sparkling career! You can bet she has more talent in her little finger than most of do in our entire bodies…lol. Her Dad is/was one of my idols…very talented and cool. I just spent the entire evening watching INXS videos on YouTube and it’s easy to see his sudden decline in 1997. He obviously got heavily into drugs and alcohol for one reason or another…very sad to see…
Go get ’em Tiger!

thosefour on

@bethany: low blow you disgusting perverse blue haired gossip.

@ sarah: that’s right, you go girl!

Tiger lily is beautiful, just like her daddy… despite bob’s best efforts to make her a non-hutchence!

Sally on

I think Tiger Lily is better off living with her adoptive father as he always provide loving and enrivemnet for her and she has 3 wonderful sisters to keep her compnay.

I am sad that she lost the role to Jordana Beatty in Eloise in Paris as I would love to see her in the movie. She is very pretty and growing up beautifully and would love to see her acting. Sadly it never happen. We will never know what future is hold for her!

nobody on

Families are complicated, don’t pretend to know about people you don’t know based on articles written in any type of magazine, newspaper, etc…. unless you are personally related or close you can’t possibly have a clue. From the get go I was touched by this story and glad I haven’t heard too much about her which means she been able to grow up without being exploded, and that in itself says volumes.

Trudy on

Tiger is lovely, I am glad she has her family around her. She went to be with her sisters, her closest family, where she should be.

god bless her xXx

Steph on

I always admired Bob, as well as Michael.
I no there was no love between them……so I always found it odd that Bob wanted to raise Tiger. I truly hope he is a good man, and put his dislike for Michael aside to raise her. She looks so much like her daddy.

rockstar36 on

Know body personally knows anything about their lives! Tiger, may you find peace and happiness in your young life.