Kerry Katona in labor with fourth child

04/09/2008 at 07:58 AM ET

Kerry_katonaFormer Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona has entered a hospital after going into premature labor with son Maxwell Mark five weeks early.  This is just one more hurdle in Kerry’s pregnancy with her and husband Mark Croft’s son. She originally believed that the baby had been miscarried; and later on suffered from low iron. The 27-year-old’s publicist Max Clifford stated,

Her waters have broken, and she’s really pleased, as this pregnancy hasn’t been easy.

Kerry’s third child, Heidi Elizabeth, 13 months, came four weeks early. Kerry has two other daughters, Molly Marie, 6 ½, and Lilly-Sue, 5, from her first marriage to Brian McFadden, formerly of Irish boy band Westlife.

Source: Heatworld

Thanks to CBB readers Elle, Sarah and Eilidh.

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kate on

Surprise, surprise, she has gone into labour early

Could that be anything to do with her smokng and drinking throughout the pregnancy??

That poor poor child

Sylvana on

I already had the feeling that she would go in labor early. Good luch to her.

I always thought that Heidi was born 6 weeks premature, but I can be wrong.

Ekaterina on

Not surprising considering that she was still smoking during this pregnancy. Anyone that doesn’t think cigarettes are harmful to your pregnancy ought to look at her for an example. She’s setting these babies up for a lifetime of health issues and it’s just not fair. I wish her all the best with the baby because all children deserve the best but I sincerely hope that she gets her act together.

Elle on

I hope the baby is OK since it is well known that Kerry has drunk alcohol, smoked and done drugs during her pregnancies and I hope that Kerry is able to finally curb her wild ways. I hope that both come out of this healthy and happy.

Kayla on

I totally agree, Ekaterina. I was going to comment about it earlier, but couldn’t figure out how to word it so it wasn’t offensive and mean-sounding, and you did it wonderfully.

Even though she smoked during her pregnancy, hopefully the baby will be lucky and not be harmed by it. Is being 6 weeks early very bad for the baby? I am not too brushed up on that subject🙂

Dee on

This is funny because me and my sister were talking the other day that she always looked further along in her pregnancy than it was said she was, like when it was reported she was 4 months she looked abut 6ish. Just a thought lol

I hope that the baby is ok, and I think her having premature babies both times around pretty much counteracts all her claims that smoking and drinking whilst pregnant does no harm.

Mary on

Part of me feels (a small part) that her being honest about her drug uses during her pregnancies was with good intentions, perhaps telling the world that she does have problems or don’t do as I do sort of thing, However Drugs and pregnancy do NOT mix! and no one should get pregnant if they have not conquered or have confidence that they will not use drugs during their pregnancy. Getting pregnant to help themselves stay clean is very irresponsible! On that note I wish the baby only the best of health on such an early start.

kate on

That poor baby must want to get out of his current environment pronto.. and I don’t blame him!

I hope to God that he is okay, and agree with the other comments that she can no longer state that smoking and drinking does no harm in pregnancies when the last two babies have both arrived early…

Which leads me to ask, were her first 2 kids early? My money is on the answer to that question being “no”, and double or quits she wasnt drinking/smoking during those two pregnancies (as that was when she was married to her first husband and was a LOT more stable).

sammie on

i hope her baby is ok but i also hope that this makes her realise that she shouldnt have smoked while pregnant. Heidi was born early and now Max is early, it shows that smoking, drinking and drugs dont mix with pregnancy!

Meg on

i have met Kerry and spent the evening with her (before Mark, while she was with Brian and pregnant with Molly) and she was such a lovely person so although she has had her problems i have the image of her as a really lovely person and wish her all the best with the new baby.

Me on

I’m sad that she’s “really pleased” that she’s in labor 5 weeks early. Who knows what kind of problems that baby faces with the lungs being so immature. She’s not even full term yet, so I’m sure that baby is going to be hooked up to a breathing machine.. not to mention he’ll probably be in the hospital longer than if he was full term. She and I are both due at the same time and I couldn’t imagine being anything but worried and stressed over the health of my baby if I delivered right now. Her entire pregnancy has just made me sad.

ruthella on

Kate; I think Kerry has smoked for a long time, certainly since before any of her children were born.

It seems to me like she’s still fighting a lot of demons from her childhood and I don’t think her current marriage has necessarily made her worse, it’s just that we hear a lot more about it now. I’m pretty sure that she’s admitted to doing cocaine whilst with Brian, I don’t know whether or not he did it too…

I feel so sorry for her kids that she’s not able to conquer all her issues and wish her all the best on resolving them in the future.

Lexie on

There have been a lot of stories about Kerry’s parenting style and techniques, and not many of them have been positive. When she first split up with Bryan, she was given a lot of public support, but I don’t think there’s much of that left now. I personally wish her and the baby all the best, but I agree with the posters who have mentioned the effects of smoking and drinking and drug taking in pregnancy.

I have to say that the thing that worries me the most about this is Molly and Lily’s father, who must see all this happening to his children, and could make a good case for custody, but who apparently hasn’t made any real effort to do so. I hope for the sake of the children that everything that happens now is really great for the whole family.

Bethany on

i thought brian was applying for custody? maybe im wrong? does anyone know what actually is happening?

Lexie on

Bethany, yes I believe he made noise about applying for custody, but I don’t think anything has come of it. I think he lives in Australia now with Delta Goodrem, and I sort of get the impression from the things he’s said that that is his priority now. That actually upsets me a lot. I feel terribly sorry for all those children because whichever way you look at it, this isn’t exactly a good start in life. Still, I hope Kerry is okay, and that the baby arrives safely.

Alexa on

Me, while I don’t doubt the poor little guy may have some problems being 5 weeks early alone doesn’t mean that he’d need help breathing. I was born almost 9 weeks early back in the late ’80s and I was able to breathe on my own from the get go. It depends a lot on the baby, and the mom since each baby develops differently towards the end of the pregnancy.

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