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04/09/2008 at 08:24 AM ET

BobrevolutionI’m part of a mommy group and we spend a lot of time together — Most of that time is spent chatting away. You can only assume that more than half of our conversations have to do with our children. So when the topic switched to strollers the other day I wasn’t surprised, but I WAS surprised at what stroller was the current must-have … the BOB Revolution. Yes, you heard right, not a Bugaboo, not an Orbit, but a BOB! The best point made in the conversation is that this stroller is almost mislabeled. Yes, it IS a jogging stroller, but it’s also so much more. They all agreed hands down they wished they had bought this stroller first and saved all their money on random other stroller purchases!

BridgetMoynahan, Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow have all been spotted out and about with their BOB strollers!

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The Seat

BobrevolutionseatThe BOB Revolution’s seat is one of its biggest selling points. First of all it’s extra roomy, it can accommodate a child up to 70lbs, which means it’s a bit wider then a standard seat and it sits back pretty far. For some reason kids seem to LOVE the seat. It comes with two pockets flanked on either side, great for storing a cup or snacks. And children seem perfectly comfortable in the seat at all times.

My daughter liked that she could climb up and into the seat on her own using the little dip at the foot well to pull up on. She also seemed to really like the seated position the seat is in when it’s not reclined at all. My friends’ children have all napped in their BOB strollers, the moms said they just dropped the seat down and let their child catch some Zzzs while they continued on their way.

The seat recline isn’t as simple as pushing a lever, BUT it isn’t hard to do at all. You simply loosen straps as needed and the seat drops back. It took me like two tries to get it right, you just have to learn how all the parts work together and then it’s a breeze. Raising the seat back simply involves tightening straps. 

BobrevolutioncanopyThe footrest is plenty ample and positioned so that any child would find it to be comfortable to rest their feet on. The sun canopy is also extremely adjustable, it has what I like to call a two-part fold. It provides ample coverage and can be pulled back to halfway or all the way, easily. It also has a drawstring mechanism that assists with collapsing the sun canopy. Lastly it has a great peek window that really lets you keep an eye on your child as you go about your business.

The material on the seat is a padded, stain-resistant material that is plenty soft. It features the standard five-point harness toprovide maximum stability and comfort. Adjusting the five-point harness is as simple as pulling the red rings on the straps.

The Frame
The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is both lightweight and durable! The lines of this stroller are classic in jogging stroller land, but the materials make this one a keeper.

The handlebar is not adjustable, but is set at a pretty standard and comfortable height for most people I know who’ve pushed it. BobrevolutionbackIt’s covered in a comfy, soft, foam-type material that gives slightly with pressure and ensures your hand won’t be left with marks from use.

Using this stroller is as easy as it is to fold. You simply squeeze in the two red tab buttons on the handlebars and fold the stroller in half. Then you pull up on the red cord that you see sticking out at the middle of the back of the stroller and voila you’re folded. It doesn’t lock shut, but it’s easy enough to move around and doesn’t flop open easily. Unfolding is just as simple. Just place it on the ground and pull up on the handlebars. I’ve tested MANY strollers and this fold/unfold was the easiest!

BobrevolutionfoldIt lays very flat when folded and while it takes up a decent amount of trunk space you can still place things on top of it. It also stacks on top of other things with minimal effort. The storage basket is wide but not tall, so you’ll be able to tote some select items, but you will be limited. Considering this stroller is designed to be a jogging stroller, I’m not sure the storage basket is a deal breaker.


This is where the BOB Revolution excels in ways I couldn’t imagine. I haven’t pushed a stroller with a smoother ride, ever. The only thing I can compare it to is the Bugaboo, but they serve different purposes and it’s impossible to compare them.

The suspension on this stroller is phenomenal! It handles with the lightest of touch and turns on a dime, literally. Pushing it to the park or pushing through the mall yielded the same results — a super-smooth glide. My daughter never felt a bump in the road and I didn’t have to struggle to push over them either.

The front wheel can be stopped from swiveling by simply switching a little tab on the front of the wheel. I’ve never seen a stroller that incorporated this feature so seamlessly. This helps for serious jogging or really rough terrain where the wheel might get stuck bouncing sideways.

Final Thoughts

The BOB Revolution is almost mistakenly placed in the jogging stroller category. Don’t get me wrong, it IS a jogger and a GREAT one at that. But it’s also an exceptional standard stroller that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. You’ll never push a smoother stroller and your child (yes even that stroller-hating toddler) will likely adore the stroller as much as you do. Even the list of cons is really a list of trivial gripes that anyone could live with.

Easy lock and unlock of front swivel wheel
Extra roomy seat with 70lb child capacity
Simple fold

Cup holder for adults isn’t standard
Folded stroller doesn’t have a lock
Handlebar isn’t adjustable.

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging fromhandlebar)
5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards

Buy Yours
You can get your BOB Revolution at Let’s Go Strolling or by checking BOB’s site for more information and where to buy.

— Bronwyn

BOB Revolution Specifications



Stroller  Name


  < p class="MsoNormal">Revolution


















22.5 lbs



Folded  Dimensions



38" x 23" x 17"



Stroller  Width






Stroller  Length






Seat  Back Length






Seat  Width






Seat  Depth



Max.  Weight Limit



70 lbs



Max.  Height Limit






Min.  Age



6 weeks









Type  of Tires



Rear —  16" all purpose air-filled tires

Front —  12" swivel wheel



Seat  Features



Multi-position recline



Carseat  Compatibility



Britax Companion, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, Graco SnugRide



Standard  Accessories


Sun Canopy, under seat shopping basket



Optional  Accessories



BOB Handlebar Console
BOB Revolution UV/Sun/Bug Cover
BOB Revolution Weather Shield
BOB Single Stroller Car Seat Adaptor
BOB Single Strollers Travel Bag


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Amy on

We bought our BOB Revolution 2 years ago. It is really the best stroller ever! We also bought with it the cup holder and baby seat attachment which is wonderful! The shocks help keep the sleeping baby asleep on the long walks. We did avoid going across grass in parks when Ben was little because that was still a little too bumpy. We bought ours at REI when they had a 20% off coupon and then had it sent to our store to get free shipping! Yes it was a pricey stroller, but we use it all the time and it is worth every penny. To us, it was just like buying the best car seat (Brittax in our opinion). Spendy, but when it comes to safety and parents’ ease of use, totally worth it!

Lily on

I have a BOB with aluminum wheels and generally really like it. It’s a great stroller for navigating narrow city streets and cushioning against bumpy brick sidewalks. There are two things that I dislike about the stroller, though. First, when the sun shade is folded all the way closed it takes up a lot of the head room in the stroller. I keep having to push it up, as my toddler doesn’t like it touching his head. Second, the wind shield is a major pain to get on and off. I’ve been using it all winter and I STILL can’t get it to look like it does in the pictures. In addition, because it’s mostly opaque with a relatively small viewing window, my son hates it when I put “the cover” on.

Overall, though, I’m with the reviewer and would highly recommend this stroller!

pixie on

I have a bob, got 20% off at REI, free shipping to the store like the previous person said, $280 I think then with tax about $300. It’s been great. it does take up a lot of trunk room because of the large wheels but I have a maclaren I can use if I am going somplace and need a lot of space. It is SO easy to push. Sometimes my girtl gets fussy and I have to carry her and witht he mclaren it was just a pain to push and carry her, I can just let my stomach bump into the bob and it goes, sometimes I let her hold the handle bar and SHE pushes it for me without knowing it!

LoveBOB on

We have the Bob double stroller. I was hesitant to buy it as I was worried the double width would be troublesome. I knew however that the stroller itself was fabulous. Finally we went ahead and bought the double for our toddler and baby (using the car seat attachment) and we couldnt be more thrilled. We managed many walks in this long cold Canadian winter – the stroller glides effortlessly in the snow. The best part is – after 6 months of every day use, we’ve yet to find a door that we CANT fit through – – – sure its a snug fit each time, but so far we can take that thing anywhere! I can push/turn this stroller with one finger, and its a DOUBLE!!

Lilly on

I also have the BOB!And I am like the women in your review…I wish I had purchased this one first!My son LOVES it. He is also in that fussy toddler faze and likes to walk. However he never complains when were out in the BOB. He quite often falls alseep and stays that way for a while. It folds small enough to fit into a Corolla. As for the sun shade touching the top of his head…if you tighten the yellow pull string, it lifts it off and gives more room when the sun visor is pulled back. He is now 2 and I’ll be keeping this one to the very end. I can’t wait to use it at the beaches and zoos this summer. And of course…walking off that extra winter weight!(It’s GREAT for our Canadian winters)You will NOT be disappointed with purchasing this stroller!We use the cup console and an Eckert sleep sac(for the winter) months in it. It goes through the snow like a breeze. I also have a Maclaren Techno XT and have been thinking about selling it, because since getting the BOB I haven’t used it once!

Suzanne on

I LOVE the Bob! I’m a runner and use it for both running with my daughter and just for walks through the neighborhood. On the downside, it’s not great for smaller babies, around 4 months to be when she was really comfortable (and when our pediatrician said she’d likely have sufficient head control to withstand a ride when I was running).

We got ours at They rock! We paid no tax or shipping AND they will price match.

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