Angelina Jolie says it's a 'very special' time

04/09/2008 at 06:30 PM ET

Angelina Babies in utero have a knack for making their presence known, and it seems that baby #5 for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is no exception.  During a discussion today about Iraq education policy at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C., the baby-to-be gave Angelina — who was there on behalf of her Education Partnership For Children Of Conflict initiative — a big thump of approval.  Afterward, Angelina revealed that she "felt kicking suddenly…in the middle of the event."  She added,

It is a very special time in our lives. 

Angelina, 32, also has sons Maddox, 6 ½, and Pax, 4 — both of whom made the trip to Washington, D.C. with their mom — and daughters Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 22-months, who stayed home with Brad.  The couple’s fifth child is due this summer.

Source:  People

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I can’t wait to see her unborn baby or babies.

~-B.e.l.l.e-` on

I think she is in her last trimester.

N on

I wonder which country they choose for the delivery? Maybe this will be the first on US soil

Natasha on

Has anyone heard anything about them doing a photoshoot like they did when Shiloh was born?

Eve on

I don’t like the new ‘rule’ that you won’t answer questions in comments.
I don’t understand why you don’t just disable comments alltogether if you’re going to be so strict!
This probably won’t even get posted. I would say this to your face so I think it should!

Nicole on

Angelina is just radiant pregnant!

Alyssa on

I am curious on whether or not she is having twins, how would you be able to tell?

Abbey on

I just love her and her kids and her SO. she’s quite inspiring, especially to people who would prefer to adopt than have biological children. i hate that she and her family are bombarded with the press at all times, but I love seeing them. it’s a terrible paradox . . .

By the by, she looks so stunning and healthy and glowing. she looked a bit sickly/thin after the death of her mum :*( and it’s nice to see her look so radiant.

natasha on

i have away’s admired her. i am so thankful that their are people in this world who make an impact on others that stands for something.
i wish nothing but the best for you and your famiy. i wish you nothing but lasting happiness. for you brad and your children.

louise on

She looks so much healthier now that shes pregnant. She looks really well and happy. They sure are gonna have their hands full !

Cora on

I guess this is another clue as far as the twins rumor goes. Her comment about the kicking sounds like she’s referring to one little passenger instead of two, but I suppose the comment could be taken either way.

It’s very strange but I’ve been following Angelina for over seven years now, and it’s such a bizarre experience to see her joy. We’re all so removed from her, watching a life through pictures and words. We don’t really “know” her at all but that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the basics of human experience: to be a mother, to be with a partner you love, to feel settled, to find your purpose. I think that it shows in her face and in her words and that it’s something that everyone who sees can take pleasure in. She’s a wonderful person.

MaríaM2 on

I have a very strong feeling that they are planning on a NOLA delivery. I’ve read more than once that they feel a sense of home there, and the people so respectful and even protective. I think this is going to be a Nawlin’s chile lol.

Cora on

Forgot to add, I’m with you on that photo question Natasha. I do think that they will end up doing something similar as they did when Shiloh was born – orgnising their own private photoshoot perhaps and releasing the pictures soon after the birth.

What I would really really love is to see a portrait of all five children with both parents. Those family portraits taken in 2005 by Mario Testino of Angie, Brad, Madd and Z are some of the cutest pictures ever captured on film.

Courtney on

I am so excited for her,I have been following her since she adopted Mad. My oldest just turned 7 and I feel like we became moms at the same time. I feel a little bit jealous, we recently had our 4th and final child. I would love to have had more, but in our lives, space is limited and private schools are expensive…LOL. I admire her for so many reasons, and I never would have thought that when she was wearing a vial of blood around her neck.

Also, I LOVE that they split up parenting duties. My husband and I do that. I travel every weekend, I am based in St. Louis, but travel the entire midwest with the jewelry I design. I do Art fairs and festivals, and my oldest 2 daughters come with me, they are 7 and almost 6. My youngest 2 kids who are almost 5 and almost 1 stay home with my husband. It really works well for us.

I think it would be great if she had twins. I miscarried twins at 10 weeks when my oldest was 5 months old. I always wondered what it would have been like.

Good luck to them!

Natasha on

I think so too Cora, I’d love to see the whole family do a photoshoot! When Shi was born Maddox (I believe) wasn’t there for the shoot, but that would’ve very cute to see him. Now I definitely want Pax there too haha 🙂

Karla on

I am so happy for her but also for her Assistant Holly. I am sure that she is more then just an Assistant for Angie more like a sisters. I wonder if Holly will take time off or just bring her baby over to be with Angie’s baby. To be at that playdate would be awesome lol.

brannon on

My guess would be France in honor of her mother :0 Can’t wait!!!

doeadear on

I wonder how the rumors of her having twins (and possibly having IVF) got started? I mean, she’s barely 33 years old and obviously already had one healthy, full-term pregnancy two years ago. I guess it’s just the gossip rags that start everyone to speculating. She appears to be about as big as she was when she was 6 months along with Shi. I know Brad has said he wants to spoil little girls, but it would be fun to have a baby brother for Mad and and Pax, too.

It’s funny how we all feel like we know them and talk about Z and Shit and Mad. It’s also funny how people either love them or hate them. I am glad you weed out the haters. I mean, they are committed to their family, whatever happened in the past is past. The people involved have moved on, and everyone seems to be in the very best place in their lives. I am very happy for them.

doeadear on

omigod I totally made a typo in that last post, of course it was supposed to be SHI not what I typed. I have the flu and my daughter just got over an ear infection so I am using my hazy brain as a bad typing excuse. I totally did not mean to type that. I should wait until a healthier day to type. I FEEL LIKE A DOOFUS, I will go to my room.

Courtney on

LOL Doeadear! I think everyone knew what you meant!

Elyse on

Lol, Doeadear! No need for applogies, it was an honest mistake. I have come close before! Hope you and your daughter feel better!

That truly is a lovely picture of Angelina! I know it’s been said before but pregnancy really agrees with her. Can’t wait for the new little ones arrival!

Miss Lizzie on

She is just glowing!
Can’t wait to see the new member this summer!

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- Actually, Angie’s mother wasn’t French, she was French-Canadian. She was even born in Canada, rather than France as has been widely reported (I forget where I read that, but I know that it was in a reliable source, like People magazine).

Anyway, I’m more excited about Angie’s pregnancy than I am about any other celeb pregnancy this year (although Gwen’s, Tori’s, and Nicole Kidman’s come close!). I, too, think they will probably do a photoshoot soon after the baby is born, especially since, in addition the one with Shiloh, Angie also did one with Pax right after he was adopted. I’d actually be a bit surprised if they don’t do one, as the paps are bound to hound them like crazy for the first photos if they don’t do one.

a little bird on

About a month ago I met a woman who works closely with Pitt/Jolie and she shared with me that they are expecting twins. At the time, it was still being reported that they are expecting one, and now I see it’s starting to leak into the press. Just wanted to share this little bit of inside information, for what it’s worth.

yolly on

I became a fan of her a few years ago & since then I admire her more & more each day. I was not a fan of Brad when he was married to his X but when Angie & Brad became a couple I converted into a life long fan.I am into a baby train one, not twins, she maybe due in June or July. I hope, this time, they will welcome the new addition to the Jolie-Pitt’s family in the US.
Very beautiful, compassionate, & humanitarian couple.

Bradfan on

Celebritybabylover, actually Angie’s mom Marcheline was born in Chicago, Illinois in the good ole’ USA. Angie talks about this during her appearance on Inside the Actors Studio. Even she can’t figure out why people keep spreading the rumor about her mom being born in France. No matter how many times the tabloids write the France connection doesn’t make it true. Her mom’s heritage is French-Canadian and Iroquois and once again was born and raised in the United States. I hope this helps. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

a little bird- I’m guessing that the woman you talked to was probably not telling you the truth. For one thing, if you look at recent sideview pictures of Gwen Stefani, who is due around the same time Angie is (Gwen is due in early August, and I’m guessing Angie is due in July), her bump looks about the same size as Angie’s (and Gwen is almost certainly just having one baby). For another thing, I seriously doubt that Angie and Brad would allow people who work for/with them to tell people that they were expecting twins if that were the case.

For a third thing, even the tabloids have quited down quite a bit when it comes to the twin rumors.

CelebBabyLover on

Yolly- What’s wrong with them welcoming their baby in a foregin country if they so chose to? Just because they live in the U.S. doesn’t mean they have to have their baby here!

Personally, I’m one of the few who not only doesn’t mind that they had Shiloh in Namibia, but I don’t blame them one single bit for doing so! Brad has said that one of the reasons they chose to do that was because of the paps. Because they had Shiloh in Namibia, they were able to have her in peace, and enjoy her first few weeks of life without the intrusion of the paps.

rosie on

I think she is an awesome role model she very popular and doesn’t think about just herself

Resim on

she already looks lovely. isn’t she?

Hannah on

She is goin to have twins very very soon, she is goin to have them in France. I think that it is good to have two celebs actually doing something good because if you think about it these days celebs are really immature.