Update: Tom Cruise and Suri at LA park

04/08/2008 at 07:23 AM ET

Update: Photos added.

Originally posted April 4th: Actor Tom Cruise, 45, spent the day at a LA park with daughter Suri, 23 months, over the Easter weekend. Suri played with the other children in the sandbox and Tom socialized with the parents present. Mom is actress Katie Holmes, 29.

More photos at Just Jared.


Photo by BauerGriffinOnline.com.

Two more images below.


Suri’s dress is from last fall’s Janie and Jack line.

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Brittany on

Oh aww she’s soo beautiful. She’s getting bigger.

tink1217 on

she seems so precocious!! I love her!

Nonny on

How precious! Suri is such a beautiful little cherub! Daddy looks so like a daddy should . . . protective and proud!

michelle on

I love the last one of them walking. They look so sweet together.

eli on

WOW! PERFECTION !!! She is so adorable and beautiful! Love her and her Daddy!

gasp on

Thanks for the pics ! She ‘s such a living doll. Tom & Suri are really adorable together …

Jasmine on

It’s been awhile since CBB has posted Suri Pictures. Suri is one of my favortie celeb babies.

Nikka on

These pictures are really cute, but I’d dress my child in this age in sweatpants (I do like her dress, though !!) when going to the park. I only see Suri in fancy dresses, never sweatpants

Chiara on

I love the way they dress her from an aesthetic and style viewpoint, but there are times when I wonder if she isn’t dressed more for a display case than a day at the park. I can say as someone who lives in dresses and prides herself in her ability to run in heels that dresses like that aren’t terribly easy to run and roll in. I don’t want to judge and I’m sure the kid’s in overalls SOMETIMES…maybe they have some idea of places they’ll be photographed and they dress her for it?

She’s a cute kid for sure. She looks like she’s going to be tall.

Cora on

Very cute. Suri’s Easter dress is precious (though I’m not digging Tom’s slimming outfit while we’re on the topic!🙂

Suri looks so much like a lovely porcelain doll to me, which I mean in a nice way. She reminds me of the dolls my grandmother used to collect, which all had beautiful dresses neatly arranged, lovely china skin and either dark or light hair perfectly arranged around their delicate face. Especially in the last picture, if you look at it for long enough it’s almost as though Tom is holding hands with a very beautiful baby doll.

I mean this all in the nicest way of course – she really is an exquisite child.

Rachel-Jane on

Jasmine, it’s been a while since anywhere posted Suri pictures! She’s been out of the public eye recently for whatever reason.

Julia A on

I was just thinking we haven’t seen any Suri pictures for a while. She looks so much more grown up, and she’s gorgeous as ever, of course.🙂

Poshie on

The dress is one of my favorites. It’s by Janie and Jack from last year🙂 My bought my niece the exact one.

Suri’s beautiful.

brooke on

Suri is so beautiful, she has the best hair and eyes. I love the way they dress her, she looks great all the time.

Chicki on

Chiara, maybe you forgot, but it WAS Easter Weekend! Traditionally this is one of the few holidays every year when little girls can wear “display case” dresses without impugnity! I may even argue that she was a little dressed down, because most kids I see o all out, wearing white tights and patent leather mary janes!🙂 Anyway, I think her little sandals are cute and she looks adorable for a nice romp in the park with her daddy.

Karin on

Cute photos, Suri is so beautiful! Does anyone know where her dress is from? It’s hard to tell what the design is around the bottom, but it kind of looks like that could be the Eiffel Tower on it in the last photo of them walking together?

I agree about her always being so dressed up, even to go to the playground… BUT, she may just prefer dresses and insist on wearing them, and if her outfit gets dirty or ruined I’m sure it’s no big deal to them since she probably has at least a closet full of clothes!

Sarah’s note: It’s older collection Janie and Jack.

Marta on

A child in sweatpants?
In my family, we don’t even dress our children in denim! A child should dress like a child, not an adult.

Kristi on

I think the dress is from Janie and Jack. I was going to buy that same one for my daughter. But couldn’t bear to put her in such light colors. It’s too pretty of a dress for my little tomboy!

Jennifer on

She is such a cutie, and I love her Easter dress!🙂

CaliAngel on

I’m sorry but it seems VERY ridiculous that you would put a toddler in,what I would assume to be, an expensive dress to go to the park! But that’s just my opinion.

Katryna on

I’m not a mom so I wouldn’t really know…but don’t most parents usually dress their kids in more…comfortable clothes when they go out and play? It just seems like whenever we see Suri (who is adorable), like others have mentioned, she’s always dressed up for the cameras more than dressed to play. I don’t know, I just find it a little odd.

Joy on

the dress is from Janie and Jack, Little Paris Line.

Cam on

I’d sure love to see that child in some play clothes. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to play at the park. She’s a cutie though!

Sheri on

I agree with Cora … my first thought was she looks just like a little China doll (porcelain kind)! She is precious and looks just like Tom to me. And I think he looks very nice the way he is dressed. It’s nice to see him with Suri alone for a change. Usually all we see is Katie and Suri.

pixie on

Her dress is from Janie & Jack. I actually have that dress, it was sold in the fall. They had an entire set with the paris theme.

AnnaB on

Suri is no doubt a very cute little girl.

Not to be all negative, but these pictures look beyond staged.
She also isn’t playing in a single one of them, let alone “with the other children”.

AnnaB on

Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that I saw the pictures before on another blog. There were about 30-40 pictures, also some from the sandbox, and not a single one of Suri actually playing. I just thought it was odd they put that in the press release.
Sure, pictures don’t always tell the full story, but from the ones available it just looks like they walked to the play area, looked around for a little while and then walked back to the car.
Here’s the link:

Jillian on

Suri is a sweetheart! I agree with Karin’s post-maybe Suri insists on wearing a ‘pretty dress’ everyday. My mom says my little sister HAD to wear a dress everyday…no pants of any kind for her, cause she was a ‘princess’….and she has the pictures to prove it haha

Steph on

Suri is just about my favorite celebrity baby! She’s just utterly gorgeous.

Hea on

So what if she’s wearing a dress? It could have been an impromptu visit to the park for all you know. Perhaps they are okay with her getting grass stains all over her dress and if so, what does it matter if she’s wearing it? She has clothes on, she’s not cold. That’s what’s important IMHO.

Mamatwo on

Perhaps Suri decided she didn’t want to play. My four year old does not like parks, unless there are swings and not to many other children. Maybe Suri was afraid of the other people, or the playground itself.

Janey on

Every time I look at Suri cruise I can’t help but go ‘my she is gorgeous!’. She is so beautiful. The pictures are so adorable. It is a beautiful father and daughter time. She is just about the most beautiful child I have seen. Unique. WIth so much character as well. I usually look forward to seeing her pictures and I drop by CBB for that reason.

Kids can be difficult and since it was Easter weekend she may have insisted on wearing her favourite dress for the outing. May be they did not mean to go to the park but ended up there, any one with kids can sympathise.

Very beautiful child.

Tara on

Gorgeous, gorgeous child though i do prefer long hair on little girls.

Aidan on

Well I mean, Janie & Jack is cheaper than other clothes we’ve seen Suri in so for all we know, these ARE playclothes.😉 But these WERE taken at Easter weekend so either way it’s logical to see her in a pretty dress. It’s not like we’ve never seen the child in jeans or pants.😛

Regardless, she’s my favourite celebrity baby, so I was really happy to finally see some new pictures! It’d been awhile, haha.

charsmom on

My daughter won’t wear anything but “Easter dresses” – they are all poofy, satin, frilly dresses that she plays in at preschool and at home. She plays in them in the dirt, mud, snow, rain … you name it, these dresses have seen it. I could not get a pair of pants on her for all the ice cream in our freezer! So let’s give Katie and Tom a break – just b/c Suri is dressed up doesn’t mean that she can’t have fun and get dirty!

brannon on

Not loving either of their outfits but for the person questioning cost – two things to keep in mind: money is no object for them and Janie and Jack is not an expensive line. I agree that since we usually see Suri in designer, these probably are casual clothes for her.

Melissa on

Thank God we finally see Suri. Hopefully, Perez Hilton and others alike will stop the speculation.

Melissa on


Did it ever occur to you that maybe this little girl is shy? That she could be intimidated by all of the other children? There are many explanations as to why she was not in the mix. It very well could have been staged, but that isn’t necessarily why she wasn’t playing.

Whocares on

Chicki not to sound ignorant but do Scientoligists celabrate Easter? If they don’t Suri is definatley not “dressed down” for a trip to the park.

Kim B on

I love this little girl and I saw all those cute little pictures of her in that dress and I think she looks adorable. Thats the way I like to dress my little girls I think little girls look cute in dresses. I might not put on something white like that on my girls but I would put sundresses on them even to play outside thats what makes little girls cute. Their were about 20 to 30 pictures of Suri and not one of them she was smiling. That just seemed odd to me maybe she is just shy but she just looks so sad in these pictures.

Sarita on

Children don’t have any problem playing in dresses. As long as the parents aren’t afraid of it getting dirty than there is no difference between pants and dresses.

brooke on

Suri is such a beautiful child

CelebBabyLover on

Marta- How exactly do sweatpants and denim make a child look like an adult? Personally, I can’t think of two more appropriate articles of clothing for a child. Naturally I don’t approve of low-riding jeans or other “adult” style jeans on kids, but regular old jeans and sweatpants seem pretty child-appropriate to me.

I wore sweatpants all winter when I was a kid (incidentally, I can’t stand them now!), and my parents are certainly not the type to dress a child in “adult” clothing. I did not wear jeans as a kid, but that’s only because I’ve never liked them. I did, however, have a few denim overalls and jumpers.

Meg on

Other websites were speculating that the reason we haven’t seen Suri lately is because of the fact that the paparazzi follow Katie and Tom around like hunters and Suri became very frightened. Katie did not like the way Suri reacted one day so they were choosing not to bring her out in the public eye as much. The paps were flashing the cameras and everything freaked her out. I would be scared of all those screaming men and women too.

Marta on


It’s probably a cultural thing but we don’t dress our children in denim or sweatpants because to us they seem sloppy and tacky. Most Americans dress for comfort, not style (sorry to generalize, it’s just the way you’re perceived) so I’m happy to see people dressing their children like they actually take pride in their appearance. I don’t want to offend anyone, I just wanted to explain my previous comment.

stephanie on

Wow… She is absolutely beautiful…. to address those of you talking about her clothes, and MARTA…. I am an American woman, with American children, and I would NEVER dress my children in sweatpants. I have 2 boys age 14 mos and 27 mos. They are always dressed nicely, even to the park. They wear denim, but it depends on the brand. I just take a lot of pride in my boys appearance. A lot of what they wear, you see on Kingston and such. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your children, such as Suri and wanting them to look nice. In saying that, I am always dressed nicely as well and cant remember the last time I wore sweatpants OR denim for that matter. Different people who live on different budgets cant afford that life, but theres nothing wrong with those who can.

Hilda on

Awww look at her protesting. Like she is this little adult who knows what is best for her. LOL. I like the way Tom is with her. Like she is his own sunshine. She is little miss sunshine that one. Love her.

Kat on

Suri is certainly growing into a beautiful child, but I think these photos look a bit staged & I think they are taking the “fashion icon toddler” thing to the extreme. Plenty of celebs & even non-celebs can afford to dress their children to the nines, but they realize that sometimes it’s ok for a kid to just be a kid. It matters not whether it was Easter weekend, as Suri’s family does not celebrate Christian holidays (Tom has made it clear in interviews that he & Katie are “just Scientologists”). I think it’s sad that she looked around the park like she didn’t know what to do. She just stood there looking confused & it seems she didn’t interact with the other kids at all. But she is precious, that’s for sure.

meghan on

She is a very pretty little girl. For once though, I’d love to see her in play clothes. Not dresses, or sandals, or Burberry. Bring on the tennis shoes and the play clothes!

Laurie on

Stephanie, I think the point is that when little children play, they should be dressed like kids, not like they’re going to a wedding. It looks ridiculous to see a child wearing a dress, playing in the dirt.

Not everyone uses wardrobe to try to put out a certain image that they want people to buy into. Look at Jennifer Garner. She and Ben are super rich and look like a million bucks when they’re dressed up, but they also have a casual side. They are obviously down-to-earth normal people.

My hubby and I are well-to-do, but we wear jeans when we’re not at work and our kids live in casual clothes. They wouldn’t feel comfortable any other way.

Actually, I think the people who try to put on a certain image are the ones trying to hide something.

Megan on

I really dislike that outfit on him. Its so tight that it looks like women’s clothes. In that second picture he looks like someone’s grandmother.

Colette on

Put me in the camp of people who don’t get what she’s wearing to play in. We’re European and yes, our kids play in jeans and leggings. But I am finding the high and mighty attitude of some amusing.

amandamay on

i looked at all the photos from this “shoot” on bauer griffin (there are a ton) and it is odd that in all of those images, there’s not a single one of suri playing. not in a sandbox or with any other kids. and tom wasn’t “socializing” with other parents. It’s just an odd press release that doesn’t seem to be true. Yes she might be shy and I’m not judging the outfits, i’m just wondering why it was written that way when none of the photos show any of those things happening. the comment that said it was like they walked into the park, looked around and left seems to be more accurate.

amandamay on

oh, also, if suri IS shy, then hiding her away and never “socializing” her with regular kids (celebrity play dates at home don’t really help with socializing in the real world) isn’t going to help her overcome that.

Fa on

Glad to read Tom was not socializing. He seems to not be able to shut up about Scientology for five seconds. I’d run a mile!

Danyell on

OMG! What’s wrong with children playing in dresses? Maybe Suri picked out her outfit for the day. My 1 yr old wears a cute fun dress every few days, and cotton “play” dresses throughout the week.

Parents dress their children the way “they” dress. Ben and Jen are very casual people, and Tom & Katie’s casual wear is more dressy, hence the dressy dress. I personally think Suri’s adorable, and it looks like her and Tom had a nice time exploring the park!

JMO on

I don’t see anything wrong with Suri in the dress at the park. There are times my niece is wearing a skirt and we’ll just be out and decide on a whim to stop at the park! She doesn’t care. And her clothes aren’t expensive that if she ruined them we’d be upset.

Now I will agree and disagree to an extent with a few posters. I believe it’s wonderful to take pride in your children’s appearance. But it is YOU that is more concerned about it then anyone else including your children! At the park most kids are dressed in sweatsuits or sweatpants and sneakers rather then their khaki pants with their nice v-sweaters!! I enjoy a child well dressed but to say that sweatpants and denim are a way of dressing your child down is outrageous imho!! Do I believe children should be out in public with ripped clothing or stains? no! But sometimes others can’t afford the more fancier clothes for thier kids. If these parents walked around worrying about what their children are wearing 24/7 or how they look it’s only going to just be one miserable day of stress that isn’t needed for you and your child!!
I guess these are the same types of parents that if their kids get dirt or food or things on them they quickly go balistic?! Let the kids just be kids and worry about their looks when they’re old enough! Hey JMO!

paula on

I’m European and find absolutely nothing wrong with kids wearing “sweatpants and denim”. My kids get very dirty when they play outside and it’s just more practical…and I can certainly afford nice clothes…they wear them when they are appropriate to wear.
Given that, my daughter insisted on wearing her frilly Easter dress in the bouncy house on Easter Sunday, so it’s not a huge surprise to see a little girl wearing a dress at the park.

Elle on

Just wanted to comment that I’ve been a Scientologist for about 15 years and I’ve always celebrated the traditional holidays, as I believe most Americans do, even if they do not have specific religious beliefs. Almost all other Scientologists I know, except for a couple friends who are Jewish as well, celebrate Easter and Christmas in some way (usually egg hunts, baskets, large brunch with family, etc).

Lib on

I grew up in a family where the girls ALWAYS wore dresses, tights, mary janes, and always had cute stuff done with their hair… now my nieces are dressed the same way, and I’ll have my daughters dress the same when they’re old enough. I grew up playing basketball, riding bikes, and swinging on monkey bars all in a dress and cute bouncy curls. If anything, I feel like I, as a woman, learned to embrace femininity a lot earlier than my peers and am more comfortable being an adult woman who takes care of herself and has a sense of modesty and grace as a result. Unless you’ve personally chatted with Katie and Tom and they’ve told you the reasons behind Suri’s wardrobe, then leave them alone.

SoCalMom on

My kids have ended up at parks dressed like that before. Especially on a holiday! You dress them for the ‘event’ (egg hunt, church, visiting relatives, whatever) and then invariably they just need to get out and run around like kids and let off some steam. So they do. Pictures are long over, so I let them. Their clothes are to be worn. Now mind you on the way to the car first thing in the morning I’m as neurotic as any other mom who spent a month picking out their Easter Outfits. But later? Notsomuch.

Anne on

I have to say that one thing I’ve always noticed is that she’s never dressed for “playing”. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Violet Affleck both manage to look stylish and beautiful, but their clothes really seem like some they could play in.

Desiree on

You can play in a dress. My daughter does it all the time. She’s 2 and she likes dresses. Not to mention in southern CA…our weather is good, sometimes pants are too hot. I think she looks cute, they dress her very classic….50s ish almost. It doesnt mean the child is suffering because she looks nice.

Genevieve's Mummy on

as a mummy to a little 2 year old girl who believes she is a real princess i have to say that yes, i would take my daughter to a park dressed like that or we would never be able to go *rolls eyes*
her wardrobe is full of dresses and she has 2 pair of jeans that have only been worn a handful of times :o)

Suri does look subdued but that could be for any reason, nap time, feeling unwell etc…

karrie on

I have to agree with the pp who commented that Suri may just be shy. While she’s not whooping it up on the slide, there is a picture of her laying in the sand in the site another commenter shared. It seems possible, and maybe even likely to me, that she was not sure what to make of the other kids.

While the Janie and Jack dress is not my taste, and my son would make a hot mess of it in a sandbox…hehe….I also don’t find Suri’s outfit *that* out of the ordinary. Suri’s sandals look well worn, and I’ve seen plenty of little girls dressed similarly at playgrounds here. (Metro Boston.)

mystique on

I honestly don’t get the big deal here. She is wearing a dress, children play in dresses all the time. Its their right to dress their child how they want and not act like its some conspiracy. Suri could very well have been shy. Its obvious in one of those pics, she’s looking at one of the kids and Tom is looking at her in a sheepish way.

One day in the park doesn’t mean she’s not a sociable kid or maybe they’re keeping her away from other kids. We’ve seen that Suri seems very outgoing perhaps she just wasn’t up to it then. And are we blaming them for a press release, Tom didnt write it.

Ita for goodness sakes its their child at a park, what’s the big issue now? Its like this couple cant do anything right, leave them alone imo.

Dee on

The dress is too cute! She is adorable, i think she looks more like Tom.

emily on

Awww Suri is so cute, what a sweet dress, I find that Tom and her look alike, Tom and Katie dress her in absolutely adorable outfits.

Grace Nunes on

I love Tom Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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