Jamie Lynn Spears out in Lousiana on Tuesday

04/08/2008 at 08:59 PM ET

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, was spotted out at Connie’s Jewelry and Gifts in Kentwood, LA today. Jamie Lynn and fiancé Casey Aldridge expect their first child in early July.


Photo by INF.

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amandamay on

what a cute bump!

good for her – staying out of the spotlight (she can’t help that the paps followed her to louisiana) and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. she looks great!

Chelsea on

I agree, she does seem so normal and grounded. I mean, Ruby Tuesday and Wal-Mart for your birthday? You can’t more normal than that.
She looks so comfy and natural everytime there is a picture of her.

Shawna on

She is carrying REALLY high. I’m guessing boy.

Gena on

Look at her no fat on her. What lucky girl. I know she a young women. But i wish when i get pregnant that i’m as lucky as her and Angelina. Pregnancy really agrees with them.

I’m going to go out a limb and say she is having a girl. but for some reason i think i will be wrong.

Bonnie on

Oh this is the first picture I’ve seen where she really looks pregnant! I think she looks super cute. She’s carrying really hight, but Britney carried high with both of her pregnancies too if I remember correctly.

Jen on

She looks awesome! I really admire her for how she is handling this situation and for taking responsibility of her actions. Of course it isn’t ideal, but as a teenager myself, I can’t imagine my life changing like hers has in the past several months. I really think she’s got a shot a being an awesome mother. She seems so grounded and calm. Best of luck to her with her new baby!

CelebBabyLover on

I have to admit, I really, really hope she has a girl! This is mainly because thus far, all of Jamie Lynn’s siblings kids have been boys. Britney has Sean and Jayden, obviously, and I read somewhere that Britney and Jamie Lynn’s brother Bryan has a boy as well. Time for a baby girl Spears to be born!

Stacey on

She looks great. Looks like she is really taking care of herself. I met her a few times when she dined in a restaurant that I worked in, in Destin, FL and she really is a sweet girl!

Erika on

This is the first picture I’ve seen of her where she looks like she’s got a bump. She looks GREAT- pregnancy really suits her.🙂

Ans on

She’s finally showing – she looks great! She’s lucky she can still wear shorts and look amazing. And I agree – she is carrying really high.

Ericka on

I’m so glad you guys showed a sideview! I was looking on Just Jared and they had the birthday day on there and I wanted to retract my comments about her not looking pregnant because there was a few sideviews where she looked pregnant.

tink1217 on

I carried very high with my daughter and low with my son. I guess time will tell! Jamie Lynn looks great. I think she will bounce back fine afterwards. I am really pulling for her!

Lyss on

i thought i read somewhere that she was having a boy? maybe it was just a rumor? but she looks so pretty here!! and i agree with you all that she is carrying high!

Lauren on

I think she looks great! And I agree that she seems so down-to-earth and just plain old normal! She looks so healthy and relaxed! Even though her situation isn’t “ideal” I give her major props for handling herself the way she has. My sister had a baby when she was 17 and with a lot of support from our family and friends (which it seems Jamie Lynn will have plenty of), my sister didn’t miss a beat. She went to college, is an awesome mom and teacher, and my nephew is about to finish up his freshman year of college (eek!). So, I wish her tons of luck and joy! (And for what its worth, I say its a boy!!)

Tara on

Wow, she’s looks like she’s going to retain her lovely figure and be all bump!
She seems so grounded, what a beautiful young woman.

taryn on

I’m still really sad to see CBB not only covering this pregnancy but covering it so often. Teen pregnancy is nothing to highlight, celebrity or no.

Megan on

She looks so good, too bad we all couldnt look like that when we are pregnant, and yes she is carrying high,but when I was pregnant I carried low and had a boy, so she could be having either a boy or girl…time will tell

Marie on

Though I was shocked when I first heard about her pregnancy, I didn’t judge. Teen pregnancy happens and she seems to be trying to be very mature about how she’s handling her new path in life.

I applaud her for taking responsibility and setting a good example for those around her that are also in her situation. Remember, she’s still a role model for young teens and, yes, some of them are in the same situation as she is and maybe they’ll be able to see how she’s handling things. I think people forgot that some of her fans might be teen moms too. Some might be turning their noses up at a 17 year old that’s pregnant, but she’s still setting a good example with her actions of how she’s handling everything around her and preparing for mommyhood.

I wish her luck, though I think she doesn’t need it; she’s doing fine.

brooke on

I think she will have a girl. She used to look like britney when she was younger, now not so much IMO.

Autumn on

Yeah she looks cute and coming right along too. I’m glad she’s back in Louisiana and is trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, even supposedly going on a date with her boyfriend Casey to Ruby Tuesdays and Walmart for her 17th birthday, like any other girl her age would do, pregnant or not. Still, I can’t believe the paparazzi followed her to Louisiana either.

Anyway when I first saw this pic, I first thought it was Carrie Underwood or something…although Carrie’s not pregnant as far as I know! lol!

Jennifer* on

She’s looking good! She’s a mature young woman and she’ll be a great mum!

And is it the old wives tale of if she’s high then its a girl but if its low its a boy? Or is it the other way round lol?

Renee on

Taryn, don’t like the coverage of her pregnancy, ignore posts about her.She isn’t the first teenager pregnant and she won’t be the last. Jamie deserves the right to enjoy her pregnancy just like any other pregnant woman. I guess some people expect her to lock herself in the basement for 9 months and when out in public hide her face in shame.

Courtney on

“Pregnancy suits her”… sadly, pregnancy does not “suit” any 16/17 year old girl. A woman’s body was not designed to carry another being at that age. Biologically, the best age to get pregnant is 19-23, however that does not take into two major factors: maturity and financial security! As a midwife at a Health Care Clinic, I see pregnant females age 10-45 so yes, I have a little experience in this matter…

Jaime Lynn Spears is far from a role model to any teenager… even pregnant ones. Is it her fault? Absolutely not! How can we call someone a role model who is worth more then 1% of the population. The life she is going to be able to give her child is not the same of a “normal” teen Mom. She has the money to buy the best for her child, pay her bills, provide a roof over her child’s head, put food in their belly, go back to school or work while affording a private Nanny, providing a quality education for her child… and all at the age of 17! This is not the norm. I see too many Teen Mom’s who often have to choose between feeding their baby or feeding themselves.

Does this mean I think she is going to be a bad mother? Absolutely NOT! She has shown great maturity about her situation. Also, one can never tell who will be a good mother or not. Shoot, look at her sister. Four years ago I had a patient who was drinking and smoking up till her 4th month of pregnancy. Luckily, her daughter was born without any effect of her mothers action. The birth of her daughter made her want to be a better person and change her life around. She is now 19 and takes college classes at night and barters childcare with another young Mom who takes classes during the day. She started an at-home daycare to make money to survive while being able to care for her own child. She is in her 2nd year of nursing school and wants to go into Public Health. She lives on her own and her free time is spent loving her beautiful little girl! To me, she is a role model to teenage girls.

I just wished people would not “glorify” Jaime Lynn’s pregnancy. From all the patients that walked through my door that were teenagers, very few have ended up “Happy Endings”. Volunteer at a Public Health Center or Pregnancy Center and you will see the reality of pregnant teens.



Lara on

God forbid Taryn makes a civil opinion, cut her some slack.

taryn on

Thanks Courtney, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

CelebBabyLover on

Lara- I don’t think Renee was trying to attack Taryn for her opinion. She was just stating her own opinion, and stating that there’s a very easy way to avoid posts you don’t like (don’t read them).

All of that said, I agree with Renee. Of course teen pregnancy isn’t something that should be glamorized, but why should Jamie Lynn have to be discrimated against just because she didn’t make the best choice? She has just as much right to have her pregnancy covered as other celebrities do.

I also want to point out that she has been handling her pregnancy very maturely. First of all, she actually admitted that she made a mistake. She also made the decision to accept responsibilty for her actions and keep the baby, rather than just quietly getting an abortion.

Yes, she made a mistake, but if anything, she is showing people how to take responsibility for your actions.

kb on

The only thing about Taryn’s post that doesn’t agree with me is that it sounds like a feeble protest that is irrelevant because CBB has already decided on their stand to publish pregnancy info about Jamie Lynn, which is based on the polls of CBB readers. It’s kinda like voicing displeasure when it doesn’t make a difference anymore, except to make some noise. Sorry bout that but like Renee said, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t spoil it for people who aren’t on the same side as you. And btw, the people who aren’t on the same side as you aren’t necessarily GLORIFYING this.

Courtney on

CelebBabyLover: Your post, “She has just as much right to have her pregnancy covered as other celebrities do.”… actually, she has a RIGHT to privacy. From her actions, she is attempting to the best of her ability to stay out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, our society feels it has a RIGHT to invade on her privacy since she (or actually her parents) chose a career in the public eye. Jamie Lynn is not trying to live the celebrity life… she moved back to her small town and it seems she is trying to have as much of a normal life as possible.

Do you know what it is like to be pregnant? How about in the public eye? Could you imagine being a pregnant teen and have photographers staking out your house? Following you everywhere you go… How about STRANGERS writing random posts about you on message boards both negative and positive? The ugly things I have read about this GIRL have broken my heart. She does not deserve this! We all have to remember… she is a GIRL!

Dealing with hundreds of pregnant teens, I can tell you that most of them deal with so many more emotions than other pregnant women. Disappointment at the situation mixed with elation or sorrow of the pregnancy… can you imagine. She already mentioned she made a mistake. Now imagine that “mistake” broadcast throughtout the world. Knowing that you not only let down yourself, your family, but the thousands of fans who supported her.

While I support the 1st ammendment, I also choose not to read or look at posts about this girl. This was the 1st post I have ever opened up about her and it saddened me. Yes, people were glorifying her pregnancy by routing for a specific sex, talking about her body, etc… She is not looking at the camera so clearly she is not trying to “mug it up” for the pap’s. Is she out daily trying to show off her bump (yes, loose t-shirts really show it off, huh) or going to restaurants that have permenant paps? My dislike for this situation is not because I dislike Jaime Lynn or dislike the situation, but I feel sorry for her! I see girls like her everyday, but without the financial support. Just because she has money does not mean she is not going through the same emotions as all other teenage mothers. I wish the public would leave her alone and allow her the privacy to go from girl to woman with dignity. She is going through enough.

Again, I respect the decision for CBB to post pictures about her and stories since they cater to their audience, but I just wish we would allow this GIRL to have a private pregnancy. There are plenty of other celeb mommies we can focus on who clearly enjoy the attention and coverage!

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