Jessica Alba leaves baby shower

04/07/2008 at 01:00 AM ET

Actress Jessica Alba, 26, was spotted leaving her baby shower which was held at The Ever After teahouse in Studio City, CA. Jessica and Cash Warren expect what she’s been telling friends is a girl, rumored to be named Honor, in late May/early June.


Photos by Flynet;

Two more images below, as well as dress info.


Dr75_caviarblackJessica wears Isabella Oliver’s Audrey dress in black ($275).

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Natalie on

aww very cute!

her hair’s alot darker now i see… she looks amazing!! 🙂

Kelly on

am i the only one it doesnt make sense to why would you find out if your having a boy or girl & not tell everybody? i can understand if your pregnant & dont want everyone to know but if everyone already knows… i guess its just me

dd on

I love her hair color. That must be her sister in the background as they look very similar


Jessica looks very pretty her tummy still looks small, but she might pop at the end of her pregnancy. Can’t wait to see the baby it seems like a very long pregnancy in my opinion. Anyways she looks great and I like her flats.

Annie on

In every photo i see of jessica.. she never looks happy… it looks like she hates to be pregnant.. thats not good.

Kelly on

Kelly.. I am sure that they have told friends and family. I think it is the public that they don’t feel they don’t want to know. Which is understandable. So when she says they are not saying to reporters I think she means ” We are not telling you…”

MB on

kelly: maybe she just wants to keep that information special to her family? the public knows sooo much about her maybe the gender of her baby is something she wants to keep to herself.

chris on

I think some expectant moms and dads just want it to be a secret between the two of them. A few people I know found out the sex but didn’t share the news. It was their little secret.

Jessica looks great. I think the person in the background is her body double Taryn Dakha.

Becky on

Well, its great to see her smiling. I often wonder when multimillionaires attend baby and wedding showers in their honor, if the excitement and joy level can ever really be comparable, when they open their packages to the middle and lower class women. When a young working class mom, unexpectantly gets the “main pieces” like stroller, car seat, and changing table, the excitement is palpable. But, when a wealthy woman like Alba or any other celebrity attends a shower, you wonder if the occasion is as meaningful, given her buying potential. The look on her face definitely says yes. I don’t know what gifts that she received or who came, but she was definitely touched and the joy is written all over her face.

tink1217 on

Jessica looks beautiful!! Not really liking the dress for a baby shower, but she looks great anyway!! I can’t wait to see their baby!!

FC on

I think she looks cute. Love the dress, iffy about the shoes. But she looks good. 🙂

Julie on

I must say I’m jealous. She’s several months pregnant and looks better than I ever will not pregnant. And I love her hair. It looks so beautiful.

brannon on

Looks a little more “night” than day and not exactly shower wear but she is smiling 🙂 I wonder the same things about celeb showers. I liked how Nicole Richie and Malania Trump handled theirs but I understand that celebs need showers too. It’s part of the fun! I would think that they would rather have the “fun” stuff than the needs? I know I would rather pick out all of my equipment if I didn’t need help buying it and would rather receive the things that you can’t quite bring yourself to buy! For example, my friend got my son a beautiful cashmere infant outfit. Gorgeous and fun to wear and I thought of Aunt Shannie every time I put it on him! That’s how I would do it 🙂

Lesley on

She looks lovely and it’s nice to see her smiling. Often she looks very displeased in pictures because she obviously resents paparazzi intrusions. I love her shoes!

Natalie on

yeah, that’s her body double/friend. She doesn’t have a sister. 😉

I wonder if they really did tell anyone else considering most guests brought neutral colored gifts. or maybe Jess told them to not get a specific color cuz then the paps will get a shot of it, like they did for J-lo’s twins. meh, i guess we’ll never know lol why am I still thinking she’s having a boy??

Natalie on

oh btw… it looks like that high end stroller is a Bugaboo. There’s vids of her guests showing up and one of them is carrying a Bugaboo stroller with a pink bow on it. I guess it is more obvious she’s having a girl now LOL!

Lisa on

I was 100% right about her having a girl.. I kept reading posts that she was having a boy cuz she was carrying small … Here I am having my 3rd boy and I looked differnt with all 3 , but I carry big.. I think she looks amazing and that baby will be stunning!

Michelle on

I am happy for her but the way I have seen her dress through out her pregnancy is awful! She is always wearing black like she is in mourning. And ugly sweaters. This is suppose to be a happy time where is the color in her life? I normally don’t care what the stars wear but after seeing her in pic after pic wearing black ugly clothes it’s just wearing on me. I’m about 4.5 pregnant so I’ve been keeping closer tabs on the pregnant celebs. Like Tori Spelling I’ve seen wear some cute summer dresses etc. This is a baby shower the black dress is uck!

Eu on

Did anyone notice that her sister is holding a jar full of pink, lilac, yellow and white jelly beans???? I THINK IT’S A GIRL!!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

It makes me feel bad when celebs like Jessica, who have made it clear that they want to keep the sex of their baby private, are outed by the paps and/or the media. If they want to keep the sex of their baby private, than that should be respected.

These days, it seems like celebs can’t keep ANY part of their pregnancy private (look at J-Lo, for example. First her pregnancy itself was outed by several people, including two of her exes and her mom. Then several sources spilled the beans that she was having twins. Soon after that, people were saying she was having boy/girl twins. Finally, Star announced the babies names, which they discovered after J-Lo’s mom was seen buying bracelets with “Max” and “Emme” written on them).

Personally, I think the paps and the media are going a bit too far when it comes to trying to find out all the details on a celeb’s pregnancy. Anyway, if Jessica is indeed having a girl, I hope she won’t be too upset when she discovers it’s all over the media!

CelebBabyLover on

I just read People magazine’s article (on their website) on Jessica’s baby shower, and they said that a source told them that she’s “been telling friends she’s having a girl”. That much, obviously, has already been reported by CBB and plenty of other media outlets. However, what really confused me is that the source also confirmed to People that Jessica recieved lots of pink gifts at her baby shower, while CBB reported that she recieved mostly gender-neutral stuff.

Eu on

I just saw pictures in other site, and the decoration was purple and white, I guess it’s definitely a girl or thier are trying very hard to get us confused. They Also said that there she let her friends know she was havinga girl.