Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet out in Vancouver; introducing Lola Iolani

04/07/2008 at 08:02 PM ET

Actors Lisa Bonet, 40, (who now goes by Lilakoi) and Jason Momoa, 28, walked with daughter Lola Iolani, 8 months, in Vancouver, BC earlier today.


Photo by Flynet.

Another photo and stroller info below.


Bugaboo_bee_stroller_redLola rides in a Bugaboo Bee in red ($529) with a black footmuff ($130).

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UggaMugga.com on

Why is she now going by Lilakoi? And where does that come from?

Natasha on

Wow her genes are strong! Both daughters are the spitting image of mom. Pretty baby girl:-)

Kayla on

Wow I cant believe she’s already 8 months old. It seems like I just saw pregnant pictures a week ago…time flies.

Casey on

So cute! nice stroller

Gena on

uggamugga.com- that name is Hawaiian. and Jason is hawaiian. So i guess it’s only right. But i would also like to know why she goes by that name.

I hope don’t make anyone mad. But i don’t like them as a couple. i don’t know. but they just don’t fit. I’m trying to say this repectfull as possible so i don’t offend anyone.

Alex on

That’s a precious little girl!! And the Hawaiian references are interesting. “Lilakoi” is passion fruit in Hawaiian and “Iolani” is the name of the Hawaiian palace, the only royal palace on U.S. soil. Queen Lilo’okalani was the last monarch to live there. And that’s as far as my knowledge about those names go…

Dorkiee on

Yay, its the final stargate baby. I was wondering how long it would take before we saw Lola. Not that i was getting impatient or anything *twitch*

Shes cute.

So is dad.. even with whatever on earth he is wearing 😛

meghan on

that’s such a pretty baby!!!

brooke on

How cute that baby looks exactly like lisa, and like her big sister zoe.

Kelly on

shes so cute i was just thinking about them when i saw a picture of her older daughter & i didnt think i had ever seen a picutre of lola

valentine on

Lola is such a beautiful baby. Wow!

lizzielui on

Lisa Bonet has been going by Lilakoi Moon for years, long before she met Jason Mamoa. I remember they first mentioned it in Lenny Kravitz’s VH-1 Behind The Music which first aired in 2001 I believe.

Aurora on

Wow, that is one gorgeous little girl!

FC on

I almost didn’t recognize Jason under all that scruff.

Anyway, little Lola is adorable and definitely another Lisa clone. But, she does have Jason’s brown hair and same shape eyebrows.

Can I have her? 😉

Chicki on

What an impressive hunk of man, those HUGE hands, that mouth, and hair? WOW! I wasn’t even aware that he existed before I just read his bio! Damn Lisa can really pick the hunks – Oh, and (no surprise)the baby’s really cute too 🙂

Cassandra on

FINALLY! Gosh she is just as gorgeous as I thought she would be. She is her Momma with some undertones of Daddy in her. I think it’s the hair and the skin.

Now we just need some photos of Joe’s boys! 😀

L. on

What a beautiful baby!

Dierna on

Wow… odd seeing Jason wearing glasses considering the tough guy warrior he is on Stargate Atlantis. He’s still hot either way. Lisa (or whatever her name is now) is one lucky lady….cute kid too.

jasmine on

What a pretty baby! I love Lisa. 😉

CelebBabyLover on

Is it just me, or does Jason look a little bit like Johnny Depp in that picture?

Sasha on

CelebBabyLover, that’s exactly what I thought too 🙂

Eve on

In Australia Jason Momoa may not be very popular. I’m not 100% sure what happened but he was engaged to an Aussie tv star… then they broke up and the girl in this pic got preggers at around the same time…

fay on

that man is so SO so SO sexy!!! oh my god…

oh, i gotta say something about the baby… she’s hella cute too… (smile)

Yonni on

What an adorable little girl. Congrats to them. I can’t believe she is 8 months. It feels like her pregnancy pics were just posted…Weird.. I guess time flies when you are not pregnant.

bearcakes on

No surprises there. Gorgeous baby girl with two beautiful parents.

AnOldieButAGoodie on

The baby girl almost looks like a doll

Daze on

They mix well, that is a gorgeous little girl. At first, all I could see was her mother, but looking at the second picture, I can see some of Jason in her, too.

chris on

Lisa Bonet has two beautiful daughters. And her daughters have beautiful fathers! lol

Julie on

Kah-uuuuute!Lisa knows how to make her babes look like her. Please tell me how to do it.





haunani on

Lilikoi is passionfruit in Hawaiian not Lilakoi.

Rhonda-Lyn Millhouse on

WOW! How long have I been sleeping? I was just watching “Tempted” on Lifetime Movie Network starring Virginia Madsen and the most edible looking piece of eye candy–Jason Momoa!! I just had to google and check out who he is and where he’s been all my life. Again-WOW!! Lisa/ Lilakoi: YOU GO GIRL!! Both her girls are very beautiful.