Travis Barker and kids at beach; leave Pet Headquarters

04/06/2008 at 01:14 PM ET

Rocker Travis Barker, 32, and kids Atiana Cecelia, 9, Landon Asher, 4, and Alabama Luella, 2, enjoyed a day at the beach in Malibu, CA, and also visited a Pet Headquarters on Saturday. The children’s mother is Shanna Moakler, whose divorce from Travis was finalized in February. Atiana’s father is boxer Oscar de la Hoya.


Photos by Mike/Fame Pictures; Flynet — better quality images here.

Click below for many more images and shoe info.


100229_450_45 Alabama wears Ugg classic short boots in black ($90).

6710 Atiana wears Crocs kid cayman in fuchsia ($30).

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Jasmine on

She is cute! She looks a lot like her big brother.

tink1217 on

beautiful little girl!!

Anca on

I love that he takes all three children. I think a lot of fathers wouldn’t take their ex-wife’s child with another man along. What gorgeous children. They are getting to be so big! I feel like Landon and Alabama were born yesterday!

Kimmie on

The eighth picture from the top is my favorite picture!!! These three are all so cute!!!

LolaCola on

I agree Anca, it’s wonderful that he is still involved in Atiana’s life.

bella on

travis is the kind of father every child would love. all the kids are gorgeous.

Aj on

I think that Travis is such a good dad. Im glad that they all 3 have him as a father. I also agree with the posts above about Travis and Atiana, how wonderful that he treats her like his own.

gigi on

what a wonderful daddy! absolutely lovely pics!

Erica on

Travis gets an A+ in my book! How awesome is it that they are raising these three as a “unit”. I am working with a local non-profit whose main purpose is to mediate conflicts between divorced/divorcing individuals and their children, and believe me, a lot of those people could learn something from the way Travis and Shanna are handling their situation.

tiff on

I’m so glad to see Atiana in a bathing suit appropriate for a nine year old. Too often tweens and preteens wear revealing clothing that hypersexualizes them before they even reach puberty. Bravo, Shanna and Travis, for keeping your little girl a little girl!

Liza on

God. Theres nothing I love more then a sexy tattooed man running around with his kids. Reminds me of my husband… who will take both kids, 2 1/2 and 16 months anywhere, alone, with no fear and is heavily tattooed as well. Very nice. 🙂

Natasha on

Tiff I completely agree, and also little Alabama’s in a one piece which is nice to see. Let kids be kids.

Alex on

There’s nothing more I love to see than a father with his children! It makes my heart melt, and those children are absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa on

Travis, from what I’ve seen in mags, etc, has always seemed to be a hands on father. Sweet family.

Kim on

I am glad to see this. Nothing melts me heart than a Daddy with his children. Seems like we see more of him with his kids than their mommy lately. Is she Modeling again?

jamie on

Travis is SUCH a good dad!

Alabama is a cutie pie! You dont see too many pictures of her.

Lauren on

Awww I know everyone else has already said it but I’m so happy to see that Travis treats all 3 the same and includes Atiana in their outings. She’s obviously very comfortable with him and it’s awesome to see that the divorce didn’t change anything. Travis and Shanna are obviously doing something right.

Southern girl on

I love love love seeing pictures of them all together, he seems like such a great dad…they are all lucky to have each other!

Jennifer* on

I agree with many of the above and again I will say that even though Atiana isnt his natural daughter and despite the divorce from her mum he still treats her like one of his own- that makes him a wonderful person!

I also agree with the comments on the swimming costumes- I hate to see pre-teens in bikinis! That sort of outfit is too old for them so it’s nice to see these little girls in ones suited to their age.

jasmine on

These pictures are sooo nice! I love Travis as a dad…you can tell he’s having just as much fun as them!

Tatum on

he is SO good with all of them

and i LOVE to see him with Atiana they really seem to have a connection

Vlada on

It’s really great that Travis is still in Atiana’s life, I don’t think Oscar’s in her life at all.

coffeygirlb on

I too, love that he has remained to be an active father to Atiana! That will be so good for her, as I have never heard (not that he’s not) of Oscar being in her life! I really think it will help her grow up feeling more complete, having that father role in her life. Regardless of what happened in their marriage, kuddos to Travis for remaining an active part of that little girls life!

Erin on

What a great guy – not only spending quality alone time with his own kids but also with his former step-daughter!! Great job, Travis!

And, can’t forget to say: BEAUTIFUL KIDS! ♥ =)

tink1217 on

new pics!! I love that Travis is involved in Atiana’a life like this!!!! It shows he is a wonderful dad and loves his kids so much. Its too bad Shanna and him couldn’t work it out. I love their little family.

Regan on

I think it should read “Atiana’s biological father is Oscar”, because it has been stated by this family that Travis is her father. Oscar has nothing to do with her. That is not a father.

Cassie Schwarz on

He seems like a great dad not only to his biological kids but to his step daughter, it looks like he loves them all equally no matter what! Too bad not all everyday broken and intermingled families can be like that! What lucky kids to have so many great people that love them and watch over them!

TracyG on

He is a wonderful dad…love that he plays and cavorts with them too instead of just sitting on the beach..:)

I have to ask though. Wasn’t Landon’s hair blonde in a photo just a few days ago? I could have sworn he had blonde hair.

brooke on

Regan actually oscar isn’t that involved of a father and I’m not his biggest fan for a lot of reasons, but shanna herself said when she was on the tyra show oscar and her share a daughter, and are good friends and are raising her.They had a very bad breakup, but it seemed better when I saw her on tyra’s show back in november. At his last boxing match atiana was there too, and he was kissing and hugging her. Oscar lives in puerto rico though with his wife, so I don’t think he sees her much, but he never allowed travis to adopt atiana or change her name. That being said I love travis, he seems like a great dad and stepdad, he is always seen with his kids and looks very attentive. I wish shanna and him would have worked out, they were a cute family. Landon is so cute, my favorite out of all the kids. Atiana looks exactly like oscar, and alabama has a mix of both parents.

Renee on

Such wonderful pictures and I dislike seeing this topic turn into another debate about bikinis vs. one piece for children. Don’t like seeing kids in bikinis, don’t put yours in them.It’s none of your concern what parents choose put on their kids. Why did someone choose to mention this on this topic? This topic has been debated as badly as the breast feeding vs. bottle, natural birth vs. c-section. The only reason bikinis are seen as sexual is because some adults choose to see them that way. Personally, I wouldn’t mind putting my daughter in a bikini.why? Because it’s not sexual to me.

Amber on

She looks just like her father, Hispanic boxer, Oscar De Lahoya, doesn’t she.

LolaCola on

Renee I agree. Perversion is in the mind of the beholder. One will look at a young girl in a bathing suit and think it is too sexy but that is because they view bikinis as sexual. These are usually the same people that believe children shouldn’t be allowed at nude beaches. However, like you said I don’t want to turn this into a bikini vs one piece debate.

Natalie S. on

Props to Travis Barker!!! I agree with many of you, the fact that he remains active in Atiana’s life. As for regards to if what the heading “should’ve read”..c’mon does it really matter? I think pretty much everyone knows who Atiana’s biological father is. Though Oscar has made some huge mistakes in my opinion. I’ve never seen pictures of Atiana and Oscar together. That’s not to say that he isn’t active in her life but in my eyes, having 2 father’s in her life wouldn’t be bad, if anything it would be considered lucky. I grew up with 2 dads, one was more active than the other but I still found it in my heart to be forgiving with my not so active biological father. I think it’s unfair to make remarks regarding the situation when well frankly we’re not there or involved with. Atiana, Landon and Alabama are not only gorgeous but they’re being raised with 2 active parents who understand to put their differences aside and make the kids number 1. I think that’s fantastic!

vanesa on

as a parent it is your responsibility to protect your child to the best of your ability, you may not see bikini’s as sexual but why put a young child in a costume that will be more appealing to a predator, you can never be too safe at that age.

Natalie on

Um, we don’t actually know him or his children, so I think it’s a bit much to say that he’s a wonderful dad based on photos alone. It seems that he is, but all these opinions are just projections of what we want to see.

Nicole on

Renee, It doesn’t matter really that YOU don’t see a bikini as sexual….what matters is the pedophile at the pool checking out your 8 year old daughter in a bikini that sees it as sexual. That’s the reason I wouldn’t put my daughter in a bikini until she’s much older. There are way too many perverts out there.

Mtoo on

The fact that there are adults who turn swimsuits into sexual objects is the exact reason WHY little girls should not be in bikinis until they are age-appropriate. Because some of those PEOPLE that you would like to pretend are so anonymous and prudish, are actually child molesters. Stop worrying so much about fashion and more about your children’s safety.

Renee on

Nicole and Mtoo, it’s a known fact that pedophiles could care less what your children have on.Your child could have on a bag that covered their whole body and pedophiles will still be interested. Also, why are people just concerned with little girls only. Little boys are more likely to be molested than little girls but people ignore that fact.

LolaCola on

Renee that is a good point. It is the same way many people view women who were raped the first thing they ask is what was she wearing. That is besides the fact. A rapist or child molester is going to find a victim no matter what they are wearing. However, I’m not sure where you got the info about boys being more likely to be molested than girls. Most if not all statistics show girls are more likely to be sexually abused than boys. You can google search it if you’d like.
I’m not saying that girls are not over sexualized in our society which may be factor in the higher sexual abuse rates than boys but clothing only plays a tiny part in that. It is the same with the example of the nude beaches. Many countries with numerous nude beaches (where children are welcome) have lower child abuse rates than America, but we look down on nude beaches here because we think of them as sexual.

Ivonne on

I love Travis Barker. He is sooo not my type but I think he’s such a hottie, so maybe he IS my type lol. I love these pictures with his children. Beautiful.

sil on

Well said Renee! i totally agree with you

Harley on

I seriously love this man as a father, not only to his children but also to Atianna who you can tell he fought to have time with. Men like him are heroes to me as they remind me of the man I call dad (my step-father). He brings a lot to the table as a dad and those children are truly blessed to have him in their lives.

Sarita on

I agree with you Renee, some people act as if only girls that wear bikinis get molested! A pedophile will go after any child that is an easy target, it has nothing to do with the bikini or bathing suit they’re wearing.
There is nothing wrong with a child wearing a bikini or nothing at all at Alabamas age as children are not sexual beings and we shouldn’t sexualize them.

susan on

I am just so charmed by his attitude toward his three children. Because Atiana is his child – even though they are not biologically related. He treats her as his child and that is refreshing and wonderful.

Bella Mama on

these pictures brought a tear to my eye.. he’s a wonderful father and i’m so happy that he’s in Atianna’s life… what beautiful moments captured in these pictures.

Anne on

I personally don’t like bikinis for my daughter, but more than anything thats because she is 2 and I just find them awkward and uncomfortable for her. I do agree that there are some bikinis that are not appropriate for young girls – those with the “triangle” tops and string-tie bottoms. Of course there are pedophiles and sick people everywhere. You cannot change that. However, should parents not let their 1 and 2 year olds play on the beach in just a diaper because of that possibility? A pedophile would view a child sexually regardless of what the child is or isn’t wearing. To say (in a normal point of view, of course) that there is anything in inherently sexual about the belly of a 3 year old in a bikini is just ridiculous!

Linda on

two piece bathing suits make it easier for the child to use the potty. anyone who has ever attempted to reload a wet squirming three year old in to a one piece can attest to this.

Ellia on

I could always tell when I watched “Meet the Barkers” that Travis was a great dad! and that he loved Atiana like his own. Does anyone know if she has a relationship with Oscar?
That girl has quite a few siblings! I know Oscar has a son a year older then Atiana, and a couple younger then her. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Oscar and Atiana.

Alabama’s pants are adorable and I love that Landon is still sporting that mohawk!.

Ashley on

Those kids are so sweet! Alabama looks bigger than her daddy in the last 2 pictures lol, I LOVE the little outfit she has on. Adorable! Travis sure has a lot of tattoos. I think little Bama looks just like her mama, and Landon looks like Travis And Shanna.

ilovemybabyzoe on

Just because we don’t see our 2-year-olds as sexual beings does not mean that in the warped mind of a psychopathic paedo they don’t. I have several friends in law enforcement, 2 of which work in the sexual crimes division. They find lots of photos on computers and online of random kids out and about (some even with parents, etc.) and some of which are in swimsuits or clothing which is considered inappropriate.
These perverts don’t even need the child in a sexual position. When I used to sell on ebay, I had a picture of my daughter sitting on her bed (it was a closeup of her face so that you could see the bows that I was selling). I got two emails from some pervert about her. The photo was in NO WAY sexual and you couldn’t even see past her neck, and it makes me sick to think of the sickos out there who could have her picture from copying it off of my item listing.
I don’t see the point in provoking perverts into getting sexual ideas about our children by letting them wear bikinis, cutoffs, miniskirts, high boots, halter tops, etc.
There are a lot of clothes out there that I think are sooo cute, but I don’t want to be sorry later for letting her wear something that I thought was cute and some idiot thought was a come-on.

daisy on

A few comments:

1. None of us “know” these people personally, so anything made is merely from an observational standpoint. Travis appears to be a doting dad. Not many men would take THREE children, much less 2 and one that wasn’t his biological child, anywhere alone. The logistical aspect aside, to keep three kids entertained is difficult, and he seems to do it with ease. Far be it for me or anyone to fault him on that, simply because I don’t “know” him.

2. Whatever relationship Oscar had with Atiana and her mother in the past has not deterred them from trying to maintain a better one now. If he wants to be a father to her, so be it. Atiana will benefit from the paternal relationship, as well as the responsibility that Oscar is accepting with caring for her.

3. Some here assume too much when they think of what pedophiles are attracted to. Pedophiles are attracted to CHILDREN. Dress them up in gingham seersucker dresses or spandex leotards, bikinis or neck to heel bodysuits; A pedophile is attracted to the innocence and youth a child has. Many criminologists will tell you that a child looking like Minnie Mouse will be far more attractive to a pedophile than one dressed like a Bratz doll, simply from that aspect.

Please don’t pretend to think that a parent is to blame for a pedophile’s interest in him/her due to his/her attire. It would sooner make more sense to blame the parent for giving birth to a child than to do so.

Demi on

what cute kids =]
i remeber watching their series when it was on mtv.
i remeber when alabama was born and im pretty sure her name was alabama lulu not luella. did they change her second name or did i juet get it wrong??

FC on

How did I miss this post? Anyhow, it’s great seeing more photos of Travis and his kids. I adore the ones of him and Atiana. Landon is so cute with his Mohawk, and Alabama is just getting way too big for me. I keep wanting to think of her as a little baby.