Ryan Phillippe discusses kids, career, and what's next

04/06/2008 at 09:24 PM ET
RyanphillippeIn the latest issue of In Touch, Ryan Phillippe, 33, discussed life after his divorce from Reese Witherspoon.  Stating he was a "physical wreck" after the break-up, and going as far as to say he would "wake up and cry … I wanted to die," Ryan claimed that the best thing in his life are his two kids — daughter Ava Elizabeth, 8 ½, and son Deacon Reese, 4. 

He acknowledges his two children as being the help he needed to move past his relationship with Reese and to find happiness in his life.  According to Ryan,

It’s been a really good year [and] there’s nothing more important to me in the world than my children.  They are the focus of my life.

Continue Reading to find out what else Ryan likes to watch (besides Nancy Drew), how he juggles his career with his family, and what else he wants to do in life.

On how his kids are doing:
They’re great. I love them so much and do everything I can to make their lives as wonderful as possible.

On priorities once you have children:

It’s funny how the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie becomes important to you! 
On the kind of father he is:
That’s a hard question. I’m a good dad, but I certainly don’t spoil my kids.
On why being a good dad is important:
I grew up poor and I want them to have a sensibility that isn’t privileged.
On juggling a successful film career with a family:
My career always takes a backseat to my kids.  Everything else becomes far less important.  And I don’t feel like I have to act for the rest of my life.
What else he’d like to do with his life:
I always thought I’d be a good teacher.  I’d like to do that in some capacity at some point.  And I want to direct.
On preparing for his role as a soldier who doesn’t want to return to Iraq in his new movie Stop-Loss:
I talked to many soldiers and they told me what it’s really like in Iraq.  They can’t wait to get home and see their loved ones.
On what’s up next:
I’m going to take a good, long break and be a dad.  I’m ready to get out of uniform.

Source: In Touch, April 18th issue


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I love Ryan he seems like a really down to earth guy and a good dad. His kids are adorable. I saw Stop Loss and it was pretty good, plus all the cast members are gorgeous!!

Cora on

That’s great, I love Ryan. He seems like such a protective and strong dad. Ava and Deacon always look as though they’re growing up very normal and happy, without (most) of the craziness that could have come with two A-list parents. They’re lucky kids to have parents with such great priorities.

Still can’t believe Ava is already eight years old! Time sure does fly!

teenyz on

I always get the feeling Ryan is ‘overselling’ it. Every interview, “I’m a good dad”, “I’m a good person”….

Roise on

I know someone asked it before, and CBB wasn’t sure, but during his interview with Howard Stern at the end of March, when he was promoting “Stop-Loss”, Ryan confirmed that he and Reese have joint custody.

And, wow, can you imagine if Ryan does become a teacher?? I’d go back to school!!!