Update: Jessica Alba celebrates baby shower; rumored to be having a daughter named Honor

04/06/2008 at 06:38 PM ET


Update: The shower did indeed take place today around 1:30 pm; however, it was held outdoors at The Ever After teahouse rather than at a private home. E! reports that Jessica was overheard saying that she’s expecting a daughter in June, which is about a week past the last week of May due date we have been hearing.

Jessica received lots of gender-neutral green and yellow clothes, some pink as well, a "high-end" stroller (although the brand was not specified), Dr. Seuss books, and a large stuffed bunny.

Originally posted April 2nd: Jessica Alba is apparently set to celebrate her baby shower this Sunday, April 6th, according to numerous sources (although her rep declines to comment). Adding to the excitement is the rumor that the 26-year-old actress is expecting a baby girl, to be named Honor. It wouldn’t be a surprise, as Jessica revealed in February that the baby’s name would likely be "interesting," especially as daddy’s name is Cash.

The rumor began when a guest ordered a gold-and-bead charm bracelet for the shower, with letters spelling out the possible name. According to Star, the guest was anxious about the jewels being ready for the weekend party, which is said to be being thrown by Jessica’s manager Chris Henze‘s wife at a private home in Los Angeles.

Jessica and fiancΓ© Cash Warren expect their baby in late May.

Sources: E!; Star; E!

Thanks to everyone who sent the news to tips!

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Max's Mom on

If this rumor is true than my intuition that she would have a girl is right. πŸ™‚

Kate on

I actually really love the name Honor. I’ve heard it before on tv shows, so it’s not too unusual, without being a ‘Sara’ or ‘Emily’. (No offense to people with those names! haha)

chatty cricket on

Oh I absolutely love the name Honor. I actually know an Honor! I really like the tradition of “virtue” names (like Patience, Ruth, Merit, Felicity), and you don’t see so many of them around….

Very pretty choice Jessica!!

brannon on

I don’t know…I’m still thinking boy? Honor may just be a wished-upon virtue for their newborn… Time will tell I suppose!

tink1217 on

awww a daughter would be beautiful! But a son would be gorgeous too! Hope Jessica has a blast at her shower!! I am not a fan of the name Honor, but hey…whatever they want!! It’s their child!

Alicia on

Congrats to her and Cash! I know their child will be gorgeous.

I don’t like that name….Honor Warren! I’m really tired of celebrities choosing to give their children names that aren’t really names. I mean I know its their choice, but people need to give it a rest. How in the world do people think its cute to give their child a name that is being used as a noun, adverb, and adjective. I like the Swarovski Store, but I’m not gonna name my child “Swarovski”!!!!!
Anyway, celebrities are so silly always wanting to be seen and heard, and now they can be known for giving their children the dumbest names ever. Just for enjoyment check out my small list: Celebrity Kids’ Names
1. Pilot Inspecktor
2. Apple
3. “Honor”
4. Moxie Crimefighter
5. Spec Wildhorse
and the list could go on…just google it!

Celebrity News on

I think they could of chosen a nicer name then Honor but that’s just my opinion. She also looks quite big in the picture I wouldn’t of thought she would of stretched out that much.


J.J. on

Oooo it looks like it may be a baby girl, but we’ll have to wait and see later on when the little one arrives! For some reason it may be true, and I’m sorta thinking girl now. Anyway, Honor is a unusual, but nice name, as it is with all the celeb babies!

Feather on

I must say I’ve been thinking it’s a girl. Not sure about the name Honor though. I mean how would they nickname/shorten her name her?

Sarah’s note: Maybe they don’t want to? I know my parents chose my name specifically so it couldn’t be shortened. (However they apparently forgot it was one of the most popular names of the early 80s!)

brannon on

Can’t resist … nickname for Honor = Honey πŸ™‚

Jeanette on

I LOVE the name Honor. There’s a street in Paris called Saint-Honore and I loved the name and also heard it as Logan’s sister’s name on Gilmore Girls and loved it there, too. I have thought about using it if I have a girl and almost hope she doesn’t choose it because I would like using an unusual name and am afraid she might make it more popular! But, I can see why she would love it! πŸ™‚

HK on

Haven’t there been other reports of jewelery being ordred that have been true – like the Lopez twins, Salma Hayak’s daughter? I’m inclined to believe the truth to this rumor as well, but only time will tell – and I’m thinking perhaps not too much more time!

Lolabella on

I hope she has a girl.

Heather on

I actually love the name Honora, pronunced like Anora. So I would like Honor if it was pronounced uh-nor but I don’t like it pronounced on-er, like the word. It’ll be interesting to see if its true.

Erica on

Love the name Honor. It’s unique without being pretentious or cringe-inducing. I think “Honor Alba Cash” would flow nicely.

Colleen on

To Feather- not everyone has a nickname. My name is Colleen, and I have never been called by a nickname nor have I ever desired one. Maybe 2 people my entire life have called me Col, but it definitely wasn’t my nickname. What’s wrong with calling a kid by their given name? It was written down for that very purpose!

brooke on

The rumor might be true, it was true for salma, jlo, and before it was even confirmed a lot of magazines had said christina aguilera was having a boy, brooke burke a boy, and halle a girl. As for the name I don’t like it, but I had a feeling it would be a strange name that she would name her child.

LolaCola on

Th rumors could be true but remember this is Star just this weekend they said Brad and Angie got married. Star is the last place I go to get info because 99% of the time they are wrong.

I am actually thinking boy for her so I hope I’m not wrong.

Also remember in an interview (after she found out the sex) she said “I want my kid to be a nerd, he has to be a nerd”

CelebBabyLover on

Brooke- I agree, but the report about Halle having a girl was just dumb luck, as Halle said several times that she and Gabriel weren’t going to find out the sex until the birth (in otherwords, even they didn’t know they were having a girl!). πŸ™‚

Anyway, ordinarily Star is the absolute last “source” I trust, but they did end up being partially right about J-Lo’s twins being named Max and Emme (I say partially right because Max’s full name is actually Maximilan)

I think it’s funny that, a few months ago, it was reported that she was seen shopping for a onsie that said “I’m a boy!”. However, that report came from Petite Tressor, and that place is notorious for making stuff up just to get publicity.

Ashley on

Feather, many children are named without a nickname in mind…like Sarah said. My son’s name is Drew…just Drew. We loved Drew, not so much Andrew and we knew we would never call him Andrew, so why name him that? I personally feel you should name your child what you are going to call them the majority of the time!

Not a big fan of the name Honor, but there are definitely worse names out there. Boy or girl, I’m sure Jessica and Cash will have a beautiful baby!

poppy on

I really don’t like the name Honor. I hope the rumor is not true! I think of childhood as rebellious and silly….Honor, I wouldn’t want to have that moniker.

tara on

In almost every post I’ve read about Jessica Alba it’s said that “they know the sex of the baby, but are wanting to keep it private.” I think it’s kind of sad then that people can’t respect a person’s right, celebrity or not, to keep something to themselves at one of the most important times in their lives. That the news had to be leaked is sad, but that it had to be posted on here seems even more invasive, imo.

ashley on

If this is indeed correct, the baby’s name would be:

Honor Cash

I’m not really a fan of the name Honor, but I don’t think it pairs will with the last name Cash at all.

Sarah’s note: The child’s last name will likely be Warren. Cash is his first name.

CelebBabyLover on

ashley- Cash is Jessica Alba’s fiancee’s FIRST name. His last name is Warren. πŸ™‚

Aya on

I don’t really like the name Honor. It sounds too much like an old lady name. Well, maybe only too me, I know a lot of old ladies named Honor.I guess the top name this year to me has been the “Harlow Winter Kate”. Is it true that Cash wants out of their relationship and is keeping up appearances now ?

Irishgal on

I have been thinking for ages that Jessica will be having a girl! Honor is a lovely name. The baby will be gorgeous, like mum and dad!!!

kaya on


I don’t get what those ‘virtue’ names are about. I’m not a native English speaker and I never heard that in my language, not that I can think of. (Translated, I mean) It is really, really weird to me. (Like Faith, Destiny and such)
As for nicknames, my parents gave me a really ordinary name and everyone (including my parents) calls me by a really ordinary nickname. I’m still special;)lol

Can’t wait to see her baby.

Lyss on

i think it’s a girl also. Honor…hmm….right now im not so into it but im sure ill come around to it. Honor Warren…interesting. but i dont trust Star…they did say Brangelina was married so…i dont exactly believe them

Hanna on

I hope she has a boy. Such a heavy name for a little girl

LolaCola on

Wait a minute, are the girl rumors based on the bracelet and name? Honor can be a boys name, and there is nothing wrong with giving a boy a bracelet, well at least to me there isn’t.

J.M. on

I’ve always thought it was a girl and I think the name Honor is very cute and different kind of name. I’ve never actually heard it on a person in real life but I’ve heard it on t.v. before. Only time will tell.

AnnaMarie on

I hope she does have a girl! And with that kind of genetics she’ll be gorgeous. As for the name, I think it’s gorgeous. It’s different without being totally out-there and impratical.

Steph on

Ooh! I hope this rumor is true! I kinda like the name. Virtue names are always a hit. I knew Jessica would give her baby something funky. I like it! (Not that she needs mine or anyone else’s approval…)

Bex on

Honor sounds masculine. It rhymes with Connor.

JKB on

I have a 2-year-old daughter named Honora (rhymes with Aurora.) We typically call her Nora. My husband & I love names that are both unique & traditional at the same time.

Honora is a beautiful name with lots of options – as she grows up, she will have freedom to experiment with her name (Honora, Honor, Nora, Honey, etc.)

I hope that the name doesn’t get super-popular if it is used by a celebrity. But its a beautiful name, either way.

Nicole on

Honor Warren – doesn’t it sound too tongue twisting? I barely can pronounce it quickly πŸ™‚

Though, standing alone Honor is no worse choice than Felicity or Hope. But I am just not a fan of those ones.

I’m sure this baby will be as beautiful as her (or his) parents are πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

I’m a bit surprised that Jessica told a shower guest that she’s having a girl, since she has previously said that she and Cash weren’t going to share the sex. I’m also surprised that she announced the exact month she’s due, since it’s pretty clear that she hates the paps (and, as we all know, the paps tend to follow celebs even more than usual it gets close to their due date. That’s why lots of celebs either refuse to give a due date other than general statement such as “early summer”, or else they give a false due date that is a few weeks or even months after their actual one).

Tuni & G on

Don’t get why you would name your daughter Honor. She’s very pretty but don’t like the husband!