Brooke Burke and Neriah at Starbucks

04/06/2008 at 11:04 AM ET

Actress, model, and TV host Brooke Burke, 36, made a quick Starbucks run with oldest child Neriah, 8, on Sunday morning. Dad is plastic surgeon Garth Fisher of Extreme Makeover.


Photos by Splash News.

Another image is below.


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Olivia on

She has a flat stomach.. I guess the thing she uses really works.

Jasmine on

Why doesn’t Neriah have any shoes on?

Aj on

I was wondering, can you wear a tauts (not sure if im spelling that correctly) 2 years after having a child? Brook looks great!

brooke on

Wow broke’s stomach really is flat, she has an awesome body. Neriah is cute, looks just like her dad garth.

tink1217 on

Aj, I was wondering that too!! LOL…does it work when you are just trying to lose weight?? Brooke looks amazing!!

Becky's Daughter on

She might be wearing the taut in this photo and its giving the appearance of a flat tummy.

Has anyone here purchased one yet? How many weeks postpartum are they worn for?

Kim on

I purchased one but won’t be wearing it until June when my baby is born. You are supposed to wear it for 40 days.

MB on

AJ and Tink: I don’t think a taut will work so long after you’ve had the baby b/c the point of it is not to lose weight but to reduce the swelling of the uterus after giving birth, which helps your stomach flatten out again. Does that make sense? You could probably send Brooke that question though; I’m sure her Baboosh website has a link to contact the store.

anonymous on

could her face be more orange……..LOL

Nicole on

Brooke looks fantastic, one of the prettiest ladies in Hollywood.

Jem on

Has anyone used one of Brooke’s “tauts”?
Do they work – and do they actually help in the long term or just temporarily suck you in?
I was debating whether to get one or not.

*AJ* on

Actually it will…Brooke explained that it works kind of like a gurdle so if you wear it even after its been a while since you have had a kid it can help you reshape your abs and tummy…it just might not work like it would right after you have a baby! This is a different AJ btw lol I noticed we have two lol don’t want anyone to get confused lol

Bella Mama on

if anyone can find out if tauts can be worn after you’ve had a child awhile ago please let us know.. i definitely would like to check it out.. i still have a pooch and my baby is 15 months old 😦

Brooke looks unbelieveable..

Aitch on

I hope we see the baby boy soon. She looks like she never had a baby!

Nicole C on

Brooke is the best advertisement ever for her tauts! I’m 18 weeks along now with my first and will definitely give one a try.

She and Heidi Klum just seem pre-disposed for having amazing bodies postpartum. Wish they would sell her genetics on Baboosh, as well ! LOL

aznprncss on

i guess nobody read that her husband is a plastic surgeon. i’m sure the tauts are not the only reason she has a flat stomach.

CelebBabyLover on

aznprncss- Actually, its her EX husband (Neriah and Sierra’s father) that’s the plastic surgeon. Her current husband is not. Anyway, I personally think she’s just naturally thin. It seems to me that Brooke is brutally honest about her life (for example, she’s admitted to having her breasts done, she just willing shared her post-baby eating plan, and she’s honest about how hard and exhausting it’s been for going from three kids to four kids).

Therefore, I think she would have admitted to having a tummy tuck or liposuction if she really had had one or both of them done. Also, if she had a tummy tuck, she would have a scar, and we have seen her belly au natural a few times…and no scars are visable.

*AJ* on

Tauts, her food plan like the small meals she eats, and exercise even during the full pregnancy has helped her…maybe you should read her blogs on babooshbaby more often? And yes she has answered the question of will it work even if its been awhile after babys been born. It works like any wrap would but it won’t work alone like right after you have a baby. You still have to eat right and exercise because you no longer just have swelling and water retention ladies! Its called excess fat! lol…And like any excess fat its not enough to wrap it your going to have to work it off…