Vanessa Williams and children in Ebony magazine

04/05/2008 at 01:24 PM ET

Ugly Betty‘s Vanessa Williams, 45, posed for the May issue of Ebony with her mother Helen (aka GaGa), and children Melanie, 20, Jillian, 18, Devin, 15, and Sasha Gabriella, 7 ½. The first three children’s father is Ramon Hervey III, while Sasha’s father is Rick Fox.


Source: Ebony, May issue, via Urban Hoopla

Thanks to CBB reader Christina.

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Tam on

Wow such beautiful women (and son)!

mitedjere on

she’s just perfection, shes like their sister. They all looks cute. I love them

iovana on

I had never seen Jillian Melanie and Deven before

janie on

Wow – what a gorgeous family!

S.A.M on

WOW! The genes in that family are unbelievable. They are all gorgeous!

All the kids look more like their daddie’s though.

Is the boy really 15? He looks more like 10 or 11 to me!

Sarah’s note: Yes, he’ll be 15 this year. Born in 1993.

Pammy on

BOY oh Boy!!!! Grandma GAGA looks Ga-GA Gorgeous for her age 67!

tiffanyyy on

Wow Devon does not look like he is 15 but GaGa doesn’t look as old as she is either! What a great family picture!

chris on

At first glance I couldn’t tell who was the mother and who were the daughters. Great genes indeed!

Nonny on

Lovely! Simply lovely! What a wonderful three generation photo!

Southern girl on

Beautiful family! I don’t think Devon looks 15 in this picture, though…
That’s ok…I’ve always been told I look very young for my age, Everyone thinks my best friend is my mom…she is only 2 yrs. older. My mom looks young, too…it will come in handy later in life :-)!

Candace on

What a GORGEOUS family!!!

Heather on

Beautiful family. Does anyone know which one is Jillian and which is Melanie?

loveliason on

What a beautiful family!

brooke on

Devon is so good looking. The one right next to vanessa named jillian is pretty, and the oldest melanie looks the most like vanessa IMO. The youngest looks bigger than 7, and the grandma is pretty

Simply Bohemian on

Such a beautiful family!

angel on

jillian is the one sitting next to vanessa…melanie is sitting at the end of the couch….wow but i cant believe mel looks so diffrent now then when i used to talk with her about 5yrs ago lol an sasha/devon is soo big!! but a beautiful family.

FC on

Nothing wrong with looking young from time to time… Sometimes it comes in handy, then, if you’re going out to a club or something, sometimes it doesn’t…lmao.

But, that’s wonderful photo of her and her kids and her mother. Seems Sasha is the only one to inherit her mother’s eye color. All the girls are beautiful and Devon is quite handsome. 🙂

Oh, and yes, Vanessa looks ridiculously fabulous. She could pass for their sister instead of their mother.

Romie on

Actually, I think Melanie is the one sitting next to Vanessa and Jillian is at the end.

Sara on

Romie – the caption in white at the bottom of the picture tells you who is sitting where 🙂

Jadine on


Mary on

Her children are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s been interesting to see all of them grow up. And they were all gorgeous kids as well. The oldest Melanie is sitting on the far right, followed by the next oldest Jillian sitting next to her mom, then of course Devon and Sasha on the floor. If people remember pics of her older 3 children when they were younger, Jillian was on the chubbier side, so she’s really grown into her looks and body and has grown into a beautiful young lady. Melanie was always on the slimmer side, and looks the same now as a young adult. Sorry, just a quick background for those who didn’t know which girl was older.

yaosa on

I used to take piano lessons from Mrs. Williams! I cannot believe that 30 years hasn’t changed her! She looks fantastic and Vanessa and her family are simply stunning! Vanessa’s brother, Christopher and I were in 7th grade together and somehow Devon reminds me a little of Chris (except for eye and hair color). Beautiful family and very down to earth. I am always happy to read news about them !

emay on

Gorgeous family!! Wow, what a great set of genes those kids inherited. Those girls are absolutely beautiful and her son is so handsome. As much as Vanessa has accomplished professionally, you can tell her greatest joy comes from being a mother.

emay on

One more thing Sarah, that issue of Ebony has a lot of celebrity moms with their kids. There’s a great shot of Karyn Parsons (Hilary on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) with her kids, Sheryl Lee Ralph and her kids, Jasmine Guy with her daughter, Nicey Nash and her kids and a new one of Salli Richardson and her daughter Parker. Great pics.

terri on

Beautiful family!

m-dot on

What a beautiful photo! I think little Sasha looks just like Vanessa, while the other girls look like their father. Then again, Melanie looks a lot like a young version of GaGa. Just gorgeous all the way around!

Shawnie on

Devon looks short because he is sitting on the floor with his legs stretched out in front of him i think.

Daze on

It’s easy to see where Vanessa got her beauty from….and she passed it on.

nikki on

yep that is a beautiful picture of vanessa,gaga and the children.
Romie jillian is sitting next to vanessa melanie is right next to vanessa im sooooooooooo getting this maginzine..such a beautiful family.

bearcakes on

Goodlooking bunch. Sasha is gorgeous as usual.

Chloe B on

Very beautiful family!!!
I can’t wait to buy the magazine.

Steph on

Wow! What a beautiful family. That is a stunning photo.

Bella Mama on

stunning family!

Grace on

Actually, with all due respect, the caption is not correct. Jillian is the youngest of the Hervey sisters and is sitting on the end of the couch and Melanie Hervey is seated beside her mother, Vannessa. Sasha Fox and Devon Hervey (the youngest children) are seated on the floor. However, everyone is correct that they are a beautiful family! 🙂

LoX on

The girls are 20 and 18. they’ll be 21 and 19 in june.

Mark on

I just wanted to correct you on this Grace, but the caption is correct, Jillian is next to her mother and Melanie is at the end.
Trust me, I know both of them personally (thought I’ve only met Mel twice) but I’ve known Jill long enough that she’d kill me if I didn’t recognize her.
Hope that helps! 🙂