Brooke Burke on her post-baby food plan

04/05/2008 at 02:10 PM ET

Brookeburke101200_cbb Actress, model, and TV host Brooke Burke, 36, is mom to daughters Neriah, 8, Sierra Sky, 6, and Heaven Rain, 15 months next week, as well as son Shaya, 4 weeks. On her Baboosh Baby site, Brooke blogsabout just how it is (besides genetics and walking!) that she’s looking so good at a month postpartum.


I squeezed into my jeans today, yeah! I am not sharing that to boast or to make anyone who is struggling with her baby weight feel inadequate.  I simply want to tell you what I have been doing in hopes that it may help some of you.

First, I have promised to keep this blog real so I will start with some of my Tauts thoughts.  Binding your belly after birth can get really annoying, but boy does it work!  I cannot wait at times to take it off and I do that for short periods throughout the day when I need a break.  Also, if your skin gets itchy or irritated, take it off for a few hours and let your tummy breathe.  Other than that, I have been wearing it 24/7 and every few days I can make it a little tighter. 

Lots of people have been asking about my diet so here goes. I never “diet”, but I do believe in creating healthy eating habits that you can enjoy and stick to. 

Click below for Brooke’s meal plan and more from her blog.

I try to eat 5 times a day, small meals, every three hours or so. IfI get too busy, some of those meals may be a protein bar or simply anapple and some almonds.

Here is a typical day for me: 

oatmeal made with water, with a little brown sugar
coffee with milk and sweetener

Snack (choose one)
Non-fat yogurt
Low-fat cottage cheese with fresh pineapple
protein bar (Luna or Zone)

Lunch (choose one)
chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber in a whole-wheat pita with olive oil, vinegar and Dijon dressing
sushi – mostly sashimi style
chicken/lettuce/cheese burrito
(I also love Matzo ball soup that I make at home with chicken, carrots and celery.)

Snack (choose one)
apple with a handful of almonds
protein shake made with nonfat milk, ½ banana, tsp. almond butter and a scoop of whey protein
tuna fish salad with celery or carrots (use low-fat mayo)
sliced turkey with almonds

Dinner (choose one)
filet mignon with Caesar salad and asparagus
grilled salmon with veggies
chicken with a salad and grilled veggies
(Sometimes at night when I am too tired to eat a full meal, I have abowl of my favorite cereal, Smart Start, with blue berries and non-fatmilk.)            

These are just some options.  I never starve, and I know that the onlyway for me to lose weight fast is actually by eating more often andkeeping it smart.  I avoid carbs later in the day.  I never drink juice(too much sugar) and I try to stay away from bread, especially whiteflour.  I drink lots of water with lemon and hot green or fresh minttea.  I only drink water, never soda.  I do have a glass of red winewith dinner sometimes, which I really enjoy. 

I keep my meals small andtry never to skip them.  I know how hard it can be to find the time,but many of these options can be prepared in advance and you can grabthem on the go. I really do enjoy what I eat and if I am cravingsomething bad, I have it, but only a few bites!  Small smart mealsreally work.  Give it a try.

Good luck!


Picture_1Baboosh Baby,Brooke Burke’s new line of post-partum belly wraps, stretch-mark oils,organic t-shirts and recycled diaper bags, is named after the Frenchterm of endearment and is also Rain’s nickname. For more info, checkout

If you missed CBB’s exclusive chat with Brooke, in which she answered your questions, click here to catch up.

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PSB on

Is she shilling for Smart Start or is this blog for real? I love personalized diet advice, but not if it’s disingenuous. Even news stations disclose when they have a connection to a subject of a story.

Sarah’s note: No, it’s a real blog. The only is shilling is her Tauts product. Smart Start and Luna/Zone bars are just mentioned by name because it is what she eats. She doesn’t have a deal with them or anything.

fuzibuni on

she’s great. that’s all good advice.
i’m amazed by women who make it in hollywood without losing their grounding. she obviously has great genes, but seems to have a good head on her shoulders as well. wonder if she got this from her mom.

brooke on

She eats really healthy, no wonder she is in great shape. I’m a personal trainer and that smart start cereal is the best kind of cereal you can have, and it actually tastes good. She also stays away from carbs and bread which is great, and her diet seems pretty well balanced with protein and healthy foods. I also like her, love oatmeal for breakfast made with water and brown sugar. I also haven’t drank soda in over 8 yrs, I drink either water with lemon or seltzer water.

Levi on

Sorry, I think she is gorgeous with a great body but I think the tauts promo is leading a lot of women down the wrong route.

Brooke was in fantastic shape pre-pregnancy and very thin. Her weight gain during pregnancy is on the low side as well-as demonstrated in her low-weight babies. The tauts is like wearing a girdle which may make one look slimmer (until you take it off) but it is really encouraging your abdominal muscles to take a break and remain slack. Not a good thing. I think women should be very careful and check with their doctor before wrapping themselves in “tauts.” Holding ones abdominal muscles in the old fashion way will lead to much better results.

Kim on

Her diet sounds great, but I’m curious if she’s nursing. It doesn’t seem like enough calories for a nursing mama. I did a very similar diet a year after I had my son and dropped the weight in 6 weeks, it definitely works! I think my milk supply would have suffered though had I done it while I was still nursing.

Sarah’s note: She told me during her phone interview that she planned to go longer than she did with Rain, which was 8 months, so I assume so.

Ans on

It sounds like a diet to me. Avoiding bread? I’m not saying she should eat it if she doesn’t want to, but it sounds like a diet to me. Low fat this, non-fat that.

sam on

When she says binding her stomach.. Does that mean that she like takes those big cloth band aid sort of things and just wraps it tightly around her stomach? =S

Sarah’s note: She’s talking about her Tauts product, yes.

hmm on

what are “tauts” like what do they do and how do u use them cause ive never heard of them.

Sarah’s note: They are belly bands for post-delivery. You can click the Baboosh Baby links in the post or the link to the CBB interview at the bottom for more info.

Whitney on

Levi: I know some people, doctors included, think the more weight you gain the bigger your baby will be. But I would like to mention the fact that Brooke is a very petite person and may simply pass that on to her babies. My mother is 5’3″ and gained 60 pounds when she was pregnant with me and I was 4 pounds 11 ounces when I was born, this is why I don’t put much stock in mother’s weight gain being transfer to baby.

I don’t mean this as a bash on your statement, but you can’t always relate mom’s weight gain, or lack there of, to baby’s birth weight.

By the way Brooke looks fabulous after 4 kids!

brooke on

I agree with you whitney. Look at someone like leah remini she gained 80lbs she said and her baby was 6 lbs, same weight brooke’s last two children were. And you see plenty of women gain 25lbs, and have 9lb baby. Ben stiller’s wife was very small, only gained 14lbs, and her son was over 9lbs, so hyow much you gain doesn’t always indicate how big or small your children come out. And brooke gained a healthy weight, 30lbs while pregnant doctors will tell you is a healthy weight gain. I disagree about how brooke talking about tauts is misleading to other women. Brooke has always been honest and said she eats healthy before, during, and after pregnancy, plus she works out while she is pregnant and after pregnancy, so obviously we all know she is a woman that likes to look and feel healthy. She is just saying other than the obvious things of working out and eating well, tauts can help your stomach get flat sooner than if you don’t try it. Also of course your always supposed to check with your doctor, that’s one of the things brooke has said on interviews and on her personal site. As for breastfeeding and how much calorie intake she has always eaten like this, and breastfeed sierra for 3 months and rain for 8 months. She is eating 5 small meals, and not starving, so she is fine.

Miss155 on

I really love her and her frank openess. What she says she eats is a diet plus she is nursing plus walking that is why she loses the weight very fast. In addition, she didn’t gain much weight so she is back to the jeans in no time. Don’t get me wrong I know she also was fit prepregnancy plus has great genes.

Sarita on

What she eats would be a diet for me! I could not live like that, but good for her that she can.

Teena Leanne on

Miss 155 i don’t think it has anything to do with her genes

I put on 30 kg and also have just lost alot of weight

I did it the same way as brooke, 5 Small meals a day 3 hours apart and walked 45 minutes a day and did weights and Ball Work

It definately works but i reckon Brooke would work hard It is never easy

Teena Leanne on

What is in Brooke’s Cereal Smart Start?

BG on

I’m so glad I’m not a celeb, I love soda, juice and junk. I applaud her strength to stick to healthy choices. That’s one of the toughest things to do, especially for a busy mom.

Celeb moms are amazing. I would go nuts if people snapped photos of me and my family everywhere we went. They really sacrifice so much for their careers.

Cora on

I was born in Romania and my mother said that right after delivery (vaginal) they put a Tauts like bandage on her stomach. She said that every woman (I’m guessing not the ones that had C-Sections) were given those with the belief that the uterus would shrink and be supported. I believe Brooke has a naturally slim body and as we saw with Rain she exercised often during her pregnancies and eats very well, granted she probably has a bit more help then the mothers out their. But she looks great and her family is gorgeous.

Chiara on

One thing that is never mentioned in the endless discussions about Brooke’s body is that she was married to a well-known plastic surgeon and was known to be his “muse”. This is not to take anything away from her laudable lifestyle choices — she obviously works hard at keeping fit and has a real focus on health, which is great for her and her children — but there’s a very good chance that she’s had help not only from genetics but from surgical work. There are women in the world who can follow her exact diet and exercise regime and never look like her, and they shouldn’t feel that they’ve failed if they don’t.

Mousie on

I realize it’s her job to look good for her career, but where in this restricted diet (yes, it is a diet) are the family meals ? Everything is “I”.

That food regimen is not the best for growing children for whom fats are essential.

Her daughters are learning so much about how important physical appearance is. I would worry about that being such a huge focus in their family life.

Whitney on

I disagree that the way Brooke eats is a diet. It is simply a healthy lifestyle choice. I strive to eat 5 small meals a day and keep the carbs modest. It keeps your insulin levels from fluctuating too much. I think most people just aren’t use to seeing a structured way of eating.

I also don’t think she is excluding family meals from her meal plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if her two oldest daughters are eating similar foods at meal time and I think that is great. More kids need to be shown how to eat healthy portions of nutritious foods. The only thing that I would change for the kids is adding in more carbs throughout the day. And I think there is plenty of fats in her diet to keep her healthy, almonds and avocado are great sources of healthy fats.

I think most Americans over estimate how much food a day they actually need, which could be why our country is so overweight. The average woman who does an hour of moderate exercise a day only needs approximately 2000 calories a day. I bet if you added up the calories she eats in a day it won’t be more than 200 calories off from that.

And the mention of plastic surgery is kind of silly. If she had anything more than liposuction done she would have many scars. And most plastic surgeons won’t do liposuction on women who are within their first year postpartum because so much of their body composition changes.

Again, I’m not trying to bash anyone. Just my thoughts and something to consider.

Mousie on

Whitney, I agree with you about the plastic surgery – I don’t think she looks like she’s done that. I think she’s naturally stunning.

I agree that healthy eating is essential, but what I’m noticing is that her diet doesn’t refer to any family meal preparation or sharing of mealtime – only about what she herself does.

I guess I remember Heidi Klum saying that they all eat everything in moderation and the kids and parents all eat the same food. That just seems more of a family-oriented process than Brooke’s appears to be from her own comments.

Whitney on

I see what you are saying Mousie, but keep in mind this is her personal blog about what she is doing to be a healthy mom. Just because it isn’t mentioned that she eats with her kids doesn’t mean she doesn’t.

Ans on

On the note of plastic surgery, she had her breasts enhanced. It now makes sense that people with rail-thin stomachs still have breasts – because they’re fake. Some people can have their cake and eat it too I guess.

brooke on

Whitney I totally agree with you. What brooke is doing is living a healthy lifestyle, it’s not considered a diet because a diet is when you are trying to lose weight, and brooke from what I have read through the years eats healthy overall, it’s her way of living. But so many people are used to not eating healthy, that to them this is considered like dieting and starving. But it’s really not though, chicken, chicken salads, tuna salad, yoguart, cereal,oatmeal what’s so bad about that, it’s not like she is eating just carrots all day lol. As for her children, maybe they eat different than her sometimes, for example she might eat oatmeal for breakfast, but the kids might eat cereal or pancakes, but maybe for dinner she makes grilled chicken for the whole family. For the average people eating like this is probably not the norm, but I’m willing to bet for most celebrities that are in their 30’s and 40’s and are wearing a size 2 after a few kids, you can rest assure their not eating burgers and fries on a regular basis lol. What I like about brooke is she isn’t saying some lame excuse like kelly ripa says like oh I’m skinny just from running after the kids, nah that’s usually not the case because if that was the case every mother would be tooth pick skinny like kelly ripa just from being with the kids. At least brooke is honest and says she looks the way she does, from eating and working out, whiich makes sense because as a personal trainer I can tell you there’s no secret to be skinny. It just takes proper eating habits or eat what you want in moderation, but also work out reguarly. And as for plastic surgery she has admitted to getting her boobs done, but I don’t think she had anything done to her stomach because after each kid you see her walking around fine within a week just like when she had rain, and when you get say a tummy tuck, you need to recover for a few weeks.

Olivia on

I ate that way for a while and can tell you that a normal day eating regular portions of what she suggested is around 1000 calories (1 cup oatmeal 150 cal, yogurt 100 cal, sashimi 300 cal, apple and almonds 200 cal, 4 oz of salmon 250 cal). It’s not easy to do and it’s no wonder she’s so tiny!

I think she looks great tho. 🙂

Melanie on

Thank you for the healthy tips Brooke-please keep them coming!

Annie on

That is not enough calories for a BFing new mom. No way. Sure she looks great, but this is a totally unrealistic (and unhealthy!) plan for the average new mom. And that taut band can’t be good or comfortable to wear right after having a baby.

Renee on

Annie, she has talked it over with her doctor and if her doctor agrees with her plan, then who are we to say she is doing anything wrong.The doctor is the one with a medical degree and knows more about his/her patient than we do.

MaríaM2 on

There’s always room for improvement, but for the most part, I think her diet is quite healthy when you compare it to many others. She’s got every area covered, and she does NOT eliminate carbs. I see oats, burrito (tortilla), and matzo ball. I’d be more concerned that she’d be using whole grains, or at least minimally processed ones. Carb’s are not the enemy when the right ones are chosen. Anyway, I think she’s got a very healthy approach to eating especially for Hollywood.

Annie on

She didn’t indicate portion size, so I’m not sure how one can conclude that this totals 1000 calories. In fact, if you really believe that all that food is only 1000 calories (a little brown sugar can be 100 alone), you are probably eating too many calories yourself? It is astonishing that to many a healthy lifestyle equals a “diet.” Her diet is balanced and healthy, and apparently there are a few women on here who could benefit from re-evaluating their own diets.

“It now makes sense that people with rail-thin stomachs still have breasts – because they’re fake. ” Or they are not fake. Women frequently feel the need to bash others with more desirable traits. Embrace yourself, and stop hating on skinny big-chested women. Sorry to inform you of this fact, but many of US are not fake.

Whitney on

Olivia, I have worked it up that if you lowball the portions on everything on her list you get a minimum of around 1400 calories. Since her portions aren’t given you can’t make an accurate account of how many calories a day she is eating anyway.

The only reason I brought up the calorie content in her meal plan was to illustrate that most people think that is too little food when it really isn’t. And I think Renee has the right idea on all of this, she checked with her doctor. As long as the doc approves it I don’t think anyone should judge whether it is enough to be eating for a breast feeding woman or not.

Olivia on

I wanted to come back to clarify my previous post.

I wasn’t judging Brooke, and I hope no one took it that way. I think she looks beautiful!

I’m from SoCal where it’s the norm to look similar to Brooke, and I know what goes in to maintaining a physique like she does.

It takes a lot of dedication and I admire those who can do it continuously.

As far as the calories, I stand by my previous post and the calorie counts I stated (+/- 100 calories). I used NORMAL portion sizes (not ridiculous restaurant portion sizes) in my estimates and included them. My source was I didn’t make the numbers up and have the added experience of fitness competitions where I ate very similarly, and around the same calorie count.

Contrary to popular belief 4 ounces of fish is a normal portion size, as is one ounce of almonds and a small apple. A normal serving size is not 8 ounces of fish, or a half a cup of almonds as many would like to believe. And yes, a container of Yoplait light yogurt is 100 calories.

I’d also like to add that 100 calories of brown sugar is about three tablespoons, which in my opinion, is A LOT of sugar!

All that aside, I think that what Brooke eats is very healthy, though I do think it’s also very low calorie. However, it WORKS FOR HER AND HER FAMILY, and that is what counts. 🙂

anonymous on

I have read this blog, and am amazed at how many women seem to actually know her, and what she has done or is doing. Try the belly band and see if your uterus shrinks quicker. But, do you really think that Brooke NEVER had lipo suction!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!! You would be surprised how good you can look if you follow a strict diet, exercise, and then get lipo in the area’s where there is extra fat. And by the way, Brooke is very small (petite), probably around 5’4.

Ah Ha on

Actually Brooke is not “petite” according to the accepted definition of the word. Petite usually refers to women under 5 feet 4 inches tall, and Ms. Burke is over 5’7. There is a huge difference between being petite and thin. She is extremely thin. She states she was 5’8 and 120 after pregnancy and still had 10 lbs to loose. Even if she is adding an inch on 5’7 and 120 is very thin, and 110 is below a healthy BMI. Her eating plan, while she may not call it a diet is extremely restrictive. It doesn’t matter how much lipo she may or may not have had, she works HARD to maintain her shape (and good for her). It doesn’t matter how much surgery you have if you are going to eat like a pig!