Update: Kobe Bryant and family attend Los Angeles Galaxy game

04/04/2008 at 03:57 PM ET

Update: Added photos of the family at the event. Sitting next to them were Victoria Beckham (not pictured) and sons Brooklyn Joseph, 9, and Romeo James, 5 ½.

Originally posted April 4th at 11 a.m.: Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant, 29, watched the Los Angeles Galaxy play in a game in Carson, CA with his wife Vanessa and daughters Natalia Diamante, 5, and Gianna Maria-Onore, 23 months, on Thursday, April 3rd.


Photos by Ramey.

More photos below.

Bryant_beckham_040308_02cbbjpg Bryant_beckham_040308_10cbbjpg Bryant_beckham_040308_29cbbjpg

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ree on

those girls are so cute, they a nice a little family

ree on

those girls are so cute, they a nice a little family

meela on

I remember the days when I had the most “ginormous” crush on Kobe until his sex scandal but I guess if his wife can forgive him so can I. I just think he is so classically handsome and his children are a perfect blend of him and his wife. He seems to have learned from his mistake and has gone on to do the right thing by his family.

brooke on

Both those kids, look so much like kobe

Jade on

What a cute family!

Meg on

The kids are adorable….no comment on the parents.

Vlada on

Cute girls and look at Romeo, always the ladies man.

Jaycee on

That’s actor Dominic West (‘The Wire’) in the background of the 2nd picture. Okay, seriously-I just wanna squish (as in hug!) the Beckham boys. They are too darling

tanya on

i dont to much care for kobe but his kids are really cute.he does seem to be a good dad and thats what matters most

emay on

Yay!! I’m so glad you posted these. 🙂 He’s my favorite athlete; I love to see Kobe with his girls. I can’t believe how big they are getting. Look how Natalia is taller than Romeo even though she’s a bit younger… she’s gonna be a tall girl. And Gianna is so cute, look at those curly ponytails! The Beckham boys are looking good too. Such cute kids. I read that Kobe and Vanessa have Natalia playing soccer so I’m sure it was great for her to see Becks in person.

Nikka on

What cute girls !!! Thanks for posting, I was just reading about them last week on wiki, and i read how Kobe bought Vanessa first automatic porsche (or whatever it was)

Sabrina on

Vanessa looks weird! She getting old.

Sweet Song on

oh gosh…these little girls are so cute cute cute!…too adorable! they’ve got thier dad’s eyes! and yeah, Natalia seems taller than Romeo even though he is older…kobe’s genes! such pretty darlings, although i would opt to wear my daughters earings than paint thier nails blue at such tender ages!

Jennifer on

Is it just me or does Brooklyn look like he has a black eye?

Becky on

If Kim Kardashian ever need an “understudy”, Vanessa Bryant, might want to consider the opportunity.

Maybe its just me, but at least in this photo, there seems to be an amazing similarity between Kim and Vanessa.

emily on

Sweet Song, you’d rather the little girls wear earrings than have painted nails? Seems a bit backwards to me! Earrings hurt & can get infected..nail polish is harmless. They even have peel off nail polish thats safe for little ones.

fuzibuni on

omg, romeo!
your mother named you right!

m-dot on

Kobe’s daughter’s are so pretty. They look just like him, with a dash of their pretty mommy. I love their hair! I also love that she dresses them like feminine little girls, instead of all of these unisex outfits a lot of the celebs opt to by. I like little girls in pinks, purples, frills, and bows. 🙂

fynn on

Ohhh they are really sweet little girly girls. And the Beckhams are such cute boys.
When Kobe Bryant was young he lived in France near the Swiss boarder for a few years and his dad taught at the internationl school in Switzerland in my village. So Kobe would be there too. I remember he used to play basketball on the playing field of my school. Me and my friend used to hang around him and his ‘cool’ friends and watch them play. We used to giggle when they looked at us and play real übercool when they spoke to us. Funny. And imagine him being so famous now!

Steph on

Becky, completely agree! For a minute, I thought it WAS Kim Kardashian! 🙂

Those girls are so adorable, as well as the Beckham boys. Cute pics!

Becky on

Thanks Steph. Tis always nice to be validated.

terri on

That’s such a sweet picture of Kobe with his girls.

brooke on

Those beckham boys are the cutest, that romeo is a little cutie.

kb on

i prefer brooklyn to romeo..he has a cute, thoughtful and a bit brooding air about him. I also like how he’s protective of his younger brothers. 🙂

Yonni on

I was just wondering the other day when we would be able to see Kobe’s family. His daughters are just stunning.

His wife has always been beautiful, but her hair looks great dark.. and yes Becky and Steph I have to agree with you both – she looks a lot like Kim Kardashian here..HA HA

mskingston1 on

Lovely photos. They are a sweet family. As for Kobe, I too think he’s very handsome. His face is so strong, the angle of it, his eyes, and that smile. *sigh*, Kobe.