Cutest princess ever

04/04/2008 at 10:23 AM ET

Princessanya1_2I know I recently posted an Anya update, but I couldn’t resist sharing these latest photos. The folks at Six Apart who own Typepad, our blogging software and host, sent Anya a veritable treasure chest of Disney Princess paraphernalia. And as you know, Anya is definitely a princess. Inside we found Beauty & the Beast‘s Belle’s dress, wand, crown, and shoes.

New additions to our DVD collection include Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Enchanted, but Anya was scared by the troll in Enchanted and Ursula, the sea witch in Little Mermaid, telling me "turn it oss, oss!" so we haven’t watched them past the scary scenes. But she seems to really like Cinderella, aside from the scenes with Lucifer, the nasty cat.

Click Continue Reading for 3 more photos of her royal highness.

For new readers, Anya is my celebrity baby. You can find previous postsabout her by clicking the Anya update link in the post footer.



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Mari on

A is for Adorable and Anya!

Definitely a developmental thing related to her age (ie: not uncommon for many children this age to find parts of Disney ‘scary’). A patient hand is (as you have found) required – because often in another year or two – what they find scary becomes exciting.

MJ on

you’ve got a real cutie there…modeling is in her future!

Katie on

She looks absolutely adorable in these pictures! I just love her! What kind of camera do you use?

Judyb on

Anya is a beautiful little girl and she is very photogenic.

Heather on

She is too adorable. A perfect little princess!

We have that Belle dress also – my daughter Charlotte is wearing it tomorrow for her princess birthday party. It’s precious!

Thanks for sharing pics with us.

Jess on

Anya is the prettiest little princess…EVER! She’s a true celebrity baby!

They’re all such beautiful pictures…numbers 1 and 4 especially. 🙂


Kathleen on

Anya is so a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! You’ve got one cute princess!
I was also scared of Ursula when I was little (yes, I’m a youngin’, 20).
Is she scared of the scene where the Beast yells at Belle and she runs into the wolves? That one got me, too!

Crystal on

So adorable as usual! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy on

Belle is my FAVORITE Disney princess and Anya does her justice!

I can’t believe how BIG she is getting! It seems like only yesterday I logged onto CBB for the very first time to see her as an infant! So adorable!!!

Sue on

She is so beautiful! I wished my daughters would let me take pictures of them! Anya is so good with the camera and very photogenic.

Alexa on

Danielle, she’s so adorable!! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten, I can remember reading your pregnancy posts and her birth announcement.

ilovemybabyzoe on

Which troll in Enchanted? I can’t think of where that would be. My daughter is 3 1/2 and LOVED Enchanted, as did her mommy! Adorable pics, Danielle!

Meg on

Oh my GOSH! I work at Disney and hang out with that princess (hint hint) and I don’t know if I’ve seen such a gorgeous girl in the dress! Anya is beautiful. 🙂 The shots are adorable.

Steph on

I can relate with Anya! I was scared to death of Ursula in The Little Mermaid until I was, like 15! Haha. They would show it at my daycare during rainy days and I would have to sit with my mom (she was a teacher, there).

Anyway, Anya is just a beautiful girl. And so very photogenic! I love these updates.

erica on

too, too cute! she has such a precious face, i love the last picture! this makes me excited for when my baby girl (due in 5 weeks) is old enough to play princess dress up!!

Nonny on

Absolutely adorable! What a beautiful little girl!

FC on

She most definitely is the most cutest little princess I’ve ever seen. I can’t pick a favorite photo since there’s something about each I like, whether it’s her infectious smile or the little poses.

I want her! haha

mdterp on

What a cutie pie! My daughter Emma who is 4 loves all of the Disney princesses. We too have an adorable Belle dress that she wore for her 3rd birthday party which was a princess theme. When she was Anya’s age, she didn’t like the scary parts either. She is pretty much over that now except for a few instances. Whenever a scary part comes on, we fast forward through it.

Jasmine on

Oh my god! She is ADORABLE!

Colette on

Anya has always been cute but as she turns from a baby to a little girl she has become absolutely beautiful.

I think it’s lovely that you were sent some Princess gifts. Kudos to Six Apart!

Jessica on

anya kinda looks like bindy irwin!

Mandi on

She is stunning!

brooke on

Anya is adorable, and looks a lot like danielle. She has some beautiful eyes.

Jennifer on

Such an adorable little princess! That smile is just too cute! 🙂

Dana on

Oh, she is too precious.

Liza on

Awww… its amazing that shes that big already!!! AND I really think she looks like you ALOT.. mostly in pic 3 with the adorable smile. CUTE!!

Tara on

Gosh, what a beautiful child you have. I love pictures 3+4.

Patricia on

I love Anya’s updates, thank you for posting!
She is adorable!

Laura on

Aww, Anya just loves the camera (and it sure loves her too!) – how gorgeous, Danielle! It’s great that Six Apart sent such a lovely present for her and she’s clearly making great use out of it. Too cute!

Tangie on

she is the cuttest little princess! 🙂 wow!!!

gia on

she looks like a pretty little model in that last pic.