Billy and Alexa Joel celebrate Katie Lee's new book

04/04/2008 at 02:45 PM ET

Musician Billy Joel, 58, and his daughter, singer/songwriter Alexa Ray, 22, (c) attended the release party for The Comfort Table by Billy’s wife Katie Lee Joel (l), 27, at the Hudson Hotel on April 1st in New York City. Alexa’s mom is Christie Brinkley. Katie and Billy have been married for three years.


Photo by Kevin Mazur for Wireimage.

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brooke on

Alexa looks just like billy wow. Alexa and Katie are only 5yrs apart lol. Katie lee is gorgeous, she looks like a young ali macgraw, what a beautiful lady.

lanie02 on

Which one’s the wife and which one’s the daughter? I’m a little confused

Angela’s note: His daughter is in the middle.

Noelle on

Katie Lee is so beautiful. I’ve seen her on several interviews and she seems so sweet and down to earth. I was really impressed with her.

Janie on

Wow – his wife is gorgeous! It must be a little strange to have your wife and your daughter almost the same age.

gigi on

i really thought him and katie wouldve had kids by now!

he does have 2 beautiful ladies by his side!

Rebecca on

Pretty funny that you have to point out who is the daughter and who is the wife! LOL

Nelly on

Wow Alexa is gorgeous and she looks just like her dad. I wonder will Billy & Katie have kids too. Katie is so stunning and when I saw her on Oprah she seems very down to earth.

Harlow on

I think it’s odd that Billy Joel remarried a woman so close to his own daughter’s age. Nobody seems to bat an eye at this while they make such a stink over Demi and Ashton.

voiceofreason on

Gosh i remember Billy live in russia and he’s singing “Uptown Girl” and up pops a very young toddler wearing protective ear coverings. Has she grown up!

Elyse on

Seeing this couple makes me not feel so bad about the 12 year age difference between me and my boyfriend! 😉

Irene on

Wow! Both ladies look great. Alexa may have her daddy’s eyes and hair color, but that nose and mega-watt grin are all Brinkley!! What a beauty.

Carol on

I remember some very hurtful remarks made about her several months ago in the press about her looks. She looks beautiful to me but did she steal Britney’s boots?

fuzibuni on

i’ve read interviews with alexa before and she comes off as very down to earth and caring.
christie and billy must have done something right as parents to raise such a beautiful daughter.

Jen on

I think it’s odd that Billy Joel married someone SO young. Katie was only 23 when they got married and he was 54. My dad is that age now and I think I would be really bugged that he was with someone over 30 years younger than him who was only 23 at the time of their marriage.

Yes, I know this happens all the time (younger women, older men for the most part) and yes, sure, maybe they are great partners for each other and age isn’t an issue for them and their happiness is the only thing that is important…

but, well, honestly, it just skeeves me out a bit whenever I see SUCH a large age-gap where the younger partner is only in his/her early 20s at the time of their marriage. It’s great that Alexa and Katie are such great friends and that everyone in their family is cool with it though I guess. Such is life. More power to them I suppose for doing what makes them happy and not caring what anyone else thinks!

Sheri on

Alexa is beautiful and looks just like Billy. What a striking young lady. And, to be honest, Katie looks more like her mother than Christie Brinkley does! She looks much older to me than 27 … but they are both just lovely. Billy must be very proud of his girls.

iluvallbabies on

Hey Elyse- you echo my thoughts at 10 years apart! This makes me feels like its nothing!!

doeadear on

Billy and Christie may not have been able to make their marriage work, but they were both committed to staying friends and working together to raise their beautiful daughter. She has a wonderful singing voice, and there is a lot of love for her parents.

I saw Katie on one of the tv shows, too, and she is so down to earth. She does seem very mature for her age. I am glad that Billy is happy, and would love to see him have more kids, as he seems to be a great dad.

Autumn on

Wow quite the family! That’s cool that Billy and Katie have been able to make it work so far, no matter their age difference and the fact that Katie’s only 5 yrs older than Alexa. (I think I have seen part of that interview they did, and imho Katie has the maturity level of someone ten years her senior…esp. compared to Britney S.)

I agree with Brooke, Katie does look like a young Ali McGraw!

Anyway, if Billy and Katie have a child together, it’ll no doubt be just as beautiful as Alexa. (BTW is Alexa, so far Billy’s only child?)

Nicole on

I think Katie Lee is very pretty, but I would have guessed she was older than 27. I can’t believe her and Billie Joel don’t have kids already. Alexa looks alot like Billie, but I do see a bit of her mom’s smile in her.