Meg Ryan and Daisy out and about in Los Angeles

04/03/2008 at 06:08 PM ET

Actress Meg Ryan, 46, and daughter Daisy True, 3, were spotted out and about today in Los Angeles, CA.  During their outing, the pair stopped to purchase a popsicle for Daisy.


Photos by Flynet.

More photos below.

Meg_ryan_223248cbbjpg Meg_ryan_223255cbbjpg

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tink1217 on

what a cutie pie!!!

fuzibunni on

omg, those glasses.
sooo cute.

Steph on

What a total cutie! Wow. She’s adorable.

JenB on

I’m curious if anyone else has a three year old with glasses…. My daughter (almost 4) has poor vision in one eye, but her optometrist is hesitant to intervene too early. He says that eyes develop quite a bit in the first five years, and that her weak eye may correct itself. Any feedback?

Kate on

JenB, I know Aaden on Jon and Kate Plus 8 has glasses, and has had them at least since he was 2. It might be different though, considering he’s one of 6 and may have developed slower. I’m not sure, though. I do know he (and Daisy!) look adorable in their glasses!

Jasmine on

Jen B if you are concerned maybe you should look into getting a second opinion just to ease your worries a bit. My daughter is almost two and wears glasses she is far sighted and she has been wearing them since she was 15 months old. And for Daisy, she is just adorable!

Erin on

I’ve had glasses since I was 18 months old. I now wear contacts and actually have better vision due to early eye intervention.

gigi on

i nannied for a 22 month old girl who had glasses. she had a bit of a lazy eye and when she turned 4, she had surgery to correct it. she still wears glasses at 5 years old now, just to stregnthen that one eye to the other eye. and they say it had nothing to do with the fact that she was only 1 pound when born but hereditery.

JenB….i’d get a second opinion.

i think kids with glasses are so adorable.
daisy is a doll!

adh on

JenB – Get a second opinion from a Pediatric Opthamologist, and if one is not around, a General Opthamologist. They are licensed physicians unlike optometrists. Early intervention is ALWAYS key.

Cait on

JenB, my niece got glasses just before she turned one. (In January of this year) She had a lazy eye that was turned almost into her nose at times and just before she got glasses she would tip her head back and basically look down her nose to be able to see. Ever since she got glasses, she’s been happier (they think she may have been having headaches because of her eyesight) and the eye doctor told them that if she hadn’t gone into glasses, she very well could’ve gone blind in that eye.

I completely agree with Jasmine! If you’re worried, absolutely go ahead and get a second opinion. If her optometrist is not a pediatric one, you might want to look into seeing if there is one that specializes in pediatrics near you. I know with my niece it was her pediatrician that referred her to the pediatric optometrist.

I hope it all works out for you!

Olivia on

Aaden is soo cute.. and so is Daisy

J.M. on

My nephew has been wearing glasses since he was a year old. He was severely premature and suffers from Cerebral Palsy but he has sort of the same condition that Dannielynn has but had surgery last week to correct it. But other then that he’s legally blind so he’ll wear glasses and/or contacts for life.

There is no harm in second opinions but in children it’s really hard to get an accurate view of what they can see unless they’re really cooperative (which my nephew isn’t) but sometimes you can wait until the child is atleast at an age where you can tell for sure if they’re having trouble. But as young children it’s really hard to know.

J.M. on

I should also mention my nephews left eye (the one that just had surgery) was extremely weaker then the other and the eye doctor did determine his eyes were getting progressively worse. When he was a baby he wore a patch on his good eye to strengthen the weaker eye but it didn’t really help in his situation. Thus the reason why surgery was a necessity.

Chicki on

I’ve noticed how Meg doesn’t dress her so “girlie” all the time – I like her style and find it’s actually quite refreshing for Hollywood!🙂

Judyb on

JenB: I would start by asking your pediatrician if your daughter needs to be seen by an Opthomologist. An Opthomologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the eye. An Optometrist just prescribes glasses, they are not the same thing. My oldest daughter has been wearing glasses since she was 9 months old. She had little glasses with a strap that went around her head to hold her glasses on. She has also had two eye surgery’s to correct her eyes. *I was always told the exact opposite of what you have been told, that early intervention is good because there are some eye conditions that need to be treated early.* IMO, it is worth at least worth asking your pediatrician if he/she thinks you should see an Opthomologist.

sigh on

I agree with Chicki about Meg and Daisy’s style. I love it!🙂

I think Daisy and Zahara are the cutest celeb 3 year olds.

MB on

I never really see pictures of Meg with Jack. Does she share custody of him at all? Have I maybe just missed pictures on here? Or does he spend most of his time with Dennis and his wife?

mirsha on

nothing is cuter than a kid with glasses!
random question – how do you know when a child so young needs glasses?

Judyb on

JM: I hope that your nephew benefits from his eye surgery. It is really tough to watch a little one go into any kind of surgery. I hope his Auntie gives him some extra hugs! You mentioned that he was legally blind so it might have been more difficult to get an accurate account of his vision. I hope people do not hesitate to take their children to get their eyes checked because they do not think that an accurate eye test can be performed.

Judyb on

Mirsha: We first noticed that my daughter Jennifer’s left eye would cross when she was tired. There were also subtle things like when we held something in front of her to the right and moved it to the left she would not follow it with her eyes. Also when she wanted to see something on her left she seemed to tilt her head to look at it. She just seemed to be favoring her right eye. I brought up my concerns with her Pediatrician and he recommended us to a Pediatric Opthomologist. I think a good place to start is by asking the Pediatrician.

jen on

I love the first picture. Both Meg & Daisy have the same expression. Daisy looks like a mini-Meg with dark hair.

Becky on

She’s a very cute little girl. She could model clothes well as she looks very elegant in her clothes, for someone so young.

But, I don’t see Meg so much in her, but perhaps, Shiloh Pitt-Jolie, with black hair.

Lisa on


She’s adopted. We shouldn’t see any of Meg in her.

chatty cricket on

JudyB, there may be signs that a child is having trouble with his or her vision. For instance, my nephew squinted considerably when watching TV, which got him a trip to the ophthalmologist (turns out his vision was fine). Then my daughter had a bought of random falling spells and I took her to the pediatrician who checked her ears for fluid, but also got us an appointment at the pediatric ophthalmologist as a precaution (her vision was also fine).

JenB, a second opinion is always a good idea, and I agree with everyone who has recommended seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist. But it could be that your daughter’s weak eye may very well correct itself, so glasses could be a needless treatment? I don’t know, but that’s where a second opinion could come in handy.

jen on

Lisa, When a child is adopted they start to take on characteristics of their adoptive parents which makes the child resemble the parent(s). I’ve personally known cases where an adoptive child looks & acts like their adoptive parent. Then I have friends that have natural children and it is hard to figure out who the child looks like.
I feel in the first picture, between the glasses and expression, Daisy resembles Meg.

Linda on

I have to agree with you, Jen. And it’s visable in previous pictures of Meg and Daisy too: Daisy with the same facial expressions as her mom. Just like any other child – adopted or not – she ‘mimics’ her mom in some ways.

Daisy’s such a cutie!

J.M. on


Thanks very much. He’s doing a lot better. But yes it was very hard for doctors to get a good view of his eyes because obviously he hates any kind of doctor who comes near him. Just to get a measurement 3 people had to hold him down! He’s been through a lot in his short life so you can’t blame him. But we noticed some signs at about 6 months (when he was still functioning at a 2 month old level) that he would not focus on any kind of object. He was taken back to the neurologist and they ran some test and actually informed us that he may be blind completely. Needless to say we were devastated but we knew that bc of his situation we new there would be all kinds of things we’d have to look for. But they ended up doing more test and determined that he could see….but how much they did not know. He was fitted for glasses with a prescription and had to be checked every few months but like I said it was never easy. This time bc of the surgery they were able to get a good look at his vision since he was sedated. His eyes got weaker but he’ll be fitted with a new prescription.

He’s a wonderful bright boy who just melts your heart. Infact we think he looks funny when he’s not in glasses. It’s just who he’s become and we love every bit of him.

I think it’s hard for anyone to know if their kid needs glasses but look for signs. Does your child not focus well on toys and bright colored objects. Do their eyes turn inward or flutter when trying to focus. Do they seem distant like they’re not really there. And of course obvious signs would be bumping or walking into things!

Judyb on

I am not trying to alarm anyone and with all due respect to other posters there are conditions that need to be treated at a young age or they could lead to permanent problems. Two of these conditions are Strabismus (crossed eye) and amblyopia (lazy eye.) If these are not treated the good eye takes over for the bad eye and the bad eye gradually gets weaker and weaker. If you lose sight in one eye it also affects depth perception. I wish that people would try to find out more about these two eye conditions. Eyesight is such a precious thing that I think we need to do everything to make sure we keep it.

Also, I am not saying that JenB’s daughter has either of these conditions. I am not an eye doctor. She described her daughter as having poor vision in one eye. I think it would be worthwhile to be tested for lazy eye. The only thing you have to lose is your child’s eyesight.

Judyb on

My apology’s if my comments sounded snarky, they were not meant to. My dauther had her first eye surgery at 18 months old. I do not know how many people have had a child or relative who has had surgery at a young age. It is gut wrenching for the parents to know that their precious baby is being given a medical procedure. It is even more gut wrenching because you know that the baby is frightened and can not understand what is happening. I know I get a little defensive when it comes to the topic of eye surgery. When people say that a child will outgrow eye problems to me it is like saying I put her though surgery’s for something she would have outgrown. I *know* that nobody said that but it turns me into a protective mommy. Believe me I would never have put her through surgery’s unless it was a necessity. My daughter is now 20 years old and does not remember anything about either of her eye surgery’s. I guess I still have a hard time with the idea that I allowed people to do scary hurtful things to her even though they were necessary.

J.M My heart goes out to your dear little nephew.

Jasmine on

My daughter has Srabismus and will be getting her eye surgery in two weeks. She is two or will be two at the end of this month. She wears glasses now and will have to continue wearing them aftewards. She looks absolutley adorable in them

ramzi on

i love u ryan

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