Natalie Grant shares a new photo of twins Grace and Isabella

04/02/2008 at 10:12 PM ET

Christian singer and songwriter Natalie Grant, 36, has shared a new photo of twin daughters Grace Ana and Isabella Noelle, 13 months. Dad is Natalie’s husband Bernie Herms.


Source: Natalie Grant’s MySpace Page

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Erika on

They Are Beautiful 🙂

Valerie on

Are they identical?

Kelly on

awww there so cute do you know if there identical or fraternal they look identical but there only babys so it could be slight diffrences im missing just wondering thx

Angela on

Thank you for covering Christian artist! Natalie Grant is such a beautiful lady and she has beautiful little girls!

Kat on

I don’t think they look identical, but they are absolutely gorgeous! I love the dresses as well!

MiB on

These are gorgeous babies, but take a look at their faces, they are not identical! They have differently shaped heads and the one to the right has narrower eyes and higher forehead than the one to the left. Their ears are also different in size.

Andria on

What pretty girls! I immediately assumed they were fraternal because they look somewhat different to me, but maybe it’s just the picture (or my eyes since others disagree).

MB on

to me the girls look pretty diff. so i’m going to guess fraternal.

kaelan on

wow those babies are gorgeous! i gasped when i saw how cute they are!

Sara on

Makes me want to have another pair.

Autumn on

Aw they’re adorable, and so far they look identical, but only time will tell if they are totally identical. Still so cute! 🙂

Also, maybe it’s just me, but these twins sort of remind me of the Olsen Twins when they were that age on the first season of ‘Full House.’ lol!

Still though I hope Natalie Grant doesn’t push them to be uber celebrities in their own right, unless they truly desire to be someday.

TwinMamma on

They look fraternal to me. Although it could be the weight difference because one looks larger than the other (often the case with twins). Then again, I swore my twins were fraternal and they’re not, ha ha. Beautiful girls!

Judyb on

Oh my goodness these babies are beautiful!!!

erica on

they are just precious!! i love the dress – any idea where they are from?

Sarah on

they’re so cute!! how funny is it that their names are “grace” and “isabella” and nomar garciaparra and mia hamm named one of their twins “isabella grace”.

Amanda on

They could be either identical or fraternal.. I agree the one on the right – her eyes look diff – but she’s also eating her hand so she could be just making a different facial expression that makes her eyes look less wide than the other.. they’re both beautiful babies though! What a lucky mama.

Steph on

I absolutely love Natalie Grant and her music. Her girls are just absolutely gorgeous, just like her!

Jennifer on

Grace and Isabella are such cuties, and their dresses are simply adorable! 🙂

kathryn on

AWWWWWWWWWW Natalie, you children looks so beautiful and may god bless the twins and you
well g2g

Shayla on

i think that they are identical. for the comments like one of the babies heads is a different shape than the other so they cant be identical whoever said that is wrong. i am an identical twin and identical twins can have slight differences. My sister and i look the same but my sisters forehead is a slighty higher than mine. it took years to figure how to tell us a part and many people still cannot. just thought i would tell you that most identical twins have one thing about them that is slightly different between each of them.

Katrina on

WOW Natalie your babies are simple adorable. I didn’t even know that you had twins that’s so awesome. I’ve always wanted twin girls as my first children. I have always wanted to meet you!!! I just found out that my mom had met you earlier in your singing career. I’ve never met anyone really famous and if I ever do I would want you to be the first one : )

betny on

they are so adorable they remind me of my nephew whos only like three months old.But i hope they grow up to be like Natalie and have an amazing voice.

mullan on

simply adorable!