Madonna talks about motherhood

04/02/2008 at 12:07 PM ET

MadonnaIn the May issue of UK’s Elle magazine, Madonna, 49, talked about her family, including children Lourdes Maria, 11, Rocco John, 7, and David Banda, 2.

Lourdes is the most like me. [She went through a] Goth phase. Rocco is just Guy. He’s very aware, very funny and doesn’t let anything drop. David is this incredibly bright, smart, bundle of energy. They are all so different and completely full-on.

Dad is director Guy Ritchie, 39, while Lourdes’ father is Carlos Leon, 41.


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natasha on

Rocco’s middle name is John 🙂

Thats really cute!

fuzibunni on

i’m sure i’m not going to be the only one saying this…

but the wording at the end about who’s dad is who’s is a bit awkward. Just because Ritchie is not biologically related to Lourdes does not mean he is not her dad. I mean, she’s been living with him since she was 4.

If you consider Guy Ritchie to be david banda’s dad then you should extend that to Lourdes as well.

The way it’s written you would think that Ritchie is biological father to both david and rocco, while Lourdes is not.

Sarah’s note: I agree that it was worded oddly. I will change Kaisa’s post. Thanks.

Lucy on

I am a mite confused about her baby David. Is Banda his last name? Or is it his middle? I know the adoption has not gone through yet, but after won’t his last name be Ritchie? Thanks for the help!

Sarah’s note: He will be David Banda Richie when the adoption is finalized. The second name listed for each child is their middle name.

Toni on

Does anyone know how to pronounce Lourdes?

Sarah’s note: Lord-dez.

Sarah on

fuzibunni, i don’t think it’s too weird to list guy as only rocco and david’s dad and carlos as lourdes’. her dad is very much in her life (we’ve even seen him with both lourdes and rocco). if her dad weren’t involved (e.g. and leni klum’s bio dad) i would absolutely agree with your comment.

Natasha on

I agree Guy is a part of her life but Madonna has said on many occasions that Carlos has always been there for Lourdes. She HAS a Dad, so I don’t think it was worded wrongly. Nobody complains when it says who Lily Sheen’s Dad is when she’s out with Kate & Len.

emily on

I can’t believe Lourdes is 11 already. I remember when she was born- I was 11 myself!

I never realized her biological father was in her life, I’ve never seen pictures of them together. However, some people are just more private. Does anyone remember the controversy about their relationship & her pregnancy with Lourdes? Perhaps because they weren’t married? Oh how things have changed!

Jay on

Carlos is Lourdes’ father and should be given that respect. He’s always been in her life as well as Guy Ritchie. But I think it’s only fair and respectful that Carlos’ name is listed.

Chicki on

How do you all reconcile the fact that David Banda has a father himself! Alive and well and acording to Madonna, still a part of his life when they visit Malawi, I might add…

Sheba on

David’s father gave up his parental rights, legally. Therefore David is now a Richie. Carlos Leon has never officially nor unofficially given up his parental rights to Lourdes. Therefore she is a Leon. It’s that simple. Carlos deserves all the rights, respect and fairness as the father to Lourdes just as much as Madonna does as her mother. David’s father gave his son away to Madonna. That is a fact. He can no longer nor is he entitled to be labeled as the father of David. I do see a double-standard between Carlos Leon and Michael Sheen and I believe the double standard has to do with Carlos being a father of color.

Saoirse on

Sheba-and the fact that he’s not seen a lot. Like with Michael Sheen we see him taking his daughter places publicly so we know for sure he’s part of her life. However Carlos is more private so people are inclined to wonder.

stephanie on

Sheba – I disagree, I really don’t think it has anything to do with his race, public interest decreases with time, that’s all. Michael Sheen and Lily’s pictures are more often seen because Kate is currently promoting a movie and the public are still fascinated with their step-family dynamic. As with Carlos Leon and Madonna, that was a decade ago, nobody really thinks that’s a big deal anymore. I’m sure if Carlos stars in some big blockbuster movie tomorrow, we’ll start to see more pictures of him and Lola more.

I have seen quite a few pictures of Carlos and Lola (and Rocco) together, though.