Jamie Lynn Spears out in Mississippi

04/02/2008 at 07:20 AM ET

Actress Jamie Lynn Spears, 17 this Friday, shopped at Blalock’s Food Center in Mississippi, on Tuesday. Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge expect their first child in early July. Please refer to this post for a reminder about commenting.


Photo by BauerGriffinOnline.com.

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tink1217 on

she looks thrilled! I am joking, of course. She really looks annoyed. I don’t blame her. she went back to LA to escape all the madness in Hollywood and the paps followed her. I feel bad for the girl as far as that is concerned. I hope she is taking care of herself and getting ready for impending motherhood. Britney seems to be doing much better and hopefully Jamie Lynn will do fine too.

jenn pellegrin on

I really admire her for how well she is handling the situation. Pregnancy is hard enough on a woman’s body but when you throw in the paps and her situation its even more stressful. Good for her for holding her head high and not hiding.

These things happen and no one should cast a stone before boarding up their own glass house.

fay on

It was hot as hell in mississippi yesterday, and she’ wearing all of those heavy clothes… does pregnancy make u cold all the time…

not so excited abt that rebel flag she’s wearing on her chest… but she’s from rural louisiana… bah

Dana on

She is not yet 17, and every time we see an unguarded moment of her in the press she is doing things I didn’t do (or have to do) until I was an adult on lived on my own. I am not judging her parents (or her), just making an observation about how independent she already is at such a young age.

She is impressing me so much with the way she is carrying herself through all this. I hope she is able to continue to hold her head up high through the rest of her pregnancy and motherhood. Hopefully she will stay out of the same kind of trouble that the rest of young Hollywood inevitably seems to fall into. She is making the important first step by wanting to stay and raise her baby in Louisiana.

Hilda on

As shocked as I was that she was pregnant @ 16, I have to admitt I’m impressed w/ her. Moving to Louisiana, wearing regular comfortable clothes and going about her day doing normal things. I hope she continues on this path being as normal as possible.

Newton on

I really respect the fact that rude comments aren’t allowed. Since there is absolutely no way to tell what kind of mother someone is going to be (we don’t even KNOW these people…we haven’t met them!), it’s pointless to try to guess or assume they’re going to be a certain way.

I am happy for anyone who is pregnant and I think her decision to keep the baby at such a young age is wonderful. I’m 22 and pregnant and still feel young, but being 16 (or 17) and being able to make the decision to keep a child and raise it would be so, so hard.

I think it’s so sad that there is such negative press about Jamie and her family and that the poor girl can’t just live her life. Stuff happens! It might not always be ideal, but when something happens it really only matters how you deal with it. From what we see, she is doing great, so why give her any crap?

I think she looks adorable and I wish her the best luck possible.

Lisa on

Although I’ll pass on the judgemental issues, I can’t help but feel a little sad for her. I don’t know for certain of course, but it seems like she’s alone a lot. Like Dana said, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be so “adult” at her age. At sixteen/seventeen, I was thinking about prom, final exams, spring break… My mom was the one shopping for groceries!;) I wish her luck though…

Lisa on

I have to say, in every picture I’ve seen, she’s trying to cover herself up. She’s not wearing trendy expensive maternity clothes or even out flaunting herself. It’s almost as if she’s trying to NOT glamorize her situation, and for that, I have gained more respect for her. I wish her all the luck.

brannon on

I also think she is handling it quite well! So difficult having a spotlight on you all the time (as any mother! let alone such a young mother!) D-Listed had photos of her the other day taking a pink bouncer out of her car — girl? I’ve been thinking boy but I may be wrong!

Sarah’s note: She was with a friend with a baby that day, they just cut the friend out of most pics! They had a blue Bumbo seat too, so who knows. From the baby shower registry etc she seems to be being very careful not to let on.


I had my daughter when I was 18. When she was 1 years old I married her father. And today we are still together. We both graduated college. Our daughter is 11 and we have 2 boys 3 and 1 years old. I will never say it has been easy but it has been worth it. I am 29 now my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding Anniversary this month. We own an amazing home. And we are truly happy. Jamie Lyn has her work cut out for her but I have no doubt that she can be a wonderful mother.

Aileen on

Lisa..although Im not all for teen pregnancy, I think she SHOULD glamorize her situation because shes having her first baby! She should NOT be made to feel she cant enjoy her pregnancy because of her age! If she feels guilty about it and “covers up” for the sake of others, shes going to regret it. She will never have another FIRST baby..another FIRST experience of pregnancy.

The whole situation was under bad circumstances and bad timing and all..but its done and over with and theres no turning back time so now she should be enjoying every moment to the fullest!

Jessalyn on

I have no issue with the situation she’s in, but I take a lot of offense to what’s on her shirt.

SweetDiva on

I’m on the same page as you are Lisa. Maybe Jamie Lynn is with someone and they are just being cut out of the photo, but it does seem like she’s solo quite a bit.
I feel very sad for Jamie Lynn because I’m sure she’d like to have attention from her parents at this time. But how much can she receive when her parents have to tend to Britney and her children so closely?

parv on

i like jamie lynn. i don’t know what it is about her, but i’ve always liked her.
i can’t understand what she’s going through. and it was a big shock for me!
but i really respect how she’s handling things.
unlike britney, who needs to get out of LA ASAP, jamie’s made the right choices so far. and i think it’s good that shes independent and being on her own. i think its better for her.
i’ve read comments in other sights about casey abandoning her n never being with her. thts just silly! casey’s in university rite now busy with classes. people need to stop judging n getting hooked on things tht wont change. jamie’s pregnant…get over it already! i’d say shes gonna make a good mom.

Jen on

Jessalyn, it is probably an Ole Miss Rebels sweatshirt, not a Confederate one. Jamie Lynn has been seen wearing Ole Miss gear a lot.

Kerri on

As much as a pregnancy at 16 isn’t the ideal time to have a baby, I’ve been really impressed with how she’s handling it. I think it was a brave choice to have the baby, and she really seems like she’s taking responsibility. I agree with another poster, that it’s nice to see her at home, doing things like grocery shopping. I imagine she’ll have some difficulties being such a young mom, but I wish her all the best!

Bloggygirl on

When I was pregnant with my first I dressed like that. I thought maternity wear was a little frumpy. Back in 1995 it was. 6 years later when I was pregnant again I couldn’t get enough maternity clothes.

I’m glad Jamie is getting out and not out of public view. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you have a baby. Life happens and I am glad she is keeping her little one.

jen on

Aileen, I have been waiting for someone to say the same thing i have been thinking. She shouldn’t have to cover up, imo. She may regret it later on.

brannon on

Those tricky paps🙂 Thanks!

And I agree that she should be able to enjoy her pregnancy! What’s done is done – she is going to be a new mommy and THAT should be celebrated!

esperanza on

I agree, JL should not have to cover up her belly. I think the problem ppl have with it is that its visual confirmation of her pregnancy and the fact that she’s had sex.

Lisa on

Let me clarify, by no means do I think she should be covering up. I don’t think she should be embarassed or ashamed. I think a baby is a blessing no matter what age. But I do think for the sake of her young fans, she should keep laying low and not making a spectacle of it so it’s not turned into something every teenager aspires to.

Bex on

I love Jamie Lynn’s sweatshirt. For many southerners, the confederate flag represents southern pride. She is in the south and has every right to wear whatever she chooses. I think Jamie Lynn is doing a great job coping with a difficult situation. I admire her for keeping her baby. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her to be a pregnant teen with paparazzi following her around. Oh yeah, I also love her boots. =)

Amanda on

I don’t want to get into a whole race relations argument. But just to clarify for you southerners….the ‘rebel flag’ as you now like to call it…otherwise known as the confederate flag to the rest of the country…may represent southern pride, but it also represents a lot of other things…including being against the abolishment of slavery…

and agree, she shouldn’t have to cover up..she is a pregnant young woman, nothing can change that now…

jona on

Ok,about the rebel flag.I am from the deep south and we like the rebel flag because it represents HISTORY.Just because we like the rebel flag does NOT mean we are all racists.So dont judge a book by its cover Amanda.

Gina on

I don’t think Amanda was saying that people who like the Confederate flag are racists, just that people have to realize, outside of representing Southern pride, it also has VERY negative connotations to a lot of people, which was a good point IMO.

Jennifer on

Everyone needs to chill out about the whole “rebel flag” sweatshirt issue. It is clearly an Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) sweatshirt. Football is taken very seriously in the South and I’m sure the Spears family is no exception.

Steph on

Personally, I don’t see Jamie Lynn as dressing “frumpy” to “play down” her pregnancy but more for comfort! I know I dress more for comfort than looks, especially when I’m out grocery shopping.😉

I was super shocked at her pregnancy but I was very happy she was keeping the baby and she seems very responsible. I hope everything works out for her! I’m excited to see what she has.

Erika on

She looks really good! Pregnancy is treating her well, and I wish her and her baby all the best!

sinclair on

“She is in the south and has every right to wear whatever she chooses.”

yep!!! even if it offends and continues to perpetuate stereotypes and good old-fashioned racism, whether or not it is intentional.

“Everyone needs to chill out about the whole “rebel flag” sweatshirt issue. It is clearly an Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) sweatshirt. Football is taken very seriously in the South and I’m sure the Spears family is no exception.”

this is about more than the sweatshirt, honey. if you don’t get that, please go and read a history book–and not one from any of the school textbooks.

brooke on

She used to look a lot like britney, but now she really doesn’t IMO. Hope she can be a good mom

Stef on

She does not look like a happy camper.

I give her a lot of credit because unlike a lot of celebrities (including her sister), she’s not walking around in short skirts with her boobs hanging out. Britney even did that when she was pregnant. Jamie Lynn has always kept herself looking respectful. Even in this picture she’s covered up. She looks like a real person. When I’m feeling like crap, that’s something I might wear to the supermarket (well, I might match a little bit better but you know what I mean). It makes her seem more personable. So she definitely gets kudos from me on that note.

Eve on

How difficult is it to use contraception?

Jessalyn on

I live in the South and I’m very well versed in history. I probably know a great deal more about the Civil War than those who wear shirts with that symbol with so much pride. The fact remains that the symbol is divisive, no matter how hard you slice it. The State Assembly in Georgia adopted the symbol for its flag in the 1950s as a rebellious stance against the desegregation of schools.

I can accept that history has its place, but it seems to me that that symbol belongs in museums and textbooks, not on t-shirts and license tags. Even if Jamie Lynn is wearing an Ole Miss shirt, I still find the symbol repulsive and offensive. It’s a huge slap to my family’s face and to so many Southerners as well (of all colors). I realize she has a right to wear whatever she wants, just as I have a right to be hurt and offended by it. My daughter looks up to her, but she knows what that symbol means. If my daughter saw this photo, she’d be hurt that Jamie Lynn is wearing something that conveys such a racist sentiment.

kmhyde on

I go to Ole Miss and have for the last 4 years (and I’m from the north…Central Illinois to be exact). I have to say that the school does not endorse the confederate flag…ever. She must have bought it from a store down that made it look like it was from Ole Miss. It is clearly related to Ole Miss but it is not FROM Ole Miss.

Kaciann on

I think Jamie Lynn will make a good mother.Alot of people were surprised by her pregnacy. I have to admit I was to when my mom found out she was pregnant she was like omg sixteen and pregnant I was like you were seventeen when you were pregnant with me. I really have alot of respect for Jamie Lynn she agreed to care of her babby and she is going to get married im happy for both Jamie and Casey Good luck you to. =)

I know this has nothing to do with the topic of Jamie Lynns pregnency but I think she makes a better role model for teenagers than Miley Cyrus posing half naked Jamie never did anything like that she just got PREGNANT I just think young girls should know being pregnant at a really young can be tough but you just have to know how to handel the situation. and Jamie made a mistake so world get over it just because she is a STAR dosent mean you should go out and humiliate her lots of girls get preganant early and she should be no different.

Kevo on

It’s not an Ole Miss shirt. It’s from the local high school. The ASC Rebels.

meggie on

she looks very angry i wonder why, but good luck in nearer future

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