CBB reader spots Alec and Ireland Baldwin at Legally Blonde

04/02/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

AlecbaldwinirelandCBB reader TheatreChick spotted actor Alec Baldwin, 49, and his daughter Ireland Eliesse, 12, on Sunday, March 30th while taking in Legally Blonde: The Musical.  She recalls,

My friends and I were sitting across the aisle from Alec Baldwin at the 2 p.m. matinee of Legally Blonde today.  He seemed to be there with a bunch of people, including his daughter Ireland and some girls who I assume were her friends. Alec sat a few rows behind Ireland and the other girls. Perhaps giving her and her friends some space instead of hovering?

Ireland’s mom is actress Kim Basinger.

Thanks to CBB reader TheatreChick for sending this in.

When you go places with your pre-teen/teenager and their friends, do you give them space, as Alec appeared to do?


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Irishgal on

She looks like Kim. Ireland though, funny name for a little girl. Why did they choose it? Are they fans of my home country??!

LaMama on

My daughter and her friends never seem uncomfortable with me at the movies, or the mall, or other places that I take them. Maybe it’s because I’m her mother and we’re all female and her friends like me. I imagine it might be a little different with a Dad though, in some instances.

LaMama on

Another thought that occurred to me: It might very well be that Ireland just wanted to have fun with her friends and not be interrupted by any attention that her famous dad might receive.

Devon on

My mum would do that when my brother and I were younger. I didn’t necessarily mind if she sat with us, but at 12 it was “cool” to be sitting on your own. And it was especially nice for my brother since how many pre-teen and teenage boys want their mothers hanging around? It gives kids the freedom of being on their own, but still supervised. It’s great Alec wanted to give them space.

Spenser on

I know when I was younger I would plead with my parents to sit a few seats back when we went to see the movies. I wanted to be as independent as I possibly could!

Judyb on

Since my daughters are close in age they do things together. Sometimes they want mom along sometimes they don’t. I do not take it personally. When they want space I give them space. IMO, giving kids a little space helps them to develop independence.

Judyb on

A few years ago I took my three teenage daughters and three of their friends to an amusement park. I figured they would ride the rides together and I could sit in the shade. Nope, they wanted me to ride the rides. I rode the milder rides with them and let them ride the rough ones. I told them if I got sick we were going home. That was a time when I wanted to give them space and they wanted to spend time with mom. LOL

mary on

We have a 15 year old daughter and although she does like me to go with her and her friends to movies she does not want me sitting with her in the same row. So I will sit behind her. It does not bother me too much.

However there was one time that we sat next to each other and I wish we did not. My two sisters, my daughter and myself went to see the movie Juno opening night. She ran into to boys from her school. My sisters invited them to sit with us. Well we all sat together and It was a very good movie, but I was not expecting some of the embarrassment that I felt.

For one thing I was the oldest one in the theater. (40 years old). My sisters kept nudging the boys and their niece when something was serious. As soon as the movie was over I leaned over to the three minors and said “this is why you must wait to have sex until you are married or much much much older”. My daughter was so embarrassed and she said “we know MOM”!!! “We go to a Christian School”. I told all three of them even “Christian girls and boys have sex at an early age”. She said “thanks mom for the sex talk. I want to go home now”.

As for our 13 year old son he could care less if I were to walk, sit or be next to him. He will still give me a hug before a wrestling match, basketball game or track meet. I don’t seem to embarrass him as of yet.

The 15 year old will let me give her a short and sweet peck and quick hug. I think its the mother/ daughter conflict going on. She feels she can handle things herself. Except when she is sick or injured than she wants me. She will want me to sleep with her and be near her at all times. I still cherish those moments.

chatty cricket on

OMG, that is so funny. I can totally see her being like, DAD please.

My daughter is only 2 1/2, but I can see the day already where we are just so uncool. Sigh.

Yasmin on

This brought back memories of being out with my parents and slinking down in the back seat of our “much too old” car afraid I’d see someone I knew. What goes around comes around. At the mall with my teenage son he asked me to walk on the other side in case he ran into some of his friends! He’s 31 now and would probably laugh if I told him this story. But I’m glad Alec and his daughter are seeing each other again. Very nice.

Becky on

I’m so glad that their relationship has mended. Big smiles everywhere.

And yes, I try to give my children space. One rule that helps at the mall, is the cell phone of course, and (2) they are only allowed to go to a couple of stores, so that if we get lost–I only have 2 places to look.

minx on

I think it’s very sensitive of Alec to sit close enough to supervise but without hovering. I do the same for my son who wants to be “cool” with his friends, without mom’s interference.

Susan on

My mom used to do that for me as well. I think it’s a great way for the mother to feel like the child is ‘safer’ yet trick the child into thinking they have more independence. The girls can chat and talk about ‘girl’ stuff without having to worry about being embarrassed or having mom HEAR stuff. I think it was cool of him to sit back and let her have a cool girls day.

I plan on doing the same thing with my little girl, too.

Lolly on

I try to give my three some space as well. I do miss the days when I used to get a hug and wave goodbye. Now I’m lucky if I get a see ya.😦

Nicole on

Ireland looks alot like her mom Kim Basinger. Pretty girl.

Lilybett on

I’m so glad their relationship has moved on and calmed down from the phone-call recording incident.

It seems like Ireland is happy to be out with him but I remember I always wanted to sit with my friends if we were out with my parents. I thinks it’s a nice balance between protective and giving some freedom for Alec to sit a few rows back.

Steph on

Mary, your story made me crack up! It’s something I could totally see my mom doing (and probably me once I have kids)!

Judyb on

I also wanted to add that I am happy to see that Alec and Ireland have reconciled. It must have been extremely hard on her to be in the middle of such a bitter custody dispute.

Marissa on

What is the nickname Ireland goes by?

Sarah’s note: I’ve never heard about her being called a nickname.

Meghan on

Irishgal, I think they named their Daughter Ireland because it’s a very beautiful name (though not too common). Most likely they’re Irish or perhaps they love the Country and decided to name their Daughter after a place they love. It’s actually common here in the US to name your child after a country,city or state that has a special meaning to the family… hence all the Paris’s,London’s Brooklyn’s,Boston’s,Georgia’s,Alabama’s etc… I named my Daughter Ireland not only because it’s a beautiful name but because it’s a beautiful place we love to visit and because we are very Irish… even though we are American’s.

Meghan on

We call our little girl whom is named Ireland “Landi”. Maybe they use Landi as a nickname too… though I’ve never heard/seen it being used by them.

chatty cricket on

Meghan, this is the first I’ve heard the nickname “Landi” for Ireland, and I LOVE IT!

Meghan on

Thanks Chatty Cricket!
I’m so happy you like my little girl’s nickname…it’s always nice to hear that people love her name because we sure do love her!

Marissa on

This post is old now, but I remembered the nickname. She goes by the name Addie (but I’m not sure how that links itself to Ireland).

LadyBlue on

We named our daughter Ireland because my husband is Irish and loves all things Irish! And we call her Irie sometimes for short…

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