Stefani-Rossdale family goes grocery shopping

04/01/2008 at 02:01 PM ET

Singer/songwriters Gavin Rossdale, 40, and Gwen Stefani, 38, went grocery shopping with their 22-month-old son Kingston James McGregor at Whole Foods on Saturday. They couple expect their second child together this summer, which Gwen publicly discussed for the first time on Friday.


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Click below for info on Kingston’s shoes.

Babylambshoe Kingston is wearing L.A.M.B Baby in White ($60).

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Vanessa on

I love Gavin’s boyish smile. He & Gwen are fab parents to little King!!

nona on

cute family, but i’d love to see some celebs using cloth bags or some other reusable kind! Not that I remember every time, but I can’t recall seeing any celeb photographed with them.

Sarah’s note: I think Keri Russell has?

c ann on

What a sweet looking family. They always look so happy.

Jenny on

nona- cloth bags are fantastic but I bet a family with kids could find about a million ways to reuse a paper bag, I know that’s why I get them! (ie carrying stuff to the car, loading with hand me downs for a friend, art projects, etc.)

Kait on

I agree with Nona – I know Whole Foods sells the bags for 99 cents each. Celebs could easily afford to buy and reuse bags.

needou on

I agree, they really are a lovely family, but why is their 22 month year old son still using a pacifer??

tink1217 on

aww, they are such a cute family! Jenny, I agree…I have a few reusable bags, but I do get paper and plastic too cuz I reuse them all the time!!

HK on

I’m sorry, but is it necessary to critique every little thing people do? Why does this simple picture have to evoke “debate” over celebrities using cloth grocery bags? Can’t the same thing be said for any anonymous person you see yourself at the grocery store who does not have cloth bags? And ps – I do use cloth grocery bags, every time I shop, except on the rare occasion that I forget them, as a busy mom is entitled to do!

I think it’s enough that the family smiled for the paps – I personally wouldn’t appreciate being photographed grocery shopping.

Great photo of an adorable family, spending quality time together!

sinclair on

“I’m sorry, but is it necessary to critique every little thing people do? Why does this simple picture have to evoke “debate” over celebrities using cloth grocery bags?”

HK, ITA!! If it’s not the bags, someone else will be commenting about Gwen’s flip-flops, “Won’t she trip????? I mean, she should be wearing more sensible shoes? Her toes could get crushed under the cart!!” About her wearing white clothes: “won’t her clothes get dirty, taking care of Kingston and being outside???? How is she going to keep her clothes clean?!?!?!”

Please, people.

Jennifer on

I was wondering why a lot of celebs with 1 1/2 year olds and older all have pacifiers still? Not to evoke debate but I just noticed that a lot. Violet Affleck, Kingston etc…

I do think that they are a cute family. Gwen is beautiful.

brooke on

Such a cute family, kingston is adorable.

amers230 on

HK – you took the words out of my mouth!!! people need to relax, worry about themselves, and enjoy the pictures of this adorable family!!! LOVE gwen’s top!!!

Alina on

I would love to know where to get Gwens Shirt….?

Jasmine on

Kingston gets cuter and cuter with every picture. I love his hair,

MMM on

I love all of Gwen;s clothing choices during both pregnancies. I would love if CBB could find out where to get them or something similar? hint hint:)

Judyb on

Gwen and Gavin are a really attractive couple. It’s no wonder Kingston is such a handsome little guy. I’m sure the new baby will be gorgeous too.

MarĂ­aM2 on

OMG!!! What is it with all these judgemental people everywhere policing the what-when-where-how of others?!?!

Anyway, I love this family. Notice how they along with a few other celeb couples like Brad & Angei, Tori and her hubby, Christina A and her hubby, and even Marc & Jlo are all couples-families who hangout pretty much exclusively with each other? Love it. It’s not that they don’t have friends-buddies etc as I’m sure they do, but it shows that it’s the family who’s priority one.


LolaCola on

Nona, I saw nothing wrong with your comments you just said you would like to see celebs (and I’m sure other people too) using reusable bags. For some reason some people decided to make a big deal about how your making a big deal. I wonder if these other commentators realize that if they had just ignored your comments there would be no big deal.

I actually think Gwen’s shirt would look better without the pants as a dress.

Victoria on

Oh please, I must know…where is Gwen’s top from????

nona on

Oh, peoples, you so funny. I didn’t critique anyone or make any kind of fuss, i was simply stating my opinion: “i’d love to see…” Not “they must!” Also, I wasn’t concerned with the celebrities’ business, I’m thinking about the earth! Lots of stores are doing away with plastic bags altogether, and I just think it would be cool to see more cloth bags in pop culture media. That venue can be really influential for people. My comment was to that end, like if we saw more celebs with cloth bags, it might inspire some other people. It has to start /somewhere/, right?

And I’m certainly not perfect, that’s why I think it would be cool if everyone could do a little bit. It could make an impact, and it could snowball into doing more! Even my comment was an attempt at doing a little… a plea for consciousness.

I dunno, my only conflict is that the suggestion of doing something for the planet we’ve been gifted caused conflict. What’s more nitpicky? Saying it would be cool for someone to use cloth bags, or saying someone shouldn’t say that?

Steph on

Sinclair, I was thinking the same thing!

I think this family looks fabulous! They seem so happy. I love them and can’t wait to see the new baby!