Ricky and Luke Schroder attend Leatherheads premiere

04/01/2008 at 03:59 AM ET

Actor Ricky Schroder, 37, brought along son Luke William, 14, to the premiere of Leatherheads at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Monday, March 31st.  Mom is Andrea Bernard.


Photo by BauerGriffinOnline.com; Flynet.

Another image below.


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Colby on

He is a cuuuutttie!! Wow

ZaraB on

Oh my God – this makes me feel so old!!! I used to looooveee Ricky Schroder when he was on Silver Spoons all those years ago – I can’t believe he has a teenage son… What happened to him? He was still really sexy when he was in NYPD Blue a few years back, but he looks so much older now!

kendrajoi on

OMG, this makes me fell SO FREAKIN OLD. I was IN LOVE with “The Rickster” as a kid. I was even in his fan club. WAHHHH His son is a TEENAGER. LOL

Mari on

Thanks! You made my day! I will be directing my ‘kid’ sister’s attention to this today. My sister had a huge poster of Ricky in her room when she was young…so now maybe her daughter will want a giant pic of Luke for her bedroom! 🙂

TracyG on

HOLY MOLY!! Did Rick CLONE himself at 12 or something??? Wow, does Luke ever look like Rick!

If they did a remake of Silver Spoons, Luke would be a shoo in for the part. LOL!

He’s a doll, like his Daddy!

nicolie on

Oh wow, it’s like looking back in time! He looks just like his dad in the “Silver Spoons” years! Hottie!

Avery on

He’s very handsome. You can definitely see a lot of Ricky in him.

Jamia on

Talk about a mini me…..wow! His son is adorable!

Isabel on

Looks just like Daddy!

Does anyone know if that’s the son that was hurt a while back? If not does anyone know how he’s doing?

Liss on

My childhood crush on Ricky was just ruined by that handlebar mustache! Lol!

steph on

Is Luke his son who had a accident a couple of years back? If so its good to see him out and about looking well. He does look exactly like Ricky did at that age. Its amazing!


karen on

Wow, it looks like they’re both the same age and that Ricky is just wearing a fake mustache! lol! They look great.

felicia sepanski on

can anyone address the other 2 ladies questions as to whatever happened to his oldest son who was in a dirtbike accident.
The blog posted that he had suffered a head injury but never posted anything after that.
Can one of the editors reply with an update?

Sarah’s note: We don’t have any updates.

Laura AS1 on

Yowza! Like father like son, right? I also loved Ricky as a kid, watching Silver Spoons (I think I can still sing the theme song!) His son is adorable and yes, reminds me very much of him at that age.

christina on

His son should really think about using some sunblock. I just have a thing about blond people with tans it just doesn’t look good.

other than that he’s a cute kid.

Kat on

He now prefers to be called Rick.

When he was on the Lifetime Show “Strong Medicine” he was credited as Rick

Angela’s note: While appearing on Larry King last year, he announced that he was changing his stage name back to Ricky.

tessa M on

haha this is soooo funny, i went to school with Luke and we knew each other pretty well along with a couple of other kids. sooo funny

patricia catta on

Waow Luke is so Cuuuute and just looks like Ricky when he was a kid. I have been a fan of Ricky since “The Champ” in 1979 and i still have everything on him ( articles, photos, etc….). But he looks old on the photo. But if there’s a movie with Ricky i still watch it…..
And no this isn’t the son that was hurt by a dirt bike accident. This is Holden his first son.
I think that Luke looks great with sun tan…. Love them both….

michael on

Actually the son who got hurt was holden is oldest so. I used to be really good friends with the kid when he lived in Arizona, but he recovered after his accident but he is deaf in one ear now

Emil on

I’ve loved Ricky Schroeder since I first saw him in The Champ, and I have watched his made for TV movies without fail (or at least the ones I found out about).

He seems to be a really nice guy and I still remember him as a lovable little kid, although he now has about four or five kids of his own, doesn’t he? Just last week, I watched Lonesome Dove, and he was great in it.

He’s like Brooke Shields; part of our very culture.

All my best to him.