Jolie-Pitt family shop for toys and video games

04/01/2008 at 03:18 AM ET

Actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, did some shopping for toys and video games on Monday, March 31st in TX with kids Maddox Chivan, 6 ½, Pax Thien, 4, and Zahara Marley, 3.  The couple’s youngest daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, 22 months, did not appear to be with them. Brad and Angelina expect their fifth child this summer.


Photos by Fame.

Two more photos and fashion info below.

Fp_1184324_jolie_pitt_fp_17_033108c Fp_1184284_jolie_pitt_fp_17_033108c

Vans Zahara is wearing Vans Kids Classic Slip-Ons in Missy Aurora Pink/True White small check ($30).

Splendidbutterflytunic She is also wearing a long sleeve version of Splendid Littles Butterfly Tunic.

Pumakidslab Maddox is wearing Puma Lab II V in limestone/white/dandelion ($60).

Dr51_caviarblack Angelina is wearing Isabella Oliver’s Ruched Tank Dress in Caviar Black ($175).

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Jade on

I read that they went shopping after school . I noticed that they often do something fun with the children just after school.My mother did that too. It made school more bearable lol!

How old was Zahara when she first went to school ? I think that Shiloh will probably go to school in 6 months. They will still have a baby at home during the school hours by this time since the new baby will be a few months old. Perfect timing !

Isis on

Angelina looks really pretty! I think the baby is going to be a boy! Very curious if this new baby will look as pretty as Shiloh!

SimplyBohemian on

It really does seem odd to me that more often then not have Shiloh as part of their family outings.

nata on

Here we go again. I think Shi was at home spending time with mum and daddy, when the others were at school. Then they went to picked them up, went to get some treats.

~-B.e.l.l.e-` on

I love her .

Kim on

I think 2-3 year olds going to school is a bit weird and strange to me. At 2, they can talk, but not that well an at 3 their speech is a little bit better but still it is too young. They should be at home playing with their family/toys and napping. But that is just my opinion.

Astrid on

I agree with Simply Bohemian. Many times it seems as though they are a family with three children- they are always leaving Shiloh at home, which I find odd. She’s not an infant anymore and is old enough to enjoy all the trips and outings she is left out of.

shaine on

To be fair, Shiloh is younger, and who knows, she could be napping at these times, or the media can make choices to say she isn’t there, when Ange & Brad could have her hidden. They can’t win with the media when it comes to Shiloh, and it’s ridiculous.

Why do we have to make those comments here?
They don’t pick one over the other, and that is how it is protrayed.

Malya's Mommy on

Before all of the why isn’t shiloh with them these pics were actually taken in Austin and it was right after they picked up the kids from school. Also this was at the Sunset Valley Shopping center i think thats the name of it my sister lives in austin so im pretty sure they are in austin not houston.

Lisa on

I love Angie and the whole family. But on a shallow note, I want to raid her closet and add some color to her wardrobe lol.
As for Shiloh, she is at that awkward age where she isnt mobile 100% on her own like the other kids. Plus with all the paps that follow them around I can understand them keeping her under wraps so to speak. I’m betting it will be the same with new baby. We are so use to seeing the other kids because they were older when they came to the family. I don’t know, it’s early and i’m babbling lol.

iovana on

In my view Zahara’s shirt is from Splendid Littles

Renee on

SimplyBohemian,I wouldn’t judge their family based on photographs. It’s not fair to that. Also,the statements about where is Shiloh are just getting old. It’s like she is more important than their other children.

TracyG on

I have to sadly agree with SimplyBohemian on this one. Shiloh is almost two, why don’t they take her when they pick up the others? I’m sure Shiloh realizes now that she’s being left behind all the time. Zee has been out with them since she was teeny tiny and it never seemed to be a problem.

I know people get all up in arms about this subject, but come on…are they going to leave this new baby (or babies as it’s rumoured)at home all the time too and start taking Shiloh out?

I think they are wonderful parents, but it makes one wonder why it’s always the three kids and Shiloh’s always left out.

Carol on

Maybe Shiloh had a cold and she stayed in. Maybe they were picking kids up from school as somebody else said. Maybe it’s nice to take the older kids out by themselves as older siblings sometimes feel like the baby gets more attention. They are a beautiful family.

Nicole on

I just knew someone was going to bring up Shiloh not being with them. I wouldn’t take my 22-month-old to pick up my 3 other kids from school, especially not if I planned on going video game shopping afterwards, either.

Maddox looks so grown up! And I love that they take the kids to mini-mart places and let them get candy and other things like that. I also love Zee’s pants, and Pax looks good with long hair. I still can’t for the life of me figure out how pregnant Angie is.

estrell on

Simply Bohemian, just fyi that Shiloh still a baby that needs naps otherwise, she’ll get cracky if she rest and take naps.

Amanda on

Why is it that whenever Shiloh is missing from a family outing, people get all up in arms about her absence. Like she’s being neglected or something.

But when one of the other kids is missing, there is never any mention of it. Strange that.

I feel sorry for Brad and Angelina. If they take Shiloh out, they are looking for a photo-op. If they don’t, she’s being left out. The phrase, ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.’ springs to mind.

God forbid Brad and Angelina picked their older children up from school and wanted to give them a little treat. I know. Shocking thought isn’t it?

Their world does not revolve around Shiloh Jolie-Piit, as adorable as she is. They have 4 children, not 1 and I am sure they divide their time amongst them just fine.

In one of the pictures, Maddox has his wallet out, as if he had payed for his games himself. I think that is a fantastic way to teach children the value of money, especially when his parents could buy him every game on the planet about a million times over and not make a dent in their bank account!

Pregnancy really suits Angelina. I think she looks wonderful. I was slowly getting on the twins train but seeing as how badly wrong Star got the wedding story, I very quickly hopped off again!

pink.lioness on

It was obvious to me that once again someone would come out with the obligatory “where’s Shiloh” comment, like every single time when the baby girl isn’t pictured.

iselinia on

she is soooo NOT expecting twins, so that was obviously made up.. She is a perfect size to be due this summer, with one baby that is. She looks great as well:)

kim on

I think that it is not so odd. The older 3 are in school during the day while she has mommy and daddy to herself, I think this a way to also spend time with them. I did the same thing with my oldest when my youngest was still home.

Cora on

How cute are Maddox and Pax wearing matching pants? Pax often seems to wear his brother’s hand-me-down shirts which is very cool. Zahara is just a little miss, she makes me smile so much. Happy to see her pink phase is continuing!

Angelina looks really beautiful. I don’t know why but I have a feeling this baby is another girl.

Jade, I think Zahara began attending school at age two so it seems most likely that Shiloh will start at the beginning of the next school year (around September, when she’ll be just gone two).

Sarah on

I am pretty certain they are not in Houston. Brad is filming a movie in Austin so they could be anywhere between Austin and San Antonio. If they were here I’m pretty sure someone else would have reported it. I live in Houston.

cecil on

It’s odd that Shiloh is always the one who gets left out. Strangely enough Zahara and Maddox never get left out. Does Jolie just leave Shiloh home when she goes out with her other children? She certainly does have a VERY unorthodox parenting style…

delilah on

Some people just have to find something negative to comment on.
I think they look like a lovely normal family.
I have a large family as well (blended) Guess what? I dont always leave the house with all of my kids at the same time either.
The baby? will occassionally stay home.

Victoria on

EB Games and Vans. Sounds like my kinda family 😉

brannon on

Love this family! Shiloh gets time to herself when the others are at school -makes sense to spend time with them after school! This is the baby (babies?) I am most excited for this year! I can’t wait!!

Tracey on

I don’t find it so odd that Shiloh misses out on some outings, she is pretty young still and likely still napping when Mom and Dad leave to pick up the kids. There’s many times when I’d wish I had a nanny to leave my youngest napping to pick up the older ones 🙂

angel on

angie looks so beautiful,why do some people like to be negative,is sad to see some trying to talk trash,get over it,brad and angie love all their children,is rude to think otherwise

Cora on

Brannan and Kim, I totally agree. It’s actually nice to me that they’re not bringing her along on the school pick-up just for the sake of bringing her along – that’s what some people here would call “parading” a kid. I love that they make their decisions based on what’s right for their family, not what will “photograph best” on the surface.

Also, it seems like just a quick pick-up stop on the way home from school, not an actual family outing.

Blackrose on

i love them!! zahara is adorable!! and the boys too!they r lucky children to have parents like angie and brad!

jackie on

Okay, forget the whole Shiloh debate (which is really stupid IMO)…here’s my question…

How did Maddox end up w/ Mommy’s lips?? LOL

I adore them all and I can’t wait to see baby #5! They just look so happy & normal despite the craziness they have to deal with. Kudos to the Jolie-Pitt family!

Amanda on

Thank heavens for sensible comments. Scrolling through, I was losing hope!

When the older kids are at school/pre-school, Shiloh gets hours and hours on her own with her Mum and/or Dad. When the kids are picked up, they get some time with Mum and/or Dad. Seems fair to me.

This constant insinuation that Shiloh is somehow excluded or left out of the family is ridiculous and really must stop. It just gives tabloids like Life and Style all the ammunition they need to run cover stories asking where Shiloh is. I’ve noticed they also did one for Suri Cruise recently as well. Disgusting is the only way to describe it.

Bella on

It seems to me like YOU all feel that Shiloh is better than the other kids, which is extremely sad. YOu all always put her against her sister “Z”. I feel sorry for the adopted kids because they will always be told by fellow American citizens that they should be treated like garbadge because they are not there biological kids.

Wake up there are alot of blended families in the world. They should not revolve there attention around just one kid.

Kait on

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Brad Pitt said that Shiloh gets anxious and upset when the paps are around? She’s so little, I could see how it would be unsettling to her.

Besides, I’m pretty sure she’s not locked in a dungeon somewhere. They, just like every other parent on the planet, are doing the best they can with the situation they have. Leave them be. All of their kids look healthy, happy, and like they are having as normal of a childhood as any other celebrity kid.

finnaryn on

I am with Tracey about having a nanny to watch the youngest. My youngest is two weeks older than Shiloh and I would leave him AND his four year old brother home to pick up their sister if I could. School pick up is right around the perfect nap time but I always have to nap him early. Also, anyone who has ever been in the presence of a two year old knows that they can go off like an atom bomb at the drop of a hat!

As the mom of just three kids, I wish Angie and Brad all the luck in the world!! 🙂 on

My daughter is the same exact age as Shiloh and if my husband or I try to leave the house alone or with only her 4 year old brother for a special “date,” she brings us her shoes and jacket…she definitely isn’t a baby any more and is aware of things like leaving the house.

I have a friend show treats her 22 month old like a baby (quite differently than she did her other child at the same age) and it’s bizarre to me. Although they’re 22 months old, they enjoy and need to get out of the house on family outings.

Perhaps Shiloh is napping or sick…but this seems to happen quite often. And if they have too many kids to take out with the paps, then perhaps they should cool it on adding to their brood.

Judyb on

I would really like to know where people on this board get their child rearing expertise. I know some people are trying to impress everyone with their child rearing knowledge. To me it has the opposite effect. I tell my kids that when you try to build yourself up by knocking down others it only makes *YOU* look bad. I also think that some of the people who make negative comments are merely trolls seeking attention. I am sure it is not very fun to go to a site like Perez Hilton or TMZ and slam celebrity’s. The majority of the people on TMZ and PH slam celebrity’s. I am sure it is much more fun to come to a site like this and get the attention you seek.

Carol on

Brad never said Shiloh was afraid of the paps. He said Zahara is scared to death of them. In fact Shiloh seems the opposite. She appears to be very friendly when out and about. Angelina said that they make special and individual time for all their kids. They have Shiloh all day to themselves because she goes to set. Then when they get home and the younger kids are in bed they have time w/Maddox and Zahara and Pax have their time. People should just admit that they’re obsessed with seeing Shiloh and what she looks like. Everyone knows you can’t do that with the other kids. Sure it’s fun for some to see them but not as much for the one’s who want to see Shiloh and how she’s grown. Everyone went crazy over those pictures a couple of weeks of Shiloh. She’d grown so much and is really coming into her looks. Unfair as it is, that’s what people want and they’re frustrated when they get the non-bio baby.

patricia on

People criticize Angie for not taking Shiloh with her…and they criticize Katie for taking Suri everywhere…
Just live and let live…

MaríaM2 on

Kid’s in day school is not a new concept, and I for one find that it helps more than hurts as it not only prepares children in dealing with their peers, but it also gives them a leg up in learning various societal situations that are going to arise.

As far as the neverending questioning about the whereabouts of Shiloh when she’s absent from family photo’s, I personally find it seriously disengenious of ALL who ask the question, and a not so veiled attempt to find an accuse to criticize Angelina Jolie.

No one ever takes issue with Brad out and about with any or all of their children accept Shiloh. No one ever brings up the fact that he has never ever been out and about alone with Shiloh, or out with her and her mother wasn’t there (according to the photo’s we’ve been privy to.) Never is he maligned (nor should he be) for anything someone on the outside looking in feels the need to voice a negative opinion about.

Also, I find it amazingly hypocritical of some of you blasting away at every absence of their youngest child and insinuating that she is not considered as important, yet you have no problem not being concerned when any of the other children aren’t present. You don’t ask, and you don’t wonder.

Me? I think they are a fantastic, loving, seriously profound couple as people and as parents, and I applaud them for not allowing anything or anybody from living their best life or giving it to their brood now and future. GB the JP’s

Destiny on

I have a cousin with six kids. They range from 6 months to almost 11. The are many times when some kids will go somewhere that the others don’t get to go. Sometimes it’s just the older kids who go somewhere, sometimes it’s just the girls or boys. I also come from a family of six kids and so I understand that there are many different reasons why this is sometimes the case. When you have a large family, this is just a very NORMAL thing. I am just going to go out on a limb here and ASSUME that there is a very logical explanation why Shiloh was not with the crew at that moment. And if it’s just because Brad and Angie left at her simply because they wanted to, that’s quite alright too.

I really love this site but I really wish that some of you would be more reasonable. By that I mean, in my opinion, it’s very unreasonable to assume that you know hardly anything about this family or any family based off of a few pictures. These are people that we know very little about and the pictures that we see of them every now and then tells us even less about their lives. Please let Brad and Angelina parent their children the way that THEY see fit. What we do see in these pictures is that their children always seem content, healthy and well cared for and that should be all that matters.

Having said all that, I never grow tired of seeing these little faces. They are all just adorable. Maddox’s facial expressions have always reminded me of my oldest goddaughter. Pax looks like he is coming into his own little look with his long hair and Zahara, my absolute favorite celebrity child to see is growing so much. Pictures of them are always a joy.

Carol on

Well, Brad has been photographed with Shiloh alone. He had her by himself on the set of his movie in NOLA. Angelina wasn’t there she was in Darfur. Women are women’s worst enemies. This desperate need to find something, just something wrong to complain about Angelina and her mother skills is irrational. All of their kids look happy, healthy and well adjusted. Worry about your own parenting skills and well being of your own children with as much intensity. I’m sure there are plenty of people who if they were able to see behind your 4 walls would have plenty to complain about.

Jess on

Destiny, exactly.

Shiloh has been seen out and about with her mommy, daddy, brothers and sister loads – especially recently.

Who is to say that she wasn’t napping, is poorly or simply that they were walking the kids home from school?!

It’s not like Shiloh has been forgotten. She was seen out with them just last week. Deary me, if my mum and dad were famous she would constantly be under fire saying she was leaving either me or my sister (older) out!

Anyway, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh are healthy and happy…what else matters?!

MaríaM2 on

Carol, you’re right, and thanks for pointing out one instance in many when I’m certain he’s spent time alone with his doppleganger, but the main point remains, he is never taken to task about anything regarding their lives (I’m not advocating that he should be either) only Angelina, and like you say, this is a women being another’s worst critic. It’s sad, and it sucks. Angelina has been an amazing mom for all I’ve ever heard, read, or seen. She I’m sure makes her errors in judgement like us all, but at the end of the day, it shows nothingmore than she’s JUST like the rest of us AND nothingmore.

Jen DC on

I don’t have any children, but I do babysit often. I find it difficult to get out of the house with one three year old (the one I babysit most) let alone imagining it with a 22 month old, a 3 year old, a 4 year old and a six year old – while pregnant.

That said, it’s not like we haven’t seen AJ or BP out with say, Z and Shiloh or Pax and Shiloh or Mad and Shiloh, or even just Mad and Z or Pax and Z. Maybe they were on their way to pick Shiloh up from wherever she is and it’s simply more convenient to get the older children first.

Everyone should remember: these are *snapshots* of their lives. What they were doing 5 minutes ago and what they will be doing 5 minutes from this picture are complete and total mysteries to us. Maybe Shiloh is in the back of the minivan getting a nappy change from the nanny. Maybe she’s at home with a vicious cold and is napping. Maybe Mommy asked her if she wanted to come pick up the other kids, and in her imperious (my vivid imagination) 2 yr old voice said no, she’d rather keep banging away at pots in the kitchen where she’s completely comfortable than get carted around. Rather than fighting a truculent/tired/sick two year old, leave her home! Have fun with the other sweetfaced crumbsnatchers, two of whom are *still* toddlers themselves. Chasing a 3 and 4 yr old with a 2 yr old in my arms while pregnant? Not my idea of a good afternoon, exactly. And then keeping track of a 6 yr old on top of it? Mmmm… no.

I like the way BP and AJ have gone about organizing their lives. I feel as though they are very deliberate people, from what little I’ve seen of them. I’ve seen each kid get private time with each parent, so I have no doubt that Shiloh is probably fine wherever she is and there is a good reason (good enough for me, anyway, since I’m not Child Protective Services or her parent) for her to be exactly where she is.

Renee on

Great points Destiny,Carol and Jess. I have noticed that some women love to point out “Well my child is the same age as Shiloh and they are all over the place ,etc.” Why do women do this to each other? Are we competing with celebrity mothers now to see who is the better parent? I doubt any of you would like if I judge your parenting skills as harshly as you judge this family. I agree with others when one of the other children are missing no one says anything. I think it all goes back to the idea that Shiloh is more important because she is the biological child while the adopted children are not as important.

JJ on

THANK YOU AMANDA, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND SHILOH, if they other kids are someplace and she’s not its a big deal! Yea Zahara got to go places when she was 7 and 11 months but that was when there was only 2 kids! there’s 4 now and brad is running out of arms! when they take her someplace its pandemonium like she’s the second coming, stop putting her on a pedestal she’s just a baby!!!

nata on

Im so jelous of Zee shoes.

Cheryl on

I’m a mother of 4 myself. If I had to deal with the paps the way the Jolie-Pitt’s do, I’d sure as heck think twice about taking all 4 kids out in public too. For crying out loud, 3 of their current 4 are under 5 years old.

The age spacing between my 4 is a little bigger than with the Jolie-Pitt 4. My 4 are very well behaved, but it still takes a lot of concentration and effort to keep track of everybody… and I have the luxury of having my 10 and 8 year olds help “ride herd” on the younger 2 (5 and 2).

Carol on

What people should ask themselves is why is it *so* important to see and look at Shiloh? Seriously, ask yourselves. Why do you care so much? She’s not even 2 yet. And why do people get so upset when it’s just one or all three of the others?

Brad told Larry King that Angelina is a very protective mother. She knows the unnatural and unhealthy attention thrown at her baby. If I was her I’d be doing the same thing. I’d protect her as much as possible from this bizarre, warped public want for a piece of her. I really hope this new baby is a girl if only to take some of the pressure off that little girl.

Erica on

I really love this family….Ordinary, unique, and very lovable…… May they continue to be happy, healthy, and humble…. All this “where is Shiloh” mess is just that “mess”… Let them live and raise their children the way they want…

Megan on

Thank you for referring to her children simply as her children.

Tracey on

I just love this family. I can’t believe what they have to put up with – the scrutiny over taking their 3 oldest kids out for a treat at a video games store (pretty sure an almost 2 yr old couldn’t care less about it!). My 2 yr old often asks me if he can stay home while I pick up his brother because he’d rather keep playing! Relax, ladies 😉

Bmom on

We women are our own worst enemies. I swear women picking apart other women has turned into a national past time. There are pictures of Brad, Angelina and Shiloh on a day trip to a museum and never once did I read where are Maddox, Pax and Zahara. Brad has brought Shiloh, without his other children to set, and not once did I read where are the other kids. Angelina is painted as a bad mother while Brad father of the year. It’s sad sad sad. What I witness are two parents who are doing the best they can but for some backseat drivers, as I like to call some people on this site and others, their best or least Angelina’s best will never be good enough.

kris on

jackie, I just noticed that Angie and Mad have the same lip expression! There lips certainly look alike in these pics. To cute.

sam on

i heard on the grape vine that its twins, only time will tell.

katie on

This pic is from after picking up the kids from school. That’s why shiloh’s not with them. I am not surprised they leave her at home. The madia goes crazy for pcs of her. They already said Shiloh hates all the cameras. Plus, some people have claimed to want to kidnap her. People make such a big deal about it. I bet the 1 year-old baby was taking a nap.

paula on

love, Love, LOVE this family!

Nicole on

The thing about the pictures of the Jolie-Pitts we get is this – they get snapped WHEREVER THEY GO. With other celebs, they photograph them going to a park or a farmer’s market or a walk, things like that. The Jolie-Pitts get pics taken when they’re dropping the kids off (remember Prague and NYC?) at school, picking them up, or taking them for a quick errand on the way home. You may find it easy to pack up your 2-year-old as well, but how many children do you have? They have four, soon to be five, so yes, I’m sure if you had four kids and were picking three of them up from school and planning to be gone half-an-hour, forty-five minutes, would you take her? I wouldn’t, and you probably wouldn’t, either.

I love that Maddox and Pax have similar clothes – they wear the same shirts, have matching pants, it’s so cute! And I LOVE that particular outfit on Zahara, it’s adorable!

susan on

They’re actually staying at another celebrity’s ranch outside of Austin (I’ll leave it at that so that they can maintain some privacy still) and come into town rather frequently it seems.

SJ on

I am surprised no one has brought up the fact that AJ takes the kids ‘toy’ shopping VERY frequently.

I wish I could do that with my own kids, but birthdays are always superb in my house.

Lilybett on

I’m curious about the video game Maddox got.

brannon on

Wow. People are frustrated when they get the “non-bio” baby. That might be the worst statement I have ever heard on here.

This is by far my favorite family. ALL of them.

Valley girl on

Funny I never here a word out of certain people when Angelina /Brad are out with Shiloh alone and the OTHER childern are not with them?Where is the concern for Maddox/Zahara/Pax?What this boils down to is tabloid reading,plain and simple.Even though certain of you PRETEND to be above the garbage you are right in gutter with the rest of the tabloid reading public!I almost feel ashamed to be a woman due to the fact certain of you seem to take plesure in bashing Angelina Jolie.Some of you need to chill judging this woman’s parenting skills!

CelebBabyLover on

Am I the only one who is glad that the new baby will (hopefully) take at least some of the pressure off of Shiloh? It will be very interesting to see how the media handles things once the new baby is born. Will they (the media, that is, NOT Brad and Angie!) basically “forget” about Shiloh and start focusing on the new baby? Or will they do covers, stories about kid-napping threats, stories about Brad leaving Angie and taking the bio kids, etc. about both Shiloh and the new baby?

In anycase, I sincerely hope that, once the new baby arrives, the media won’t start referring to him/her and Shiloh as the “biological children” (just as they currently constantly refer to Mad, Pax, and Z as the “adopted children”)!

All of that said, I agree with all of the posters who commented on how there’s nothing wrong with Shiloh not being with them. I have to admit, when I saw these photos and discovered that Shiloh wasn’t with them, my first thoughts were how dissapointed I was not to get to see her and even briefly wondering where she was. Boy, did I ever feel guilty when I realized what I was doing!

As for why Shiloh wasn’t with on the outing, I agree with the reasons other posters have mentioned. I also want to point out that a lot of people seem to forget a very important fact. Yes, we saw Mad and Z lots when they were babies….But that was before there were 4 kids to worry about! When Maddox was a baby, it was just he and Angie, and when Zahara was a baby, it was her, Mad, Angie, and Brad.

Now, however, there are four kids, soon to be five, and three of those four kids are under the age of 5!

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention that it seems like Miss Z has developed a thing for pink, as she has been wearing pink shirts or jackets in all the recent pictures of her and her family. 🙂

Lara on

Amanda, you nailed it exactly!

It’s creepy how people get so “worried” about where Shiloh is and what she’s up to. I don’t know if the Jolie-Pitts would care to have people thinking of their new baby as a buffer for Shiloh’s media attention, and the very idea of that turns my stomach.

JEN on


brooke on

I don’t think she is having twins, I think one baby due in either june or july and I think a girl.

mamabear812 on

Zahara’s shirt is too adorable! It’s actually

Splendid Littles Butterfly Peasant Top

and I located it at :‏

Munro on

Cool!! I love to shop at KBToys for my Kids

Gabrial on

I just like Maddox’s shoes note to mind to go get those for my son.I do concur that in my opinion I feel its rather early for two year olds to be in school,this is the time that they should be enjoying their childhood,playing with the toys.