Brooke Burke and Heaven Rain leave Starbucks

04/01/2008 at 05:51 PM ET

Actress Brooke Burke, 36, and daughter Heaven Rain, 14 months, were spotted leaving Starbucks in Malibu, CA this afternoon. Brooke and fiancé David Charvet, 35, recently announced that they have named their four-week-old son Shaya.


Photo by INF.

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Cassandra on

Oh yeah, she hasn’t been sleeping! Rain is so cute! 😀

Ivey on

Oh dear she looks a little tired.

Kaitlyn on

Ok, the woman looks like she never had a child in her life, let alone four!

brannon on

NO FAIR! who gets to wear those jeans 4 weeks postpartum!!! Rain is SO her daddy! Can’t wait to see Shaya.

fuzibunni on

i think she looks awesome.
such a beautiful woman… doesn’t look like she just had a baby.
but i’m sure she needs that coffee.

tink1217 on

aside from looking tired Brooke looks amazing!!! Those tauts things she sells on her website must be really great!

iluvallbabies on

Ok- I’ve never had a child, get enough sleep, and couldnt even look 1/10th as good as her !!!

Good on her- she has the type of body that bounces back. Im sure Shaya is gorgeous like the rest of her children.

Ween on

Silly question – How do you pronounce Shaya? Like Sh-eye-a? Or Shea-ya?

ka on

I was wondering that myself. I thought that maybe it’s pronounced “Shy-a” ?

gigi on

i dont think she looks tired actually. i think she looks radiant. maybe just a little ticked off with the photogs.

CelebBabyLover on

Ween- I am not sure how it is pronounced, but a few commentors said on the post announcing his name that, if it’s the as the actor Shia Lebouf’s name, it is most likely pronounced “Shy-a”. In order to remember that pronunciation, I just remind myself that the beginning of the name (the “Shy” part) is pronunced like the beginning of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s name. 🙂

All of that said, I remember reading back when Brooke was still pregnant with Rain that she and David planned to get married shortly after Rain was born (I think they said they planned on the wedding being in summer of 2007). Well, fast-forward over a year later, and they still haven’t gotten married. Does anyone know whether Brooke’s said anything about their marriage plans and/or why they decided not to get married after Rain’s birth?

Tiff on

skinny jeans alert

brooke on

Brooke looks amazing for having 4 kids, and a baby only a month ago. Rain is such a pretty baby, one of my favorite babies. She looks just like brooke, but with lighter complexion IMO. Can’t wait to meet Shaya, all her kids are beautiful, he will be a handsome boy I bet.

DLR on

Holy toledo, that’s 4-weeks post-partum? No freaking way! I’ve never been pregnant, am a year younger than Brooke, and I’m nowhere like that! Life can be so unfair sometimes! Hehe.

MJ on

These celebrity baby names should come with a little pronunciation key. SURI-is it “sir-e” or “sur-e” or “soo-ree”. Shaya- is it ShA-ya or Shy-a? Princess Tiiami ” Is it Princess or Tee-ah-mee”, or Tay-ah may” or maybe just “princess who is going to change her name when she legally can” That works.

LB3 on

Ooh, it is just amazing what money will do. She looks pissed if you ask me.

Colby on

CelebBabyLover…You asked why Brooke and David didn’t get married in Summer 2007, what happened…Well, Shaya happened is what I am assuming! He was a big surpise.

Kristie on

She looks awesome! Could you let us know what jeans she has on? on

I love that Heaven Rain is still in her pajamas! We do that with our kids too! Brooke looks amazing! She must be eating right and working hard…good for her, it’s paying off!!!

J-Lin on

Brooke looks fantastic, but one of my biggest pet peeves is people that take their kids that are that big to the store in pajama or not wearing shoes. But maybe I’m old fashioned.

Jen on

Is it true that they call her by her middle name, Rain? Because I can’t imagine being at the playground and hollering for Heaven. That is a very odd name to me. But I guess not for Hollywood…

Sarah’s note: Yes, they call her Rain.

brooke on

Brooke is amazing, I have seen her after each baby, never look like she had a child. That’s probably why she had 4, who wouldn’t when you could look like that within a month lol. Her tauts is really good though, it can be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s worth it to get a nice tummy. But other than the tauts, she works out reguarly while pregnant and eats well, and gained 30lbs for each baby. I’m guessing in touch will have the first shaya baby pics, they had rain’s baby pictures and brooke’s baby shower pics too.

Steph on

I think she looks like a combination of tired and annoyed! Haha, but who wouldn’t be, running after 4 kids?! That being said, she looks WAY TOO GOOD to have had a baby 4 WEEKS ago!!!