Brendan Fehr is a new father; Introducing James Olivia Fehr

04/01/2008 at 11:45 AM ET

Former Roswell star Brendan Fehr, 30, is a first time dad after his wife Jen gave birth to James Olivia Fehr on Wednesday, March 26th at 12:04 am.  She weighed 9 lbs, 7 oz and was 21 inches long.  The couple kept the sex a delivery surprise. Brendan, who has a recurring role on CSI: Miami, talked about his new daughter on his blog, stating, 

I’m just taking it all in and yeah whatever, it’s not your kid so you might not care (that’s how I am about other people’s kids so don’t feel bad) but I’m loving just watching the little monkey and won’t bore you since I think new parents have that tendency but man … just blessed, really blessed. Beautiful wife, beautiful child and a God who claims us all as His children. Couldn’t be happier.


Source: Brendan’s Official Website; more photos here.

Thanks to CBB reader Autumn.

An image of Brendan and James Olivia is below.


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m on

She is the cutest baby ever!!

Tracy on

That baby is gorgeous!!!!!

Chelsea on

That is one cute baby girl!!!!

kaya on

Nooooooo, I wanted to have his babies :((((

lol, funny picture, what a cutie ‘little monkey’;)

Tara on

I wonder if she’ll go by James or Olivia. I am assuming Olivia but you never know!

Jess on

She’s very pretty, especially for a newborn! And look at all that hair!

ella on

Ok this is the first girl named James I’ve ever heard of. I have a feeling her middle name will be prominent.

She’s so cute and so alert for someone a few days old. And next to daddy’s hand she looks so tiny!

Allison on

She is just gorgeous. What a perfect little face!!

Melissa on

She is beautiful! Look at all that hair. I have known girls named Jamie but not james but I don’t see anything wrong with it. Congrats to them

Anna on

I know the model James King.

She is VERY cute and daddy ain’t bad either!

Erica on

What a gorgeous newborn. If she’s so attractive at a mere four days old I wonder how beautiful she will get in the coming months.

IMO, James Olivia is an example of a good way to feminize a traditionally male name. She could choose to be Jamie, Livvie, or even Amy.

fuzibunni on

what a munchkin.

JC on

she reminds me a lot of her dad. She is adorable.

Judyb on

Wow she is a beautiful baby!!! I love her hair. The picture of Brendan and James Olivia is precious. They should get that picture framed.

Kirrily, CBB Contributor on

I wouldn’t immediately discount her being called James, my front running name for a girl is Jamison and she will be called James for short! It’s a beautiful name for a girl, or boy!!!
And yes, that baby is gorgeous!!!

erica on

that is one awesome head of hair! she’s adorable!!

Natasha on

I don’t mind her name because if she doesn’t like James she can go by Jamie or Olivia πŸ˜›

galain on

I usually think newborns look like old men (no offense meant, they get cute soon) but she is one pretty baby.

Look at all that hair!

Brendan is looking as lovely as ever and he sounds ecstatic.

Gina on

Aww what adorable pictures! She’s already got a great head of hair. Gorgeous daddy too!

I can’t say I’m crazy about James on a girl though. I wonder what they’ll call her.

Amanda on

What a beautiful baby girl! Of course, with a dad that hot, it’s easy to be adorable! πŸ™‚ I like the name James for a girl, it’s different & not too masculine.

danielle on

the model james king, her real name is jamie, she just went by james for modeling, now she is back to using jamie.

MB on

my aunt has twin niece girls: james and stone. they go by jamie and stonie. unusual names for girls, yes, but like jagger joseph, those names were chosen to honor a family member. i love the meaning behind names! and although i consider myself to be kind of traditional with names/gender, i don’t think james is a bad name for a girl. congrats to the family πŸ™‚

dani on

I love the name James for a girl and I have since watching Mad About You! I don’t know if I will be courageous enough to use it but James Olivia is a beautiful name.

Gorgeous little girl!

Nicole on

how cute!

I’ve always liked Brendon, he is so goodlooking.

L. on

I’m a huge Roswell fan, so I (obviously) enjoying this post! James is too cute! I’m very happy for Jen and Brendan.

Car on

She is one of the cutest newborn’s I have ever seen.

Erin on

What a beauty she is!! Love the little smile on her face =) Loving the name as well! β™₯

crimpe on

ok I had my baby boy three days before james olivia was born, and while I adore him, he looks like a little troll! I think james has a great name, and she is gorgeous!!!

sinclair on

i love her in that first picture. that hair!!!!

brannon on

WAY TOO CUTE! (Both of them!) I really hope she goes by James – love it for a girl! (I have twin cousins – both girls – James and Kyle – and James is very cool!)

Anonymous on

She’s gorgeous. My sister also had a full head of dark hair when she was a newborn, but I must say that James is still a little bit cuter than she was. ^_^

(Her dad’s not too hard on the eyes either…)

James isn’t exactly my cup of tea for a girl’s name, but I really do like Olivia and the nickname Jamie is sweet. (Not that I expect anyone to care about my preferences when naming their own child, LOL.)

Ryan on

What is it with people and their gender-specific names? We’re now in the 21st century, people. A name is a name is a name. A series of letters that form a word that people know you by. I am a female, and my name is Ryan. Sure, kids in school were definitely curious about my name, but it wasn’t in any way overwhelming. I tried to go by my middle name for a year, but it just wasn’t me. If it weren’t for people like you make such a big deal about “male names” and “female names,” I wouldn’t have ever felt like I needed to go by anything other than what my mother picked for me. I can now appreciate that I don’t have a name that thousands upon thousands of girls have, and I am comfortable in exploring EVERYTHING that makes me unique. …So thanks, mom.

CTBmom on

Oh my goodness!! What an absolute dollbaby! I would love to bring her home….hmmmm, daddy can come along too, lol.

i-dra on

i hope she keeps all that hair. my boy was born with lots o’ hair, too & everyone was telling me it would fall out. i didn’t want to believe them… sure enough, it did! she is little sweetie pie. yeah, new parents can be redundant, but hey, it’s fun to gush & compare. he’ll be right there with the rest of us soon enough.

LB3 on

Ok, really cute baby. She is so alert! My son is already nearly 6 months old and I miss that newborn snuggle time. My baby is my third and if he was a girl I wanted to name her Ayla Jaymes. James is my hubby’s name and so I would have spelt it with a y and used it as a middle.

Cute baby!

Lilybett on

I like james for a girl. My cousin is Jamie and we’ve always called her James. I knew a girl in school who was also called James.

chatty cricket on

LOL Ryan! Should tell you, I LOVE the name Ryan for a girl.

James is just a beautiful name, for a boy or girl. And geez but is James Olivia one adorable little girl!!

Austen on

I have always loved the name James for a girl! It’s great to see that I’m not the only one. I hope they don’t end up calling her Jamie for short though.

Mousie on

Our two sons had hair like that at birth and kept it all. Their first haircuts were around six months old : )

Is this the guy who plays Cooper (the tech who got fired from the lab) on CSI Miami ?

Angela’s note: Yes, it is. His character will be returning to the show for a couple episodes Brendan stated.

Renee on

I agree Ryan. By the way your name is on my list for potential names for a girl or boy whenever I have kids πŸ™‚ I want to have gender neutral names for my kids.

Dana on

Oh, so adorable! I love the picture of her laying down with her daddy. When our oldest was born my husband stayed in the hospital with me and would lay down on his “bed” with her while he played on his laptop. Looked just like Brendan and his beauty.

I must say it is very nice to see a post like this concerning Brendan, especially seeing what his character on CSI has been up to the past couple of nights. Helps you like the person a little bit more.

Jena on

I LOVE the name James for a girl. My daughter’s name is Ryan, and I am happy to hear that a female Ryan is loving her name! I would love to name my next daughter James, if I were to be blessed with another.

Gina on

So if people think it shouldn’t matter what gender names are, why is it that only girls are being given names that are traditionally of the other gender? Would you name your son Olivia James?

Brandi on

Gina, I agree. I am not hearing about a lot of people naming their little boys Jane or Elizabeth!! (Though there are quite a few traditionally male names that are considered to be much more feminine – Ashley, Leslie, etc.)

Renee on

Gina and Brandi, that debate was when Brooke Burke revealed her son’s name was Shaya and people attacked it for being a feminine spelling. Also, I have a feeling if it was a boy named Olivia James, people would be so upset around here. Why does it matter? People will name their kids whatever they want to and don’t need or want to take a poll to have strangers decide their baby’s name for them.

Erica on

I’m with Gina! I’d like to know if some of the people who think gender should be totally irrelevant when naming would be okay with calling their little boys Elizabeth or Sophia. Not likely.

While it’s definitely easier on a girl to have a name like James there’s no doubt in my mind that I would be slapped by every friend and family member if I named my son Olivia! How’s that for gender equality? πŸ™‚

Beckla on

Oh my goodness!! She is such a cute baby!!! I just love that picture.

Claudia on

Eddie Vedder daughter is called Olivia James πŸ˜€

Bea on

Miss Fehr certainly is one of the most beautiful newborns I’ve ever seen! Even her skin doesn’t have that newborn look!

I agree with Gina and Brandi, though, that I’d be much more inclined to buy the “gender neutral” “21st-century” arguments if there were equal numbers of boys given traditionally girls names as there are girls given boys’ names.

When we start seeing little boy Eli Elizabeth Greens and Penelope Davids, I’ll revise my opinion.

Olivia on

I looked very similar to her when i was born and i have the same name.

Renee on

So Bea, Gina and Brandi, people shouldn’t name their girls traditional male names until people start to name their boys Mary or Elizabeth? Sorry to point this out but maybe some of them don’t like the names out there that are supposedly girl names and it probably has nothing to do with being anti-women or anything like that.

Ekaterina on

I think people need to really lay off the name argument completely. Yes, it is much easier to adapt boys names for girls but only because the names are not overtly masculine. The examples of girls name are overtly feminine. The argument isn’t really as strong when you only pick very feminine names to go along with it. Personally I think James, Jagger, Ryan, et al are gender neutral. They don’t sound particularly masculine or feminine. And my mother pointed out that Jagger was typically a surname and when it starts out a surname, it’s fair game for either sex. Frankly I find the fact that other people are criticizing someone’s name choice incredibly offensive because no one would personally like to have their child’s name criticized. The writer of the Storked blog pointed out that any name can be made fun of. Her son’s name, Jack, is a common name, but as she pointed out, there are a lot of ways to make fun of a kid with that name. Fact is, no matter what you name your kid, kids will find a way to make fun of it. And pointing that out and claiming a parent was cruel to name their kid something unusual makes you no better than the bullies.
Personally I think its a really cute name and she’s an absolutely adorable baby. Thanks for posting this CBB! I loved him on Roswell.

MarΓ­aM2 on

She’s a doll! She reminds me of Tracy Ulman(sp?) That hair is darling and she’s so alert for a newbie.

Ninon on

I hate these name debates– I hate myself for my inability to keep out of them, too– but just consider this: if you had a son, and a beloved family member named Susan, would you name your son Susan as homage? I don’t understand how ‘James’ and ‘Joseph’ are any less ‘overtly masculine’ than Susan is ‘overtly feminine’. That’s hypocrisy, or at the very least a double standard.


CelebBabyLover on

Gina- Actually, wasn’t the father of the Dionne quintuplets named Olivia (the mother was Elzerie or something like that)?

Butterfly on

I just wanted to point out that Brendan is known to be a fan of Metallica whose frontman is called James Hetfield. Maybe that’s where her name comes from. Anyway, she’s very cute.

Soph on

The first time I read the post I just skimmed it and when I saw the picture thought “That cant be a boy!” On second reading, I was right!
Someone said she looked like Tracy Ullman. To me, she looks like a tiny female Jason Bateman.
I see nothing wrong with any name. Hilary used to be a primarily male name, but now carried much stronger feminine connotation.

emily on

What a cutie! I’m jealous of all that hair – my 4 month old is still bald!

Why since it’s the 21st century does it mean we are ‘allowed’ to give gender neutral names? What does that mean? What’s wrong with being feminine or masculine?

CV on

My name is Corrie…also a boy/girl name. I was named after a very amazing woman, Corrie ten Boom, and I’ve always LOVED having a name that is different than everyone else. I am grateful that my parents gave me such a strong and meaningful name.

James Olivia may have a traditionally male first name, but she couldn’t get any more girly! She is adorable! She has a very grown up face. My daughter Ruthie was the same way…tons of dark hair, a very pretty face…hard to believe she’s almost TWELVE!

Anyways, congrats to the happy family. She is precious!

Xan on

My word, that baby is gorgeous! She looks so alert and chub, and much older than four days. I want her!!!!!!!!!

TracyG on

She’s a doll!!! I love Brendan on CSI Miami..

Someone mentioned the Dionnes? They were close to my mom’s side of the family (my great-grandparents were their neighbours) and their father IS named Oliva…but in french is sounds like (oliv ee aye) maybe that’s where you got the Olivia reference from. He was named for HIS father Oliver and I believe Oliva is the french version of Oliver.

Rachel on

What an adorable baby but I don’t like the name for a little girl. Reminds me of the song ‘Boy Named Sue’ but ‘Girl Named James’ LOL

Bex on

Yes, we’re in the 21 st century and people are still giving girls MALE names and no one gives boys female names. I see nothing cute about James or any other male names on a girl. She is an adorable baby and she looks just like her Dad.

Bex on

Girls with male names don’t share the same name as millions of girls but they do share the same name as millions of boys so I don’t understand that logic.

Renee on

Bex, it’s not a big deal. Her name is James. It’s not the end of the world for a girl to have a “boy” name. Is there a law now that decides what is considered a “girl’s” name and what’s a “boy’s” name. I still can’t believe people are still focusing on this.

kris on

She is so cute!! I had a big old dark head of hair when I was born as did my oldest. I always think newborns with a full head of hair are so cute. I loved Roswell so I was pretty excited to see this post.

Ashley on

Man Brendan is sexy! His baby girl is adorable! I like the name James, but for a boy, but for the record, I LOVE the name Brenden (that’s how I would spell it) and am pretty sure that’s my future son’s name! I like Jen too, for being short for Jennifer πŸ™‚

ella on

Sheesh who knew a little name will cause such a fuss! Of course the parents are well entitled to name their child whatever they want and it’s all very well that here as adults some can see nothing wrong with a female James and indeed there is nothing wrong. However kids have been bullied in schools for far less. I have no doubt that such a fate awaits little James if she does not use a nickname or her middle name! Trust

CelebBabyLover on

emily- Nothing’s wrong with being masculine or feminine….But nothing’s wrong with being gender-neutral, either. πŸ™‚ As for the whole name debate….The name Shiloh is traditionally masculine, but I never see any comments about Brad and Angelina giving their daughter a masculine name. Why the double standard?

Rebecca on

Isn’t James a version of the French word for love and a girl’s name in France?

Gina on

Rebecca: The French word for love is amour. J’aime means “I like” or “I love” so perhaps that is what you are thinking of. I know Jaime Presley said that is where the spelling for her name comes from.

As for James, the name is not French by origin as they use Jacques (said to be a form of Jacob and James) instead. Of course not all currently used baby names in French speaking countries are all traditionally French, so they may use James but I haven’t found it for either sex in the online lists of popular baby names in France. This is just what I know from taking French classes and a brief online search though, so if anyone has more knowledge of naming in France feel free to correct me.

Rebecca on

In my last post I meant “I love” not just “love.” (I know it’s j’aime, but perhaps they gave her the name James to make it easier for Americans to pronounce?)

Rebecca on

Is there any way to change the captcha pictures on this board? They’re extremely hard to read and it takes me a LOT of tries to get the image right. If you could have the letters in red, or some contrasting color (not black like the lines going across the letters) it would be easier to distinguish between Ls and Ts (for example.)

Sarah’s note: I don’t think that’s anything we can change, I think that’s on Typepad’s end.

Amber on

James as the first name for a baby girl is just mean. Perhaps the father wanted a boy? Maybe she can call herself Jamie in the future.

pamela on

Sweet baby, Hot father, I’m happy. Best of luck Brendan! Continue to be blessed.